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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Mischael Modrikamen  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2019 5:30am-6:01am CET

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summer break one hundred percent. and join our final competition. and your world for a chance to win one of three like cameras. on instagram tag and post your pics using our house one hundred so get. my terms and conditions. documentary on instagram. it's no secret that you're a populist a nationalist parties gearing up to try and make a splash at the coming european elections but who's helping them my guest this week here in brussels is michelle mudd recruitment a corporate lawyer who's working with president trump's former strategist steve bannon to try and coordinate those parties activities there and they say it is to drive a stake through the heart of the brussels vampire but what does that really mean.
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the show will do a couple welcomes conflicts on thank you my pleasure to be here nobody is more identified with the populist nationalist movement than donald trump a man who's known as in many cases a serial liar share his contempt for the truth not at all i don't think that these are live i think is a big this were up to i think is indeed in conflict with the establishment in conflict with the press and i don't i don't believe it is a lie you know you don't know so he lied from day one in the white house about the size of his inauguration crowd you don't think i was and i was there i was the largest ever crowd he said but i just never got there is from time to time. some of
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the derision but it was a very impressive and i was the exaggeration can also be a lie he lied about consulting several former u.s. presidents who told him apparently they too would have put up a wall on the border with mexico when such conversations of the took place i don't know of he lights are eighty times about bringing in the largest tax cut in us history wasn't. if you lied about how it was a very efficient tax cut yeah but it wasn't the largest and we didn't lie he himself so he said when he didn't lie himself he peddled other people's lies that obama wasn't born in the united states well there was a big big discussion you know thousands of these there were these out there was there was a discussion there were conflict about documents and so this is you this is just in this ng to be interested in the truth into you that's not true that's not really that's not true lies to you are just exaggerating the truth i am a very interested in truth but they can tell you as a lawyer i know things can be can be presented you know there's the saying that on
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the lawyers and painters can turn black into why so in politics it happens to end up with the press it up so you're trying to fit into a sort of shaky knowing where their children are well i live here a little bit in the live in a valley as eurasian is reading this is politics this is politics and he says it is it is his politics it's not everybody here on the u.s. fact the fact that you have convictions and on top of that i mean all the parties can come with is the duration can come with approximation this is where two weeks you know this is a toy but you know you well know when that moment i mean when you're not bad when she went in when she went really that that's not true when we when we measure saturday when when we mentioned icing is big that's one thing and secondly he has to be assessed to be judged by the results and his results are outstanding so as long as you can live your head up with his nose the economy's doing well doesn't
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matter this is this is that a lot of it is not it's not only this is your finances not only the economy it defeated isis he moved the process it personally did where the where the change of politics indeed changed politics you know steve benen helping you know your friend and colleague has been pretty open about the benefits of dishonesty hasn't he especially when he. so the journalist michael lewis the real opposition is the media and the way you deal with them is to fill the zone with crap i've cleaned up that last word slightly but that's what he said in other words lies and nonsense full of his own with lies and first of all the same is being he has been confronted mr trump by by a torrent of lies since the first day of his inauguration and even before so easy thing back is thing about the press in these are using lies with lies not setting an example i don't sing you can just you know put the light on from the forms of lies and what is politics and look again look at the results mr merging around do
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you seriously think when you say you care about democracy you can have a credible democracy where the most powerful head of state in the world looks his own people in the eye and lies to them repeatedly and government employees are forced to lie as well so as not to call him out a kid again. if you asked me here to discuss a boat populism in europe and popular he's your figurehead of wealth is your figurehead he is one of the most important guy indeed on the on the world politics you get your claim on for work on the world scene and i want to tell you more i supported him from almost day one week one if you look at my videos in support that i made and so on and i still fully support him of course he has this exaggeration is you know is correct it is what it is but i look at the result and you need you need such a personality to bring in the changes that were necessary and that all the president
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prior to him where and able to make and i want to tell you there's another thing that is doing is just sticking to his promises he's delivering one after one is promises and the last one that didn't do so far is the war and he's prepared to go very far to get this was another one he didn't do as well he promised he promised to have it because it's because he's passed reduce causes brought by the democrats so as far as democrats come releasing his tax cuts no he isn't no i'm not talking about i'm talking about the war like i was talking about the other promise that he didn't deliver on that it was to release it's taxes or this is going to belasco slobbered it doesn't the doesn't literally selector is citizen do not care about is tax return huge like big confirms his promises on running you are selling you the problem selling you know he's up to the selectors one was the war and it wasn't able to deliver and he's prepared to go on the five and what is doing right now to
