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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CET

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injury is about to go from bad to worse to morrow the british parliament is expected to reject prime minister teresa mayes breaks it withdrawal plan and then what on the eve of a date beset with the most uncertain of destinies the one thing that remains certain there is no brakes it plan b. golf in berlin this is the day. that just seventy four days until the twenty ninth of march the consequences of being against this deal tomorrow i'll be coming at a clear out it's clear what we're going to go in this week is exactly the same deal we should've coach it on in december if this house approves the deal tomorrow and it would give us almost two years to complete the next phase of negotiations noble playing for time no bull running down the clock just scare people into backing this
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damaging shambles of a jail i also would in no deal bricks it do to strengthen the hand of those campaigning for scottish independence or indeed there is demanding a border poll in northern ireland surely this is the real threat. the only people who are undermining faith in our democracy is the government itself it's time for a general election it's time to come on. also coming up tonight what if u.s. president donald trump were an agent for the kremlin or the f.b.i. reportedly investigated just that shortly after trump moved into the white house well you can imagine trump's reaction to that news never works you know that. never works not only never works i think it's great that you're even asked that
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question first. of all this. one to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all the around the world welcome we begin the day with less than twenty four hours until the british parliament finally gets its say on teresa mayes plan for leaving the european union barring any seismic shifts in opinion parliament is set to make history tomorrow dealing the government one of the most crushing defeat seen in almost a century and if that were not bad enough once parliament has killed to reason may's breaks that plan it will demand a plan b. the prime minister will have until next monday to produce an alternative brecht's that roadmap now it has taken two years of painful negotiations to produce the plan which made today admitted is not perfect but common sense demands the question if
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breaks it plan a took two years to conceive how can a better breaks it plan be be produced in a few days time without new negotiations with brussels or will ponder that question in just a moment but first listen to the final rhetorical shots which were fired today in the battle over brooks. and if rather than leaving with no deal this house brecht's it that would be of subversion of our democracy saying today. saying to the people we were elected to say that we were unwilling to do what they had instructed so i say to members on all sides of this house whatever you may have previously concluded over these next twenty four hours if this deal a second no it is not perfect and yes it is a compromise but when the history books are written people will look at the decision. people. people.
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people will look at the decision off this house tomorrow and. dates we deliver on the country's vote to the european union. and i'm sure members across the house will not be fooled by what has been produced today it's clear what we have to go on this week is exactly the same deal we should have voted on in december. i'm sure the prime minister knows this that is why today why today she's trying to blame others for this chaos given the lack of support for the prime minister's deal you might have thought she would try to reach out to him please instead the prime minister is claiming that by framing it as opposed to a botched deal members are threatening to undermine the face of the british people in our democracy. into the debate in the british parliament today let's go now to our very own a barber of angel she is covering this momentous event in british and european
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history good evening to you or brought you know we're reporting it everyone turn porting it it is a foregone conclusion that parliament will reject teresa mayes breaks a deal tomorrow is that assumption solid is there no chance of a surprise win for theresa may. i'm afraid to brant that this dodo is dead and it cannot be revived because the e.u. has even given it a shot at the last moment to sort of inject a bit of fide tele tea into its parts no if you listen to the reactions today from the hard line breaks and cheers of course and from the northern irish d. u.p.a. the hard liners that come from belfast they said we do not want to we will not vote for it this is a bad deal central we've heard all of we've heard all that before and they have not changed their mind and even three's a maze more heartfelt and we have never seen her in the mood like she's showed
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today in parliament sort of speaking a bit more straight to people being less off bleak being less sort of hidden that even her latest attempt and last attempt maybe the fall of the votes to change their minds will lead to nothing it's a foregone conclusion this will fail was about four hundred almost more votes against and one than one hundred from a own party that's what people say at the moment and vote for the prime minister today she said that a rejection of her brakes of plan would be a subversion of british democracy and it would be an attempt to ignore the will of the people why is her plan from her government the only bricks of plan that's being considered. what can she say i mean she has made a big mistake and she has listened to her own party and to hard line breaks the
