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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is the news line from yesterday britain's parliament. deal today the prime minister faces a no confidence vote tells lawmakers of backing hard. some find a way forward as the country leaves the european union on the program. tomorrow the hotel complex siege over kenya's president kenyatta says more than seven hundred people were rescued but fourteen died in the jihads attack and dozens
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remain unaccounted for. and dozens are arrested in same bob waiting saluting a prominent pollution activist not a violent protest against soaring fuel prices but zimbabweans say poverty and hunger are forcing them onto the streets he. must remain the province of talk of who spent years documenting the influence of the powerhouse movement not going on to guatemala city to burundi shore mali told shows the extraordinary global reach of this cutting edge off from the past. welcome to the program. threesome a government faces a no confidence vote this night after british lawmakers threw out her deal last night the biggest government defeat in the country's modern political history but mrs may has told lawmakers she can still find
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a way forward on britain's departure from the e.u. though she is expected to survive tonight's votes time is running out if no deal is agreed with brussels by march twenty ninth and britain will crash how off the block despite the political gridlock mrs may has said repeatedly there will be no second referendum. but those calls are growing. for remains supporters gathered outside the british parliament to reason mees humiliation was a sign of hope defeat for the prime minister's bragg's deal could open the door to a so-called people support a second referendum on e.u. membership the eyes to the right two hundred into. the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two of the. government despite her resigning defeat to resign me says she is determined to deliver brags it to the british people but even some within her own party believe a second referendum is no the only option parliamentarians do have some g.t.s.
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and one of them is to prevent people from committing national suicide and no deal breaks it. down or trash the issue. first me faces a no confidence vote in her government the rebels within her party have signalled that they will back her position is secure unless the very precisely worded motion to morrow goes through which seems very unlikely she emphasized that she'd come in to deliver breaks it and that that was what she was going to do such faith is in short supply in today's british newspapers and the labor made of london a city that voted overwhelmingly against briggs it also added his weight to calls for a fresh referendum. surely the best option is to give the british public i say for the first time. or they accept the promises deal with the option of remaining in the there's no need for this panic but for some panic is clearly beginning to set in business is booming at this english storage firm with companies stockpiling
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goods in fear of a new deal inspired catastrophe in just over two months time. i'm not confidence votes and the british parliament mr hartman and about an hour or so i will bring it to you live here on d w meanwhile theresa may said brooks a deal was opposed by many pro breakfast lawmakers from within her own conservative party to be correspondent barbara valle has been speaking with one of the most outspoken presidents former president mr steve baker. as the group of conservatives in common parlance called the bricks tears help to those downed trees maize deal on tuesday evening yes now the country seems to be in crisis so at least the government and prices parliament and prices stakes well you know what's next is this plan which we produced and published last night we've set out how to achieve a deal with the european union of the character which the european union offered us in march and repeated in the autumn so a comprehensive free trade agreement no tariffs no quantity of restrictions security cooperation range of other areas of cooperation so that's what we want
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people often mischaracterize us with people who would prefer to leave with an agreement of the coins that the e.u. offered us but if we can't get that agreement then we'll have to be ready to leave on top of each year term so that's what's happened but i hope you won't mind me saying that since i resigned from the government i've said time and again that this deal would not go through parliament and that the result would be a crisis so in a sense i'm very sorry that we've reached this point but you know the government was warned that this would not work so what you're saying is theories of may was warned and decided to sort of carry on regardless and you have to look for majorities much earlier in this process well yes of course but you know i sat there is a deck sheet a minister in the department for extremely european union and all of us sat together and told officials we needed to go for a free trade agreement based brics and a few weeks later president offered a matching agreement you know said let's have an advanced f.d.a. but then it's you know it's a matter of record it's been explained several times to officials and the prime
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ministers worked on a different plan which came out at checkers and this is why david davis and i resigned so i'm afraid this is a catalogue of the. trying to deliver a relationship something like the european economic area plus something like the customs union i'm afraid conservatives who want to govern our own country outside the e.u. however much me what we may wish to be friends we wish to govern our own country outside the e.u. so. you know it's not the relationship we were going to vote for so this is why we're in this period of crisis i'm afraid i hope we can resolve it as quickly as possible so theresa may pursue something that was impossible anyway because checkers wasn't on from the side of the e.u. they never said they said they wouldn't they don't we wouldn't want it and said it was cherry picking which was not an offer so now you come with this plan and say can you step back in time you would need much more time that you don't wouldn't do this overnight i mean that's a long negotiating process what you basically asking for is to go back to zero and start again is it so we're absolutely not asking to go back to zero you know again
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people say wrong compromising us not true i'd encourage people to download this plan have a read of it it sets out the changes we would want to the withdrawal agreement and we're ready to table legal text so no we've even gauge with serious people to try and be constructive we would like to hand the european union the solution to the arch border problem so that we can rescue the withdrawal agreement agreed the foreign agree on pay the financial settlement lead linking it to progress on the free trade agreement which michel barnier i offered the u.k. you know we're trying to be reasoned citizens' rights we need to do anyway either in accordance with a withdrawal agreement or unilaterally so we're trying to be reasonable and do the right thing but what we can't agree to is a position of being indefinitely locked into a european union that the british people chose to leave but sorry to sort of puncture this particular balloon there is no agreement on a free trade agreement was the e.u. within like two months three months four months or so that is going to take time period don't you believe that so i'm very clear that we if we leave with