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get it done true that's that's a man of achievement that's some of the facts and what i've been having and what is out on tax returns and he's not sticking to his promise there may twentieth twenty fourteen if i decide to blog for office who help produce my who cares the who cares i guess i was doubtful man in the hearing of this is the deliver on who care about who cares returns of the president they care about his policies clearly when steve ballmer and says he wants to replace a failed and corrupt political establishment what's he going to replace them with a bunch of even bigger liars because that's what it looked like doesn't it. is going to replace we want to replace them everywhere in the world where people aren't really care for their guy this is the this is the case of trump is the case for both the narrow this is the case for southern brazil in brazil being it is only it is a case for of one and they care for their people and by the way the other people saw them exactly that they support them fully that's the that's the result you want
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to replace a corrupt political establishment if you look at how trump is replacing his corrupt to corrupt political establishment if there was one before him he's replaced it with a lot of people five of them lived during the confirmation hearings this is that a recommendation if you wanted people to get brought in to replace a corrupt political snobbishly everywhere nonsense listen i am not here you know to discuss you know any action of the trump a mistress you will agree i can i can see how you. can i can tell want to be liked like and i can tell you from my own experience here ok i won't discuss because i'm not in charge of the front honest ration but i can tell you from my own experience in belgium in well in this small country with this interview take place that indeed the establishment the political establishment is corrupt that indeed it's a kind of mafia system that had been set up that had been set up to ok i was in my
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annoyed i was in my pond but i am telling your address in a different look i am telling you that this is my experience here and this is exactly what we want to do here also in europe we have a possible talk about what you want to do in europe are you not bothered by the rise of new nazi groups and white supremacist in america since donald trump came to pocket you not worry that if you bring populist in europe you're going to have exactly the same kind of the first of four you know as a jew ok i am not concerned by the right wing. populism. and deserve the intolerance and deserve the one bill that i don't want one i want to i want i want to tell you why i want to tell you why because to the people relate from people labels on narrow people like salvini ok people like myself of course and people like timbaland are very close to the interest of the jewish population the concept of those population and very close to israel and if you ask me today what
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is my main concern in europe it's not these movements it's jeremy corbyn eventually getting into power in england this is michael there are plenty of jewish groups in america that were very concerned about trying to carry it around charlottesville the kind of open anti semitism that was on the show there in twenty seventeen where anti fascists clashed with white supremacists and chuck said there are good people on the inside yet and that is and this is true and i want to tell you that this is true what they say that we're bad people on both sides and i can tell you that we i despise despised by none despise this fringe group is this fascist and popper's group but fascism is on both sides i know you maybe don't know them but i know the anti far they are the same fascist that those from the right on the street are the same is the political is not is the body of orthodox rabbis in the us condemned trumps comparisons between white supremacists and counter-protest as
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a day tuesday of a failure for of more rule leadership and family in the flames of illness all of this and chauvinism but they know nothing and then the pain i mean unfortunately i know too will the american dream which is largely not so you condemn them as way out of luck no doubt largely for you for tens of hubris in support of the democrat they are supporting heavily obama and you know i know that only a minority of americans do so you quote from what i know that is just the only party to any army yeah i'm not a lawyer. logically young man for me you have no evidence for that i know it's just just me i isn't and i know them very well just i have a lot of meetings with them i know exactly where them again doing stands ok and the mainstream and those and i know that to be true as a lot of support from the orthodox jewish community in the united states and i want to tell you the large and i know i know nothing of this rabbi's own parenting i
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know very well breitbart to ok i have a lot of contacts i know we splitting breidbart and i know that i would like to have a lot of breidbart in support of the jews and support of israel all over europe that's a big difference between the lie the smear and so on and the reality i know very little yes i know that different types of taste because jews as well you speak as a jew they speak as jews of color here is already they are not more qualified than myself to speak i mean a lot less certainly not less not more certainly not less qualified not more and certainly not less not one more and not less so it's difference of opinions and i fully support it's one of the most supportive american industry of the jews and israel and by the way part of his grandchildren there was to ok that's neither here nor there that's what i hear in europe let's let's look at the requirements for joining your club ok your club that members should stand up to the e.u. and to the liberal policies of emanuel mccraw and angle of america's not this if
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you take a tough line on immigration ok that's what you want reason whoi tough minded really nice all my statements ok what are the three or four tenets of drawing the movement immigration one is sovereignty that's of the first one. sovereignty of national state with borders to define who is a citizen or and was not a citizen because we believe that with the citizen sharing the same value there is no democracy ok that's one thing secondly limiting my. gratian this is a demand from all over europe and thirdly fighting radical islam ok that's our tennis the rest liberalism economic liberalism and so on this is what of the movement because it's we are nationalist we are separate so we leave all our members with their own with their own. vision and principle in
