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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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playing. to feed. this indeed of the news coming to you live from berlin jim is attempting to break the deadlock in the dispute between russia and ukraine riki watery into the black sea german foreign minister heikal mass is in moscow for talks with his russian counterpart two months off to the standoff on the coast of crimea germany and france have offered to monitor the game street we'll go live to the russian capital
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also coming up. president donald trump mocks his second anniversary in the white house in the midst of the longest government shutdown and a bitter standoff with the democrats. and after a plead binary of prominent germans for the u.k. to stay in your we called the future holds for britain d.w. finds on throws in the most unlikely places. helping the victims of china's crackdown on muslims human rights activists in neighboring kazakhstan would look to real not families suffering from the chinese government's repressive policies in the country's northwest region. and germany becomes the leaves country to save minds exclude the chinese tech giant from its high speed five g. network bunin says it has two sons about national security.
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son of a warm welcome to you i'm on the touchy madre to have your company. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says his country is open to a proposal to send german monitors to the strait the waterway became a flashpoint between russia and ukraine two months ago came the german foreign minister heikal moss was in moscow and france volunteers have also offered to assist in the monitoring of the street which links the black sea to the sea of. ukraine temporarily imposed martial law after russia captured three of its vessels off the coast of crimea moscow's also detained twenty four ukrainian sea men who were the crew of those vessels let's have a listen to what the russian foreign minister had to say. more than a month ago chancellor merkel asked president putin to allow german experts into
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the strait of kurdish. school probably. for them to study how passage this strike is organized especially in terms of security which is a process ship captains were to pass through the strait of the president putin a great back then and so foreign minister mathis to die presented me with a plan in europe it sets up the conditions for the experts journey. these conditions now have to be great with the ukrainian side so we believe that if the ukrainians agree with the plan his outlines president putin has promised chancellor merkel then we can put this plan into action to die tomorrow borat any time after a little longer so you will listen to the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov talking in moscow also in moscow as the dumbass correspondent emily when and really what more can you tell us about the outcome of those talks between the russian foreign minister and his german counterparts heikal moscow how important was the
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german proposal in the mediation of the strait. well as we just heard amrita love roughened self said that america had actually proposed mediation and german observers on the current straight to putin on the sidelines of the g twenty summit in argentina last year at the end of last year and what is new now is this written plan that was presented to his russian counterpart sergey lavrov which presumably details has the details of the german and french observer mission that the german side plans to send now love roughs reaction was rather dismissive in tone he did say that russia would be open to an observer mission as they had already said but he also said that he doesn't want some kind of prolonged political process which would involve ukrainian pointed out that the minsk agreement on the ukraine crisis is already in deadlock because as he thought
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as he says ukraine isn't playing ball so he said he doesn't want to prolong the negotiations but is open to the photo in general as it. must really be good to kiev in moscow to meet his ukrainian counterpart that's what really taking a moscow to ukraine which could help ease tensions between russia and ukraine. well i think judging from the tone today unfortunately. the prospects for easing tensions in general with ukraine are rather low said gay love rauf to get today again said that the crisis in the us of c. was actually caused by ukrainian provocations that's been the line from the beginning russia has accused ukraine of basically using these tensions ahead of the elections to raise petro poroshenko petro poroshenko ratings ahead of the
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presidential elections so it doesn't seem like that deadlock between ukraine and russia that we see now is likely to ease soon and that is what the issues that the two foreign ministers talked about in moscow. the other main issue that was on the table today it seemed in negotiations with the i n f treaty on the one hand russia insisted again that it wasn't violating that arms treaty it says that the misao that it has that the u.s. u.s. excuse it of violating is actually not in violation of that treaty and that it had proposed to the u.s. to look at the missile but the u.s. is not open for dialogue germany said that russia is really giving too little too late but also had a more concrete proposal today when it comes to arms control let's take a look. at the ins com trying to is not enough
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it's also important that we put control in general call me international agenda i'm committed to this even though i know that it's a tough task for sure and over this rise versus just over. so mos today proposed. an actual conference on arms control in berlin he hoped he said that he hoped the russian foreign minister would come to that in the spring and he said that he hoped it would gather parties together that would be much broader than just the u.s. and russia who are in that i.n.f. treaty to discuss new weapons and regulating those new weapons and to widen the structure of arms control worldwide and seemed very open to that proposal he said that discussing arms control collectively was certainly a good idea also more constructive on the i.n.f. treaty today and on arms control than on ukraine dr. drew thank you very much for