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a set of agreements with oral agreement that we should still ask for an implementation period and we should negotiate the free trade agreement in the time but you know we've got to be very careful how we position the difficulty or otherwise of these negotiations but it's in all of our interests to reach a tariff and restriction free agreements and we are in a position of complete harmonize ation on the relevant areas so if there's goodwill and we take the precedent. of the agreements the e.u. has with particularly with canada and japan i believe it's eminently possible particularly if you'll forgive me saying you know germany now i understand heading into technical recession france got its own difficulties now it's lead to the use in a position where we would look where it needs we need to help one another we voted to leave we should go and we should go into an agreement so i think if we can rescue the withdrawal agreement by putting in place a permanent compliant and invisible solution for ireland which we are ready to table and negotiate a free trade agreements which works for soldiering the implementation period then we can exit with an agreement in place ok thank you very much thank you thank you
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for that just. talking to former minister steve breakout germans also have some strong political and some strong opinions on the current political situation the w. has been asking people here in the german capital for their thoughts on it but i could just cut a python to see things fall apart like this i don't think that the people really understood what they voted for seeing that sad. they're crazy like. a few years ago i really wouldn't have thought that something like this could be possible in a modern advanced state like britain. some of them had to live they have to decide what they want if they want to leave they should leave if they want to stay they should stay why do we keep discussing what they should do. fair enough points have a home for is here to discuss more about what they should do with this site from a business perspective give us rights and i mean it might seem predictable but essentially more milbank's moving their financial services out of london and moving
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them to other financial centers even if brags it has an essentially happened yet is having a very real impact on the walls of banking and once britain has officially less the european union london based banks will no longer be able to conduct operations that the ones without well being subject to a whole host of other regulations one reason why frankfurt has made video looking to attract those fleeing the brakes its financial fallout nice to meet you name is . frankfurt. friend. of uni modern architect the video was posted online several months ago it's aimed at the family of the briggs it uprooted banker who's not so keen on moving away from a world class city like london or nightlife the british capital is europe's finance center and home to some of the world's biggest banks but to keep doing business with the e.u. will have to be located in the block and that means more than just
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a shingle on a door or a mailbox at least according to european regulators. it means moving personnel and capital about forty banks have already received a license and you city. a few of them went to dublin some to luxembourg and others to paris but the vast majority around three quarters to frankfurt starting to actually leave you. with serious business. you're not easily convinced you better believe it. frankfurt is talking about ten thousand bricks that related positions moving over things could get tight in the banking quarter but the outlook for doing business in the e.u. still it's better there than from london. well here with me in the studio now is. ok is cow shy the c.e.o. of the association of general banks glad you could join us now you're saying it's called the decease of maize deal quote a serious warning shot to everyone involved what exactly do you mean by that it's
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a last warning shot because time is running out to be prepared for a new one do you know neil brooks it situation because this is the worst situation that we could imagine because there's a lot of transfer of data of sign of services for customers of german banks done in london that means that over the last months to be. very hard execution on how this services could be provided in the situation of a no deal this is very serious could be very dangerous if you are not prepared so what you're saying essentially is that german banks have already been preparing for the eventuality of absolutely no deal i mean how strenuous has that been no deal means that there is no longer a legal basis for all this service is done actually on this passport thing agreement which means that you don't need any additional license also for what you are doing in london we went through all these operation the thousands of people
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over the last months with all banks all customers to find out if there is no longer a legal basis like possible thing is there a need for additional alone says for licenses and the german parliament bill passed this week additional laws which entitle the banks to go on with their operations but on the preliminary basis and it is very important that the supervisors of the banks in london and in frankfurt know exactly what's going on they they are observing very very. concrete what's happening sort of break this down for me we don't talking about you know sort of a massive neither of money we're talking about potentially moving money from london to to germany for example i'm a brit of course i do banking in. in different countries i mean how difficult would it be for people like me to move money how difficult would it be even just the businesses to operate without a clear deal it's a good example we want to do everything that there is no break in the night from
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twenty knots or so it's much because our customers should know realize that there is a change but you have to prepare a lot of things transfer of data over you licensing and so on all these operations can move forward and there is in this moment and these days there is an enormous transfer of capital actually not only to frankfurt but to paris to dublin because all the international banks cannot rely on the longer the existing passport in framework they bring out their operations to ring old people to the continent and bring money to the continent to be able to serve the clients the same way they as they do it actually all right and that is couch c.e.o. of the association of german banks good to have you with thank you thank you and with just well t. wants to go to briggs it may bring france is also speeding up preparations for a no deal bragg's it telling businesses to get ready for the worst german companies
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say that also want to hedge. and it's i don't care if it were a heart breaks it would of course have major consequences for prosperity and jobs especially in britain but we as a country that exports a great deal of it and have very close economic ties we have no interest in hard drugs. business we suffer very much because you have to see that british german trade for example is at one hundred eighty five billion a year and germany has a surplus with britain at about forty five billion a year germany more of course due to this fact there will be immediately the necessity of millions of new. beauty procedures. and dealing with the regulations and this. will cost approximately. several hundreds of millions of euro for term and business.
