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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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i. mean. this is de w.'s line from above and as u.s. president donald trump mocks two years of no bites house explosive new allegations that he directed his former boss him michael cohen to lie to congress about his dealings in russia now leading democrats say they will investigate also on the program. from germany where his boss leading german personalities published an open
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letter in the times newspaper asking british people to abandon threats and stay in the european views or to bring the reaction from the. german becomes like his country's sake it might explode the chinese tech giant huawei from its high speed i g network about incest it has concerns about national security. as helping the victims of china's crackdown on muslims human rights activists in neighboring conflicts to reunite families suffering from chinese government and the chinese government's oppressive policies in the countries from both western teaching. i'm phil gal welcome to the program. u.s. president donald trump directed his personal attorney my who come into nine
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congress this is according to a report by buzz feed news citing two unnamed law enforcement officers the president is said to the old admits to code to lie about plans to build a trump tower in moscow and supported a plan for him to meet with russian president vladimir putin to jumpstart the project last year by who cohen pleaded guilty to lie to congress about the development proposals president trump has repeatedly denied any collusion with russia. so let's get more from d.w. correspond a little solace in the washington welcome if these reports proved to be true how significant are they it's just another puzzle piece phil but this time it could really mean a change and a shift in thai it's according to the report as you just mentioned trump they reacted to michael cohen to lie in front of congress about the duration of these negotiations for his moscow construction project the moscow trump tower he said
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michael cohen said that the negotiations were finished by the time that all trump officially accepted his nomination as u.s. candidate for u.s. president and it turns out that the negotiations actually lasted until summer of two thousand and sixteen and that was just a few months before the actual u.s. elections took place now if that is turns out to be true these allegations that donald trump directed michael cohen to lie in front of congress and this would certainly be the strongest evidence yet for donald trump of being guilty for obstruction of justice so talk us through the reaction is there on both sides of the political divide. well for the democrats certainly this is a situation in which they are very happy to use all this new material against him we just have the chairman of the judiciary committee in congress saying that it's a crime to lie or to tell yourself or deny to lie in front of congress and then he
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also vowed that the committee would investigate and get to the bottom of these new allegations and we're also hearing once again calls for impeachment the strategy of the why and tell us it seems is to defend donald trump we just have the deputy press secretary there questioning the credibility simply of michael cohen. of course the massive boulder heading towards the trumpet ministration is the investigation where is that. well what we're hearing here and what we're really witnessing is a change in the tone of close allies of donald trump just a little while ago just a couple days ago rudolph giuliani the former new york mayor and her lawyer all fall a chump change his stolen changed his rhetoric here he used to rule out that either
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donald trump and his campaign had anything to do with collusion now he just said donald trump doesn't have anything collusion so really making it possible that collusion might have happened at least within the campaign. the crucial question here certainly is of donald trump was informed and involved himself that's what we're going to learn maybe in february as early as february when robert. might publish the results and his finding of the russian probe meanwhile the longest government shutdown in u.s. history continues and he signed it never ending. no signs of it ending at this point but there are there are signs that a majority of the americans actually are getting tired of it and that they actually see donald trump being the culprit that's what recent polls suggest critics
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also say that trump took these eight hundred thousand furloughed government employees hostage two to realize this wall at the at the southern border was met with mexico this is what the shutdown is all about and the polls also suggest that a majority of the americans doesn't even want that wall there are certain arguments against it saying that it would not fulfill. its obstacle it's what it what it would be billed for and now democrats all they have to do is just sit back and wait as more and more news emerge of government employees not being able to pay their rents not being able to to buy medicine and so the pressure is mounting on donald trump to give in and to find a compromise here in this problem of his silence in washington thank you. it was almost two years since that donald trump was inaugurated president later in the program we'll be taking a look back at he's twenty four months in office had
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a vat we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world sweden's parliament house reelected prime minister stephane la for my friend to a second term and a confidence vote but ended a four month political vacuum is social democrats and the greens will form a minority government with the backing of back to center right parties cross party deal was struck to keep the far right populist sweden democrats out of government. president trump has has canceled his delegations trip to the world economic forum in davos switzerland and this comes amid think turmel who is going with shutdown treasury state secretary steven engine was due to have been part of the u.s. delegation and. a more than twenty eight leading figures from german politics fought business and entertainment have appealed to the u.k. to abandon breck's at the open letter appeared in today's times newspaper and among
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the signatures of a new head of anger the machal c.d.u. party candidate camp canberra at the head of germany's social democratic party andre and knowledge and green party they don't rub how back now it reads after the horrors of the second world war britain did not give up on us it welcomed germany back as a sovereign nation and the european power base we as germans have not forgotten and we are grateful to have britain wish to leave the european union for the goat it will always have friends in germany and europe but britons should equally know that we believe in no choice is irreversible our door will always remain open europe is home we would miss the legendary british black humor but more than anything we would miss the british people are friends across the channel therefore britons should know from the bottom of our hearts we want them to stay. well let's go to london then i got reaction from i.t.w. our correspondent. welcome back at how has this letter been received
