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this is deja vu news live from berlin british prime minister theresa may facing a no confidence vote after parliament throws out her brags that deal will made and her government survive she tells lawmakers that backing her government will enable her to find a way forward on leaving the e.u. . also coming up more political turmoil in europe and a confidence vote this one in greece it's been triggered by a raw will for greece's freshly names neighbor to north macedonia others will ask
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why emotions are running high over a new name plus. the siege of a hotel complex in the kenyan capital nairobi is over and president kenyatta says that fourteen people have been killed more than seven hundred were rescued unharmed and we need the berlin photographer who has spent years documenting the influence of the bauhaus movement from lebanon to guatemala city to burundi jon miller talk shows the extraordinary global reach of its cutting edge architecture from the past . i'm sara kelly walked into the program. british prime minister theresa may and her government faces a no confidence vote later today after lawmakers threw out her bribes
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a deal it was the biggest and the most humiliating defeat in modern british history but she has told lawmakers that she can still find a way forward on bragg said she is expected to survive the no confidence vote but time is running out and if there is no deal agreed by march twenty ninth britain will crash out of the e.u. some see a solution to ending the chaos calling a second brags that referendum. to remain supporters gathered outside the british parliament to reserve may's humiliation was a sign of hope defeat for the prime minister's bragg's deal could open the door to a so-called people support a second referendum on e.u. membership the eyes to the right two hundred into. the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two. the government will despite her resigning defeat to resign may says she is determined to deliver brags it to the british people but even some within her own party believe a second referendum is no the only option parliamentarians do have some duties and
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one of them is to prevent people from committing national suicide and no deal breaks it down start on all. the issues. first may faces a no confidence vote and her government the rebels within her party have signaled that they will back her position is secure unless the very precisely worded motion to morrow goes through which seems very unlikely she emphasized the truth coming to deliver bricks and with. such faith is in short supply in today's british newspapers and the labor made of london a city that voted overwhelmingly against briggs it also added his weight to calls for a fresh referendum. surely the best option is to give the british public i say for the first time or they accept the promises deal with the option of remaining in the there's no need for this panic but for some panic is clearly beginning to set in business is booming at this english storage firm with companies stockpiling goods
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and fear of a new deal inspired catastrophe in just over two months. let's get more now let's bring in mass who is standing by in london so a devastating defeat barrett yesterday from a plan a vote of no confidence now leader for her government is she likely to survive and what does all this mean from bragg's it. yes it's another day of high drama here in london here in the u.k. when really the whole of europe is looking at what's going on the end why is this country about to maybe commit suicide like it was said in the in your report treason may look set to survive this vote of confidence today for now she has the backing of those in the right of a party you voted against the dia and also of the northern all and unionist party you are basically propping up a government for brics it means that reason may now has said she's trying to reach out she's trying to speak to other parties and see what it is that parliament
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actually wants something that her critics argue she should have a while ago many are wondering why she hasn't stepped down but she has stone shown extraordinary resilience and she's going to see this through for now what does the british public the voters out there think of parliament's rejection of teresa mayes deal and about the future of the prime minister. so many people are very worried about the future of the country really and what's what's going to happen to them i have spoken to speak who all have started stockpiling goods like you've also mentioned in your report others see this as no problem at all they think that well britain has survived much worse atrocities and can go it alone and not even a deal this is is necessary however there are many people who are here in the u.k. who are really sort of puzzled by what's going on and also they really want this
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whole bricks it saw got to end i think this is what's it's shared a sentiment by a lot of people and we have been out on the streets and asking people and here is a little solvable of what some british people make of this whole saga here in the parliament and. i think that we need to vote the national vote was to get out to break say i was to remain a and basically but the tory party tearing themselves apart the labor party got no options they should have gone with the detail and made it better i think it was inevitable i think everything you know is going to happen you know i think politically it wasn't feasible for her to admit that it was going to go through you know but yeah i think everyone you know pretty is happy remain a song happy the right wing if apology that david cameron was trying to piece then they leave this all happy it's just a complete and utter mess before our high order. and