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respect of or what is except the use comfortable phrases like it's a club meant for the exchange of ideas from nationalist populist movements across you're talking strategy and for banks and it's far more combative than that isn't it he called it gumming up the e.u. parliament in other words blocking your purposes essentially destructive isn't a no it's to review not building you know you're breaking we are now we are we are reinforcing and rebuilding the preeminence of national what is he say he said the beating heart of the globalist project is in brussels if i drive the stake through the vampire the whole thing will start anticipate a pretty self-important place we won't be we have we we analyze the situation in the sense that the e.u. system like the u.n. ultimately ends up as imperialism a kind of imperialism and it is true that we have to bring down this kind of
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imperial on a crippling disease want to cripple the world's largest trading block this doesn't mean that we want to bring them into to be one at least to be reform if it could be reform it has to be to it has to be indeed abandon this project why don't you is more popular than it's been in a number of countries for years listen for years the infighting the time the swimming again and i know not to you cannot know it's all against the talking so if we have to swim against some tide that swim ok this is not a problem if if you're saying that you're right we can swim again and again is a type that's. if you say that is not delusions of grandeur take three that's not heart of the bureaucracy of the land pile this is nonsense isn't the look at the situation right now yet this project ok and this project as i see it becomes more and more a kind of imperialism no as far as it was technically teasin so one nobody really cares we're happy to to live within within the e.u. for a framework but the moment that they decide who should get in and get told of europe
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they decide they want to impose to check. or the polish who should be the neighbors you know that involves show or in budapest they should accept migrants we know more than migrant with being checked and so on that they don't want them to become real imperialist so they are shooting themselves in the ballon and the bannana is the vampire reasonal that's a bit of a stretch isn't it. this and this is the reason i ask about delusions of ground is because that's pretty much one week we all know trump said about steve ballmer and didn't even after steve ballmer lost his white house job he lost his mind set on the turn he spent his time in the white house leaking false information to make him seem more important than he was it's the only thing he does well ok that's the view of the owner of the job on his former strategist i have heard that this and you too
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are trying to be more important than you actually are on the list and you are here . just to come and interview me i did i didn't ask you to come absolutely i want to sign the rapture so so so you're here i'm outta here so let's come back with. ok steve was was in the populist movement before trial ok from two thousand and nine same year that they enter into politics by the way it was with breitbart ok and there's an ideology there is a vision ok and it could exercise or put in practice is vision with from for certain until they claw. should be kind of a go clash for sure and so on but there was a steep bank before we struck and there's a still button after trying to believe me and this is the vision being indeed. brought to other countries than the us and people bought it in italy by matter you know so he is definitely the prime minister and emitter of the lead party why
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because of his strong attitude to immigration you know he's a hard line you know and this is what you do is this is why you use what you personally want to highlight attitude but then i want to tell you on the racism that goes with. the racin the billions every single really none of you heard what something else something i've been saying listen about black people there's no racism million in any parties and parties from left to right the center you will always meet extremists statement i can tell you i can show you cartoons made by socialist guy m.p.'s here in brussels and the. cartoons that remind us of the surtees about the jews and i can tell you it's not because they some m.p.'s that they're having such attitude that they believe that the socialist party in belgium mr magic i mean that you can have racist statements by the let me lead normally they are condemned by that eventually on here they weren't and here
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they were the other executive let me let me with believe me has not condemned racist statements against for instance a politician like cecile can get a member of the european parliament and italy's first black government minister you want to know the kind of things they said about or when i see mr can get a moneyball not to think about although i don't say that it is the appearance of an around the time that was from a league senate young twenty thirteen nobody could have that and having made that time the first italian senate at this black is from the league ok he's from. when they got as you say certain no but i wanted to come back what everybody can have in their show not all no no no i want i want to tell you i want to tell you one thing once in a book about solving the why is important why did you become an icon you know on the on the scene you're been seen and so on because of faction because it showed like trump did that whenever you are in power you can change things everybody say
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we can't stop the migrants getting in and so on and sort of and say we are blocking the harbaugh's nobody will get in anymore and the result of the eighty or ninety persons less of a immigration is that that is for they cannot accept them anymore it's action and that's why he's in an icon and that's why he has been one of the first person we asked to join and they accept that at that time and quite a few people haven't accepted it germany's right wing if the one of the most successful populous yardies in europe they send you off empty handed and then there and i will examine the garland said. europe isn't america the interests of the anti establishment parties in europe are quite divergent as the panel will not succeed in food being an alliance of the like minded for the european elections same with the last segment of the czech president here i we didn't want to live in a club is a worldwide club it is true that the first battleground of first but the ground will be will be europe where the battle is being conducted and i want to tell you.
