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tv   Reporter - Free the Whales  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2019 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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or maybe they just want to get on television you know sorry here's a reminder the top stories that we're following for you tonight the mayor of the polar city of get out as died after being stabbed at a fund raising event on sunday night kabul i don't what it was also a leading figure in the country's opposition movement. you're watching news weibo from berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour just to give them. i'm scared that of a war that's hard and in the end it's a me you're not a lot of the year and more than most and you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with clients and the what's your story.
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i mean what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story you are trying always to understand this new culture. are not a visitor nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. for you all to get my son died he's never coming back. but what have we learned from this if this i will continue my fight orca's deserve my help your. killer whale shows a hugely popular with tourists visiting ten eleven or. laurel park
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a private zoo but few know that several years ago an orca trainer was killed by one of the animals. which is why his mother now insists these animals should be freed. i. could. feel. it. the day her son died left must say it is amanda's feeling shattered. lives for your own and gwen and all those a.l.x. meant confronting my own pain and sorrow and learning to go up with it. i was i tried finding solace in meditation breathing exercises and yoga the merrier in it i
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made as young when i got it and they're still in it helps me to control my feelings and cope with losing alex. you don't want to see no way you will not use him up ahead here now to accept that he will never again hug me enough and the. loudest of the other in us and what accepting these feelings is very difficult is that he was . in it we were. her son alex was killed on december twenty fourth two thousand and nine during a rehearsal for a christmas show his mother is still trying to fully understand what really happened that day. back then she did not realize the dangers of swimming with killer whales. she was proud of her son who loved his job. you know solomon. there was only one time when i watched the show
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and thought oh my god that's so risky you. know no animal weighing many tons and such a tiny human by his side. but i never imagined anything bad would happen because i ignored the risk but you know that. but now i want people to understand that these shows are not ok. look at this with us it. must say this has found to reveal the grim reality of keeping all cars in captivity though not many share concerns. she lives in the village of lost or a lay hasa northern tenor reef this is where her son alex grew up and later attended school. the local church was packed to alex's funeral service. soon after she says the park management began trying to conceal the true cause of
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his death. many believe their claim that he had simply drowned. if. the report shows what really caused his death it says he suffered a brutal orca attack. causing lethal injuries a. lot of parquet animal powerplant alex well it is a huge tourist attraction. was i. and the killer whale shows continue even after his death. i visit is the shows look like trainers and yorkers are in perfect harmony. and see them in the water tanks in which the orcas whim appear launch but in nature
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these well sometimes couple more than one hundred kilometers in a single day. if. they want it up with the. cato that's the orca's name killed alex out of frustration. i mean animal was stressed. as it was put under pressure. because if i think it attacked and killed him because it wanted somehow to send a signal for it all for all this is all i'll settle for. the animal part draws more than one million visitors each year it's a lucrative business. where adam essayed is goes she sees posters advertising auto parking.
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there are more signs for the animal park than the local hospital. and in the island's tourist hot spot there's even advertising on garbage cans. the park's very own tractors train brings visitors to the entrance gate. today animal rights activists and picketing outside. that testing against keeping whales and dolphins in captivity which in their view constitutes animal cruelty. so here's john to find it or. see. if there's a lot of you up. like come out for not. missing it is doesn't consider herself an animal rights activist but she does
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oppose keeping busy in captivity. a. lot of power came in while argues that the animals are better off not being in the wild claiming that pollution and overfishing mean all costs. i have it much better that's. the. key sling who owns lot of parquet likes talking about his love for animals and the importance of wildlife preservation so how come one of his alters killed a trainer. how is this possible well it was an accident well pertinence happened there. oh why do you keep calling it an accident instead of an attack. because it wasn't an attack. i though is
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there an attack would mean the animal has i mean i think it was absolutely arson. because the trainer had a good relationship with the army they work together. here and then suddenly their animal became nervous with us here us tell us that was that not ever since alex's death trainers no longer allowed into the water tank with the anchors. he was was to. this little bang is where my saint is comes to unwind. this is where her sons earn his beret coming here makes her feel close to him.
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her dream is one day to see all close in the natural habitat wild and free. city. owned a little yourself in for that if they search a wonderful gift to see these special animals in freedom set it in their natural environment. to me that would be fantastic that the corny you know leave it at that spectacular place said i don't think i'll take that well that. on vancouver island canada's west coast his dream shall come true. friends and family helped miss a day's pay for her trip. alex travels with her not only as a tatar. mercedes
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feels a special connection tell. the man is saying yeah well yeah but in the them actually yes they think i learned a lot from them since i started reading up on how they live so very coldly then there is a strong bond between females and their calves for a long time and that fascinates me. at the end for you make me feel as if the reason i love these animals so much more than don't. matter who lived only you got to go to the middle of the moment to moment there are nearly anything all you know not all of you are you don't know don't amount to nothing but. they head out into johnston straight unknown or go hunting ground hoping to spot some killer whales. though they'll need some luck beyond because natural habitat is foxed. up to. protect the cause.
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then suddenly several dozen killer whales surface nearby the kayaks. all. the matter was that i'm feeling overwhelmed. so they don't fully but i'm so happy to see them that. much you know it's so moving to see them in the wild. mean when.
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they come as a living i mean you know i feel as though i can connect with them in their freedom . that soon all organism will be very. just as they should be. going to. want to. cut. a little better but. one of the world's finest is sinking cities to contact into museums capital chop style as much as twenty five centimeters the shia mainly into any ground war teams and on top of that climate change is causing increased flooding so what measures is
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the megacity taking to avoid winding up on towards a. global three thousand next d.w. . very special edition of the euro max. and here's david servia. an entire show inspired by the inspirational architect. by your max special co-hosted by david chipperfield. in sixty minutes. nicole because in germany to learn german village because. why not learn with him daisy learning course because victor. where is.
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when your family scattered across the globe. with the kids if you think the book was a journey back to the roots. of the. bush family from somalia. to systems. starts journaling. w. . welcome to global street thousands this week we're off to get caught up because the indonesian capital soon be. strengths in the ring and
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out of it women in egypt have discovered the power of books ngs.


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