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tears in her own party and drawn her own lines in the sand her red lines very early in the negotiations and then she has not budged from that point so what's now on the table is the best deal the european union under those circumstances could offer however had she been more open had she talked to her own conservatives and said no listen folks be reasonable here let's just put different things on the table and then figure out what the best thing will be in the end so we can make up our minds in the end she didn't do that now she is caught within the web she has sort of made for herself she is really sort of caught in her own net and she didn't ask bottom and she never even considered whether what she put down in brussels would carry a majority in parliament and now she really sort of. reefs what she has and
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there is not that much feeling for her for the problem and for the difficulties she's in now we know that theresa may will have until next monday need to produce an alternative bricks to play and if her plan is defeated tomorrow i mean can she get assurances from the european union that quickly that would exceed those that she has already negotiated. absolutely not short answer is no because brussels has written her a letter that was published today and try to sort of calm nerves here in london and said yes we don't want the northern irish banks up to be prominent and we really don't do one two to keep britain within the rules of the european union forever it's not our intention now if that is not going to help nothing further will come on monday what can she do she will do what she always does she will again try to kick the can down the road even though she has very little road left and sort of
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try to say i'll go back to brussels real renegotiate something on nothing and then i come back and present the deal again that's i suppose and that's what everybody here things the first solution will be and then after that there will be more plan b.'s or maybe a plan c. and d. that has to come from to resuming what would today labor leader jeremy corbyn said that the solution is a general election in a new government will he get his wish. he wishes but no that wish is not going to be granted because he hasn't even yet made clear whether he will come up with a vote of no confidence against syria he hasn't given the time for that everybody expected that for a maybe wednesday vote maybe not because he knows that he will also fail the moment labor comes up and says let's sort of though down this government own rows of course will close and even the hard line breaks the cheers and the northern irish
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do you appeal will say we don't like trees maize deal but we're not ready to overthrow the government it's as simple as that so carbon is another illusion monger here and we have quite a few of them in the house of parliament and within government and you know despite all of this barbara the european union it would welcome break britain back into the club if the u.k. decided to forget the old saying or if there were a second referendum and there were defeated i mean the e.u. was britain to stay inside the club doesn't. are we quite sure off that french i'm not so certain because from what we hear in brussels after on the other side is that there are two schools of thought one says yes of course we want to keep britain in the union and they should sort of return and we owe our arms are always open of course very warm hearted all that and the other
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school of thought that says if britain really sort of the turn spec contracts it and with them on less than a narrow majority decides to stay in how old the tilt will they be noxious will then britain's grander ship that has always been difficult become over the next year and two years and three years what will decisionmaking be like no let them go we shouldn't sort of keep people at home who want to travel so which one of those is stronger i don't care to decide yeah like my grandfather said you can bring a horse to water but you can't make a horse drink barbara based on the story force in london as always barbara thank you. we're going to poland is in shock after a political assassination carried out in public in front of thousands of spectators the mayor of the city of danske was stabbed on stage at a fund raising event sunday night his name was pablo. a politician known
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across the country as a leading figure in the opposition movement. poland is a country in shock. residents of good downs bring flowers and light candles to grieve for the city's mayor pavel adama vich. despite hours of surgery and hundreds of polish blood donors coming to his aid the mayor died from a stabbing wounds. many people in the city knew him personally. for me it's terrible especially since we went to great school together just over there. i thought he would survive. because of the child just i'm just i'm physically devastated i'm very sad because i saw the mayor very often.