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and we have plenty more business to come including a look at what has got the turkish lira voting against the dollar today the first is back to. i don't think so much britain's theresa may is not the only european prime minister who is sub political future is on the line greece's alexis tsipras also faces a confidence vote in his government today is coalition collapse when a conservative defense minister promised a comment also resigned over a deal to end the dispute over neighboring the macedonia's name the prime minister's the leftists reserve party does not have a majority in parliament but is expected to win the vote. in france president maduro mccraw has begun a grand tour of the country to listen to people's grievances it's his response to be yellow vest protest movement that has shaken france for the last two months mccraw had denounced what he calls the violence and demagoguery but he also said that his country must build the means to find solutions to the country's problems.
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hardly visible but he's there the french president surrounded by some seven hundred men as. that's exactly how emanuel markram wanted it he told them as of norman day not a big stage for him but a frank and open exchange of ideas. if intelligent questions come up that i've overlooked will pick those up there can't be any to boos. but such easy access isn't to be had outside snipers monitor the gymnasium police vans patrol and the key point the citizens of the small town of bor to root can come in know us in grade level has been a yellow vest activist from the start she's aggrieved given the number of yellow vests from the surrounding region who've traveled here she says they feel excluded from the debate we and then some similar to that we feel that we're being poorly treated by our government again he's treating us with this day he's ignoring us we
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feel cast out he doesn't want us there's a feeling of our guns there. but not all citizens see it that way many are even taking the opportunity to write their concerns in a book of complaints which will be later handed to the government the town of border or to normandy is like a microcosm of france itself around four thousand people live here but there aren't enough jobs to go around and the cost of living is very high many people have to commute to the next big city but infrastructure is poor there is only one train per day this man knows these concerns only too well. time is man i've grown to rude one complaints book has over one hundred pages already filled he's open to debate but he remains critical so i was. getting a lot of complaints. very diverse ones about taxes buying power pensions and that shows high expectations that there must quickly become create
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cancers. many are found some colleagues feel the same and they don't mince their words. paul moved by more latino place you mr president in the countryside you can't be without a car that's your idea with the fuel tax is difficult to take. nearly two years after taking office the president is back to square one and facing an uphill fight to win back the trust of the french people a three month nationwide consultation it's a first for france on to a political gamble of the president can't get on the same page as the citizens it can strengthen his position and this office party if he is unsuccessful micro risk to slide into a government crisis with the european elections just around the corner this would be a crippling blow let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the vatican has announced the agenda of a sex abuse prevention summit to take place at the end of february
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a spokesman said the bishops will hear a victim testimony and learn about how to care for victims some it is the pope's response to a spate of scandals. several hundred honduran migrants from the united states have crossed into guatemala immigration authorities say people without the proper documents will be turned back caravans heading towards the u.s. have inflamed the debate about american immigration policy as president trouble then says he wants to build a wall on the us mexico border. brazil's new president also naro has signed a decree making it easier for many citizens to own firearms that's the first of many expected changes the new government intends to make in an overhaul of gun laws the decree establishes a wide range of categories of people who qualify to guns official said it was crafted to cover just about any citizen who wants a firearm. gun laws have just been relaxed in the country with one of the world's
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highest homicide rates. brazil's president. strict regulations. prevented civilians from bearing firearms. in order to guarantee the citizens this legitimate right of defense as president will use this weapon. the decree opens up gun ownership to adults over twenty five living in rural areas or high crime urban areas they must have no criminal record and a gun club course is obligatory. in a country that almost sixty four thousand homicides in two thousand and seventeen both scenarios hardline law and order platform has one in support from those who see why do gun ownership is a better way to protect themselves. the
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new. violence but at least it gives a chance to citizens to defend themselves if they are a victim of police who are doing the job they should. a recent poll by the data phone company though suggests most brazillian support the previous restrictions on gun ownership they fear more guns will mean more danger it's very clear. that everybody lives and their free way now the right to on for the. next. of a license to kill that was never seen before it was i think that easing gun ownership is not good i don't think that's the way we'll improve the situation in brazil it's not fire against fire. for now brazilian police and military are
