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tv   Sarahs Music - Harmoniemusik in Berlin  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2019 5:15am-5:31am CET

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my song cheering on sixty. tomorrow today. w. . staying informed. and language courses. video audio. anytime anywhere. w.b. such as. germany state by state. the most colorful. long list. of the most traditional. find it all at any time.
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check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. sometimes books are more exciting than real life. prairie turn green. you know. what if there's no escape. list. german plus treats. more. high you know going back to there is music these days we have huge chub t.v. lice. all for our entertainment but in the eighteenth century they had something
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even better they had a form of light music called harmony was sick. how when he was he was originally played outside in the open air or at big banquets today were playing a modern day how when he was a concert here inside at the berlin film money in the chamber music hall and i'm going to be playing with my wonderful colleagues from the berlin film one of.
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the. the this is wonderful and is this ticket to being valma as dia's oafish botha how money was exchanged being to france the samara disputes the view of m window bomb fest midpoints was on your own zone to heighten and smitten towards mr de niro and will comment he's a now may have on tanks with us he does how morning was he can on tom. cruise vault law money they've just bought him a dust please or has come from been calling dia d.d. how many are in. as it's a yes van is that is all i know basically is also on but he's got about done m d companies that come to us to be as a father in for been on the gentleman and he towson's honest or does offer does orchestre spirit we don't own can operate from one mage and i'm also much feared this past b.n. as a myth in the us and canada and it's. why does it cost almost five drawn to her fans
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even comes often tossers often under her this is. the oboe gets all the best shoes i must say well how many music is obviously opera so we are creating our own little opera production within just eight or nine players and of course every opera houses leading lady and i get to be the leading lady yes sorry about that. but does get the most tunes shares that out
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a bit with the clarinet and then if you need sort of a comic grandpa guess who gets to pursue the bassoon but i of madge and harmony music is really tiring for you for the oboes and the clarinet especially because in an orchestra you know we have a few bars rest but if you play all the time that's true it is tiring it's physically very tiring but it's also very exciting because there's no conductor the responsibility rests with me to lead every want to breathe and show where we begin .
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andrus cancer did us wash and either shawn was being the dust. phyllis talking not to leash caney acoustic kind not already going to fight in the sunshine corps dear i'll buy this let's release. do you know it went to hew to the sculptor came out you'll. need c.d.'s and you'll kindly huge you. did i did was you current on him so i'm going on and off just ossuary in the father's material one fun for about this was. about my car he's on business unless i was alone from p.t.p. . and much to. think it might fit so we can all sit in tryin. this trip which in turn of the you know client is. spirit i'm on from this but moment i'm dull mud most of the not an ounce
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of your mother leave my fiddle some time oh here comes. the oh what also is the result i musta missed wouldn't i miss i miss no one out in the desert often born. they were towards dying of centuries of common i don't want to be on the unwritten but i was more dish box so. when i heard for the start i'm like i'm going to sleep . so with this. time on it's process yeah you do invite a like that one that is it might finally lets you know it's all real. so ferguson what do you think what motives are. the horns of the other glue in the mall to the polish and the hole in the salt it's incredible attractiveness. stuff on each to get new before india here one is fi a poor foid i've been to harmony with each. peace is for tom when need in the home when you were sick before
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the administration tries to force them to it's. law when it's a true and hot in dims in a fear about how many music just last month also should be taught the most and so i stopped. got the fun for once when samantha said i discussed it once stanton me a cost once instance on the food you eat i get. that's what bites are talkin hot media when this property investment is standing up to future don't want to classy disc clanks praying to. god for that. i'm here with our bass section not only martin double bass but our second bassoon is also obvious section marty fullam da frank on top us of a hope mitch beaten by and plays on
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something and i truly think because not sure no one to see if they go and follow. the movie thought missed and if you do enough i got noticed you would i know how that. order to what i've always about. went up the audition for from fifteen of the good stuff yeah but augusten it's been a couple of nights a week with a lot in me so far with this just on done every. instrument off the clunk and just a confidence vent but i. don't think they're feeling good and they're walking beside me can't do this for me is coming in via the dump like what it was under some fans you can please i have to use this human means. i'll be a insecure vendor they can come. and policy on muslims who have been born cause you . heard.
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i am. coming to stick it to tom you have a ford in ice and blizzards are just as it's a garden yesterday isn't of oborne in its entirety. yet investor would you decide to hear no mom beyond us funding comes close and companies don't get close down just get caught and if you're on done give the beauty from both sides and father were better and few of us before as a dem. from the one hundred most up on the net i know how unusual before me a document under clout as it does. is going nowhere is. what allergy gets on the nose of the highlights. to discuss i'm annoyed to the feel like this. puts again how many does.
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it cost and some yes morgan not as far gone and gave your id for the da money before gong music it's so here and because of course when this new rotors you how many music even one thousand ecommerce concerts about to start i am so looking forward to playing harmony visit with my wonderful colleagues see you next time.
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her. how.
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martin did this to get by on instead. it should be an waltz owned by. him i'm sure it must i know him torn portion of this. nine times out of today's horn challenge with martin hines because both was enough about me and possibly. you could also. put it up so we hire him for tonight. because you seem to. the nomadic shepherds of ra just on are struggling to maintain their way of life. for centuries dung from their migrating flocks has helped fertilize the soil. but india's government has been subsidizing chemical fertilizers posing
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a threat to the shepherds livelihood and to the environment. next on t.w. . european stars deliver rousing performances . lucas husky voice has won him a devoted following restrained yet full of feeling. from british blues musician chris ryall. europe in concert in forty five minutes on w. how to rock to. discover your concept discover it with the boss. a school of much of off to one hundred gives the
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ideals of the fox a more relevant today than they were a hundred years ago visionaries friendships things to come of all of the past people didn't sign as a way of shaping society. with ideas that are part of. our house world this week on g.w. . hello welcome to a brand new episode of eco india a sustainability magazine which brings you solutions that could protect and preserve the world we all inhabit. coming to you from mumbai.


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