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moments before the attack pavel adamo of it was praising a fund raising effort for children in need. as the mayor looked out at thousands of people and men lunged at him with a knife. and the attacker then remained on stage shouting that he blames the mayor's former party for wrongfully imprisoning him. then he was teko to the ground. of the twenty seven year old suspect is a convicted bank robber who had served more than five years in prison prosecutors are charging him with murder. civil movements have already called for marches against violence and hatred and several polish cities tonight but president and other political leaders decided not to organize a march to respect the wishes of the
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a dam of its family. his idea but that it's all guns if citizens want to organize marches spontaneous marches them police they can do it this is always an expression of solidarity but because the family wants to maintain dignity i want to the least politics in all of this we have decided that we will not organize any march which is new to me just imposed on the british was in your budget. but with many residents asking how this could happen the murder of pavel adama bitch is likely to inflame an already divided poland. it's a mind turkey says it will not be intimidated by threats from u.s. president donald trump over the fate of kurdish fighters in syria in a tweet trant threatened to and i'm quoting here devastate turkey economically if it attacked kurdish forces in syria following a planned pullout of u.s.
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troops of the u.s.'s fault alongside a kurdish militia in northern syria against a so-called islamic state turkey's foreign minister criticized trump today for addressing turkey via social media. he's been quote we have said several times that we're not going to be intimidated by any threat will not bow down to it . nothing can be achieved by threatening turkey economically and we have to decide how to coordinate a solution of this issue regardless of whatever it takes. is do not speak to the allies through twitter or through social media we have to continue to discuss these issues between is. our correspondent dorian jones he joins us tonight from istanbul good evening to you dorian we know we have heard that both presidents trying to one spoke on the phone tonight did anything come out of that conversation do we
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know. the readout from the conversation and it does appear the language is far more considerate tree than the tweet the president issued earlier in the day according to turkish readout trump knowledge turkey security concerns pledge to work together to address them as talk about the creation creating of a buffer zone a safety zone along the syrian balled up with it wouldn't short turkey safety crucially whether if it was in the united states read out there was his commitment by president trump to the protection of syrian kurds and forces that have been fighting in the war against islamic state and for turkey that is a complete anathema they see these groups as terrorists and in many ways the differences between the two sides are still remain extremely divided even the language is a lot more warmer than it was earlier in the day you know i mean it's a big change in temperature in just twenty four hours truck threatening to
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devastate turkey economically if it attacks the kurds i mean those are fighting words how did that go down in turkey. well interestingly by turkish standards the reaction was very restrained we had initial reaction from the president one spokesman who said that it is unthinkable that the u.s. to side to side with what he called terrorists rather than its nato ally further down the road we had the turkish foreign minister saying that they should address these things fruit telephone calls and conversations rather than tweets and said that he wouldn't bile to threats but it has to be said the reason why this line which is far more restrained is one is that this came from president trump himself up until now turkey has always been arguing that they have main interlocutor is president trump they have no problem with trump they say that the problem is the people around trump who are trying to derail him and stop him from delivering on the commitments made to turkey the fact that issue at this point was seen as
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a very powerful threat did send shock waves into on crime which is the reason why we saw a much more restrained reaction and other than the other factor is that turkey is aware that trump can deliver on this threat last year. hit turkey with some very miniscule very weak sanctions but it prompted a forty percent collapse in the turkish currency although it has recovered some of that but they forgot about currencies that turkey is now heading into recession turkey doesn't want to have another economic fight with washington and you know there were reports that president arafat was said that he had a personal promise from the u.s. president that u.s. troops would be leaving syria and since then that narrative has changed like the wind what is the feeling i mean when uncle in turkey wants to know the u.s. position on syria on the kurds who does it talk to that listen to the u.s.
