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tv   Check-in - Winter in the Erzgebirge  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2019 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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for a chance to win one of three lighter cameras. close on instagram tag and. using trash to our house one hundred so now being. my goal terms and conditions at g.w. documentary on instagram. and. the forests melton's and plenty of snow the perfect combo for a winter outing this time i'm in the eastern part of germany in saxony on my way to
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that ask a bit ago the word means or mountains and it was the iron ore and silver that attracted people to these parts in the middle ages nowadays the low mountain range is a popular tourist destination in summer it attracts hikers and when the snow starts to fall winter sports lovers start arriving. today i'll go skating on the face the back saxony the highest mountain i'll take a course in cross-country skiing maybe areas biggest celebrity and learn more about the challenges tourism has to face in this area germany. and lo give you a taste of what makes the russian capital moscow so attractive in winter. our viewer bob smith shows around his hometown of orlando florida. and we've got an inspiring holidayed video from a trip to australia. well
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the reason tell lies at the foot of the fish to the back of the central square there is a post milestone like those that have existed in many parts of saxony since the eighteenth century with information on distances and times it takes to walk to the surrounding villages. of these dollars nine hundred and fourteen meters above sea level and has about two thousand five hundred presidents in addition it welcomes one hundred fifty thousand tourists a year here in the former foresters lodge you can find out a bit about the history of overseas and top. after mining declined in the nineteenth century tourism became an important economic factor. skis were manufactured in nobody's in town for instance and winter sports competitions were organized early on.
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in. many sports celebrities started their careers and nobody's and so there's a hall of fame in the museum germany's most successful ski jumper against by slow definitely belongs there spoiler alert i'm going to get to meet him later. the best thing about obese and out of the town starts right at the foot of the face the back slopes pretty crowded today i wonder what made all these people come here. was my what makes the eskimos special it's known for its warm hearted people. the size does that mean easy or a bit of everything large easy and hard combined we've often gone sledding on this big trail. like that only and how was it good niceties are easier than skiing yeah . sounds
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pretty great there is no way around it i am going to have to check out the physical back slopes for myself. the drop from the mountain top to the valley is about three hundred metres just the right kind of feel for an occasional skier like me. well i'm going to mentally prepare for my next task my very first time on cross-country skiing as you guys get to hop over to cabinets and want to saxony is the biggest say it is it's just an hour by car away from where we are right now and definitely worth a visit. to. peter's square is
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a good place to start exploring chemists here you'll find the king albert museum with its art collection say peter's church and the opera house. like most of the buildings on the square st peter's church was built in the nineteenth century with the gold crucifix on its tower its eighty two meters tall. by the early twentieth century with three hundred sixty thousand residents chemists became fully fledged the city so the late gothic town hall had to be extended. in communist east germany kemet was called calm oxcart its best known landmark is a reminder of that. the bust of karl marx nicknamed tanisha the head in saxon dialect weighs forty tons.
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kenneth's has often been heavily damaged during its long history. so it's lucky that the cusp back district one of germany's largest areas of the late nineteenth century and art nouveau buildings house survived intact. through. clapham but castle with its moat is also steeped in history built in around fifteen fifty on the river version it's it changed owners several times in communist east germany it was used as a juvenile detention center. the last stop on our trip to canada is this last that district here you'll find some of the city's oldest buildings the town in the can it's valley was originally founded in the middle ages under the protection of
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a monastery. first let's see if the equipment fits properly we can check the length of the poles ok wonderful stay relaxed. gliding over the cross country skiing takes some practice but that's been. a part of my foot to my left foot but not like that now we're basically on the diagnosable vision of. oh boy did we try the whole thing with ski. at least i have an expert here former competitive skier enrico frankie in the movie where. it's good. and it's going to end now just push your foot forwards on the bus and when it clicks you're in the what do we have to move forward with you know the strike that's right now stride forward civil debate of the. oh.