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still the only ones allowed to bear arms in public the big fear for many critics is that it might not be long now before ball sonera allow civilian gun owners to join them. for the first time in india's history members of the country's transgender community have taken the holy to the world's largest religious gathering the cool nayla it's a new milestone for the country's estimated two million strong chance trend population which has a ways to long battle for equal rights and an end to discrimination. making history with this holy plunge hindus believe bathing in this water will wash away their sins for years this religious group of transgender hindus organized as the connect her have fought to take part this year they won that fight in the. car was created with the aim of showing
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a better path for the next generation. and to ensure they do not face the stigma and discrimination we face. as debut at the coombe proved popular with tivo tees thousands turned up to receive their holy blessing. there are many references to a third gender in hindu texts in a twenty fourteen ruling the country's supreme court even granted them legal recognition even so transgender people face discrimination and are often treated as outcome asked me if god created everyone equally it is us who have come to this wrong belief and discriminated against them forcing them to live separately in society much. their entrance into the ku may not mean full integration but with this barrier now broken the transgender community in india hope they can look towards a future of greater acceptance. it's his passion no where he wants trouble
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to pursue it. is a photographer who spent the last decade attracting the legacy of bauhaus. unique approach to architecture and design as you see now in his photos its influence is truly global. often travels thousands of kilometers for just one photograph no location is too far away for him that's because the berlin based photographer is pursuing his passion documenting the influence of the bell house movement around the world it all started ten years ago in east africa he was shooting some bauhaus inspired buildings and realized he could do much more. that's when i got inspired in the beginning i just thought it would be about ten architects and one hundred buildings i figured i could easily manage that and even make
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a series on it was so i thought then i saw it was never ending those buildings are everywhere back then i only researched about twenty countries in the meantime i found buildings in over one hundred countries. whether it's an apartment house in lebanon a dry cleaners in burundi or a movie theater in guatemala the architectural design is similar. and here we have a house in guatemala city and he certainly see this clear rather plain cubic structure as a poor whole window and a small glass facade and these like rounded off edges like the ones you often find in europe. is showing the global reach of the cutting edge architecture of the past . i find the buildings online and i get help from a large network of friends who travel a lot and for people i met in various countries including many architects who pass
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on information to me or send pictures to ask if certain dwellings would suit the series that's about forty percent of the research work that's the. shopping. money tour has also filmed his trips like this one to the democratic republic of congo. on site research can be difficult but feels like he's on a treasure hunt. his bounty is the gems of architecture and there's still more to focus on. as i think it as i think the project will keep going i shot about four hundred houses in thirty countries that's about one percent of the actual material but still out there there's a lot left to do. next up for cuba and the bauhaus architecture of havana. this is day eight of leaders live from baghdad still to
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come almost sixty years after the death images of screen icon marlon monroe are still all iraq has to take a look at a new exhibition casting fresh light on the woman behind the match. we'll have more world news i'm scored on business all knowing it's his day doubly. so. how did. you discover your concept discover it with. a legend after one hundred gives the ideals of the fox house a more relevant today than they were. tears ago missionary shaped things to comfort all people sign is a way of shaping society. with ideas to. our
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house world this week on t w. look closely. listen carefully you don't know who is simply being nice to get good. discover. subscribe to documentary on youtube.
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you. i'm phil graham the top story at this british prime minister government faces a vote of no confidence in the next hour or so after lawmakers threw out yesterday after losing the vote the prime minister promised to listen to at least find out what sort of threats the deal they could support. not to kenya where president kenyatta says fourteen bystanders and unspecified number of gunmen were
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killed in a terror attack on a hotel a shopping complex in nairobi on tuesday security forces were able to rescue more than seven hundred people on homs but with as many as fifty still unaccounted for many kenyans are skeptical about the government's ability to protect them. friends and family of the victims coming to grips with the horrors of the day before. these people have come to nairobi's mortuary to identify their loved ones. but while they were unable to escape the attackers bullets many others managed to get away. many were freed by security forces after hours hiding in toilet stalls and under desks. this one is this one floor. get short and that's when i took.