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no i don't think she should resign because i don't think that will solve it all anybody does is resign nowadays people should stay in and try and get the job done and incredibly you hear all these positions basically on opposite ends of the spectrum much like what we're seeing play out playing out in parliament recently so bigger let's let's go to the scenarios because it looks like she is indeed going to survive this no confidence vote what is the next four to rescind maine. what is next for the country. when it's most likely that she's going to talk to parliament and find some sort of common ground and maybe some form of softer bricks it like the norway model the so-called no way model where britain would stay either maybe in the single markets. or customs union these are all options that she's going to explore it doesn't really look like any of them are going to have a majority in parliament so another default option would then to call for
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a second referendum however treason may has said again and she said it again today in prime minister's questions when she was all set to move her red lines and give ground to those who want to solve the rex's she said she's determined to deliver bricks that this is how top priority so she really wants to help make this happen and she is not there to talk about a second referendum but it might be an outcome or that really view the u.k. creches out at the end of march with no deal this is of course what many here paula meant really trying to not have happened at any cost so many different possible scenarios and it's interesting to note that the deadline is really looming in just a couple months now mass at the latest from london thank you. now on the other side of being wish channel reactions to last night's vote have been coming in from e.u. leaders germany's chancellor angela merkel seemed to give prime minister may some
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wriggle room here's what merkel said. i deeply regret the fact that the house of commons has rejected the agreement on pretense departure from the e.u. but we believe it is now up to british sides to say what happens next as the prime minister has announced he will. want to keep the damage which will inevitably follow from bracks it as small as possible. that is why we will continue to seek an orderly solution by thoughts of. i still have time to negotiate but we will wait to see what the prime minister proposes. and that is not the only reaction that has been pouring benefits all it has more trade is a pouring over the numbers just two months left and what a mess may bring france is speeding up preparations for a no deal breaks it telling businesses to get ready for the worst germany is also wanted. and it's i don't care if it were
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a hard bricks it would of course have major consequences for prosperity and jobs especially in britain but we as a country that exports a great deal of support and have very close economic ties we have no interest in hard drugs. business. very much because you have to see that british german trade for example is at one hundred eighty five billion a year and germany has a surplus with britain at about forty five billion a year germany of course due to this fact there will be immediately the necessity of millions of new. beauty procedures. and dealing with the regulations and this. will cost approximately. several hundreds of millions of euro for term and business.
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well let's bring in correspondent in frankfurt done of course daniel dax is flat lining explain. quite surprising that we would see a shopper reaction here today at the stock market was clearly wrong well why is that happening while investors pretty much thought that reason may would not get this through parliament so investors were not really surprised today of course now also investors are worried once again that at the end we could see a hard grex that happening but there are also you know rumors that at the end we might not even see a break so that's an area would be certainly the most favored one of investors so there is some hope so that's why we're not really seeing this big market move it at all today then you can you give me an idea of how european businesses are preparing what is so difficult at the moment for them to prepare because they really don't
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know what is going to happen are we going to see heartbreak said is there going to be a controlled rex's or at the end maybe not even the just imagine this scenario that we would at the end not even have a breath so we have true memory that financial services in secure have been already moving hundreds of employees out over london to other cities here also to frankfurt so what would happen to them at the end at the end we might even see a breadth and so just so many questions right now that need to be answers and investors are hoping for answers as soon as possible it's very difficult to prepare for the franc but there. let's bring in our correspondent in singapore and breaking andrea also a beautifully action on asian exchanges. yes a very muted torn in the asian markets today especially off to the boost that they got yesterday during closing closing time and this is particularly pegged to
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china's fresh stimulus into the economy so at least predict that the market is not going to move much more from this as though the markets players await to see what's going to happen with the banks that deal a great thing for us in singapore thank you very much all business to come including a police clamp down on petrol price protests in zimbabwe. thank you so much ben but in the meantime we're going to get a check of some other stories making news around the world because the french president emanuel has begun a ground tour of the nation in response to the yellow best protest movement on tuesday he'd listen to the grievances of some six hundred mayors from the normandy region the protesters are opposed to policies which they say favor the elite. several hundred one daughter myra is valid for the u.s. have crossed into guatemala immigration authorities say that people who lack the proper documents will be turned back caravans heading toward the united states has