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that update from the. now more than twenty prominent figures from german politics sports business and entertainment have written a passionate appeal to the u.k. to abandon bragg said it was printed as an open letter in today's edition of the times newspaper it into the leaders of germany's three main parties on a great balance the new head of chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. party has signed a letter as well as under anonymous the head of the social democratic party in germany and the green party leader robert harvick as well as other leaders here's what they wrote after the horrors of the second world war britain did not give up on us welcome germany back as a sovereign nation and a european power this we as germans have not forgotten and we are grateful and they also wrote should britain wish to leave the european union for good it will always have friends in germany and in europe but britain suit equally know that we believe
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that no choice is irreversible our door will always remain europe always remain open i beg your pardon europe is home and finally we would miss the legendary british sense of humor but more than anything yes we miss the british people our friends across the channel therefore britain should know from the bottom of our hearts we want them to stay ok so let's for more on this or list or indeed obvious political correspondent simon young who himself is from britain welcome simon and a passionate appeal from prominent germans to the british saying that they just stay on in the european union and included out of this camp combo who's the frontrunner to succeed as chancellor of germany significant is that. yeah i read that you know this is a very nice letter and i think its impact is intended primarily to be emotional
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rather than political although i'm told that they've been working on it since before christmas in fact but it rather charmingly refers to the idea that germans could mists after bret's it all sorts of quintessentially british things like tea with milk or driving on the left i think it probably stretches a point when they also talk about germans love of going for an all in the pub after work because they put it or indeed of christmas panto's rather gordie christmas entertainments for a non british viewers but you know look this is this is a bit of fun really but it also carries that message that germans think that breaks it is a bad idea i just as i was a very emotional appeal that was a made for thirty booth give some support to the remaining and britain but what give it enough support that they could might be a second referendum as many people hope. you know
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a letter to the times doesn't carry quite the weight that it once did but this will surely go on a some attention it's been signed by a lot of prominent politicians as you said as well as leading figures from business and from culture and indeed for even by a former german football national goalkeeper yes it's lame and so i think it will attract some people the main message here is you know we respect the choices the british people make whatever they are but no choice is irreversible it might just knowledge if you waver is in britain to have another think right simon young a political correspondent thank you very much. well that alleges synanon i we're talking about comes at the end of her own or close to weaken british politics with a historic defeat the prime minister's drags a deal and then i've got one now the surviving a no confidence motion heading into the weekend the situation remains deadlocked
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tourism it will present a plan b. next week so what's next for britain views to six find something unexpected on says in london. london business as usual but wait wasn't there something to oh yeah breaks it for tonight have years now we journalists have followed the brits the debates we've watched parliament vote again and again and we spoke to analyst after analyst and we still don't seem to be much smarter about the outcome of that well maybe it's time to look for some old chart of ways to find answers if you really want to know on in the british capital ask the cabbies they are the keepers of the city's secrets the ones with the ears on the ground. as she all timothy milner has been driving a cab for ten years and discussions center on one thing in particular i mean that's all i ever talk about is if. there were there is there is no other subject not even
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not even football is just. what i believe what what what what i think is going to happen so what is going to happen to the fleet let's pull over for this one. to see effect. is coming in more people i would say all all interested in me in the. in having a second vote. ok that's a start but can we make this more concrete unlike politicians numbers never lie and truth squad at that british automaker's of course at a major bookie company in london politics is a big money maker. so what do people think about rex that actually put their money where their mouth is. so out of all the options that the country currently faces that's a second referendum the punches think is the most likely that's followed by another general election obviously something the chairman called and would love and the
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least likely at the moment is actually an idea which is the odds of six to one punches do not think that is probably going to happen at this stage but were money is one it's the last and with bricks it about winning let's find spiritual guidance maybe the ghosts of thatcher and churchill will have to answer to. is well connected in that area and he's getting vibes that prime minister theresa may is playing again i think she's going to make another party the devil. i think she's going to have here we have the devil we have temperance so the devil is all about me having contracts and making a pact and here temperance he's about connecting things and putting things together right and so i think she's going to find a way. to negotiate something. let's be honest