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this to mark to the first floor and then someone not shown up to you outside cause i'm not from the office and then went to the washroom swe one. seven people in the same washroom outside the hotel a friend tried to reassure her over the phone during the twelve hour ordeal you had to take this week to help is on. c.c.t.v. showed the gunman entering the hotel complex before the attack within hours the somali based terrorist group al-shabaab had claimed responsibility the morning after the attack kenya's president gave a defiant televised address confirming the siege was over and that all the islamists involved had been eliminated we have dealt with the threat decisively and shown our enemies in the world that we as a country are ready to deal with any threat. to our nation.
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but many kenyans are skeptical of the government's ability to protect them. we have let me know security. because. how did these people get into our country and we have all of us a group of people or all of our island but while many are asking the question held by al qaeda linked group to carry out another attack in nairobi abos is simply struggling with the fact that their loved ones are no longer there. let's get more on this from d.w. correspondent catherine wando on the line from nairobi welcome catherine we know this is not the first time al-shabaab has attacked kenya so what is the government doing to reassure people that it can keep them safe and that this won't happen again. well in light of this recent attack the government said this is it responded quite quickly compared to. other incidences is how did the hostage back this particular incident be that they were wanted within fifteen minutes of
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the incident when it did yesterday but. they're saying that the term now and how it's going to be that they are dead and that they'll still continue to protect kagan but we know that you know the al-shabaab to try to establish the islamic caliphate with kenya need an increase. of attacks by terror that the terror group in two thousand. when kenya went into somalia to protect its borders from these very safe. but for now we're hearing that the government is toast and they're ready to protect the canyon people and is it this can kenya action in somalia is this why al shabaab which is based in somalia keeps it attacking kenya. it's one of the main reasons if you look back in two thousand and thirteen we had a series of attacks by al-shabaab which caused the kenyan government to go into
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somalia and even to send every incident that has occurred we have had witnesses say that the people who are these militants who attack know me say that they want kenyans out of somalia that they want them to to to to retreat back even to the to join i mean this is one of the main reason that they say this but also to create the caliphate. fourteen bystanders and unspecified number of gunmen look killed yes i want do we know about victims or indeed gunman. what we do we don't really know much about the gunman but we do know that the victims come from this just to paint a picture for the for our viewers this complex how did these for the organization for the victims come from these overnight these people who work there these are people who went to the hotel and to the restaurant to you know have a good time what we do know is that the people who are dead fourteen were dead among the men young men that's what we know about the victims. catherine i'm wonder
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in nairobi talk here. to zimbabwe now and dozens of people have been arrested including a prominent activist after protests about soaring fuel prices turned violent the government says the opposition is behind the protest on has not ordered internet access to be suspended but zimbabwe insight poverty and hunger forcing them on to the streets. ok if. this is the moment zimbabwe and authorities arrested evan my we are a pastor and prominent critic of the government he's accused of supporting street protests protest that turned violent in recent days. again i live. here they. incite violence she china other forms of social media the government suspects that zimbabwe's political opposition
7:37 pm
is behind the violence if this was. the tunes. he's. well. in this in this life in the in. front the opposition says the spiralling living conditions have left ordinary zimbabweans no choice but to protest. it is the cost of using that is that just it would just cause people to complain to a crisis and of the p.b.t. the food prices and nothing if you could see little jokes on monday the government hiked fuel prices after announcing a national shortage zimbabwe's fuel became the most expensive in the world it was the final straw for many zimbabweans who are scared and who want a semblance of normality. maybe. if you break it. down maybe we don't know where we are going just doing it all just going to wake us
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you me if you can use normal. symbolic ways capital harare is now quiet as well as street demonstrations there's been a coordinated stay at home protest organized by the country's trade unions and a protesting die living conditions and no end in sight was a bubble is in status its president i'm assuming on gaggle is a broad here in russia hoping to sure up foreign investment in his country. having not commented on the protests for days he broke his silence via twitter he says he understands people's pain and frustration but left zimbabwe and guessing as to what happens next. and humphrey back with more business now starting with a look at the turkish economy yes civically still that decision from turkey to keep its key interest rate unchanged and that has seen the turkish lira rally against the dollar as a day now the turkish currency when it said it said we need all the help it can get is lost more than forty percent of its value over the past year that is hitting
