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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2019 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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life in prison. you're watching the japanese coming to you live from london this lots more on our website at steve dot com you can also follow us on twitter and facebook and do stay with us for now because there's a standing by he has your business news coming up for you shortly. here's what's coming up for the book put to sleep you'll have plenty to talk about here on. the phone to sleep every weekend here. we make up oh but we watch as of october the under budget by we all of the civil service are. the one to shape the continent's future to. be
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part of growing up in youngsters of testing share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to the seventy seven percent. platform for good. britain's critical financial services goes down and thousands of jobs in london's banking industry are on the line as the company braces for a key brace it vote on tuesday. and the world economy is reading lot of china's trade figures for december disappointing as exports slumped by a full. domestic consumption weakens what does that mean for the rest of us.
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gets an update it's good news for farmers and. this is your business. a survey by the british business lobby group c.p.i. shows that demand for britain's financial services sector has dropped for the first time in five years uncertainty over breaks it was cited as the main reason only last week the head of the city of london corporation which runs london's financial district said a no deal breaker chaos in the stock markets and cost london up to twelve thousand jobs another survey from the young consultancy says money managers are planning to move one trillion dollars worth of assets from the u.k. to other parts of europe. a picture there of the most crucial vote on the brakes a deal in polland we can talk to stephen phipps and he's the c.e.o. of the british manufacturers organization he joins us from birmingham stephen from
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the perspective of british manufacturing do you see any advantage in britain leaving the e.u. . we don't see any short term advantage at all in fact we've been pressing the government on on two issues one is a long term future arrangements with the e.u. must be one with frictionless trade we spent forty years integrating our supply chains together and it's very difficult to try and change course very quickly with the investments we've got so we really need to see a comprehensive agreement that maintains those frictions borders and secondly in common with many other sectors no deal would be a disaster for u.k. manufacturing we're just not ready to exit on the twenty ninth of march with no arrangements in place particularly around the borders in the exchange of goods and the free movement of people that's absolutely critical for the manufacturing sector in this country see the heavy industry lobby organization people like you or the c.b.i. have use their influence to stop brings it all together or at least get
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a deal that's actually good for the project on me and goes through parliament you think you've done enough where we work very closely with governments and i must say we've spent many many months together with the c.v. i actually we're part of a group that actually meets every week with ministers describing to them in great detail what is required to make sure our businesses can sustain that position going forward a lot of our points have been reflected in the agreements that have been negotiated so far so we are pressing very hard for parliament to approve the deal the tories amazed actually negotiated with the commission because it sets forward a sensible transition period during which we can adapt to changes are you happy with that electorate that's on the table right now and it's not it's not perfect in some respects but it does give us a transition period it gives us time to negotiate and very mind it's only the exit from the e.u. and it gives us time then to negotiate what is comprehensive new free trade deal
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will be between the you can the year what's your main concern about tomorrow's vote is it an order to break that. no deal breakers it would be a disaster now main worry is that we've been out in the press we've been speaking very publicly over the last few weeks together with many other organizations that we are a not ready for it and b. the level of integration particularly around manufacturers and bear in mind we've got two point seven million people employed in the manufacturing sector in this country has been one that's really difficult one rattled very quickly say so that would cause the difficulty we think very briefly what's your prediction for tomorrow's vote it's very hard to predict politics in the u.k. at the moment i hope i hope really that promises they can get through if it doesn't i hope that they can convince m.p.'s in a second vote perhaps to get it through but really we need to get to a resolution very quickly because this uncertainty is causing as we know lots of issues like lack of investment and difficulty with customers and we need to resolve
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it as ricky as we can still see of british manufacturers organization yeah thank you very much for joining us on the dollar thank you thank you. china's exports dropped by more than four percent in december compared to the same period a year earlier it's the biggest drop in two years china's global trade also sank last year according to chinese customs figures but crucially china's trade with the u.s. jumped by more than seventeen percent prompting fears that u.s. president donald trump might feel the need to crank up the heat in the simmering trade conflict between the world's two biggest economies. once upon a time china's economic performance wasn't global news those days are well and truly gone whether it's consumers losing their appetite for i phones or turning away from luxury brands what happens in china now happens to the world. there are two reasons the country's latest trade figures are having an impact on the markets