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the future of britain is still murky until that's resolved all bets are on. it what he did obviously and still to come the ten year challenge spreads like wildfire on social media with people posting evidence of how well the aged in the last decade but others are using it to push this is it really care about like climate change i'll have more for you on that shortly. but first to ben easier with business news of the chinese company huawei is coming under attack from all sides but it sure is not everyone's on the same page about this the german government says it may block ways involvement in its future high speed five g. networks citing national security concerns in response the federation of industries says until evidence is found no vendors should be excluded from the network the united states and other countries are keeping the chinese from away from their five g. networks because of data security they say the company's link to the government in
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beijing increases the likelihood of cyber espionage the u.s. is even carrying out a criminal probe into the tech giant so why is why wait so controversial the company was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven in shenzhen by a former military engineer and communist party member it began to sell telephone switching equipment to chinese phone companies and is now the world's number one provider of wireless network where the company is private meaning it doesn't have to disclose its finances always says shares divided up between its eighty thousand . ploy ease in china who don't have real voting rights critics claim an elite corps of managers guides the company and coordinates with the government in beijing. denies that the u.s. is now pressuring allies to exclude huawei as they roll out five g. networks so far japan australia new zealand and taiwan agree one of the u.k.'s
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largest carriers is also projecting the company germany remains uncertain with the industry telling the government in berlin that five g. is unimaginable without ways where well let's get the take from the frankfurt stock exchange where our correspondent is standing by daniel how the traders view way there where you work. well ben investors are actually little bit divided about this situation in general chinese tech companies are always very interesting for them but now with this situation they are little bit warry so far who are away had this kind of retreat room here in germany when you talk about the current ford g.m. three g. networks they are operating in these networks but now when it comes to five g. the situation is very different when you talk to dr taylor coleman vodafone those are the two biggest companies here in germany they are telling us that there are
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reluctant to do big investments at the moment into the way of technology because at the end they might have to fear that then they can to work with these systems in the future so they're a little bit reluctant when it's about the situation here at the moment it's quite interesting that all of this resistance building up on the day that global stocks a busking in so much trade optimism between china and the us. yeah exactly well this is happening after we got word yesterday from the treasury secretary steven minucci in in the united states he was considering a proposal to lift some or maybe all of tears in this ongoing trade conflict between the united states and china we have to remember that these talks are set to continue between beijing and washington by the end of the month and yes there is this hope that this issue could be finally resolved and investors are certainly
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hoping for that to happen because we have to remember this ongoing trade talk has been really a giving investors here during the last weeks and months quite some headache and you could pray for us thank you very much. a jury in the united states is charged for employees of subsidiary audi in germany the indictment is connected to the diesel emissions scandal nine other v.w. employees of already been charged in the u.s. are accused of designing software to cheat on emissions tests none of the four is currently in custody and all are believed to be here in germany both fucking a bit of wrongdoing in connection with the criminal charges and what sixteen and has been hit with billions of dollars fines and settlement costs. just yesterday leading scientists demanded humankind change its eating habits or suffer the consequences going organic and doing away with industrial large scale food production is seen as the way forward for many and in rich countries where people
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can afford organic food it might well be a viable option like in the pretty town of organs of germany everything is organic even the beer. if you go to the small town of the vidhan book in bavaria you might be surprised you won't find any of the well known supermarkets in the city center but you will find an organic shop but that's not really surprising when you consider that one brewery here has been brewing organic beer for a long time organic hops spelt and barley in both areas oldest organic brewery. there's no no we don't do organic on the side because it's fashionable we do it out of conviction it's very important to us that our beer is wholesome which means that our beer is unfiltered the proteins and tannins that make the beer cloudy over time stay in the beer because we want our product to be the highest quality for. twenty
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five years ago the krieger's completely changed their product lines and their sales plummeted at that time there was hardly any demand for a gannett products but today of leading burger beers are in many organic shops there on the shelves next to dairy products ready meals meat fruit vegetables and even cosmetics revenue from organic products has increased five fold since two thousand to over ten billion euros per year and cities like really in there are more and more organic supermarkets they provide healthy ecologically conscious foods germany's most prominent person in the industry is felix pincer live in china he's not surprised that organic farming is on the rise. types. what motivates people to buy organic is that they realize more and more that the way food is produced the way we deal with nature and the products that come out of it is not always healthy for us and in particular it can't be good for the coming generation that's. according to organics experts organic farming is the only