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president the secretary of state mr bolton i mean you can trust. well there's only one person in our current size and this is why i've heard from advisers close to the president is that president trump is the man the turkish president one is really interested in dealing with that's why there's been a lot of problems at the recent visit of the u.s. his national security advisor john bolton that was a complete disaster because he was basically dismissed by the turks presently didn't even meet him and the reason is that they only see as trumpets a man that they can deal with and interesting in the readout from the conversation today with this telephone conversation again turkish president one president trumps addition to withdraw and they are looking to drum to honor that commitment and they see that there is even heard this from the turkish foreign minister saying that there are circles around trying to trying to stop him from carrying out what he is promising to commit and in the media to talk about attempts of soft coups against run again this idea of conspiracies of people trying to stop trying to deliver one
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still believes in trump and in many ways the see the only way out of in trying to crisis is by having a one to one conversation a meeting with the american president and pushing him to deliver on his words and what do you think the. delayed and the nell stop aeration against the y p g last month after trump said that the u.s. is going to pull out of syria i mean is he likely to attack now even if u.s. troops would be in the firing line would he risk for. well that is really the big question turkey continues to build up as reinforcements along the border they say it's only a matter of time it's the time in choosing when we will strike but it still remains unclear whether turkey would risk the possible clash with u.s. forces on the ground we understand from behind the scenes senior turkish generals are very unhappy that possibility even the timing of having in winter is also not welcome move but having said that there is a very committed in saying that he will remove this security threat from these
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border he said these are an extension to turkey in just. dealt with he would help us at least the creation of this safe haven if that could possibly be deliver something like thirty kilometers into syria that could be a reason that he would hold back from the military operation but still unclear what the details about faith haven would be safe haven who would man it would be to take the schools that would be possibly our forces from saudi arabia egypt. but that is a possible way out of this potential major crisis between these two nato allies are dorian jones on the story for us tonight in istanbul during his always thank you through art let's take this story now to the united states i'm joined by our correspondent in our washington studio good to see you stefan did trouble today did he clarify his threat to devastate the turkish economy and indeed be elaborate on how he would do that. no not
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a bit in this story in this hour eloquently and greatly contextualized you can expect trump to president trump to. now pull back or actually go into details how he would manage to devastate turkey's economy. during a said of course he is playing with the idea to increase or levy new terrorists on turkish imports in the united states and that would be a way. he gets his will so this was typical trump on a sunday in this press twitter form or tweet form so to speak and today a story has said before the administration like they always do are going back a little bit and trying to get this into a more diplomatic diplomatic feasible language and there's where we are right now by the way in terms of visitors to ankara chief of staff general dunford will be visiting turkey on tuesday. ok let's take it now from turkey to russia on friday
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the new york times reported that u.s. intelligence which is the f.b.i. had looked into the possibility that u.s. president trump may have been an agent of the kremlin a spy for russia in the white house now the report we understand sent trump into orbit i want you to take a look at how he reacted when reporters asked him about working for the russians there in may i guess you could say this dirty cop and i'll tell you what it is so unfair what's happened is the f.b.i. is terms of the men and women were in the right and file of the f.b.i. i know many of them these are great people and they are so bearers by their leadership is that they go it is very bad for a country. of seven you know that the u.s. president today lashing out at the f.b.i. and u.s. intelligence but he began his presidency doing that as well so really his narrative it hasn't changed at all has it. yes and no yes it does you have some
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brand it didn't change much because the president started his presidency as you said in his tenure with beating up the f.b.i. and cia and everybody and every other intelligence service the us i mean there are plenty of them about sixteen or more. but the more pressure is building up against donald trump and the more those stories come out and don't forget the more and close it it becomes that the democrats in the house are starting to investigate and to levy the threat of subpoenas against administration officials against the more frantic and aggressive he is in his responses calling f.b.i. agents strongholds and dirty cops i mean we have almost heard worse from him but this is strong language and of course he's absolutely denying it have anything to do with this and thinks it's an absolute for all and scandal that he's all asked or has been investigated if he is
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a and get this that this the saying in an agent or a helper for russian. agenda in the united states it's really you have to live it would seek it it's hard to believe that the event commander in chief of the united states would be suspected of working for the kremlin or at a correspondent stefan demon's on the story for us tonight in washington stefan thank you very much. well the day is nearly done the conversation continues online you'll find us at. and on twitter at u.w. news or you can follow me t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag for the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow. another day we'll see you then everybody.
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seems to me stumble. on. president. elect's leave most atheists and more unforgettable highlights from the first time employed in this league season electric. bill clinton.
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reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation bloodline dio's the multimedia environment series on d.w. . before the ball gets rolling again let's recap what's happened so far. what more could one fans ask from my.


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