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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2019 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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the end of a government and the resignation of its prime minister but the fear of giving the government to labor appears to be much greater than the disaffection for teresa mayes breaks at play in tonight's may he is still prime minister our government is still in power and she is still convinced that breaks it means breck's it with necessary adjust. the guys to the right three hundred feet. to the left three hundred twenty five so the new side knows i mean i'm not. going to order the prime minister. of portugal mr speaker i'm pleased that this house has expressed its confidence in the government and. i do not take this responsibility likely and my government will continue its work to increase our prosperity guarantee our security and to strengthen all you india and yes we will also continue to work to deliver on the solemn promise we made to the people of
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this country to deliver on the results of the referendum and. i believe this duty is shared by every member of this house and we have a responsibility to identify a way forward that can secure the backing of the house to that and i proposed a series of meetings between senior parliamentarians and representatives of the government over the coming days and i would like to find the way forward on brics it. i understand that to people getting on with their lives away from westminster the events of the past twenty four hours will be unsettling. overwhelmingly the bush people want to stick it on with delivering bricks it and also address the other important issues they care about much but the jail which i have worked to agree with the european union was rejected by m.p.'s and by a large margin i believe it is my duty to deliver on the british people's instruction to leave the european union and i intend to do so. so now
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m.p.'s have made clear what they don't want we must all work constructively together to set out what parliament does want that's why i'm inviting m.p.'s from all parties to come together to find a way forward one the both delivers on the referendum and can command the support of parliament this is now the time to put self interest aside i have just held constructive meetings with the leader of the liberal democrats and the westminster leaders of the s.n.p. and clyde comrie. from tomorrow meetings will be taking place between senior government representatives including myself and groups of m.p.'s who represent the widest possible range of views from across parliament including our confidence and supply partners the democratic unionist party. i am disappointed that the leader of
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the labor party has not so far chosen to take part but our door remains open it will not be an easy task but m.p.'s know they have a duty to act in the national interest reach a consensus and get this done. in a historic vote in twenty sixteen the country decided to leave the e.u. . in twenty seventy eighty percent of people voted for parties that sort on manifestos promising to respect that result now over two and a half years later it's time for us to come together put the national interest first and deliver on the referendum. and then it was the british prime minister to resign may they are giving a very short statement saying that the time has come more than two and
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a half years since the referendum for the british parliament lawmakers to deliver what the british people said in that referendum if you're joining us right now this is g.w. news we've got live coverage continuing live coverage of the consequences of that breaks that vote in the u.k. parliament here at the big table with me is a correspondent charlotte chelles and killed so i mean we've been seeing one twist and turn in the last twenty four hours charlotte and she came out to say i've been talking to people tonight let's get our act together and it's time to do what we're supposed to do but basically the message isn't it is a she was saying essentially what she's been saying all along that she is committed to delivering bricks that she says is what the people wanted what really struck me about what she said in this particular speech there she was repeatedly calling for more of a cross party consensus used she's clearly acknowledged that the deal that she has that she's put on the table is not one that is popular with other parties she now
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wants to sit down with them and figure out exactly how they can come up with something that will get through parliament i mean twice she mentioned that m.p.'s have to put the national interests over that own personal self interest and policy interests as well now i don't want to read in too much to that but what i will say is that there is a growing suggestion that she might have to go for a soft of bricks it in order to get ahead deal with three parliament now what she risks with that is a in a thing the hardliners within her party who completely rule out to so and i live just briefly say soft breaks it would be could potentially be in theory staying inside the customs union the e.u. trading bill. that's something that she's she's ruled out as one of her red lines was and was not being part of that she wants to forge as an independent trade deal but the fact remains he just has to get this deal through parliament she could pick ups and some opposition labor votes if she was as for example say that will say in
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the customs union that could just be a compromise that she has to reach that the consequences of that would be it would completely sever policy because she has a hard line breaks it is it would say absolutely no way is that what she means when she talks about self interest the country sorry the country's interest over policy and self interest all right let's take this now to london our barbara these illustrating by. there she is barbara let me ask you how did you read this i mean there was really nothing new in what she said and it almost had the feeling that she was trying to neatly you know package the past twenty four hours showing that she has shored up what little power she has left. we know brant that truism a does not fear to repeat herself she's been doing sun fact for the last let's say six months on and on and on through the like is needle stuck in and in a record but the point is here of course that she tries to make is
