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tv   Doc Film - Turkish Germans in Germany  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2019 8:15pm-8:58pm CET

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no but. if i were to say i'm german they would laugh at me and say you're not really german. not really german but not really turkish but more turkish than german perhaps what are germans think of people with turkish roots and which country to turkish germans identify with most according to a study conducted by the institute for turkish studies in essen twelve percent believe they have closer ties to germany thirty one percent believe they have closer ties to turkey and thirty nine percent believe they have close ties to both countries in twenty ten mistletoes a footballer with turkish roots who played for the german national team received one of germany's most prestigious media prizes for his services to integration it symbolized the new multi-cultural germany which four years later won the world cup . suddenly there were all these germans with a turkish background who identified with the german national team. including in the
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amateur berlin club be a k o seven. as a role model he's an idol too once he shows that you can make it here even if you have a turkish name. in may twenty eighth. caused outrage in germany when he posed for this photograph with turkish president of egypt. it seemed to be a display of support for the turkish leader ahead of the parliamentary election many felt he should no longer be allowed to represent germany in the world cup which kicked off just weeks later and when germany crashed out of the group stage much of the country channeled its disappointment into fury yet. at some point it was no longer about the photograph the issue was quite clearly about racism i would have liked to see the d.s.p. stand by their player and issue a statement condemning that kind of racism says. that's what the youngsters in the berlin club b. a k o seven would like to have seen to. regardless of their opinion of ed one they
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were shocked by the public treatment of oozy and. they can understand his subsequent decision to quit the german national team. might get sued. he was blamed for the team's disastrous world cup performance so after all the hate that was directed at him his decision to quit the team was completely human and understandable also not so much afterwards playful. ishita you will who is in charge of the club's use team he was born in berlin and says the controversy about ozil shows that people with turkish background still aren't fully accepted here. he spoke for all of us and put into words something that we've all felt for years as being for us he was brought something into the open a lot and there's a great sure that people realise what's going on here it's our racism has become acceptable what's the think we should get in this there's
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a long field office. but to about thirty joe rejects this idea her parents were guest workers but she does feel accepted in germany in her opinion many turkish germans expect something for nothing from german society. discovered that i think turkish germans are too happy to play the victim which is easy to do in germany. bits of this business in the us that they say i suffer discrimination we all know the germans are xenophobic and they're effectively off the hook suspects manya as a bit because of such that. but plenty of the slings and arrows many turkish germans experience are more than just perceived injustices in the wake of the earlier controversy they took to social media to recount incidents of everyday racism and discrimination. studies show that turkish germans feel marginalized regardless of the efforts i
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make i'm not recognized as part of german society say fifty four percent. thought i was in and it is you can't go around seeing every problem isn't. integration problem it's called as a does it that's one of the immigration problem isn't caused by a lack of acceptance in germany during that six times it's caused more by a basic unwillingness on the part of many turkish communities to integrate into. to turkish germans not want to be german. to what extent do they feel german to what extent turkish. marks know is a working class immigrant neighborhood in do support in the industrial ruler valley . ok this is where you softened all my hard country live their parents were factory and steel workers here they themselves
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were born in germany and have german nationality. but do they feel german. dutch turkish turkish i have german friends of caution and if i were to say i'm german they would laugh at me and say you're safe are you serious you're not really john was so i might be born and bred here and it's nice that you see germany as clowns then love make you german as a bishop then have so much bizarre trick i would say i was turkish finnish definitely i can't deny it ties to my mother's turkish my father is turkish she looks much too but i love germany you've been so much for daughter i almost love it more than i love turkey because a child likes what you know to kind terms of society i'm more fearful in turkey i feel very safe here. if you did so much fear need i would never leave germany for
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good. you might have plans to go to turkey one day that's what he says but i would never do that so we took out i know you know i'm not really that comfortable there shrewish donnish took issue with. turkish germans have ties to turkey and germany give or take and so more than others. it's kept the torch to it you can't lump turkish germans together that's what i had one doubts and it's about the details here to me ethnic politics i reject that we aren't representatives of a tribal culture where members of a free democratic society. but the far right doesn't want them to be as good case off war chairman of germany's turkish community is well aware. until the polls board is a leading figure in the far right a.f.d. the alternative for germany party.
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was the zipcar mere door of the vote this year or the even. though they have what. they have a limited would be if i ever hear of the elite who do win the vote i don't know if your vote you see what potential for violence there is in people. associate shocking to see that these people are now in parliament in parliament it's now suffering to a new standard that's how far right populism starts to become legitimized them so when you see that the positions taken by the mainstream parties are now no different from fringe groups and politicians from parties like bandini when you start to get to. close. smoked. but not for who is equally worried by the political leanings of many. turkish germans.