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inflamed the debate over u.s. immigration policy with president trump insisting on building a wall on the us mexico border. and rescuers in spain are working to free a toddler who has believe it is believed excuse me to be trapped in a well a tunnel is now being dug in an attempt to reach the two year old boy who went missing in mali go on sunday the bore hole is around one hundred meters deep and it's too narrow for adults to enter. greek lawmakers will today cast their ballot in a confidence vote on prime minister alexis tsipras severus called the vote after his coalition collapsed with conservative defense minister panos comments resigned over plans by neighboring macedonia to change its name suppresses party does not have a majority in parliament but could win the confidence vote if enough opposition m.p.'s abstain. so what is this dispute really about since the
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republic of macedonia is creation back in the one nine hundred ninety s. its neighbor greece has demanded that it change its name and here is why macedonia the country is here and greece as we can see is just south of a reeses northern province of macedonia many greeks believe that in naming the country the same as the province macedonia has territorial ambitions. yes so macedonia feels is there for the obvious choice why is this squabble so serious while greece used to be toe used its video to stop macedonia from joining nato i'm told this issue is resolved it has also prevented macedonia from joining the e.u. in a bid to defuse tensions both governments agreed to the name change back in june of last year but as today's confidence vote shows the name game still has passions running high so let's get the pulse from the country to view correspondent anthony
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chorus and the car sabah joins me now from athens and. what is the projection here today is simplest likely to survive this confidence vote. every government official i've been speaking to today and throughout these past few days in fact they believe that the prime minister has enough votes under his belt to survive this confidence vote in fact they say that he would have not called for this confidence vote had he not been sure of the outcome don't forget that this walkout by his coalition partner may have been. he's no surprise on his commanders the coalition partner until recently has expressed or had made his opposition to this compromise name deal known to the prime minister from the summer and
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that has given the prime minister ample time to to to work out the strategic plan of this walkout so many european confident but again we have to wait for the vote and perhaps you can clarify some of the details for us here you know for an outsider looking in why did the defense minister leave the coalition i mean was it was it more than just this name raul over macedonia. no it wasn't bad as kimonos is a hard line nationalists and again he has been very very clear about his positions and he has sex from this guy that he opposes this use of the name macedonia and he is very very extreme in his positions and he refuses to allow this northern. this northern country to use macedonia the name in any form and in any context he believes that this name macedonia is exclusively owned by the greeks and therefore
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any use of it. shows that this country in increases north has some kind of territorial designs on a region where islands under the great greece's greatest ancient warrior was born so and they take us through some of the scenarios here what for example happens if sipress loses this vote well of course he himself has said that he will call for snap elections and we could see greeks taking an early trip to the ballot box as early as march and of course this would not work well with the government here with the economy here don't forget greece's is trying to crawl out of the very painful. recession at last a threat eight years and the tightening of any kind of political stability instability that we're seeing right now is just not doing any wonders are not
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helping at all the delicate economy here at the same time markets are saying let's get this over with so. we can so the situation can just stabilize. and how is the public reacting. the public is. viewing this is a badly written comedy they have they believe that all of these political developments here have in some way been been planned and what they're seeing. you're because you're being played out is just. joining us from athens with the latest on this no confidence vote which is scheduled there in greece thank you for so much for walking us through the details . well now for the first time in history india's transgender community
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has taken the whole leadership at the comella the world's largest religious gathering it's a new milestone for the country's estimated two million strong transcend our population which has waged a lengthy battle to obtain equal rights and to end discrimination. making history with this holy plunge hindus believe bathing in this water will wash away this sins for years this religious group of transgender hindus organized as the can occur before to take part this year they won that fight in the good tempo in our car was created with the aim of showing a better path for the next generation. and to ensure they do not face the stigma and discrimination we face. debut at the coombe proved popular with tivo tees thousands turned up to receive their holy blessing.
