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tv   Europe in Concert - Kaleo Iceland  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2019 7:15pm-8:01pm CET

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in hanover wingard gucci converted a penalty in that clash in other games qatar also advance after a six nil demolition of north korea and is back to stand crushed turkmenistan four nil to put them through to the knockout stage. they're up to date now on this american evanston from all of us in berlin thanks for watching. we make up of what we watch as a food that found out that your pipes we on the some of the surface of. the want to shape the continent's future it's part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenge the seventy seven percent w.'s platform for africa in charge of. the.
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a good move. we don't go along there are no no. we don't know no they're. we don't walk there are no more out there we don't know our own. home. ok. on the other on. every one of the moon i. mean there are. some moment of great must leave our longing let down my. dear. no one listening back here that leaves on
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good water cooling. we don't. need the last. week the day long i. mean come on we come a long long week long long. long long. work with are you of. anyone. who won't. you. seem. to.
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feel. our are lives. for me and. how to live my say we should i. leave it all inside all that got it last. thing i remember and we don't want. to be known. we've gone long. enough. come along. i think today not test coming.
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smaller ones less. broken. now then i heard life go warm and good.
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thank you. you. i've
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the the and. elite. little game. against. illegal. illegible . much just be.
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live. live. live live. live our. lives through your though better mental. things look. very. serious now clear. legal. battle oh i can't
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live . little get upland. little. eleven. a. little.
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eleven. or load up the sutler. illo. kilo the sole reluctant. eleven. eleven. eleven. well known. to you good luck i. think you know right away
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when you go so what do you know who live near the to. relax. kilauea solar last eleven . eleven. eleven eleven. eleven
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. thank you. thank you thank. you thank you.
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this next one is written by sonny bono. we're on a horse for a night in certain. it will black and. i will wear. it we're always in the wings are bearing. cotton you shout me down for. it and i i hit the ground burying their car. or there
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or falls. if you my very bad me down to sierra. than this is. who did it or. you. lose a few. seasons came james that. i grew up. with always larry is very easy to
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remember where we can. eloi. that they were. sad to. elect. this song sounds. he didn't even say. he didn't.
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meet. this. i.
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elaine. see. below. back. pain wow.
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ily. the a. the a. the it's. the luck
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hillo. eleven. eleven. eleven eleven eleven. eleven. eleven.
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eleven leave it slightly below a little lower level or lower live . below. eleven little lower level.
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cle. elum.
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eleven. eleven. eleven. eleven. eleven. ok. thank you for. you know these words. there.
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we. are. his. long long long long. long. long long. long long. long. leave long. thomas thomas we. gain both of. you again and give him. long words they.
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used to be a long long long. day's news. long long. game where. do. you all. keep. me. busy.
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with. you.
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thank you guys very much thank you for having thank. you thank you dan thank you. that's fun.
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live . below. you cannot live. at eleven. eleven
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. life of luxury but the last september eleventh it. was. eleven where you live you there live. below the sweet plug plug
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. you. sat down with. me here good.
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how the one to. discover the bauhaus code what happens when design becomes the universal term for what we called life the visionaries of modernism developed a formula for timeless design. one hundred years of bauhaus our documentary our house world car one the code. fifty six on t.w. .
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earth. home means of species. a home worth saving and. yes those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. news that the climate used drainage solutions and resource efficient. interactive content teaching the next generation ago but environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and were determined to build something here for the next generation the ideas the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and all mine.
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loony. tune in to do dude. this is d w news live from berlin tragedy in austria as the death toll caused by heavy snowfall rises the bodies of three german skiers killed by an avalanche in opera covers about helicopter crews use a break in the weather to help clear the mountain sides but the risk of further avalanches remains high also coming up patience runs out in thailand as protesters demand the country's military rulers to step down and hold free elections. and the u.s. ambassador.


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