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i'm afraid that you or your information or data that you know for one very important thing because it's true that came with was this because they didn't know exactly what was the movement but i can tell you meantime we have so many meetings from people with the it's a question of time before they will come to the meeting means that there's not a that's a good sales technique no no that certainly i'm back it's only a matter of time you don't know you got what i got on the last segment he turned useful down flat didn't he was middle c. in the project for the czech president the problem is that it focused immediately on a totally different issue from from europe and sovereign isn't popular in its focused i mean the meeting focused on the relation with china and you know that battle and america are fighting hard chinese imperialism why would some countries like the czech republic being or willing to be a port of entry for china in europe and that's was there was a clash of vision was
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a clash maybe of interest at that time and and again there is i mean with a movement it's a club and you will be people that will get in the immediately we will be people that will exit the club and you will get people that will come later i have no dog maybe maybe if your question is going to let you down or just starting i just tell let's let's see our son it will be there will be one one of the things that steve allen has spoken about your movement doing is providing assistance bill colin and data. mark micro-targeting of voters because of things that this film cambridge facebook data. this is a company that boasted of using so-called dark arts in trapping rival candidates in fake bribery stings hiring prostitutes to seduce them this was alexander next fall chief executive who is on record as actually saying this is what the company did is
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that what you intend to do. for the populous parties this is again again use this kind of method as again the aim of the movement is to be a club ok. to be a forum where people are usually the meat meat while you have the globalist you know meeting in the fall so just cigars and brand new years in the midst of much of it with this and it's not just cigars and it it is also that it is also that because these people do not know each other for most of the time and it's very important that will be when we know each other well able to help each other secondly we see that wherever it would be permissible and possible and where there would be a demand we would be helping by the way you will use methods like no cambridge i'm a little. you know so far so far that i know i mean nobody accused still ban on himself to have used any illness they didn't but i know it's so it's just what the
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company faced up my point to you is that your populist movement has already in the united states by. livening up white supremacists and now you know odds on greasing the numbers of their all guys nation and with bricks it in britain has created enormous damage to the social fabric it's led to bitter political polarization because you've been looking for people's grievances and anger and you want to stir it up and i want i want to tell you that the because they're most dangerous really for him because they think is their main just dealing with the because their image has been created by deviates of the so-called elite to the other guy for the last twenty or so that you look at the social fabric as it's existing to date look at the social fabric for example in france and so i look at the social fabric you know in the small. english english cities for example and i was going to raise the army and see ask you we are really we are we are not you we
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are not bringing we are bringing damages well bring the majesty to the sort of fabric we have bring damages to deal eat to the establishment as it is to these that is true and we are a threat to them and the chances are not to tell the reservation and so the president didn't exist before we had it you can. you can make it worse you can always make things where we are the problem we are still at this we are to content it if it to represent the ordinary guy ok that has been so long despised and forgotten by disease and indeed we are at the populists from all over the world who are the voice of this ordinary guy really bringing in quiet voice and we are not we are not putting problem on the underside for a family so young three can dance very much for being on top it's all ok thank you i pleasure.
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the. the book. the book. the book. the good. the book the book
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the book. the be. the book. the be. the best. the best south seas dream. and the natural parents the lag the bill de blasio law and the muslim glow and it's not just i'm worried the life of the law be alone because the the spirit of the above.
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