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there are many references to a third gender in hindu texts in a twenty four team ruling the country's supreme court even granted them legal recognition even so transgender people face discrimination and are often treated as outcome asked me if god created everyone equally it is us who have come to this wrong beliefs and discriminated against them forcing them to live separately is the society. their entrance into the coup may not mean full integration but with this barrier now broken the transgender community in india hope they can look towards a future of greater acceptance. plough it is his passion and there is nowhere in the world that he will not travel to john will it or is a berlin photographer who has spent the last decade documenting the bauhaus movement bauhaus originated as a german school of arts in the early twentieth century eventually morphing into its
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own modern art movement characterized by its unique approach to architecture and design and its influence is truly global. he has often traveled thousands of kilometers just for one photo no location is too far that's because the berlin photographer is pursuing his passion he documents the influence of the powerhouse movement throughout the world. it all started ten years ago in east africa he was shooting some powerhouse inspired buildings and quickly noticed he could do a lot more. and i'd say that's when i caught the bug in the beginning i thought there would be maybe a ten architects in one hundred buildings i figured i could easily manage that and even make a series on it or so i thought and but then i saw that it was never ending these buildings are everywhere then i only researched about twenty countries and now i'm up to one hundred ten countries. have. an apartment building in
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lebannon the dry cleaners and burundi for a movie theater in guatemala the design of the architecture is similar everywhere. and here me. here we have a building in guatemala city and you can certainly see this clear rather plain cubic body there's of course a whole window and a small glass facade over the stairwell and these light rounded off edges of the building like the ones you can often find in europe. the cutting edge architecture of the past tours showing its global reach deep in the i find the buildings on the internet and of course i get help from friends who travel a lot and from people that i got to know in their respective countries architects who pass on information to me or send me pictures and that's because certain drawings might suit with a series that's become about forty percent of the research or actually puts into a shop it. tours also films his trips like this one to the congo.
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it's. called. so i. think it us weekly i think the project will continue right now i photographed about four hundred buildings in thirty countries and i reckon that's about one percent of what's out there so there's an awful lot left to do. he's already booked his next flight to cuba for the architecture of valor. and he's joining us first though here in the studio we are very pleased to be joined by john wiley two are really talking about bauhaus here and why is it so fascinating for you in particular it's a photographer so and i'm very interested on forums and states and so in the beginning it was only a drop in burundi it took some pictures and in that time order was for me about
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hoes and no i was fascinated to see so many different types of houses in the world and more and more i understand the concept so it is the modernism in the world of that time or maybe in the western world and so it is amazing to see the architects do they deliberately call these structures bauhaus or is this really a style that has simply prevailed as a practical a functional concept i had learned to. the bow hose was a school so the modernism is complex from totally different lines limbo hose is one of the one of the big points in that concept today one hundred years about house i mean big anniversary we have to say so happy birthday to them do you think that there will be a and and some day to to buy a house or is it really you know a timely concept timeless that's that's
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a good question the pictures they look timeless but i think. the modern art should take two comes from the new process as we can do new material so i think we have to wait and see what's happened in the future so maybe if we can use absolutely new. things to do it so it was changed of course here in germany we know about house quite well but you know you've traveled all around the world we saw some of the footage there that you took yourself how do other countries deal would you say with the architectural heritage of ok so here i had to understand in my work that we are here in the western world it is our own culture so it so of course we have to save it for the next generation but if you go to africa so it's totally different it is a colony she takes her so we have no idea what the locals want to do with them the next point is that close of course a lot of money to reconstruct the houses so even you know new using concepts so
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that's a very very is not easy to find that in other words we have the same problems here fascinating stuff and we thank you so much for joining us this afternoon to tell us a little bit about your work as we mentioned you're a photographer and you have been documenting bauhaus all around the world thank you you thank. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program almost sixty years after her death screen icon marilyn monroe is still on the present and we take a look at a new exhibition that casts fresh like a woman behind the ledge. and don't forget you can always get state of your news on the go just download our up from global player from the op store it will give you access to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can use the opt to send us photos photos and videos and you can also watch this program on live stream. i'm sorry kelly in berlin back in a few minutes. took
