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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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well tonight i mean i would be very careful to say no challenge the case i think if there's one thing that we've learned from this whole pricks that process nothing is ever guaranteed but all of the numbers suggest that syriza may well survive this vote they want as i've said what that means to bret's it is very unclear because the fact is she does not have the numbers to have breaks a deal to be pos for us to leave with a deal to leave with the deal on march twenty ninth so what we're seeing in the moments are on your screen is they debate live in public and well depends not in just a moment but weeks we expect a vote to be taken what in the next half hour or so shall be exactly very shortly was meant to be eight pm seven pm or the u.k. time that's eight pm here in germany the result is expected soon to come fairly quickly and yeah and then tomorrow she's got a big day there's no rule over after this vote let's let's listen to that record
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rowdy house of commons in london and see what's going on there's a speaker just about i am now required to put the question the question is the release house has no confidence in her majesty's government as many as are of that opinion say oh my god over the country no you. threw them over here. what democracy. and i did says yours was hundreds of years old i never tire of washing machine pounds and i'm about with it in a just the right guy with a santa was calling for the boat i couldn't see hear much difference that would certainly be eyes on the nose now but i mean what is happening now is a big part so just just observe what they're actually doing. now well now they are
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getting ready to to to hold out hope for the numbers to become clear whether or not to reason may's governments will survive and not something if they leave the chamber exactly and then i like going to going to different rooms and then they they vote that way. will she survive yes it's looking very very likely despite as you said the fact that both sides will they support her will they not support said did sound equally loud but i mean not the whole pageantry of the u.k. parliament isn't it it's always a bit a bit rochas one of the most confusing things about this whole brett situation is that nothing nothing is clear along party lines that the guy just listening to bits about the sound of that vote that you are not listening to conservatives voting well so as far as bricks it goes you're not listening to conservatives voting one way and labor votes in the other best been to get this whole business has been a complete cross party mishmash and that's really one of the major challenges that
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both a reason may and her conservative party angles of the opposition led by jeremy corbin all facing both of them the well the way that the people that have the voting for them are not united on how they feel about bricks that both sides in the have and have sides both parties have sides that are a for and against leaving european union and that is exactly why to resume a has tried to come up with this compromise deal is neither extremely hard bricks it is many. many many hard line breaks his party want nor is it a soft bricks that others within her party have also come out in favor for is trying to to walk said a very delicate line through the middle and the result of that what she's found is that she apparently hasn't doesn't please anyone so you're looking at live pictures from the. house of commons. the lower house or. is this oh there's no confidence in the majesty's government is what is over there.
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i overcome three nerves. for jessica morgan and jess smith is the german school no julian smith and christopher picture. of those will be the tell us not will but they but tell us will approach the speaker once the voting house has concluded they will give better results so we should expect about it within the next ten or fifteen minutes or so shoppers thousand right it should be if a scene about result comes in but for whatever reason made faces there is the issue that if she does survive this vote it does not mean that she den house supports for her rights it's deal and not really has to be stressed in essence like so many of these big dramatic moments that we've seen over the last few months it looks like something big i'm meant to say is happening but in fact very little has actually changed when it comes to. getting a bret's a deal approved and the u.k.
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leaving the european union on march twenty ninth in an in an orderly fashion of course while this stalemate continues while there is no official breaks that deal this back to this threat if the united kingdom is leaving the european union without a deal on march twenty ninth lines of a closer look so you're watching video wus a no confidence vote and threesome a sign government is underway as you've been saying that's after british lawmakers threw out a break to deal last night's that was the biggest government defeats in the country's modern political history mrs may have spent much of today telling lawmakers that she can still find a way forward on britain's departure from the e.u. she is as we've been hearing expected to survive today's no confidence vote but time is running out if no deal is agreed with brussels by the twenty ninth of march and britain will crash out of the block this by the political gridlock mrs may has repeatedly said there will be no. second referendum. but those calls
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a growing. so remain supporters gathered outside the british parliament to reserve mees humiliation was a sign of hope defeat for the prime minister's bragg's deal could open the door to a so-called people's bought a second referendum on e.u. membership the eyes to the right two hundred into. the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two of the. government will despite her resigning defeat to reason may says she is determined to deliver brags it to the british people but even some within her own party believe a second referendum is no the only option parliamentarians do have some teaches and one of them is to prevent people from committing national suicide and no deal breaks it does that and. the issues of. first may faces a new confidence vote and her government the rebels within her party have signalled that they will back her position is secure unless the very precisely. goes through
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which seems very unlikely she emphasized that she'd come in to deliver it and. such faith is in short supply in today's british newspapers and the labor made of london a city that voted overwhelmingly against bragg's it also added his wit to calls for a fresh referendum. surely the best option is to give the british public i say for the first time or they accept the promises deal with. the no need for this panic but for some panic is clearly beginning to set in business is booming at this english storage firm with companies stockpiling goods and fear of a new deal inspired catastrophe in just over two months time. ok so. some phil is he is so concerned about what's going to happen over the course of the next few minutes as you'll see in the vote side. the british parliament is