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a gesture to show that she is still in office and somehow in power and the more cynical among the london and media here this evening immediately when the noches about her speech came out treated that yes she wants to make the ten o'clock news and just look at bit better and they look a bit more in control then she did before in parliament particularly last night so that is one interpretation of course as charted said she has to sort of bridge the divide and the question only is only today her own spokesperson so to free iterated her red lines and said no we're not going to stay in the customs union no we're not going to have a sort of basic shift and the problem with her is at this point that she sort of seems to fence herself in tie her own hands and say now i'm going to reach out how
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wills how will that function she will have to give something substantial to the other side and his child also said devil completely alienated the heartbreaks to tears on her own party and it might even below up the conservative party in itself and what does this do. barbara to the possibility of a hard break leaving the e.u. with a deal at all and the possibility of a second to break referendum are those chances hi you're to not. that's hard to say because the second bricks at referendum that's all in the hands of palm and i mean that is that labor and the other opposition parties and a handful of conservatives would have to gang together and vote for it and say this is really what we want this is the way for what this is the way out of the impasse
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and that is that is this thing that reason maybe from from her own side is very likely not to suggest because i mean we've just heard her she just repeats on and on endlessly she is about to deliver the breaks that everybody in the meantime must be thinking about delivering pizza you know it's the surge it's a phrase that sort of really stuck sticks in everybody's mind and it will be very hard for her to sort of deviate from that it's a little i was thinking more like delivering a delegate is like the just asian period for an elephant it's been so long now but barbara vai's live there in london thank you very much barbara let's take this story now to brussels a correspondent gearboxes is standing by in new york we've had reports tonight that there will be a request from the u.k. to the european union for more time for breaks and we've heard that possibly the european union would be willing to give more time what is brussels what are they
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making based on what we heard in this last statement here and what we've seen the last twenty four forty eight hours. i think the part that brussels is particularly interested in in the twenty seven member states of this if you want to reassurance speech that that may have has given the part that they're mostly interested in is when she said that jeremy called in the leader of the opposition is not ready to talk with her because he made this condition that she should drop the idea or to leave without a deal and only then he's ready to talk the signal here is that the political infighting in the british house of parliament continues and that is unsettling news for brussels because whether it is an extension delayed brecht's that or whether it is further concessions or put potentially concessions the condition to that is that something is put on the table at least the croods direction what the u.k. wants and as long as the situation is such that the leader of the opposition
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refuses even on a night like this to talk to the head of government is a bad sign for brussels there's a very important point to make here with monsters in brussels georg's thank you charlotte so we know that the prime minister she has some very important homework to do between now and next monday doesn't she right on monday she has returned to parliament and she is she really needs to have something to say now we know that between now and monday she's already started meeting with leaders of the opposition with the exception of course in the leader of the labor party jeremy corbyn what he has said is that he wants to reason may rule out categorically rule out a no deal breck said not just to reiterate no deal broke that means leaving european union on march twenty ninth the deadline without a deal crashing out essentially something that would have dire consequences really analysts today rules they would have exactly they would have to immediately accept the rules that no transition period really would be crashing out of the european
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union you could have dire consequences for both sides you can't guarantee that she can't and she can't guarantee she's not. no she's not guarantee is safe i mean the fact remains that either she has to get a deal through palm it has to be agreed in order to avoid crashing out of european union all the the deadline has to be extended but she'll have to formally all for that and then the european union will will have to approve it so she's she is going to try and negotiate with other leaders whether it's a gesture or whether and she doesn't plan on anything major whether it's something knowledge of that she's planning or remains to be saying remains to be seen we will find alex in the next couple of days that's for sure for sure that thank you very much. let me just give you a reminder of the top story we're following for you right now in an address to the nation of british prime minister theresa may says that this is the time to set self interest aside and to deliver on bricks that may sell off a bid to talk to her government earlier this evening the no confidence motion was tabled by the opposition labor party after lawmakers rejected her brakes of plan
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yesterday it was a crushing and historic defeat for british prime minister in parliament you're watching news live from berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company. breaking taboos and a mom who is also a rock star. turkish i'm it seems to say for conservative muslims his double life is a standalone. he's under investigation by turkish religious authorities threatening the runaway mom with suspicion and.