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the s. and serving half turkish germans which party's best represented their interests fifty one percent said the turkish government while only one in three names the german government. is today's turkey is more nationalistic small conservative religious school that so many turkish germans who live here and see one as a semi savior a strong man someone who will restore a sense of confidence and make turkey a force to be reckoned with in the world once again. as the old country turkey appears to have greater significance than germany for years loyalty to turkey was in decline but since twenty eleven and twenty twelve it's been rising steeply at the same time loyalty to germany has been declining. and everyone needs to feel part of a group says the civilian part of
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a collective boosts your identity and calling says i want to serve if people don't feel part of the collective that is germany and they're going to look for another collective to to belong. at the turkey is the obvious choice for turkey tells them it will take care of them so it's even established a ministry for them. a ministry in ankara and didn't follow the union of european turkish democrats germany's domestic intelligence believes it's affiliated to everyone's governing justice and development party. it describes it as an extensive network of organizations with members in high level political positions in turkey as well as in local structures in germany. has a lovely organization of the a.k.p. the group organized appearances of turkish politicians in germany ahead of the constitutional referendum in turkey in twenty seventeen.
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domestic intelligence also keeps tabs on the german islamic union for religious affairs dictated by the largest islamic organization in germany also based in cologne. it is what it has been doing in the last two to three years as humper integration. it's having a polarizing effect here in germany. it's driving people who grew up here and who go to mosques here away from german society and into the arms of turkish nationalism noyo muktuk. two years ago ankara instructed d.t.b. mums to keep a close eye on their communities and denounce anyone they suspected of sympathizing with the failed military coup in twenty sixteen. when the turkish armed forces captured areas of northern syria later the same year the cheap in support of the offensive there's. little.
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stock island often has an early twenty eighteen no one here outside this mosque is willing to talk to reporters. what are you praying for. what are we praying for britain we're praying for the war that's been going on for the soldiers for a job you know it's for the soldiers are back would have been good to be frivolous version of the not the bible. at the d. to mosque in soaring and people are more talkative but does the community take its cues from ankara. oh i answer but our only connection with the details and turkey is the man. he was sent here by the organization it's true but otherwise all our decisions are made by our own committee and in that respect we're much more of a local community than an extension of anything they're filling out our whims and
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designing and mosques focuses mainly on religious and social work in the community rather than politics. of the. world but the him army is paid for by ankara and the most belongs to the detail organization in cologne which has close ties to the turkish government. to directorate of religious affairs in ankara the d'anna it sends him arms to german mosques and also pays them they work for the state the head of the d.t.s. advisory board is the head of the d.n.a. it. was at the mount for the advisory board once said to me i want to be recognised and want equal rights and so on and i said then we need to see that you are not under anchors that you charge your own course here in cologne and that the muslim community in germany makes its own decisions and the response was well cologne doesn't have an influence on. the d.t.
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if it doesn't want to be interviewed many turkish germans don't like ankara's influence on the turkish community in germany but at the same time they do feel bonded to turkey they're comfortable being by. turkish and german. what they don't like is constantly having to explain how that works. well it's been months my daughter sometimes i feel more german than the germans sometimes i'm more swabian than the swabian. but if i'm constantly being asked about my identity then it starts to make me angry and. even if you live in germany and feel at home in germany if you're from turkey and you're always being asked where you belong there will be over the map if you're always being reduced to your roots or it's just always a factor then it's going to get in the way of you feeling german who can give because you're always having to take a side but you can belong to two countries. the
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majority of turkish germans feel neither more turkish nor more german they feel both turkish and german turkey feels like home but germany is where they live and work so it's also home. to. the times when turkish germans worked only in hairdressers snack bars of grocery stores are long gone these days many run businesses when the essence of the explore perceptions of turkish germans economic standing three percent answered they're more successful than others nineteen percent on sunday less successful and sixty seven percent said equally successful. or still. new dani care skin and his son denise have a window manufacturing company their order books are full and they'd like to expand
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production of a school or to close the. case. of what is item because everyone knows the. direction industry is really busy these days and we're seeing it in our business there's a lot of building going on so there's a big demand for windows doors for certs and also fire protection sectors thriving . lending cask him is the boss her husband and son are in charge of production well she's responsible for accounts and personnel matters the task in set up their business twenty years ago. isn't. like an adventurer so we decided to take the risk. so we wanted to have our own business we wanted to be our own bosses. my husband has a background in manufacturing and he was confident we could do it all and said