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genuinely sustainable method the conversion to organic farming has to proceed much faster organic accounts for only five percent of the total food turnover in germany . that's why the consumer protection organization food watch doesn't think the food industry will be switching to organic anytime soon. but we're very far away from an organic boon organic is still a niche product but the price of organic farming is higher than conventional farming because organic farmers try to avoid environmental damage and therefore have much higher expenses but this will cost expenses that are reflected in the price. there is have to pay twice as much for reading borger as for a non-organic beer nevertheless business is good so good that they have to expand their operations a new fermentation and storage hall is planned for this year. of course drinking
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too much beer is something that's going to age you and that's something i read is going to bring us up to date on the take the challenge that is ride because ben here's a question for some people how well have the last ten years treated you in terms of looks for some people is important hopefully quite and this week the silk or ten year challenge is spread like wildfire online with social media users and celibacy is digging into their lives to share two photos of themselves side by side one from a decade ago and one from right now for most it's been an eye target excuse to show off with how well they've aged but the hash tag is now being used for something more serious activists are using it to raise awareness about political and environmental issues and to talk about those these obvious social media and jared reed is with us welcome janice another crazy spidered on the internet tell us more about it what's it all about yeah well it's been
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a bit of fun to see everyone's embarrassing photos from the last decade and i have to say people like you say being humble bragging to show how much better they look ten years on but a lot of users have been i guess twisting the challenge to tell us more about the issues that they really care about and topping the list is global warming and climate change for example photos like this highlighting the degradation of coral reefs we haven't verified this particular photo but it's an example of images that people sharing quite a lot he is an example posted by greenpeace of the amazon rainforest i say here it took thousands of years to create and humans have destroyed in less than ten and one of the un's global education initiatives posted this photo. in the swiss alps from two thousand and eight and twenty eighteen showing that it's noted it quite an alarming rate so it's. really sobering ten year challenges out there but i guess
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interesting to see how environmental groups have taken it and using it to to inform us about things like climate change i don't really employed and what are the other causes which have been from zero to ten year challenge one of them is hunger and the real attention that's being given to hunger over the last decade and real strides made income bashing hunger for example mary's meals which is a skull she's charity that helps to provide meals to children around the world in need it says now it's been able to feed a million more children than it could ten years ago which is grace elsewhere though the challenge is being used to highlight just struction across some countries in the middle east like here in syria and i guess there are minded to in this new cycle that we operate in there's a new crisis every day it seems and helps us not to fit guess some really important areas and also cases bit of progress has been made to what data privacy should be
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suspicious of the ten year tab instead it will maybe a little bit i mean if we look at facebook for example if there's one thing we've learned over the last year through multiple privacy scandals at facebook it's that it likes to harvest to make money this is this is hugely important and everyone should know this so there's a i guess a train of thought out there that now facebook's huge big datta set of people's faces from ten years ago and now and the question is is it using this to develop say facial recognition software and did it do that spock this in to begin with facebook says no it had nothing to do with the ten year challenge and it doesn't have any or tyrian motives but i guess we really need to think about the types of things that we participate in particularly we've become pinney's like facebook but i'm reset the times come where we need to participate in our in your challenge you need to look in the camera please and let's see if we can bring up a photo of you. from me ten years ago this is our own ted rowlands who live here we
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are asking old studios i think i think we can agree the last ten years have been really very wonderful to you fabulous photo and say ok let's now as well thank you baby i say kind if you want a photo feel sad yeah man that master it's not fair it's like you know. very interesting and that also i didn't realize about his data privacy thing which could be used or misused thank you very much for doing that story to us. you're watching the news coming up ahead we take you to kazakhstan but human rights activists are working to help the victims of neighboring china's crackdown on muslims. i'm with no end in sight should the government shut down u.s. president donald trump intensifies his battle with house speaker nancy pelosi we'll bring you the latest from washington. and for all the film buffs out there we catch
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up on the latest in general speaking of cinema as a film festival dedicated to up and coming talent and it's a kind of pension we'll have the details for you. so lots more coming up you're watching the dog news coming to you live from but in stay with us i'll have all the stories with the for you shortly. but. they're badly integrated the educated and the nationalistic. these are just some of the prejudices turkish germans face. him but the airlines really like and how do they really feel. it's surprising insights.