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the city of london's believing banking industry would have breaks a deal voted down the association of german banks as it's getting ready to know a deal departure also on the program techies currency crisis hits impulses of long established foreign labels will they manage to weather the storm. this is your business update on how in a home frame by the end jajouka join me with the prospect of britain leaving the e.u. with no deal during every nira more and more european banks are announcing their plans to move jobs out of london and to other financial centers even if bracks it hasn't happened yet it's having a very real impact in the why. bank and once fortune has officially left the e.u. london based banks will no longer be able to conduct operations within the e.u. once without being subject to a whole host of other regulations one reason why frankfurt has had its very own video made looking to attract those fleeing the brakes it financial fallout. nice
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to meet you the name is. frank. frank. could have you modern architect the video was posted online several months ago for most it's aimed at the family of the briggs it uprooted banker who's not so keen on moving away from a world class city like london or nightlife the british capital is europe's finance center and home to some of the world's biggest banks but to keep doing business with the e.u. will have to be located in the block and that means more than just a shingle on a door or a mailbox at least according to european regulators. it means moving personnel and capital about forty banks have already received a license in an e.u. city. a few of them went to dublin some to luxembourg and others to paris but the vast majority around three quarters to frankfurt starting to actually leave you. with serious business. you're not easily convinced you
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better believe it. frankfurt is talking about ten thousand bricks that related positions moving over things could get tight in the banking quarter but the outlook for doing business in the e.u. still it's better there than from london. well the association of german banks has called the defeat of may's deal a serious warning shot for everyone involved and the c.e.o. of that association and today a scout shy joined me and i asked him to explain exactly what his group meant by that. time is running out to be prepared for unknown do you know deal breaks in situation because this is the worst situation that we could imagine because there's a lot of transfer of data a lot of sign of services for customers of german banks done in london that means that over the last months should be. very hard execution on how this services could be provided in the situation of
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a no deal brecht's it is very serious and it could be very dangerous if you are not prepared so what you're saying essentially is that german banks have already been preparing for the eventuality of absolutely no deal i mean how strenuous is that then no deal means that there is no longer a legal basis for all this service is done actually on this pos porting agreement which means that you don't need any additional license also for what you're doing in london we went through all these operations thousands of people over the last months with all banks all customers to find out if there is no longer a legal basis like passport thing is there a need for additional loans is for licenses and the german parliament bill passed this week additional laws which entitle the banks to go on with their operations but on a preliminary basis and it is very important that the supervisors of the banks in london and in frankfurt know exactly what's going on they they are observing
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very. concrete what's happening but sort of break this down for me we don't talking about you know sort of a massive new users money we're talking about potentially moving money from london to to germany for example i'm a brit of course i do banking and in different countries i mean how difficult would it be for people like me to move money how difficult would it be even just the businesses to operate without equity you know it's a good example we want to do everything that there is no break in the night from twenty knots inserted much because our customers. should know realize that there is a change but you have to prepare a lot of things transfer of you new licensing and so on all these operations can move forward and there is in this moment and these days there is an enormous transfer of capital actually not only to frankfurt but to paris to dublin because all the international banks can not rely on the long run on the existing sporting
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framework they bring out their operations to bring old people to the continent and then bring money to the continent to be able to serve the clients the same way the as they do it actually. of german banks could have you with thank you thank you when i want to get the view stateside now for that we can bring in jose luis our financial correspondent jose luis in europe breaks it well it's been the talk of the town what is moving markets where you are there and new york. i would say hello to you as investors cheer the bank of america's and goldman sachs earnings which blow out estimates even though we can start seeing some signs of a slowdown in the cards that believe that's what the fed sort of beige book said mentioning less optimism in response to increasing financial volatility rising interest rates falling energy prices and high trade and political uncertainty happen happens at