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the first is that they offer an insight into the overall pace of economic growth and the second is that they reveal the state of trade ties with the united states. in the month of december chinese exports unexpectedly dropped by four point four percent compared to the year before analysts are interpret this as a delayed impact of the billions of dollars worth of tariffs the united states imposed last year but imports were also down by well over seven per cent. taken together these figures are fueling concerns that chinese growth could slow down even further this year there are domestic causes for this like falling car sales and a sluggish housing market. but without naming the u.s. directly beijing made it clear where it believes think gracious risk lies. in twenty nineteen the biggest worry for china's foreign trade is still the complex
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and grim xterm the environment. uncertain and unstable factors are still numerous protectionism and you know a lot to listen from certain countries are rearing their heads and the growth of the global economy may slow some last international trade and investment may drive . past week u.s. and chinese officials met with the aim for solving their trade dispute concessions were made but it deal wasn't struck if that remains the case washington will impose a further set of tariffs on china in march after all despite december surprise drop in exports china's trade surplus with the u.s. still his record high in twenty eighteen. jordan is one of the driest humphrey's on us and people only get delivered once a week and even that is often not reliable but. promising to help bring a steady water supply even to remote regions. abdul rahim
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waters whose families olive trees every day but they only get water from the mains on wednesdays so that is when they're always busy stocking up everybody here has a tank on the roof or a cistern in the garden it often doesn't rain here for weeks. the village about is fifty kilometers from the capital amman water from the mains just once a week is standard across jordan when there are problems at the water works it sometimes doesn't show up at all even on wednesdays. water has to be pumped here from lower lying regions hundreds of kilometers away that takes lots of equipment and energy and it's expensive the country's aging water supply system eats up around fifteen percent of the electricity used in jordan and a lot of the water it transports is lost due to leaks. by some high is an engineer
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who works here on improving water resource management. he's employed by germany's g. i.z. development agency. is a lot of electricity and high is installing new ones that use a third less. a way to sustain the supply for the communities. to use the savings and then there's the to maintain the facility. and often this with. positive impacts on the community as a whole the new pumps have been flown in and just arrived they cost a quarter of a million euros and were paid for by the development agency. they're a good investment and good for the environment although jordan is shifting to renewables most of its electricity is still generated by fossil fuels which emit
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vast amounts of c o two into the atmosphere. q don't you just want to from this one station. the price of the electricity that powers the waterworks has just jumped by forty percent so pressure is mounting to hike water prices too but with more efficient pumps power consumption will decline . and they should make the water supply more reliable as well. hong kong based ally in the pacific experienced another glitch in the book existed for the second time in just two weeks customers look at the first class ticket from hong kong to portugal for just over one thousand five hundred dollars instead of the sixteen thousand dollars usually charged. said it will all of the
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tickets will be looking into the holocaust the top of the first bomb the whole cafe of october the allens booking system was cocked jeopardizing the personal information of almost ten million passengers. a day is your business update he. can find much more news on the back story on the website that is of course t w dot com business if you don't do it already do follow us on facebook on twitter. that's up next.
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a nomadic shepherds of raw just on are struggling to maintain their way of life. for centuries dung from their migrating flocks has helped fertilize the soil. but india's government has been subsidizing chemical fertilizers posing a threat to the shepherds livelihood and to the environment and the.
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serial killers tango susan. collins robber gangs. and ugly and omnipresent feature of life in the one nine hundred twenty s. berlin to legally last week when they find most is in the monster canal or the river spray sometimes just body parts and i don't know why those crime has the german capital in a chokehold the police force to close the old mission it was a minus one compliment managed and distributed randomly texas just such a crime scenes and a tiny section on the nation's most businesses. the criminals don't reckon with him detective superintendent const cannot. revolutionizes feelings of procedures and just study shows an extensive record system laying the foundations for
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a modern homeless we just wanted to have janet's was doing back then was basically the same as today she was and that's a common. problem metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth. on t w. hello. welcome to a brand new episode of. a sustainability magazine which brings you solutions that could protect and preserve the world we all inhabit. coming to you from mumbai in india. over the next thirty minutes how to saving on the streets and why some schools in. energy manage.


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