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importers hawse daryn jones now reports from istanbul. based tim has spent his life bill. being the big construct brand in turkey selling a few thousand back in ninety five sales are now in the hundreds of thousands of companies selling imported goods but turkish currency collapse is posing unique and formidable challenges. i've worked too hard to establish this brand in turkey and to explain birkenstock special souls to customers i want to allow my efforts to be spoiled by crisis situations like the recent one that we've put a pricing policy into effect by waving our profit just like we've done in the past when we opted to expand the brand in turkey the crisis though has struck a big blow to us we've had greek losses that unfold the currency collapse could not have come at a worse time for the beta having just been gauged on a major expansion of shops across the country many opened in shopping malls huge
7:40 pm
numbers of exploded as part of a nationwide construction boom adding to the financial pressure the rents in the malls are normally in dollars or euros because most owners have borrowed in foreign currency to build the molds. the mouse shop owners have had some rare good news with the presidential decree ending the practice of foreign currency rents but the stores selling solely imported goods whose prices have risen substantially it still remains a struggle. our customers who remember the prices from last year can clearly feel the increase the higher prices make us get into conversations with their customers about the exchange rate they ask because the reason for the increase and we have to explain the exchange rate situation. on that as i said this makes people think twice before buying. it that's the way it is with other brands too not just ours is
7:41 pm
a mark of. the few customers that visit the shop moved by just looking as a crisis is already hitting people's pockets. the crisis affected the way i shop for brands i now wait for sales missing you get back at the big can store turkey head office discussions on brainstorming on how to weather the economic storm continue thirty years in business betting is no stranger to currency shocks and prices but is aware of the scale of the challenge facing him. turkey are seen big economic crises and in my opinion this one is the biggest so far at least the biggest one i've experienced but we'll overcome it cautious bettin has weathered many storms in his career to bring bacon stock to turkey but with economists warning of recession next year this could be picked in stuff with battle we get. now don't know the name for we have it and vietnam's knew about ways will find
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modern airplanes made of yes metal well the low budget carrier made its first trip on wednesday entering a crowded southeast asian emma the company will serve regional vietnamese cities a sign of throwing domestic demand and a booming economy. a day for celebration in one noyo bamboo airways plans to offer eight domestic routes daily as well as flights to japan south korea and singapore and eventually europe and vicious plans in a country already served by national carrier vietnam airlines and budget line via jet owner trend venky is familiar with risk born poor in the country's north he's built a vast real estate empire across vietnam. to employ a lot more than have had we're an airline that has been established later than other airlines and the advantage in this is that we can learn from their previous experiences in order to best serve passengers in the future and we did and.
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there's reason for optimism air travel is booming in southeast asia passenger numbers in vietnam alone jumped to sixty two million last year from twenty five million in two thousand and twelve the country's middle class is expanding and it's increasingly mobile. and that's due in large part to a growing economy built around exports vietnam's low wages and its large labor market as well as its permissive attitude toward foreign investment or attracting overseas businesses and spurring domestic growth the trade dispute between the u.s. and china is even expected to work in the country's favor. in other words bamboo airways might just be the latest sign of an economy taking flight. u.s. president donald trump's travel restrictions on cuba were meant to deprive it from profiting from american dollars but his decision to exempt cruise companies from the ban has had an unintended consequence now even more american tourists saw it in
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insurance and this fourteen state robs them private enterprise. if you're an american hoping to visit cuba your best chance of getting there is on a cruise ship u.s. luxury liners are still allowed to take groups to have family but passengers generally only make a quick trip on sure leaving little time for shopping. can i mean one of the five the one. you know. maybe buy from me. it's trump's a must to start the cuban state of american dollars the plan failed us ships pay the cuban government millions to dock in the capital economists say the policy is actually hurting an unintended group of people. the most effective has been the non-state sector the private sector. known state run restaurants more in the
7:45 pm
days of u.s. tourists coming to spend both time and money. we've got a reduction of about forty percent in business compared to last year. in the biggest. the number of u.s. tourists in cuba is actually growing despite trams travel restrictions but they're coming into our groups and staying only for a short while and the result is that their money is going to state run enterprises and not to cuba's entrepreneurs. sports news now with phil thanks so much we'll start with tennis save kevin understand how scott in the second round of the australian open the biggest upset of the tournament so far he was beaten by a twenty year old. from united states the american republic from a set down to win against last year's wimbledon finalist in the women's tournament defending champion carolina was they actually had an easier time in just over an hour to say off sweden's you had
7:46 pm
