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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2019 2:02am-2:16am CET

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the debate over europe's most contentious infrastructure projects heats up the u.s. ambassador to germany threatens european companies with sanctions over russia's north stream to. give you the british prime minister warns of peril ahead of a key vote the u.k. financial sector is already in trouble. and the detroit motor show loses some of its shine thanks to trump's trade. let's do business washington's ambassador to berlin has issued a stock warning to german companies over north stream to its supply russian gas to europe through germany which reportedly broke through several companies involved in the construction of the pipeline reminding them of u.s. sanctions on the russian energy sector the u.s. has long opposed the project claiming it undermines european security. threat of sanctions as the media listening but what about the companies involved like the
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chemicals giant b.s.f. which would want to miss out on contracts in the united states like its full run and not stream one in the new pipeline will bypass eastern europe around a third of it has been built and its full cost to be up and running by the end of the year let's talk about this with. financial correspondent in new york who is a what's behind this letter from the u.s. ambassador. there are some factors for consideration van dam washington's feared under russia could increase even more control of europe's energy supply d.s. will play against the us a liquefied natural gas market which basically is natural gas that can be cool to become liquid and cheap abroad in tanks new fracking and drilling technologies have made the u.s. the wall the biggest natural gas producer and now he's also trying to become the top five natural gas exporter with the euro being its biggest potential market by the us for now as it's quite expensive to transport only four percent of the u.s.
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you can find not to all gas goes to europe are called in to some estimate estimates say compared with a fifty nine percent exported to asia changed all when the construction of new european league of natural gas for terminals gets completed in the near future. hypotheticals there on another topic has a do is what it does wall street think about reports ivanka trump could take over as world bank president. despoina van seems that u.s. investors are becoming more and more immune to some of the controversial nominations that could come out of the trump administration some considered that these will not be diverse time and the president has chosen family or people would like of experience two crucial roles especially when it comes to multilateral organizations said that said according to the white house ivanka trump is not a candidate herself but helping with the nomination process as she has worked closely with the world bank lead their sleep over the last two years and even if she would aspire to lead the organization. trump critics even republicans under
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wallbank board go to stop that from happening but if they say keep it in the family it was a defeat how do thank you very much a survey by the british business lobby group c.b.i. shows demand for britain's financial services sector has dropped for the first time in five years uncertainty over brags it was cited as the reason and last week the head of the city of london corporation which runs london's financial district said a no deal breaker can spot a os in the stock markets and cost london up to twelve thousand jobs and a survey from the council young soldiers who don't see why it's as money managers are planning to move one trillion dollars worth of assets from the u.k. to other parts of europe. have she says parliamentary vote of the brig's a deal my colleague a hard to stephen phipps than c.e.o. of the british manufacturers organization if it's and says that he doesn't see any long term advantage britain leaving the e.u.
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. spent forty years integrating our supply chains together and it's very difficult to try and change course very quickly with the investments we've got so we really need to see a comprehensive agreement that maintains those frictions borders and secondly in common with many other sectors no deal would be a disaster if you can manufacturing we're just not ready to exit on the twenty ninth of march with no arrangements in place particularly around the borders in the exchange of goods and the free movement of people that's absolutely critical for the manufacturing sector in this country. market research group force us is sixty two percent of german businesses want the european central bank to raise interest rates in the near future some analysts say a hike may not even companies you rates are still at a record low in the euro zone and companies already feel the next financial crisis around the corner breaks it out lack of solidarity and some countries financial policies as the biggest threats to the right. then there is the trade war between
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the world's top to work on a mate's who's terrified bowling cost sales of putting a damper on this year's detroit motor show it's one of the oldest of its kind some of the big players a giving it a miss this time i schrader reports. shine the hubcaps rev the engines and break out the blonde models the detroit auto show is back. it's still the biggest and for mere auto show in north america but this huge market automakers flock to the motor city every year and put on slickly produced reveals and performances but among the usual heavyweights like toyota and ford with are the germans. audi b.m.w. di miller and porsche are all big names that you won't see at the auto show this year volkswagen was the only german car maker that bother to show up it could be a sign that the germans don't think detroit is worth coming through anymore but it's hard to deny that politics also plays a role. here you know oh you had folks wagons press conference this year the
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emphasis was on investment and job creation in the u.s. . to have all of. the w. c.e.o. headbutt d.s. even brought the outgoing governor of tennessee on stage to talk about is fond relationship with middle america. all this in the face of difficult and unresolved economic questions over tariffs and trade. two thousand. team will be another year of challenges for us in the face of all the worries involved local politics and economics. markets have been particularly jumpy when it comes to chinese cars in the back and forth over car tariffs g.a.c. was the only chinese manufacturer at the show and maybe this uncertainty that's keeping automakers away those who do choose to show are putting a brave face on it so i can't speak to the other brands i can speak for itself from
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when we have a commitment to the u.s. market and i think being in detroit which is the major auto show makes sense and products made here makes sense to be here. things are moving slowly at this year's detroit auto show. but at least they're not moving in reverse. some of the chinese car companies also say that the trade war has put them off investments in the u.s. hundreds of flights to and from germany are being canceled this tuesday security personnel in frankfurt germany's biggest hub and some regional airports staging strikes to protest low wages work stoppage will leave several hundred thousand passengers stranded. and first class could get little full on some cathay pacific flights a glitch in its booking system allowed customers to get first class tickets from hong kong to portugal for about fifteen hundred dollars instead of the sixteen
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thousand usually charged the airline is looking into how the costly mistake happened but says it will on other tickets. it's nice to show jordan is one of the driest countries on us in some parts water deliveries only come once a week and the service isn't even reliable but new technology promises to help bring a steady supply to the remotest of areas. abdul rahim abu allah waters whose families olive trees every day but. they only get water from the mains on wednesdays so that is when they're always busy stocking up everybody here has a tank on the roof or a cistern in the garden it often doesn't rain here for weeks. the village of is fifty kilometers from the capital amman water from the mains just once a week is standard across jordan when there are problems at the water works it sometimes doesn't show up at all even on wednesdays. water has to be pumped here
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from lower lying regions hundreds of kilometers away that takes lots of equipment and energy and it's expensive the country's aging water supply system eats up around fifteen percent of the electricity used in jordan and a lot of the water it transports is lost due to leaks by some high is an engineer who works here on improving water resource management. he's employed by germany's g. i.z. development agency old pumps use a lot of electricity and high is installing new ones that use a third less. weight. for the communities. and then there's.
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this with. us on the community as a whole the new pumps have been flown in and just arrived they cost a quarter of a million euros and were paid for by the development agency. says they're a good investment and good for the environment although jordan is shifting to renewables most of its electricity is still generated by fossil fuels which he made vast amounts of c o two into the atmosphere. the. hundreds. killed over. this one station. the price of the electricity that powers the waterworks has just jumped by forty percent so pressure is mounting to hike water prices too but with more efficient pumps power consumption will decline. and they should make the water supply more reliable as well.
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