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chuck is germans in germany. in forty five minutes. where it's hard. when your family is scattered across the globe. comes up with the institute to do is sleep the book was returning back to the roots should get my mug. shot surely for some other news around the world to come want to go on. into systems. good family starts january twenty fifth column t w hijacking the news. where i go from the news being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good first is evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china church people are told it's that simple
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and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about the fear and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. finding this point golf and i'm working. this news coming to you live from berlin i'm a retired shima pleasure to have your company our top story german foreign minister heikal mohsin the cast streets is now open for shipping on remediation bible and then the streets became a flashpoint between russia and ukraine two months ago russian foreign minister
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sergei lavrov said moscow has accepted a proposal for german observers to monitor the strait. and not to kazakhstan where the foreign ministry says neighboring china is allowing some two thousand ethnic kazakhstan renounce their chinese citizenship and leave the country the move could be a sign that beijing is feeling the growing backlash to its crackdown on muslims in the region for several years down china has been running a massive surveillance of detention campaign in province which borders on kazakhstan it's imprisoned as many as a million people there and so-called reeducation camps in addition to forced labor detainees say they're also subject to political indoctrination we now have this report from kazakhstan the human rights activists are working to draw attention to the suffering these camps are causing and helping affected families. every day
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hundreds of people crowd into the rooms of this human rights organization in kazakhstan looking for their relatives in the western chinese province of china jang traditionally millions of ethnic kazakhs lived there but now many are disappearing into so-called we have occasional camps all of them have a different place for good for of the project if a story that some people inside they get back some people who were inside the by. some people inside injured so many cases and we come back to the malls and solve. one of them kyra. he and others who've escaped have told human rights activists what's happening in the camps now here is claims that the daily routine consists of military drills and there's an atmosphere of total surveillance. everything had to be in a straight line and the corners perfectly folded if you didn't do it like this they
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would be you know it had to be four fingers wide and not a millimeter more. kyra to be a successful businessman he imported goods from kazakhstan to china the chinese authorities noticed him and accused him of propagating culture in china that's why he was sent to reeducation camp. they made us recite texts all day long about how great the government and the communist party are we had devout to be obedient and that we loved president xi jinping i had to sing songs about the communist party. that kyra has one of the few known photographs of a chinese internment camp it's punishable to take pictures that are now for the first time they were also drawings a young woman severely traumatized draws what she experienced in the camp including the constant surveillance she doesn't want to be recognized for fear of the chinese
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authorities and is in hiding with relatives in kazakhstan among. the gods were like wolves arrogant with cold eyes. they want to destroy our culture. they use methods reminiscent of china's cultural revolution he says this cause that research that's because one of the most important economic projects the new silk road crosses change on province does most of the chinese want to keep changing province quiet it's very important for them and many people there are of kazakh origin and they want to bring them under their control no matter what means they have to use to do it. just. since starting every education program and twenty sixteen the chinese authorities have also been using kazakh guards now for the first time one of these gods has fled. no longer wanted to be
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part of what he sees as an inhumane machine. the people like took to the camps look bad thoroughly shaken. we were also constantly afraid my colleague was deported to the camp because he had picked up a piece of paper with the words please help us written on his cameras filmed him so they arrested him and took him to a camp. here at this small human rights organization i'll tell you what they try to help by filming appeals by cossacks who are looking for their relatives in china they hope the world will finally lists. that report by big business turning to the u.s. now where raw is escalating between president trump and the democrats called for weak partial government shutdown in a display of presidential power trump refused military transport for an overseas