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a time where investors think the fed will not receive rates at all in two thousand and nineteen meanwhile u.s. markets also reacted positively to the outcome of the reason is vote of confidence while the shutdown continues with no end in sight in this regard or bridge or on trying to put an end to a record breaking shutdown seems to increase even among republicans and some wider free house according to some reports. our financial correspondent jose luis adam thank you very much. well turkey has kept its main interest rate unchanged. at the lira rally against the dollar today in the text currency what it said we need all the help it can get it has lost more than forty percent of its value over the past year and that's it's
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an important story and jones reports now from istanbul. it has spent his life building the big construct brand in turkey selling a few thousand back in ninety five sales are now in the hundreds of thousands but the company is selling imported goods but turkish currency collapse is posing unique and formidable challenges. i've worked too hard to establish this brand in turkey and to explain birkenstock special souls to customers i want to allow my efforts to be spoiled by crisis situations like the recent one we've put a pricing policy into effect by waving our profit just like we've done in the past when we opted to expand the brand in turkey the crisis though has struck a big blow to us we've had greek losses. the currency collapse could not have come at a worse time for peyton having just engaged on a major expansion of shops across the country many opened in shopping malls whose
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numbers have exploded with part of a nationwide construction boom adding to the financial pressure the rents in the malls are normally in dollars or euros because most owners have borrowed in foreign currency to build the molds. the mouse shop owners have had some rare good news with a presidential decree ending the practice of foreign currency rents but the stores selling soley imported goods whose prices have risen substantially it still remains a struggle. our customers who remember the prices from last year can clearly feel the increase in the higher prices make us get into conversations with their customers about the exchange rate they ask us the reason for the increase and we have to explain the exchange rate situation. on that as i said this makes people think twice before buying. it that's the way it is with other brands too not just
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ours. the few customers that visit the shop moves to just looking as a crisis is already hitting people's pockets. the crisis affected the way i shop for brands i now wait for sales to miss a unit back at the big can store turkey head office discussions on brainstorming on how to weather the economic storm continue thirty years in business betting is no stranger to currency shocks and crisis but he is aware of the scale of the challenge facing him to. turkey has seen big economic crises and in my opinion this one is the biggest so far at least the biggest one i've experienced but we'll overcome it cautious bettin has weathered many storms in his career to bring bacon stock to turkey but with economists warning of procession next year this could be toughest battle yet and a wednesday what a day for the european parliament be holding its first session of twenty nineteen
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as the brits wreak havoc over brags it all representatives were celebrating this year's twentieth anniversary of europe's common currency the euro with the so-called anthem of europe take a listen. with that that's leave it there you are now up stay with the latest in the world all the business of course when we can was head to our web site that is d w dot com slash business so follow us on twitter on that anon frame by the end thanks for your company and the force to see you smart up on.
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the roadways you're a match europe's most populous country still. the many faces of the light entirely. in summer and in winter captivate the visitors. another county europe every day this week on top of the romance on asked on t w.
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breaking taboos in a mom who's also a rock star. turkish i'm it must seem too serious for conservative muslims is double life is a standalone. he's under investigation by the church's religious authorities threatening the rugby mom with suspension. sixty million dollars. birth home to millions of species a home worth saving. and those are big changes and most start with small steps global interiors tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world by to use the term the climate used to green energy solutions and
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reforestation. the community interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and were determined to build something here for the next generation. one two years the multimedia environment series on d.w. . welcome to another euro max special all this week we're showing you around the most popular european countries to visit and today it's really is what's coming up. of romance exploring the nation's capital wrote. a lot in love.


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