a loss and in straight sets germany's i deleted caballe number two seeded now but also advance for the two set when beating. of brazil. if it was asian cup south korea have confirmed their place at the top of group c. with a convincing victory over china south korea took the lead in the first half with we joke of converting a penalty shortly after halftime they doubled the lead despite the defeat china qualify for the next round having finished the group in second place. the cross is growing in popularity across the globe and uganda is leading the pack in africa the east african country has taken part in the last two editions of the world lacrosse championship making them the only side ever to represent the continent and they're hoping to grow the sport even more. and remember we is hoping to inspire the youngsters in his hometown to play lacrosse. he's both
7:47 pm
a player and coach in the ugandan national team. so after playing for a while in com paula. i came back to a community that raised. so what i didn't have what i didn't get. it's what i wanted to give back to the community. look cross was only introduced to uganda in twenty twelve and is leading the sport's growth on the continent. but its future in africa depends on investment with two associations formed to help support the country's community of players and fans. and i like to play well so if you share. if i. become one of the display as i want to be paid. this school fees uganda has big dreams of sending their team to the olympics and time is on their
7:48 pm
side with the sport possibly returning to the summer games in twenty twenty eight. now to the united states where a rare ice formation is capturing attention in the state of maine the spinning disk was formed in the presumption river circular creates a whirlpool the fact of more than ninety meters wide it's the largest locals i've ever seen and the icy turntable appears to be growing social media uses of likened it to the moon and an alien spacecraft. that. norma jean beta otherwise known as marilyn monroe was the quintessential american sex symbol from the midnight hundred forty s. to a time into the one nine hundred sixty two to join the huge popularity as a model actress and eventually troubled celebrity
7:49 pm
a new exhibition inspired in western germany aims to show personal side the american style and the forceful personality behind a screen persona. from culture is here to tell us more about it first of all during the locators geographically where are we in germany and tell us about this museum ok so spike is a relatively small town admittedly it's got about fifty thousand and habitants it's in the state of rhineland latin it which is puts it sort of very far in the western part of germany really not very far from the french border in fact it's only rhine river and it was actually originally founded by the romans it's one of the oldest towns in germany so the historical museum of the polite in that there is one of its biggest attractions and they have a fantastic permanent collection but they also have a real knack for setting up special exhibitions that draw a huge crowd and. yeah well marilyn monroe i guess is always
7:50 pm
a draw so she's she's a good bet in that sense but they also did this because they have access to the huge private collection of a man named ted he's a private german collector as it were fifteen hundred single objects from marilyn monroe's personal estate so that makes it the largest known private collection of its kind in the world and it includes some very personal stuff indeed let's have a look at what else and show can offer. the exhibition inspires southwest germany gives visitors a new insight into the private life of man and man right. i'm a camp. person les's and photos. the platinum blonde hair the curves but man row had something much more than that. here do you was can also get
7:51 pm
a feel for the icons on screen magnetism. for me the best thing about marilyn monroe is the charisma she had in front of the camera when you look at the pictures they're simply fantastic and. collector ted stamp has been fascinated with marilyn monroe since she was a child. and that site also has a lot to do with the fact that she was a timeless beauty that we can identify with her that people would like to have something of her beauty. with hundreds of individual pieces stanford's collection is the largest of its kind in the world the exhibition examines the most important aspects of marilyn monroe's extraordinary life. she has been reduced to the classic sex bomb this is the image we have left over from the twentieth century and with this exhibition we have achieved
7:52 pm
a look behind the brand and we discovered some astonishing things she was a very strong personality she's a woman who came from a disadvantaged background but really pushed fruit to achieve an incredible career it's really very impressive. by. marilyn monroe dion known cost new light on to the life of a woman who decades after her own timely death still fascinates. and tell us about this collector with his fifteen hundred objects. it's very interesting he seems to have styled himself as a professional lender and curator of cultural historical memory memorabilia he's got several collections but his collection of marilyn stuff is definitely the largest and he has been absolutely obsessed with her since he was ten years old and saw one of her one of her films and it was that first big auction of her personal
7:53 pm
estate in new york at christie's in october of one thousand nine hundred nine that sort of triggered his buying spree and ever since then he has systematically and very painstakingly tracked down as many pieces from her estate as he can and he's become a leading authority on her and here's what he has to say about why he's so interested . it was like every person special but what makes us stand down is that very many successful people in the world. still trying to copy her she had something i desire that other people wanted to take part in even big star. desire to have a piece of her that copying of her started incredibly early on fell literally hours after her death when the pop artist andy warhol started his series of marilyn silk screen paintings using
7:54 pm