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trip by democrat house speaker nancy pelosi the move came off to produce he suggested postpone his state of the union address amid the shutdown one. the old this is trump mocks the midway point of his for your tongue the white house did obviously a washington bureau chief alexander from naaman looks back at what the forty fifth president of the united states has achieved so far. he has remained true to himself bragging about his accomplishments lashing out at his critics all thanks. to frank viewing the presidency through the lens all but television show presidents trump has been dominating the national conversation as no other of modern president has done before at the midpoint of his term he has grown more confident of his own judgment but he also seems to be more isolated no then at any point since he took office his administration has seen
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a record breaking turnover with top level officials and advisers leaving or being fired as the president continues to push through his america first policy the parish climate accord is simply the latest example of washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages. the united states it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel iran sanctions are very strong the strongest sanctions resolver imposed there will be a strong deliberate and orderly withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria some of trump's decisions come down to america some even shock its closest allies but no one should really have been surprised says can that's weinstein the president of the conservative leaning concent institute in he you trump is only delivering on his campaign promises the president
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is someone new to politics someone who both has outside the box ideas and a management style that is very unconventional not. particularly well too the way washington works. that's especially controversial dealing with. fueling speculation about. their relationship trumps two years in office have been overshadowed by the russian investigators focusing too much the on one question. the right not only does that work i think it's great that you're even worse. despite the russian approach most republicans are happy with their president praising him for bringing in conservative judges cutting taxes and fighting for a border wall thank you very much of this fight however could be just a preliminary skirmish in the current era of divided government and not just by
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a backlash against some of the president's policies the democrats are now in charge of the house of representatives with many freshman lawmakers eager to take on donald trump and we've seen how much more investigation is closing in on this administration and so this is this is why i like to. show house of cards because this is what he knows how to do is about creating distraction and chaos so that the american people are not paying attention to the real disaster that's happening in the united states and that the sastre being his presidency and that's part of why so many folks around this country voted for change and for change come to washington and that's the way it looks like. as to mulch us as events have been so far donald trump's first two years may ultimately low call comports to what happened. and that report was filed
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from joins me live from d.c. on its own are two very eventful years into the trump presidency as he could be a report he's been a very polarizing figure full many so why would a yardstick does one measure formants. it is very difficult to measure his performance in comparison to other you as presidents because he is not only a polarizing figure he's also a very unconventional president and i think it's important to point out that he has changed the way politics works in washington the way he attacks his opponents he has called senator warren pocahontas he has called joe biden crazy joe the fact that he doesn't have doesn't seem to have any problem spreading lies and making things up that all has change politics in the u.s.
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and i think it's going to stay with us even when donald trump has already left the white house and the government is in the midst of the longest bosh shutdown ever how much of it of this is a problem for donald trump right now. it isn't good for anyone here not for the democrats not for the republicans but according to latest opinion polls most people blame the president and the republicans for this ongoing shutdown and the longer it lasts the more difficult it will be for the president to find. a face saving way oh it's because there is no deal on the table there are no more serious negotiation going. on however it's also showing that he is determined to build the border wall to fulfill his campaign promises and
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that's something that can help him with his space meanwhile donor trump is already looking ahead alexandra he's all done as in his reelection campaign and reshaping the republican party in his image we continue our conversation let's take a look at what some republican voters have had to say and then think in fact the donald trump is the right man for a second take a listen. julian brothers bakery is a community fixture in this detroit suburb it's one of the few small locally run operations left every morning for the past forty eight years richard julian has put on his apron and served the neighborhood everything from deli meats to birthday cakes the bakery is also situated on the edge of a county that was pivotal for trump's victory mccomb county outside of detroit julian like some of his employees and many of his customers voted for trump he thinks the president's term has been good for his thirty employees and his bakery donald trump was. a little of this much of