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. place south seas dream. and a natural paradise who like me is a good time the good old amongst a lot of the most surprising aloha it's not just a word of the final meal like the folds of the little children of the sea there's a little alone ha for the spirit of whoa i led some to make doubly close. we make up oh but we watch as old houses that under the two fives we are the civil service or. the want to shape the
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continents future pretend to be part of the african youngsters especially share their stories their dreams to end their chairmanships close to seventy seven percent of the platforms for the journey. hijacking the news. more i come from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good first is evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia or china churchy people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being clear
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and balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful and funny was cordoned off and i work in the. welcome back here at c.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin our top stories british prime minister for government facing a vote of no confidence today after lawmakers threw out her brags that she said that she would listen to the views of lawmakers to find out what sort of breaks a deal would win their support. meantime kenya's president says that fourteen innocent people were killed in a terror attack on a hotel in the shopping complex in nairobi on tuesday that more than seven hundred people were rescued on harmed. said that security forces killed all the gunmen
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involved but with his many as fifty people who were believed to be in the hotel complex at the time of the attack still unaccounted for many kenyans are voicing their skepticism about the government's ability to protect them. friends and family of the victims coming to grips with the horrors of the day before. these people have come to nairobi's mortuary to identify their loved ones. but while they were unable to escape the attackers bullets many others managed to get away. it's. the sense that. many were freed by security forces after hours hiding in toilet stalls and under desks. this one it is the ground floor i saw a woman get short and that's when i took. this to is not true with the
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possible and then someone actually look to you outside cause i'm not from their office and then on to the washrooms. seven people in the same washroom outside the hotel a friend tried to reassure her over the phone during the twelve hour ordeal you had to keep taking this way to help is on. c.c.t.v. showed the gunman entering the hotel complex before the attack within hours the somali based terrorist group al-shabaab had claimed responsibility the morning after the attack kenya's president gave a defiant televised address confirming the siege was over and that all the islamists involved had been eliminated we have dealt with the threat decisively and shown our enemies and the world that we as a country are ready to deal with any threat. to our nation.
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but many kenyans are skeptical of the government's ability to protect them ok we have but we have living. security stuff because. how did these people get into our country and we have. all of. it while many are asking the question help al qaeda linked group to carry out another attack in nairobi are those a simply struggling with the fact that their loved ones are no longer there. absolutely horrific let's bring in our correspondents nicko who is joining us from nairobi what more do we know about the victims. well i'm at the funeral home mortuary here and they're ok it's not far from where the talk actually happened and so. many so there are many family members here that were very sad before especially after the family members identified their loved ones and and they were also stories about there was one man who told us that he managed to escape but his relatives
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were another part of the building and they didn't. and another thing that some people from the muslim community have been telling me is that they are very that that they're really trying to get. their people out and i don't alex today because they have to have they have to conduct you know all right and they have to bury their loved ones today so absolutely sad they're the somali group al-shabaab has attacked a number of targets in kenya we know over the last couple of years tell us a little bit more about the group and their motivation. yes well they claim to attack the kenyan government hasn't officially said that they that they believe this responsible it said it's a terrorist attack. islamist extremist group based in. based in somalia and regions of somalia which which the government hasn't been able to control their. somali government in kenya they kenya is partly their recruiting
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ground there. the although between kenya and somalia is very porous and historically both somalis ethnics a lot of these have been living in. kenya and have crossed the border so. it's not really just a somali group it's also this they also have a base in kenya and i mean that's among the challenges really when it comes to the kenyan government getting this group under control tell us a little bit more about the challenges. yes well after the initial it talks about ten years ago the korean army went into somalia. and tried to get the situation under control there was some african union group is also present in somalia and the somali government is also trying to control parts of the country but it's proving difficult especially as it's a terrorist group. that has apparently have