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let's give it a try. corning to the german turkish chamber of commerce and industry one hundred ten thousand businesses in germany have been set up here by people with turkish roots these businesses have created some five hundred thousand jobs new delhi catskin arrived in germany in the early one nine hundred eighty s. i started out as a laborer in the window construction industry and worked his way up eventually becoming a branch manager. mr krueger would like to start training with us as a draftsman august for the time being we've put him into production. should be familiar with the whole production process before he starts drawing anything that's popular. the family business is highly profitable and has a workforce of forty caskets worked hard to get this far. but you're months and i strongly believe that someone who works hard will get ahead
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whatever the background there with a lot of. you need to work hard you need to make an effort to integrate well i always thought integration as important is from the very beginning when i joined sports clubs dance clubs and so on. the whole family contributes to the success of the business but the care schemes aren't actually representative in terms of economic standing the majority of turkish germans are below the national average. four percent of people in germany are unemployed but more than eighty percent of turkish germans are out of work. to support used to be germany's industrial heartland home to steel pits and coal mines and where the original guest workers from turkey moved to but these industries have died out the region has struggled to change with the times. i can show you our most popular model at the moment when the main line of business in mark's lo these days is
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bridal fashion. all the skirt has to be as wide as possible like a princess almost up will before these alleged masses famous for its bridal wear shops some of these shoppers have come from far afield we have to bring the no amount of outreach projects will help if people can't set up their own businesses that's what happened here people have gotten somewhere by working hard the fact that these stories exist is major progress so people set up their own businesses and put marks you know on the map you know not just in germany but across europe. it's not pretend to be from marks little. marks no would be in bad shape if it weren't for the jewelry stores and boutiques there's not much work to be had around here and the situation isn't set to improve in the foreseeable future immigrants from romania and bulgaria are now competing for the little work there is
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. also it's one of or just being a lot of immigration to germany from eastern europe and recent years. because these people are competing with turkish immigrants. in the labor markets for low paid jobs in the service industry and industrial sector. low pay jobs that don't even require german language skills or indeed any kind of training among young turkish germans lack of training is a serious problem. fifteen percent of twenty five to thirty five year olds in the general population have no formal training but at forty three percent the overall figure is three times higher among turkish germans and even those who do have qualifications face obstacles in the labor market as part of a study conducted at the university of linz research just sent out pretend job
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applications some of the pretend applicants had german names others turkish names some top received the most invitations to interview nineteen percent. to it had a considerably worse response fourteen percent. and when she wore a headscarf she had the worst response of all four percent of the candidates application letters were identical. other things find the author why this could be you know off there definitely is discrimination in the labor market on the shy and the good and says that this plays only a limited role in terms of the lack of integration of immigrants with turkish backgrounds in the labor market. the main issues are a lack of formal training poor language skills and little contact with mainstream society these are the more decisive factors one side. few turkish germans are economically successful most below the national average the
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main reason is a lack of qualifications. another question in the essence study asked how well did turkish germans usage occasional opportunities fifty eight percent said they used them well. twenty three percent said they didn't really take advantage of them it's all. good was always a cardiac surgeon in braman she's the only female surgeon in europe to have transplanted an artificial heart. that was a very cheerful child and i always said i'm going to grow up to be a doctor that's the goal i set for myself and i did in terms of. how
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do you think it is a hard task. given it made the most of the educational opportunities she was offered has a part on its members and success is exemplary longer that you know if you go. back to churches or into do you think you go. cloud almost like on the parents always said don't be like us don't be a guest worker don't be a factory worker like us when we arrived. here i know comes and. did x. parents came from anatolia her mother never went to school and could neither breed nor right. when she was growing up deal it was helped and encouraged by the family's neighbors a couple who were both teachers. to send him focus been on school by it's here this is mr and this is something i think they helped raise us and they helped me become
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what i am today on the sixty five and we've been. i haven't been if it was not mr biz being made sure i went to high school and graduated even though my teachers wouldn't have sent me there was a retort and suffering about that. the kind of social mobility deal that girl's eye has achieved is often made possible only with the help of mentors such as the bespeak. the grandchildren of germany's first guest workers are often at a disadvantage compared to their german counterparts a high percentage of turkish germans go to the help children are secondary school which means they leave school at sixteen. the overall number of young people in germany who go to this kind of secondary school is four percent thirty percent go to high school but the number of turkish germans in hope surely is eight percent twice the national average and only twenty two percent are at high school. coming at an voidness parents with turkish backgrounds one third child has to do well at