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a stretch for me in the beginning but when he became the nominee for the party i backed him because he was a businessman this is exactly the sort of small middle american establishment that was at the heart of trump's campaign message to lift up the little guy and stick it to the elites. and celine light of an educator and a neighborhood resident said she was attracted to trump and his message in part because of how different he sounded the more i listened and the more i heard his. ideas. and. that's what i think and to watch how i was at first. the first debate i was almost inside one of my. you know it was just very interesting different and it wasn't state it was just different they don't love everything about him everyone we spoke with mentioned
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that his tweeting can be cringe worthy that maybe he has a tendency to speak without thinking and sometimes his personal life can be messy but joan for a bakery regular and lifelong michigan resident said despite everything she wants to see the president succeed i'd like to see him take us back to the days when people were people not units or objects or numbers classifications where people were people but we have respect for one another and. i like some of the things that he's strong on those are the moments. i just i really like the man and i want to see him continue with his goals and at least get most of them accomplished not everyone in the neighborhood is a trump supporter and some family ties have been strained. gary milburn an employee at the bakery has two daughters who do not like trump he says he understood their objections but he still voted for trump. the family is not thrilled with me because
3:45 pm
because you know i did vote for trump you know he has made you know different you know definitely many many excuse me many statements regarding our gravity women by the whatever and doing this and that which to me is a lot of you know a locker room talk. two years into trump's term as president the country is still divided there have been shocking announcement scandals treaties have been torn up but would these people heard from again. would you vote for mccain yes i was anything wrong i hope. for him again i want this to continue i would vote for him again depending on who is going to be running against at this stage a true republican challenger looks unlikely during the two thousand and twenty campaign and the democrats will have a tall order to win back the hearts of these voters here in julian's bakery it seems trump would have no trouble getting reelected her second term. you're telling now to alexander phenomena in washington examiner trump is going to win
3:46 pm
a second term to supporters because i think is the right man but there's also some talk he may not survive his current on and off. well you know i have the question of whether he's going to survive his term in office his first term on a regular since he took office and i have to be very cautious about it but it's sure that molar investigation closing in and with the new democratic majority in the house of representatives it's going to be very tough for presidents try and there are more and more democrats seem to be willing to start to impeachment proceedings however we have to say that president strong still has to support of his party and unless something something spectacular happen something spectacular comes out of the mall or investigation and the republicans are not likely to abandon their president. alexander phenomena. in washington great to talk
3:47 pm
to you. and now for some sports starting with the australian open tennis in melbourne melbourne has the largest greek community outside greece so they were big celebrations when a greek dish to fond of us made it to the round of sixteen and to block is when a greek restaurant on melbourne has named a souvlaki after him meanwhile one of the best matches of d. five so for my champion a muddy i shot a poor get past the defending women's champion carroty what's the akki and germany's leak bet the number two seed defeated german born astri and kim believe in straight sets losing just one game a great way to celebrate the first but. not of the been the gun which is back in action today after the winter break and a friday night match up takes place between hoffenheim and reigning champions bind
3:48 pm
munich the two clubs have had quite contrasting a winter training camps with byan once again choosing the warm weather of the persian gulf. biren have a tradition of holding their winter training camp in qatar but in recent years their form has been markedly better at this point in the bundesliga campaign their six points behind leaders brucia dortmund and face a tough test in their twenty nine thousand opener against hoffenheim they're the only side to have beaten the last two times they've hosted the champions and says it's going to be a very difficult we want to win in fact we must win if we want to increase the pressure on dortmund. hoffenheim are just one of four teams to brave the winter weather and stay in germany a win against biron on friday would be a welcome boost to a club just on the edge of a guaranteed european spot. and is biron will be under pressure on
3:49 pm
friday if they don't win the game then it's a clear message to the leading teams that they have to step even harder on the gas . but it looks. and pressing down on the gas pedal is exactly what biron need to do if they're to stay in with a chance of winning the bundesliga title for a record seventh consecutive time. these up riches from the festivities at the max food food festival in brooklyn invest in germany it's dedicated to promoting young german language films a gathering of actors directors and producers and passionate about keeping up with the very latest and freshest from the german. desk is here to tell us more about this festival welcome first of all tell me who
3:50 pm