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is they've now entered so we're seeing members of filing back in after having the votes in the lobby is what happens next so you know i'm just saying now that it looks like the results expected in about fifteen minutes time that you know of of really can't time it exactly with these things but we will then find out whether to raise a maze government has survived of those have no confidence that it's not just posse that is voting tonight as it was last month this is now upon them and as a whole that decides whether or not she survives it is generally expected that she will but you know there is always a surprise that can happen when it comes to break that let's go with the best thing that survives tonight's no confidence vote where does that then leave the process of bricks. well we have this momentous day if it's a reason may yesterday her bricks that deal was rejected by
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a historic historic margin she just does not have a majority in parliament for her deal now what exactly does that mean will she said that it's mari she's going to hold a cross party talks with senior polman tyrants she essentially needs to try and change something it's a gets that deals through parliament ultimately she said that any changes that she makes it likely to be to be very small she doesn't want to throw out completely this is hard won this is something has been agreed with the european union but the question is you know if they are just small changes will she then get that backing from parliament chance's all maybe not because the rejection that she faced yesterday was just so mages so that leaves a whole range of options open. what could happen next perhaps she will try and go ultimately for a major in the renegotiation perhaps she will come to the conclusion well i guess my ideal just isn't popular enough maybe she will vary its will to self to break
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that could mean for example staying inside the year the customs union that trading punish it is part of the european union not something that a number of people including the opposition and members of a very policy have colds for all bots the reason why has alphas has ruled that out for now she said she will press ahead with the deal and i mean that's what she's been doing safe on she's becoming known as the prime minister who they won't give up she's still that despite all of the challenges that she's faced and survived in i think the next the next move for hire is to just try and get people on side with the idea let's pick up some of those points with people who co-sponsored to barbara values of who is in london and joins us on the line welcome barbara so we're expecting results in the next few minutes charlottes who was just saying the most we could probably expect if theresa may survives this vote a small changes to
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a deal would that be enough to satisfy parliamentarians. not from what we hear the people we talk to here often during the day one hard line break to cheer for this is from the tory party and they say what they really want is something entirely different they really don't want the whole deal so this is not only about the irish back stop and maybe putting a little time limit or some other to make sure that this is about more this is about an entirely different deal that they have line breaks to to use really want and they have the have months to sort of increase and intensify their position and they've talked to each other up to the point that they now say even a new deal would be better than cherries amazed ill and so they are pushing for something else and it's the pressure that really she has to some of this case and the problem is because she doesn't have
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a party behind her even if she now when those she she will be still in government she will be in office but not in power she can't really do anything on her own and she can't really deal with the opposition on the other hand because she has a new hand sort of redrawn her red lines during the day today and says no we won't have a customs union that's not what people voted for so where is the middle ground here we from this point in time we absolutely can see. and so of course two sides to a negotiation how likely is brussels to countenance anything more than a tweak even if even if theresa may get tweaked to pollinate she then has to take it to brussels what would they how would they react. russell has said that they're not going to reopen be north agreements or be ready to sort of put some programming into the political declaration or put time and on duty already to do
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something but they cannot solve the problem for her because this is a problem of britain making this is a problem that has to be solved in london and often reform and so everybody there please go out what you want her out what you're going for what could be and then we can talk about off being the most likely thing at the moment is that at least is going to be a part of the bring the day. they say that the thirtieth of june on a different day you know my life off the full prologue i just sort of the thought of the european like but give birth three more months to finally make up my mind what the government from all figure out for a majority to see that seems to be the way at the moment the european union is going to go on to build finance sank you you're watching a d.-w. news live from but then seems that you were just saying on the screen all those of
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the british parliament and he's gathering in the chamber having voted on the no confidence motion and not the prime minister shaukat tells them phil is here to talk us through just keeping an eye on what's going on because we're expecting a result i mean moment now. pick up all these points about the extension of coal fifty one would be a you say yes you could have another couple of months if what's going on and what do they gain from it if that is if it's just a case of britain saying well we're looking for more and we know you're not going to give it so give us another couple of months to to try and get something we know we can get well the fact is that clearly we are edging so much close it seems. it's leaving it the u.k. is edging closer to leaving european union without a deal and that is neither good for the united kingdom nor is it good for the european union that is something that they are also trying desperately to avoid
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because the consequences potentially it's a diet of both sides so if there is no deal in place it might turn out to be beneficial for the european union to say hey maybe take a little bit longer maybe try and reach an agreement so we don't face for going off that cliff edge during which time of course one of the options that is being talked about increasingly is out of the people's vote a second a referendum is it did you think that the that those calls really are a gathering strength or is it just politicians and media pundits only meant somehow has been building for that people's votes a lot of opposition upon her as members of the labor party have come out strongly in favor of the people's they say clearly as we can't reach an agreement in the u.k. it has to go back to the people because the people while they did vote still leaving the european union they didn't vote the argument goes for crashing out of the european union and that is something that we might face equally.


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