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school both their sons and their daughters that's not the problem. but of course this is a demographic that's relatively unfamiliar with the education system last month they don't necessarily know how things work. as a parent myself i know that in germany it's not always easy to know how things work in schools how to get the information you need how involved you should be if and when you should intervene parents who don't know these things or don't know how to make education work for you are going to be at a disadvantage the. nineteen year old below of cruising lives in often about a city with a large immigrant population his father is an airport security guard his mother works in a shop. preferred football and hanging out with friends to studying. each other i took things very easy didn't do any homework i didn't really care. i
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didn't take school seriously and the guns uncontrollably i didn't go to the same school as my friends mine was raf base would throw chairs at the teachers and once a group of twenty kids through snowballs at a teacher it wasn't a good school or top. of the scene as it was well for so i can imagine the teachers had just given up they'd lost all motivation just because. now be licit a different school. he wants to get a high school diploma. so that's when any since it's not actually ok so now in english class when i say something it has to be grammatically correct so my other school the teacher would say say something like whatever the main thing is i understand what you're saying so i always make mistakes but now i get assignments i get a form that i have developed and my other school the teachers would tell me what to
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rights and all they wanted was for me to pass i just wanted to get rid of us they wanted is gone that's how it was at that school. but someone came to their rescue when merely a social worker who broaden their horizons and introduce them to the university in nearby frankfurt. i didn't think their parents would have ever taken to somewhere like that or given as advice for a future is when he showed us that opportunities existed and we noticed the world where the boys grew up from first hand experience. so it's not as if you can just say ok this kid comes from a troubled area and his behavior is problematic and there's no way he can go to university and nonsense i know these kids have just as much potential as kids from privileged backgrounds of. really knows friends graduated from high school that
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motivates him to keep studying and he likes his teacher and his new school as well . which of the mom and i started doing homework my mother doesn't understand what's happened but my class teacher likes me she's really on my side mark but you. get the picture isn't all bleak in twenty eleven fourteen percent of turkish german teenagers finished school at sixteen and seventeen percent went to high school in twenty seventeen only eight percent are in hope truly the twenty two are now in high school. there's a high percentage of turkish germans had to have that clue school in marks. they really come into contact with children from different social backgrounds middle class parents send their kids to other schools. it took. lots of turkish families here in those birds. or fish that most of them come from rural areas farming backgrounds and the parents do unskilled work at
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companies like to some cooperation and scene between going to cope. and one so the children don't do any reading at home the parents aren't reading to the world isn't. but it isn't any different than working class german families. in germany more than in many other countries parents and family background play a decisive role when it comes to upward mobility sebastian brown is an economist in a recent study he showed that it can take four generations to improve social standing and income. there is upward mobility it's not as though this doesn't happen at all but we were surprised to see a pattern across three to four generations back. on the results of
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a study showed that sixty percent of factors that are relevant to social success social networks money connections and inherited abilities. are passed on from one generation to the next as a process to put sand and again at the next and what that obviously means is our opportunities in life are very dependent on the social status of our parents and our mind and if. it's up to the education system to break the pattern and ensure that even children from an educated background have the chance to do well it school . sure. at this school we need to take responsibility for the things that parents are usually responsible for. say that schools should take full responsibility for everything to do with their students' educational opportunities. which would and i
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would say sure would be great if that's what schools actually did then we'd finally separate educational success from family background. before it can happen we need to completely restructure our schools of. if family background had been the sole determining factor in dealing girls or a school career there would be one less highly skilled cardiac surgeon in germany and research into artificial hearts wouldn't be quite as advanced. to me but we've made a lot of progress will be able to implant this artificial heart in two or three years time. in germany we still don't have a system a product that's german made. i was born here and i'm very proud to be involved in the development of a german product like this also as the first female surgeon. will
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be a lot of person also managed to break the passion in resolving to finish school he's taken the first step. i guess and that's most times that we need to do is make sure these children get an education that they go to decent schools good to get the support they need to get the opportunities they need to know. and learn german properly so they can belong to mainstream society contacted. them and that which is basically the same as what we need to do with socially disadvantaged german children that's that's just kinda out but not that i chickened out. i don't know what i want to do later i want to finish school as well as i can speak of those who are about to graduate with a vocational high school diploma then she wished. that the turkish germans do
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worse at school than their german counterparts but the situation is improving were they to have more contact to mainstream society be it via mentors role models one to one exchange or networks progress might be faster. but all too often that contact is lacking. turkish germans have nothing to do with their neighbors have no german friends but what about the other way around does mainstream society seek out the turkish german minority a third of the population has regular contact to turkish germans two thirds have only occasional contact or none at all. shop work of mohammed has no contact with germans. now twenty seven he came to often bath ten years ago. he still doesn't speak german.