is back to say he was a german director who's born in sa put can which is why they've named this festival after him and he was born actually max oppenheimer but he took a pseudonym very early on in his career just in case he failed he didn't want to embarrass his father he has a fascinating biography because as a jew he fled germany in one thousand nine hundred thirty three and settled in france where he continued to work for a number of years but then when just when france fell to germany. he moved to the us in one nine hundred forty one and made a few films there before returning to paris to finish his life so he made nearly thirty films in three different countries the best known of which are lahore and for instance or lola montez one nine hundred fifty five he said this is this is this is offensive which is dedicated to german language cinema why is it so significant exactly well it's the film festival in germany for young talent time and that means really young directorial talents or directors are allowed to submit
3:51 pm
either a first second or third film and after that they're considered to be into the business a lot of really great talent from germany austria switzerland and even from luxembourg gets discovered here and names like. faisal have all had stations there as young directors and it also has categories for mid length films and short films so it's a sitter fit place for actors to get some exposure and try out some new things in a slightly safer and vironment than the bigger. it's also happening for the fortieth time this year which is why we're focusing on it it started back in one nine hundred eighty with about seven hundred visitors and last year they sold well over eleven thousand tickets so it's it's definitely holding its own as a draw for cinephiles and it's done great things for germany so what is on the program this time and what should be be looking not oh ok so there are a lot of female directors i'm richelle this time around and incidentally nearly half of the producers in attendance are also women as i thought to tell you about some of their work because there's a lot of really diverse stuff
3:52 pm
a very experimental work out there will look at joy first which is directed by the austrian directors who buy them more to zion it's her second feature film and tells the story of a young nigerian woman who is caught in a vicious circle of sex trafficking and prostitution a very very realistic portrayal let's have a quick look at. the police not slowly. i don't want to have anything to do with the police like i don't want any trouble i don't want to get into any trouble. or. read from. the. news dot com i want to go out.
3:53 pm
in this game is the survival of the fetus that means if i have to commute my dates . and i don't trust you so don't trust me either only trust yourself. so the interesting thing with this film is that it is fictionalized but see what emerges i did a lot of research and she actually cast women who are familiar with this world and she says that actually to some extent they're even co-authors because they contributed a lot of their own experience to the screenplay which makes it a very moving piece indeed now the next one that i want to tell you about stood out for its very surreal approach it's the first feature written and directed by german director suzanne the hind and let's have a look now aren't you happy. he pushed him up. the key to you.
3:54 pm
it's. like you are all. a lot of interesting action there on sex as just another capitalist trap sort of the brutality of our post-modern society and the pressures that we all face to appear and feel happy so finally swedish director company in a has gathered second feature ever after she did it in germany it's a zombie film which is very unusual because women are not usually into making horror films it's almost two women who are fighting for their lives in a post apocalyptic world that is overrun by the debt.
3:55 pm
well believe it or not i measure how scarred present this kind of the future is both horrific but also hopeful but you have to watch the movie of course to see the video that has a very interesting in a diverse kind of range of films that are very very interesting mix and that of course is just a taste of festival on until this coming sunday wonderful and also also for women producers directors and cars and the market is definitely changing london for the new generation thank you very much kinder about being ready to us. you're watching the news that. the headlines right now u.s. president donald trump has refused military transport for an overseas trip by the democrats house speaker nancy pelosi it comes after suggested that trying to postpone his state of the union address amid an escalating battle over the
3:56 pm
government shutdown. and dealers foreign minister visiting moscow in a bid to break the deadlock between russia and ukraine on ricky the waterway into the back of germany has offered to send monitors to the catch straight which was the flashpoint between kiev and moscow two months ago. she has just begin the beguine i enjoy being with you about i. feel.
3:57 pm
badly integrated to be educated. yes a listing of. these are just some of the prejudices turkish geminids face that but they know it's really learned and how do they really feel. sick surprising insights. take us germans in general. in
3:58 pm
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and more determined to build something here for the next generation the idea is for the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. the. visited over the years live from. germany to britain twenty eight leading german personalities publish an open letter in the times newspaper asking the british people to abandon president stay in the european union we'll bring you reaction from london also on the program u.s. president donald trump mocks the second anniversary of the white house in the midst of a record was breaking partial government shutdown on the banks
4:01 pm
a standoff with democrats. back to business for the big names in germany as both of those legal went to break out.


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