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a lot of funding and they conduct their. types even with three or four people are. quite quite large effect and with this we had two explosions and several in the hotel so that was so basically that's what caused the seeds of these tragedies and that is very difficult to control so little neko in nairobi thank you. all brazil's new president not all has signed in to create making it easier for many citizens to own firearms it is the first of many expected changes that the new government intends to make in an overhaul of the gun laws the decree establishes a wide range of categories of people who qualify to own guns officials say it was crafted to cover just about any citizen wanting a firearm. have just been relaxed in the country with one of the world's highest homicide rates. the president's right president both scenarios
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reversing early and strict regulations mean distension prevented civilians from bearing firearms through. the use going to you in order to guarantee the citizens of this legitimate right of defense as president will use this weapon. the decree opens up gun ownership to adults over twenty five living in rural areas or high crime urban areas they must have no criminal record and a gun club course is obligatory. in a country that almost sixty four thousand homicides in two thousand and seventeen both scenarios hardline law and order platform has won him support from those who see why do gun ownership is a better way to protect themselves. the new. violence but at least it gives
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a chance to citizens to defend themselves if they are a victim of police who are doing the job they should. a recent poll by the data phone company though suggests most brazillian support the previous restrictions on gun ownership they fear more guns will mean more danger it's very clear. that everybody lives and free way now the right to on for the. next. of a license to kill that was never seen before it was i think that easing gun ownership is not good i don't think that's the way we'll improve the situation in brazil it's not fire against fire. for now brazilian police and military are still the only ones allowed to bear arms in public the big fear for many critics is
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that it might not be long now before ball sonera allow civilian gun owners to join them. well now to unrest in zimbabwe and an economy that's falling apart thank you sara soldiers of patrolling the streets of zimbabwe to deter protests over a rise in fuel prices things were supposed to improve with the end of robert mugabe zine grip two years ago a reign mocked by rising debt and soaring inflation. gasoline in zimbabwe takes days to get and it's now the most expensive in the world costing three dollars and thirty three cents per liter this for a nation where the majority lives in poverty inflation and shortages have returned to zimbabwe and with them anger at the government. to do to fifteen dollars for two leaders of cooking oil and two kilograms of sugar is going for ten dollars anough isn't enough. it's
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a grim outlook for president emerson my non-god who's rise following the thirty seven year rule of robert mugabe suggested better times were ahead or at least more stable once markets reacted positively foreign lenders seemed willing to open their pocketbooks again but the economy's structural problems remain unresolved state owned enterprises and a massive public sector swell a budget propped up by the central bank is over drafting to pay the country's bills and relying on an electronic currency due to the lack of hard cash that's caused the actual value of the currency zimbabwe use the u.s. dollar to plummet the government needs to borrow more to increase its cash reserves immanent god is busy making his case he was in moscow this week and he's expected to attend the upcoming world economic forum in davos all efforts to keep zimbabwe's fragile economy afloat. turkey has kept its main interest rate unchanged helping
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the lira rally against the dollar today it needs all the help it can get after losing more than forty percent of its value over the past year a currency crisis is hitting importers haad dorian jones reports. has spent his life building the big construct brand in turkey killing a few thousand back in ninety five sales and now in the hundreds of thousands of companies selling imported goods the turkish currency collapse is posing new. meek and formidable challenges. i've worked too hard to establish this brand in turkey and to explain birkenstocks precious souls to customers i want to allow my efforts to be spoiled by crisis situations like the recent one that we've put a pricing policy into effect by waving our profit just like we've done in the past when we opted to expand the brand in turkey the crisis though has struck a big blow to us we've had great losses that unfold the currency collapse could not
3:42 pm
have come at a worse time for bed to having just been gauged on a major expansion of shops across the country many opened in shopping malls whose numbers have exploded with part of a nationwide construction boom adding to the financial pressure the rents in the malls are normally in dollars or euros because most owners have borrowed in foreign currency to build amal's. the mouse shop owners have had some rare good news with a presidential decree ending the practice of foreign currency rents but the stores selling solely imported goods whose prices have risen substantially it still remains a struggle getting. our customers remember the prices from last year can clearly feel the increase the higher prices make us get into conversations with their customers about the exchange rate they ask us the reason for the increase and we have to explain the exchange rate situation. on that as i said this makes people