a still from her from her nine hundred fifty three film niagara it's of course the most iconic we can pull it up here perhaps the most iconic image of her. that we know over a month after her death painting one after the other twenty three completed and of course the number of dead takes in different colors making her this kind of object of desire in different flavors if you will and that appropriation of her image went on for many years and stars started to copy her obviously most famously. paid homage to her back in one nine hundred eighty five in her material girl phase and directly copying sequence out of maryland's famous film gentleman from prefer blondes when she did her. song material girl all the way to marilyn manson there she is. late this is a takeoff from marilyn diamonds are a girl's best friend. the choreography that is and of course many artists copied
7:55 pm
her all the way to marilyn manson who created a part of his own persona with part of her name and has also used her image much the same way that many of the female stars did namely as something to attract the public at a ration that marilyn inspired in her fans in her films or in her huge legacy of photos show. claimed that it was the fans that had made her. a star and not the production houses whom she had a very very long bitter war of her entire career so her image has really been used and appropriated and used to death if you will all over the place but brown was also very clever at marketing her own image. she created it capitalized on it and rarely even left it in her life at the time and she was typecast as the dumb blonde bombshell but also very much as this woman child and and all the way to her death at thirty six i mean she really never just six just thirty six and so she never
7:56 pm
actually had to grow up as an actress it's impossible to say what the rest of her life might have brought but i think that is definitely part of this fascination that that she sort of frozen in time ok so this is this is going on in my yard when germany that is the historical museum of the plot and more on the web site yes t w dot com slash culture thank you sir such a. you're watching news live from but i'm phil go we're going back to our top story right now crunch time again for theresa may as a government faces a no confidence vote in the british parliament or the vote comes a day after british lawmakers rejected her bret's a deal by a huge majority the biggest government defeat in the country's modern political history so let's take a look now at some live pictures from parliament from the house of commons in logic lawmakers have been debating the no confidence motion for the past few hours. of
7:57 pm
freedom and democracy. in contrast with the environment secretary michael gove. at the moment a storage made loyalist but i doubt that is sort of the way but from time to time the motion of no confidence has been tabled my view is you know the labor party its leader gerry corbett he's hoping to force a new election. in may anti-government are expected to survive tonight's vote but we should know for sure within the next. so let's talk about it with shall the pill. welcome to the studio shell this is been going on this debate in parliament for for some hours talk us through what's going to happen through the rest of the evening or very shortly m.p.'s are going to vote on whether or not they believe that the reason mays government should survive this is a coincidence that in the government as a whole now i just want to sort of set this in context of that
7:58 pm
a bit i'm not sure if you remember last year also months rather there was a huge fuss when there was a confidence days into reason may that's different to what's happening tonight that was a confidence vote brought by her and policy against terrorist prime minister this is one in high government as a whole now is shimming she writes of issues that could potentially mean a general election or a new government the fact is though that all of the numbers fall suggest. she will survive despite she has the backing for example of a number of the rebel breaks it is within her own party who have voted against have breaks it deal the the crux of this the reason behind this whole thing voted against have breaks that deal yesterday they said that they'll come out and support it today as have the d u p that's the policy that is propping up the conservative party to raise a maze party in government so dollars look like she's likely to survive and then of course the big question is if she does survive what does that mean for exit. so.
7:59 pm
the logic in that is it's quite interesting is it do you talk about how so many of her own m.p.'s voted against her deal yesterday but will support today just what's going on that well as the former foreign secretary boris johnson a very key breaks a tip is it this morning in fact this isn't a vote against the trees may the prime minister he's not against her this is you know i think this is business exactly it nothing against her it's just is just against head deal and the fact is that there are a lot of people within her in policy who aren't happy with the brakes a deal that she's come up with because it's a compromise ok so this whole bridge that process has been full of thrills and spills and a lot of boredom but i'm a lot of fun that's a time when you're surprised as i was as well there's no chance to this is actually going we are actually going to see a government falls and i'm sure i mean i would be very careful to say no chance the
8:00 pm
case i think if there's one thing that we've learned from this whole bricks that process nothing is ever guaranteed but all of the numbers suggest that to reason they will survive this votes they want as i've said what that means the brics it is very unclear because the fact is she does not have the numbers to have breaks that deal to be pos for us to leave with a deal for the u.k. to leave. deal on march twenty ninth so what we're saying that the moments are on your screen is the debate live in public and will depends not in just a moment but weeks we expect a vote to be taken what in the next half hour or so short exactly very shortly is meant to be eight pm seven pm rather u.k. time that's eight pm here in germany the result is expected to come fairly quickly yes and then tomorrow she's got a big day though it's not all a.


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