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it is. yet enforced while business desk will have more on that story is that most other business news disembodied have been years if your cat. comes. close. to the phone discover your concept discover it with a close. school oh much to one hundred gives the ideals of the font house a more relevant today than they were a dozen. years ago fishing areas from shapes chains to common ball in the past
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people and it's a way of shaping society. with ideas that are part of. our house world this week on d. w. . illiam. cyber espionage the u.s. wants to buy american chip makers to sell their products to chinese electronics giant wall way the fear is that the company is on a government influence on since products could be used to spy on americans. it's a global switch to organic food the only way to save the world as well as a small town and wealthiest island germany shows it can be done if you can afford it or. this is the business i'm going out of as
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welcome. government in berlin says it may also block who always involvement in the country's high speed five g. networks citing national security concerns in response the federation of industries said that until evidence was found no bender's should be excluded from the network the u.s. and other countries are keeping well way away from their five g. networks because of data security concerns they say the company's link to the government in beijing increases the likelihood of cyber espionage. so why is why waste so controversial the company was founded in one thousand nine hundred seven in shenzhen by a former military and generic communist party member it began to sell telephone switching equipment to chinese phone companies and is now the world's number one provider of while as network where the company is private that means it doesn't have to disclose its finances while it says shares are divided between its eighty
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thousand employees in china who don't have real voting rights critics claim that an elite corps of managers guides the company and crucially coordinates with the government in beijing who denies that the u.s. is now pressuring allies to exclude war way as they build up sensitive five g. networks so far japan australia new zealand and taiwan agreed on the largest u.k.'s largest carrier is also rejecting the company germany remains uncertain with industry telling the government in berlin that the rollout of five g. is unimaginable without ways hardware. earlier i spoke to marcel dicko an analyst at the institute for international security affairs here in berlin and i asked him if there was any harm there is no public evidence at least that we know so people are connecting dots here so what dots well two things basically is the first thing is that technical experts tell us it is very hard to find out if there are
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backdoor. and of course this technology has maintainance services entries already so there is. a possibility to already monita what's going on with the system that's after all just meaning that the company while we can access the systems from the outside yeah so there is the regular meant maintaining entry point here but there is the fear that there are other hidden back doors. that's the first thing and the second thing is that there's a strong push from the five states and from the national security community towards other states including germany to exclude wave from a technology like five g. but it's still if i mean there's no evidence and still everybody is up in arms about it some experts say that you can't build a phone network without hardware i don't really in alternatives where they are turning to but they are more expensive so there are there are two other firms and
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they are basically from europe who are able to create this kind of technology it's very complicated and it's very neta so it's a difficult thing and obviously if there are only two other left that will increase the price. for. german industry he wants while way to be a part of the five g. bidding process they say nobody should be excluded unless this hard evidence so what would be your accommodation for the german government for example well it's basically a geo political game that we see here so it's not about security at all at least it's about the geo geopolitical conflict between the us and china so i think it's a good advise to be cautious. towards both so exclude to a wife from the very critical components but leave the channels open towards china for the rest when it comes to economy. the five g.
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network is a huge thing of course everywhere because a lot of lot of business models will in future rely on it and the internet of things will rely on it. could join up pull the plug if it's true that they can access. how could china and future pull the plug on five g. then you reckon well they can actually every company who provides such kind of technology can because there is a maintainance entry into the technology here but they wouldn't i mean it would be very obvious and the fear is not that they use this kill switch the fear is that they can money to a certain kinds of communication in that network and that that's kind of a security problem here. thank you very much for that analysis. pollution remains
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a problem in many large cities so more and more urban centers are shifting to electric forms of transport at least pollution comes out of chimneys of power stations outside of city dwellers are harmed as only eighteen percent of the energy comes from renewables. capital santiago there are one hundred on the road. to banish diesel entirely. santiago de chile is chock a block with buses most of which run on diesel the toxic fumes they emit damage the environment and put people's health at risk but things are changing in the form of these buses they run on electricity making them quiet and emission free and began the more they thought cleaner than other buses and that's great for our air quality here. santiago's air pollution levels sky high every day around two point four million vehicles battle their way through the capital. the new e.p.
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us is can travel around two hundred fifty kilometers per charge up. and to make sure they never run out of power the city has implemented a detailed charging. daughter for work of in each area you can charge seven buses and at the same time. one bus has finished charging charging automatically starts up in the next waiting bus but you know. right now santiago has around one hundred electric buses in february and the other one hundred are set to join them over the coming decades the city aims to completely replace its fleet of six and a half thousand diesel buses. that we have a long term strategy of electro mobility which aims to make all public transport buses electric light twenty fifty so. when that scene embodied in the changes we've implemented so far and all the government's support we could well reach that goal
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at least a decade earlier where along. with such dedication sente i'll go could soon lead the way inspiring other incentives to put toxic and firmly in the past. this thursday may leading scientists have demanded humankind must change its eating habits or suffer the consequences going organic and doing away with large scale industrial food production is seen as the way forward by many and in rich countries where people come forward organic food it might well be a viable option like in the pretty town of eden spork in southern germany everything is organic that even the beer. if you go to the small town of the book in bavaria you might be surprised you won't find any of the well known supermarkets in the city center but you will find an organic shop but that's not really surprising when you consider that one brewery here has been brewing organic beer
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for a long time organic hops spelt and barley in both areas oldest organic brewery. there's no no we don't do organic on the side because it's fashionable we do it out of conviction it's very important to us that our beer is wholesome which means that our beer is unfiltered the proteins and tannins that make the beer cloudy over time stay in the beer because we want our product to be the highest quality for. twenty five years ago the creators completely change their product lines and their sales plummeted at that time there was hardly any demand for again at products but today if we can broker beers are in many organic shops there on the shelves next to dairy products ready meals meat fruit vegetables and even cosmetics revenue from organic products says increased five fold since two thousand to over ten billion euros per year in cities like really in there are more and more organic supermarkets they
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provide healthy ecologically conscious foods germany's most prominent person in the industry is felix pincer live in china he's not surprised that organic farming is on the rise. types. what motivates people to buy organic is that they realize more and more that the way food is produced the way we deal with nature and the products that come out of it is not always healthy for us and in particular it can't be good for the coming generation that's. according to organics experts organic farming is the only genuinely sustainable method the conversion to organic farming has to proceed much faster organic accounts for only five percent of the total food turnover in germany. that's why the consumer protection organization food watch doesn't think the food industry will be switching to organic anytime soon. but we're very far away from an organic boon organic is still
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a niche product but the price of organic farming is higher than conventional farming because organic farmers try to avoid environmental damage and therefore have much higher expenses but this will cost expenses that are reflected in the price. is have to pay twice as much for a reading borger as for a non-organic beer nevertheless business is good so good that they have to expand their operations a new fermentation and storage hall is planned for this year. and that's our business update you can find more on our website at www dot com slash business thanks very much for watching.
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oh and. to look for some way with the wonderful people in stories that make me so special. for a. follow. up to our.
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country go to the international talk show for journalists just because the topic of . trade and its european partners are scrambling to chart a path out of the bags of chaos after prime minister may suffered a crushing defeat in parliament will be weighing up the options are bad for. quadriga sixty minutes. more. listen carefully. to see. who did.
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