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i went to school for two years then i got married i dropped out of school and started working. i don't have any german friends there but i meet the met there aren't any germans here that. his customers are locals most of them have an immigrant background. mohammad wouldn't mind having german friends but if it doesn't happen he says it doesn't happen. why should i mind this is a home from home fifty percent of people around here turkish ellice it's the study conducted by the institute for turkish studies in s. an awful asked how often turkish germans come into contact with other germans in their free time thirty five percent said rarely or never twenty seven percent said sometimes thirty eight percent said often. enough it's more fluid with younger
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people but with the older generation there's a clear separation they prefer to stick with people like themselves old friends and artist that's not only their fault in terms of socialising others also need to be more open. to behind the offer matters are not finished often has the highest proportion of immigrant inhabitants in the country as a community worker namely demeter's in is familiar with the problems faced by turkish families. she organizes language classes for women many of whom don't speak german which is a major obstacle to integration. is steeped ya know it's long there are media in germany so how these people live in apartments that are sixty ninety square metres of pure turkey i tell the women in my classes that they can recreate turkey in their own for a rolls royce and but that the minute they go outside they have to remember they're
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in germany and they need to speak the language. person and girls are savy john grew up in a poor neighborhood these days they have friends who live in other parts of town with other backgrounds but they're all too familiar with parallel societies ones where people like to keep to the cultures they know. it's not even just the fact my parents don't speak german i'm selfish it makes it harder for them to deal with scene so i'm going. to have to help them i think it's complicated. gives me a headache. it's not as if i don't have enough to do i need to study i've got my own life. but i have to sort out all the stuff for the. course i can't leave it to them i can't leave them alone with that. lots of things should have been sorted out a long time ago. now we've got this nonsense to deal with.
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girls who wants to make more of his life he's at university studying business outside of part of the boom it's all about education if my parents had the same level of education as germans if they'd gone to school here and got an education then they would have a very different mentality and they would be much more able to cope with everyday life here and i thought some of it. this ramadan market is in mark's little in the middle of jewish bog but it could be in turkey anyone is welcome but most people here are muslims. don't feel isn t. i don't miss lots of people come here to break their fast there's all sorts of things to buy clothes and so on i like it it's like
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a christmas market right now it's our version of a christmas market. this is the fourth of the money and this will be that's the good thing about living in mark's lot is that if i feels like home. is my home the church which i can find all our turkish traditions here. it's all done with your. oman kind who was born in a town in rhine linspire latin it and later moved to do sport. and i'm more in touch of go back i grew up among germans i didn't have any turkish friends now it's different. but it's not great living in an area with only turkish people that's of all of it's always sort toit the countries had strong opinions when it came to raising their daughters they wanted them to know where their roots were so what were they thinking. one of the girls brought home a boyfriend who wasn't turkish turkish story sure it is german kurdish arabic so
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long as he's muslim that's the main thing. too but saudi just comes from a more liberal family but she still felt the constraints of turkish tradition. she knew she wanted to lead a self-determined life and that led to many a family feud to. me and i thought i have to justify myself all the time for being like a german we. have to go in the past when i did certain things such as moving out finding roommates even boys. then it was seen as german but in a bad way boy. just. as a despondent didn't mean it in a positive sense it was negative not even neutral not even ok it's a different lifestyle but ok it was very judgmental. yeah.
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nine intimidation has also felt judged by people who think islam doesn't belong in germany. france my god sometimes people swear at me and tell me to go back where i came from so i say come from often back all right i'll go back there. and it isn't that her focus really is yes it really her just you. are a lot of societies do exist but they usually spread across just a few streets there are many mutual prejudices to ever come but borders have become easier to cross and it's become easier for young people to get a better education and earn a better income than their parents the situation is improving the first came to germany as guest workers and that's what they remained good stick grandchildren have far better prospects.
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but all they really turkish or german lots of young turkish germans are irritated by the question their intensity isn't fixed they pick and choose from two cultures and their horizons are older broader for each. of the. let. me say this a. hundred german street on.
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slate. listen carefully. simply. to get. discovered. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. with this is that the dylan sleep the book has a journey back to the roots once again minutely. the shots family from somalia the
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rubble. into systems. global family starch january twenty third w. this is the w. news line but from berlin tonight europe planning for a white suv crashed in britain searching for. plan b. . survived a confidence vote in parliament now she's scrambling to build a political consensus around a new plan to take britain out of the european union also coming up is the world
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getting better at dealing with leaders who despise human rights human rights watch has released its twenty one thousand report.


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