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oh oh oh. it's a bus but as you see now we'll be going downhill slightly and so it looks good and if it gets too slow for you shuffle forwards again which is the most and it's important to always keep smiling. when it comes on with you and you can also hold the poles on iraq and just glide over was so that said but how can i break without falling if you give us a little you can really do is practice holding down say that he has the situation gets really dodgy only one thing helps a controlled form. and i just let myself fall over and stretch out but you should avoid needing to. rule it was not in the trucks you spoiled them tried to stay in between this is hard work. and washing over the trunk was
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a turn out your legs make a big visa the arms work the same as downhill that was well done. and i think you are going to meet up enjoy teaching you cross-country skiing it's been fun. well i definitely underestimated how excel stating this would be so while i take a little break you guys get some time to a local not from here but from florida our viewer bob smith takes you on a tour of his hometown orlando. orlando with growing through the years a mentally used to be a very small town lake yola was the center of everything. when you live here this is a great place to come to walk around and just to get away from the hustle and bustle .
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one of the things when you're at lake eola is it's always fun to feed the birds. here we are in international drive one of the main entertainment streets for tourists in central florida. you would be very hard pressed to be bored when you come to orlando if you can't find something that's fun to do you're not looking to have a good time. as you did seeing orlando's a little different a lot of things are upside down where the center of amusement and entertainment for
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the world. this is something i'm really excited to show you this is they are lando why we're going to get the best view of orlando that you can get. this is really great. the higher we get you could really see how flat orlando is and how many lakes we really have orlando is known for its legs and from their lando i can get babbelas view of all of them. no city has more theme park. that orlando is the city of theme parks and i've chosen this one to show you sea world i hope you like a. whole. new world one of those rare
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places where you can actually have some real animal interaction. poll that's wonderful they're very very smooth and of course they seem very gentle . like. that is a lot of fun. we're going to find the spring rays now. here in suffolk are. there's been a great day i hope we've enjoyed me showing you orlando i really have enjoyed it and i hope to see you soon. tourism is the economic motor of the ets give back and that's one reason they're proud of nobody's
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intel that a former local boy is active here and meeting the spice for the three time olympic champion in ski jumping after his career he went into the hotel business. from guests kind of meyer his old trophies in the display cases and another curiosity and i think there are no stamps with my face on them in germany i think you have to be dead before what happened was i was going to go when you get there and i mean you hear. it god but there's one of mean i don't know there's a stamp in goma although they have nothing to do when we went to school should at least not locally to me today as a stamp. well it's not that long as you may not all over the world but you decided to stay here to stay at home why here and not somewhere out of the big wide world. will know
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this it was a good i think coincidences exist sometimes they're preordained. they like of years ago thought being a coach i might have been working outside obese and todd who had decided to make and then the hotel came along as well and i think it was the right decision to have it here. because the village over visa is closely linked with the name yen suffice for those that wish to know and it's also good publicity for us especially for the hotel and its free publicity to. and i'm really glad i've stayed here it's my home. after all that travelling around because of my sport i was glad to find something. you know for you to live a sport because to home staying at home and not having to go far away after all that travelling that makes sense now this building is more than twenty years old i
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believe it has a pretty interesting history and so is what the building used to belong to the east german secret police the. locals called it the milk and we bought it in one thousand nine hundred eighty five i'm converted and extended it was a new years but it was one that makes it more interesting in a certain way doesn't that with your yes it has its history but even if it was sometimes a notorious one it will never know we've left and then you know what do you consider the biggest challenges for tourism in the apps could be a go. i think it's for the biggest challenges here are the winters ahead with also thinking about how we can entertain holiday makers when there's less snow or none at all but that's definitely the big question all winter schools regions not just low mountain ranges but alpine regions to have to watch what because of climate change oh. thank you and then there's the question of water attractions
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what holiday activity options we can offer our guests with when that happens whether it's in this year. then we wish you lots of luck in finding the answers thank you. since my school doesn't have an easy answer for times when there's not much snow but he has invested by upgrading his hotel into a cozy place for all seasons. the most exciting thing about the cultural landscape and the interplay between culture and nature and what people have made of the landscape one thing that sticks out is the face of a railway that allows its passengers to travel back in time. saxon these narrow gauge railways once served the entire region as an important mode of
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transportation only a few lines have survived to build a light of tourist stokers and train drivers. driving a train is everybody's childhood dream. markedly. different people every day you're in the fresh air. you always feel pretty good. for the. trains if you feel needed when it's not well. the fifty back railway regularly takes passengers from consol. it takes an hour to travel the seventeen kilometer is and as it comes the stoker has to shovel more and more coal. to three four. in summer it's less of in the winter you need light as well because it gets. installed high heating is also a factor that means. when you're finished
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a twelve hour shift. you really fragile. even though the two probably know every push along the route thanks to the changing weather and seasons they still ninja. every trip. when it's snowy it's really fun and when the sun comes out to the way did yesterday and the forest is covered in snow travelling through it is really romantic well done both. in summer it's just as noisy winter i have to say muscle. a rival in. they make the round trip four times a day that adds up. to was like i reckon i've already circled the globe two or three times although the fish to back railway has often been threatened with closure it survived for more than one hundred ten years.