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think twice before buying. it and that's the way it is with other brands too not just ours isn't. the few customers that visit the shop most are just looking as a crisis is already hitting people's pockets. the crisis affected the way i shop for brands i now wait for sales missing it back at the big turkey head office discussions on brainstorming on how to weather the economic storm continue thirty years in business betting is no stranger to currency shocks and prices but he is aware of the scale of the challenge facing him. turkey has seen big economic crises and in my opinion this one is the biggest so far at least the biggest one i've experienced but we'll overcome it. bettin has weathered many storms in his career to bring bacon stock to turkey but with economists warning of for
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a session next year this could be toughest battle yet. and what a day for the european parliament to be holding its first session of twenty nineteen as the brits wreak havoc over bragg's a representatives they celebrating this year's twentieth anniversary of europe's common common see with the so-called anthem of europe. what do you reckon sara was meant to be a farewell song to the un but i do know is that parliamentarians in the u.k. don't seem to have a clear view on that at all but everyone has an opinion and it seems to be all over the place. had to tennis now and at the australian open fifth seed kevin
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anderson has gone out in the second round it is the biggest upset of the tournament so far anderson was beaten by twenty year old francis full of the american recovered from a set down to notch the win against last year's wimbledon finalist in the women's tournament defending champion caroline wozniacki had an easier time she needed just over an hour to see off sweden's johana larsson in straight sets and germany's angela kerber the number two seed in melbourne also advanced with a two set winning win beating the actress had died of brazil. meantime in motor sport has been reported in italy that mick schumacher the son of seven time formula one world champion has joined ferrari's a young driver programme the nineteen year olds has progressed through motor sports and lower levels he won the european formula three title last year and will compete in formula to this season the final step before formula one as part of the
3:46 pm
programme mick schumacher will have to test drives with ferrari his father won five of his seven titles with the italian team. i football's asian cup defending champions australia are through to the second round after a thrilling last minute victory over syria the match was tied until the ninety third minute when socceroos midfielder tom raga church struck to make it a three two the result means that australia qualify in a second place behind group b. winners jordan syria and team palestine will both knocked out. the support of the cross is growing in popularity across the globe and in africa the nation of uganda it is leading the pack the east african country has taken part in the last two editions of the world across championship making them the whole new side ever to represent the continent and they're hoping to grow the sport even more.
3:47 pm
is hoping to inspire the youngsters in his hometown to play lacrosse. he's both a player arms coach in the ugandan national team. playing off for one of the incomparable. i came back to a community of trees that saw what i didn't have what i didn't get. it's what i wanted to give back to the community. cos was only introduced to uganda in twenty twelve and is leading the sport's growth on the continent. but its future in africa depends on investment with two associations formed to help support the country's community of players i'm funds. close by to play loki in a fish you want. if i cross and they become one of the bass
3:48 pm
players i want to be paid. this school fees uganda has big dreams of sending their team to the olympics and time is on their side with the sport possibly returning to the summer games in twenty twenty eight. on out to the u.s. where a rare ice formation is capturing attention in the state of made the spinning disk was formed in the river where the circular currents they create a whirlpool of fact at more than ninety meters wide it is the largest that locals have ever seen and the icy turntable appears to be rowing in size social media users have likened it to the moon or an alien spacecraft. norma jean baker otherwise known as marilyn monroe was the quintessential all-american sex symbol from the mid one nine hundred forty s. to her untimely death in one thousand sixty two she enjoyed great popularity as
3:49 pm
a model actress singer pin up girl and eventually as a troubled celebrity a new exhibition inspire in western germany aims to show a more personal side of the american star and the forceful personality behind her on screen her. and karen homesite is here with us here in the studio from culture tell it to tell us a little bit more about that and first of all tell us exactly where in germany this is and what the museum is about ok so this is that's a relatively small town admittedly of about fifty thousand people in the state of rhineland platen it and it's so that's the very very western part of germany not far from the french border it's on the rhine in the city was actually founded by the romans and this historical museum of the in it is actually one of its biggest attractions they have a fantastic permanent collection with a lot of historical obviously local artifacts but they also have
3:50 pm
