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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2019 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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coming up after just a short break i'm sara kelley in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great takes. such. a. hurry. carefully and deliberately simply. to begin to.
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discover the real. the i. subscribe to documentary. crunching the numbers how hard will break that hurt business european plane make a fees for its supply chain the wings for take drugs are produced in the u.k. . the windows of the brick siddhis frankfurt's multimedia charm offensive starts paying off. and unsustainable table manage experts say we must change the way we eat and companies have to take the lead. i'm paying for
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school and let's do business companies across the e.u. we're trying to predict how trade relations with britain will develop in the near future they're afraid business won't run as smoothly as it used to for aircraft manufacturer airbus a disorderly brags that would massively disrupt its supply chain. when an air bus takes off from the runway a big chunk of the european union takes off with it an airbus jet is a prime example of e.u. cooperation aviation group is located in germany france great britain and spain. production takes place across europe france as the largest operations with some forty eight thousand airbus employees across different sites germany is in second place with around forty four thousand workers in spain the aircraft manufacturer has thirteen thousand employees and almost eleven thousand five hundred people work for air bus in the u.k.
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that's where the wings are made in addition around four thousand british companies supply parts to the company so what could happen and event of a hard break that who airbus still be able to manufacture in great britain at all and no deal brags it would be bad for business in the country in britain more than one hundred thousand people working for suppliers could be gravely affected the effects would also be devastating for air bus itself the group has been working on contingency measures for a long time according to airbus in the short term warehouses will be set up to secure the supply of the missing parts but a playmaker may have to build new factories in the long term their bus says it has invested fifteen million euros in preparing for a hard brags it but the real cost of bragg's it is still up in the air. more naanee eubanks have been announcing plans to move jump zone london to other financial centers across the european union once britain has officially left they
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won't be able to conduct business inside the block from their london bases frankfurt as a balti media offensive to attract the bank is fleeing bragg's it. nice to meet you the name is. frank. frank. head of uni modern architect the video was posted online several months ago it's aimed at the family of the briggs it uprooted banker who's not so keen on moving away from a world class city like london or not like the british capital is europe's finance center and home to some of the world's biggest banks but to keep doing business with the e.u. will have to be located in the block and that means more than just a shingle on a door or a mailbox at least according to european regulators. it means moving personnel and capital about forty banks have already received a license in an e.u. city. a few of them went to dublin some to luxembourg and others to paris
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but the vast majority around three quarters to frankfurt planning to actually believe you. were serious business. you're not easily convinced you better believe it. frankfurt is talking about ten thousand bricks that related positions moving over things could get tight in the banking quarter but the outlook for doing business in the e.u. still looks better there than from london. a study in the lancet medical journal has identified the diet scientists say we need to adopt to protect the planet and save millions of lives the result would see us radically change what we eat and the companies who feed us so you're ready to ditch red meat for shredded wheat. far far far less of this. and a whole lot more of this. if you want to save the planet and maybe even yourself you need to radically change the way you east that's the conclusion of
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a study by the lancet medical journal whose authors say a dramatic dietary shift is needed to fight disease and save the environment so what they recommend the great food transformation with the people eating no more than thirteen grams of red meat a day or a burger a week an egg a day won't keep the doctor away for a week max eight of researchers and no more than one serving of dairy a day. not that kind are high. court. for everyone. but it's not just our health at risk the planet is to the global food system is the single largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world and the biggest reason for the loss of biodiversity and of course there are the billion dollar industries
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behind the chief and sugary foods and drinks we consume campaigners are calling on them to do their part to staple disaster. the global population is expected to rise to ten billion by twenty fifty if our current consumption patterns don't change the future doesn't bode well at present two billion people in the world are eating too much unhealthy food another one billion are going hungry. if the world were to adopt the new nutrition guidelines it would mean radical changes for consumers and the food companies it's big business and it's dominated by just a handful of corporations topping the list of food giants is u.s. run cargo and annual turnover of nearly one hundred ten billion dollars the family owned businesses board range of food products includes grains oils and sugar is next up is nestlé from switzerland turn of ninety two billion the food beverage
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company operates in one hundred eighty nine countries its products include powdered in liquid beverages milk products ice cream confectionery and water in third place is pepsi co the u.s. company has a turnover of sixty three and a half billion it wants to shift focus to more nutritious products in future if it's include producing added sugar saturated fetes fats sodium and other preservatives in its products. well u.s. retail a c. is has been saved from bankruptcy its chairman eddie lampert has won approval for a multibillion dollar plan to keep it afloat forty five thousand jobs and four hundred twenty five stores across the u.s. were on the line founded back in eighteen eighty six is had its heyday after the second world war and consumer spending rose but in recent times cut for competition from the likes of target and wal-mart as well as a hammering after the financial crisis has left the american retailers situation on
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the brink of collapse. such a bank may not get the go ahead for a merger intended to reverse its ailing fortunes according to the reuters news agency regulators is no longer believe that his plan to merge with the fossil of domestic rival comments makes sense if confirmed the change of june would come as a blow to her as it seeks ways to revive growth and restore its battered image regulators reportedly believe the country's biggest bank needs a more powerful partner to help address its problems. as we mentioned earlier the financial sector readying for brakes it searching new headquarters in places like frankfurt dublin or paris one small fin tech startup headquartered in berlin went in the other direction it consciously decided to expand in britain and that's not
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a decision it's found his regret. the founders of raisin want to offer depositors high interest rates so the internet platform lists offers from foreign banks like southern european banks based in malta in portugal which offer one point seven percent on fixed term deposits the start up as one more than one hundred sixty thousand customers since its launch in two thousand and twelve. it's active in seven countries including germany france and the netherlands. week despite the breaks that vote razan expanded to the u.k. in twenty seventeen. but i mean that's why great britain is the second largest savings market in europe and one of the most important countries when it comes to economic performance even when it comes to the european union as things stand today and so it was never a question whether we wanted to go to britain it was clear for us britain is a part of europe whether inside or outside the e.u.
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what is the. reason founded a british subsidiary their employees hold british passports the local presence was expensive for the company but it now feels well prepared for brakes it whether british an e.u. leaders come to an agreement or not the company could even benefit from a hard break that. could potentially be very beneficial to the company why because it increases the interest rate which means people that go into the wholesale market would get a better return overall still customers are concerned depositors who have invested their money in british banks now have questions about bridge that start ups employees and have their work cut out for them assuring investors. and just updating our top stories for you crunching the numbers how hard breaks it will hurt business britain airplane european rather play making is for its supply chain the wings for it's produced in the u.k.
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. the. of the breaks it. multimedia charm offensive. and unsustainable table manners experts say it must change the way we eat and companies have to take the late. he says like me you're going to have to switch to nuts and berries i think. i do business with you again very soon.
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on the roadways you're a mass of germs most popular countries to visit. the many faces zones very lightly tanya. in summer and in winter captivate the visitors. another haunted europe every day very strange on top of the romance on asked d.-w. .
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read the real troll that resides. i come from there and lots of people in fact know that the beam in egypt of blood lust is democracy that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the mission the book is righteous in the name after the fourth of the month in one and i remember thinking at the time the sublime in both going forward to get past the steep. come together and unite for a fool. when i do the news i often confronted her situation with more conflict between does something stand i see despite my i'm chomping in front goodspeed as on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most. to security oppression nationalizations. i'm not handsome achieve that so much more
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needs to be john and i think people have to be a concrete solutions money miss a mcclatchy lot and i walk into just a little. capital. either welcome to another year on that special all this week we're showing you around the most popular european countries to visit and today it's really is what's coming up. this me of robots exploring the nation's capital wrote. a lot in love.


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