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my day in coming to an end time to get going because i have one more pretty historical sop to make. and if you have any cool travel videos yourself keep them coming we'd love to play them on the south this week's e-mail is. she travelled to australia with two friends and took a road trip from sydney all the way to the great barrier reef. beach . or st. pete. on a. synonym for the bottom. of
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the basin. i'll take. a. good. job you don't exist. so. let's. look.
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at a backbone khalid's was once a center of mining in the alps go back up or mountains in the sixteenth century to china was one of the biggest in germany now i'm back to cause is a small but lovely place with about twenty thousand presidents. playing in the winter you should definitely check out the market square to skate on the ice and let the historical facades and chant you. play. play. this week's your travels action takes us to moscow the russian capital might not seem very appealing in
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winter with extremely short days and average temperatures away below freezing but believe it or not that can also be quite the attraction see for yourselves. the morning at the kremlin dawn was just half an hour ago now the snow from the night before has to be removed before the first tourist arrives. one advantage of winter in moscow is that there are no long queues and no crowds for sightseers to cope with. from the kremlin's cathedral square you can see the famous coom department store on red square. in the winter only ice breakers travel on the moscow river which winds its way through moscow. but a trip is well worth it. the most provide
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a very special view of the russian metropolis. and. least you are from the us is in russia for the first time and he agrees. dreamily happy that i came it's quite an adventure and it's been very very far. and when it gets dark early this city glows in a sea of light. including gorky park where every day some fifteen thousand people meet to go ice skating. one of the world's largest and most beautiful skating rinks is in the middle of the park. this missile in one of its fun here you can go ice skating we absolutely want to spend the seeping here fresh air exercise it's fantastic what. about
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a nation that. more than eighty kilometers of fairy lights illuminates the russian capital. what it all cost is a closely kept secret. tourist enjoy the spectacular lights. as much as the locals do. you can wander through the city even in freezing temperatures. most possible tickets must conceive in love at this time of year especially for strong enough gorgeous lights incudes if we decorated streets on the right do cheerfully lovely wonderful fantastic. the only question left to answer is what's the local food like seems like the most typical dishes nine allowed combination of nine symbolic foods. lemonade the milk
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and bread a few complection the apple sauce to keep you free from pain and feature distribute see. which they're winching more comforting. the lentils are to bring me money. at the roast meat strength of course. that was it already and honestly it was a very special trip the region's culture and history have to have the ensco baggage into a very interesting place and on top of that during the winter months there is infinite fun to be had as well as off the slopes. it's.
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good. to get. the ball. going to.
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the bar. clicks the. moment you and thank the brits. for markets. good. morning more. thirty minutes on t.w. .
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killers to close to. the final in two robber gangs. an ugly and omnipresent feature of life in one thousand nine hundred twenty s. nationalist weekly they find places in the mantra challenge for the river spray i slept the criminals don't reckon with detective superintendent cannot get revolutionizes for lives of procedures and establish an extensive record system the laying the foundations the mosques that's what the deal in genesis was doing backflips basically the same as today's confines of the linux metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth. on g.w. . please. play
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play. this is d w news live from berlin british prime minister to resign make facing a no confidence vote after parliament grows out her bright city of cards to the right two hundred into the food nose to the left four hundred and thirty two. thirds of lawmakers voting against the divorce deal from the european union will may and her governments now survive we'll go live to parliament in london plus germany's chancellor angela.


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