a real knack for special exhibitions that draw a real crowd from people who are into traveling around to these exhibitions know it well why are they doing this exhibition on marilyn monroe firstly because marilyn monroe is always a draw i think that's i think that's really the first the first rule of thumb and secondly because they have access to an absolutely enormous collection of her personal effects that is owned by the private german collector ted so he has over fifteen hundred single objects making it the largest known private collection of marilyn memorabilia in the world i believe and it includes some really really personal stuff so let's have a closer look at what's on in that show. the exhibition in spy a southwest germany gives visit is a new insight into the private life of madam i'm right. i'm a comp. person unless it is in photos of. the
3:51 pm
platinum blonde hair because but munroe had something much more than that. do you was can also get a feel for the icons on screen magnetism. for me the best thing about marilyn monroe is the charisma she had in front of the camera when you look at the pictures they're simply fantastic and. collector ted stamp has been fascinated with marilyn monroe since she was a child. and that side also has a lot to do with the fact that she was a timeless beauty that we can identify with her that people would like to have something of her beauty. with hundreds of individual pieces stanford's collection is the largest of its kind in the world the exhibition examines the most important aspects of marilyn monroe's extraordinary life. she has
3:52 pm
been reduced to the classic sex bomb this is the image we have left over from the twentieth century and with this exhibition we have achieved a look behind the brand and we discovered some astonishing things she was a very strong personality she's a woman who came from a disadvantaged background but really pushed fruit to achieve an incredible career it's really very impressive. by. the unknown cost new light on the life of a woman who decades after her own timely death still fascinates. and fascinating this collector as we've heard what's he all about well it's amazing ted is a private collector and he's really fashion self into something of a professional lender and curator of cultural historical memorabilia he has several collections but hers is definitely the biggest he's been fascinated by marilyn
3:53 pm
since he was ten years old when he saw one of her movies with with his sister at home and triggered by that first big auction of her private estate at christie's in new york in october of one nine hundred ninety nine after that he has literally systematically tracked down more and more of. her personal objects and possessions had become a leading authority on her and here's what he has to say about why he's so fascinated. by was like every person special but what makes us stand down is that very many successful people in the world or in the world of t.v. are still trying to copy her she had something that i desire a yearning that other people wanted to take part in even big stars. so that desire expressed itself that copying of her started very very early on literally hours after her death sarah when andy warhol started his series of marilyn silkscreens paintings using
3:54 pm
a still from her nine hundred fifty three phil niagara it's obviously one of the most iconic images we know over a longer than a month he painted one after the other twenty three in all in different colors making her into this object of desire in different flavors if you will and that appropriation has gone on and on and on as we've seen with many stars copying her from madonna who paid homage to her in her material girl phase back in one thousand nine hundred five. directly copying a sequence of one of maryland's films gentlemen prefer blondes this is her song where she sang diamonds are girl's best friend a similar choreography there all the way to marilyn manson who even created his own persona with part of her name and he's also used her image very much the same way the female stars did namely as something to attract. that public out a ration that marilyn enjoyed for so many years the found love turned she felt that
3:55 pm
it wasn't studios who paid her a star it was definitely her fans so her image been used all over the place but she was very clever at marketing herself at the time i think this is also what this exhibition is trying to. so she created this image capitalized on as she was typecast as the dumb blonde bombshell but also as this woman child and it's interesting obviously you mention her early death at thirty six she never really grew up she never really had to play. a much later sort of don't tie in that way exactly frozen in time and i think that's definitely it's impossible to know what the rest of her life might have been like there she is that's what we know of her and that's part of the fascination absolutely current home shop from our culture basque thank you so much pleasure center. a quick reminder of our top story here at g.w. british prime minister to recent may have her government facing a vote of no confidence today after lawmakers threw out her bribes
3:56 pm
a plan she said she would listen to views of m.p.'s to find out what sort of breaks it deal couldn't win their support. i'm sorry kelly thanks for watching.
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the southeast dream. and natural paradise coag bring a chance this time that i felt lost a lot of president aloha it's not just to where i am i am like. the tsunami almost shooting at the sea. alone how the spirit of how wacko feast on a s d w.
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business t w news live from britain's prime minister faces a no confidence vote after parliament throws out hope breck said deal to raise it might sounds more like a backing how government will allow them to find their way forward as a country leaves the european union also on the program. tonight no big hotel complex siege is over kenya's president kenyatta says more than seven hundred people were rescued on the homs but fourteen died in the jihad is the top ten dozens remain unaccounted for.


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