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well we don't have as far as i know an official reaction but it by any of the government figures but i've looked at the newspaper headlines and it has been reported even though it's not exactly had like news because there is so much going on in terms of brecht's it and it's an absolute chaotic situation where the u.k. is trying to figure out where it wants to go so it has been noticed for example the financial times the business paper said it's reflects a rising anxiety in berlin in terms of the cost of business so it's the fear of the heartbreaks it and this is a reaction to it then we have the sun the biggest tabloid they say they report well germany is begging us to stay in the you and similar the express and other tabloid and both the my leaning towards brics and they say it's a desperate desperate bid for britain to stay in the european union i haven't seen
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a lot of scathing criticism but it's certainly seen as something that is political and it's a political intervention so it's not just hard to hard by leading german figures but it is something that as the center comes from the center of british of german politics really well it's nice to be wanted do you think it's likely to have much of an effect. personally i think it can harm i have really haven't seen that people are extremely cynical about it here however we need to we need to wait and see how it plays out i think what britain is really hoping for and maybe this is a signal that it's giving hope to the british government that maybe germany might be pushing towards reopening somehow the withdrawal agreement so this is how some are reading this well is this a sign that they are making some more concessions however brics it tears will say
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well it also reflects what they've always said that german business is putting pressure on the german government and that they will continue to trade and also continue to pressure the german government to give really favorable conditions for britain so i think everybody is going to read in it whatever they want but i think you know on a human level and as a signal to the british people that i don't see how we can do much good mass in london thank you. i thought appeal from germany comes at the end of a roller coaster way cambridge politics with the historic defeat of the prime minister's back seat deal and then her government now only surviving a no confidence vote the situation remains deadlocks theresa may is due to present her plan b. next week so what is next for britain the w.'s allows shell to sic in london on some unexpected. london business as usual but wait was there something she oh yeah breaks it for to now have years now we
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journalists have followed the brits to debate parliament vote again and again and we spoke to analyst after analyst and we still don't seem to be much smarter about the outcome of that well maybe it's time to look for some chart of ways to find answers if you really want to know going on in the british capital ask the cabbies they are the keepers of the city's secrets the ones with the ears on the ground. the milner has been driving a cab for ten years and still scotians center on one thing in particular i mean that's all i ever talk about is. there is there is no subject not even not even football is just. what i believe what what what what i think is going to happen so what is going to happen to the fleet let's pull over for this one. the c effect.
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is coming in more people i would say all all interested in the in the. in having a second vote. ok that's a start but can we make this more concrete unlike politicians numbers never lie and to square that that british automakers of course had a major bookie company in london politics is a big money maker so what do people think about that who then. actually put their money where their mouth is. so out of all the options that the country currently faces that's a second referendum the punches think is the most likely that's followed by another general election obviously something that jeremy corbin would love and the least likely at the moment is actually an ideal breaks which is the odds of six to one punters do not think that is probably going to happen at the state but where money is won it's also lost and with breaks it all about winning let's find spiritual
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guidance maybe the ghosts of veteran church will have to answer to rule card reader of your must will see him on it's well connected in that area and he's getting vibes that prime minister to resign may is playing a game i think is going to make another pass the devil. i think she's going to look at we have your we have the devil we have temperance so the devil is all about me having contracts and making a pact and here are temperance is about connecting things and putting things together right and so i think she's going to find a way. to negotiate something. let's be honest the future of britain is still murky until that's resolved all bets are off. as to you through out business news with some of the humphrey not in the chinese company huawei coming under attack from all over the place from all sides indeed fail the german government saying that it may block war ways involvement in its
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future high speed five g. network citing national security concerns in response the federation of industry says until evidence is found no vendors should be excluded from the network the united states and other countries are keeping the chinese found a way from their fight the g. networks because all data security they say the company's links the government in beijing increases the likelihood of cyber espionage the u.s. is carrying out a criminal probe into the tech giants. well the c.e.o. of way arend saying say refuted claims of chinese government involvement take a listen. i mean. our company has never received no we'll receive orders from the government. we will refuse any order from the government. so why is why wait so controversial well a company was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven in shen's and by
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a former military engineer and communist party member and it began to sell telephone switching equipment to chinese phone companies and is now the world's number one provider of wireless network hardware now the company is private so that essentially means that doesn't have to disclose its finances while away says shares are divided between its eighty thousand employees in china who don't have real voting rights and critics claim that an elite core of manages controlled the company and coordinate with the government in beijing qual way denies that but the u.s. is now pressuring allies to exclude huawei as they roll out five g. networks so far japan australia new zealand and taiwan will all of these countries agree on not one of the u.k.'s largest carriers is also rejecting the company now germany remains uncertain with industry telling the government in five g. is unimaginable without while ways hard west say for more on this let's bring in
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our financial correspondent daniel who is with us now he joins us from the french but stock exchange and then you want to trade is where you are make a four way. well i had another little bit divided about this issue in general they think that chinese tech companies such as who are way that they are very interesting for them on the other hand they also are telling us that they think it would be too risky if for example. and vodafone those are the two big telephone companies here in germany if they really continue doing business with a company and you know to invest a lot of money because yes there could be the risk at the end there then the investment is not going to pay off so there's some concern here from investors and seemingly in stark contrast to all of that we're seeing some growing optimism over upcoming trade talks here between the u.s. and china tell us more about that. yeah exactly i guess you can see it in the
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background the blue chip index texas making quite a jump today we are here in the green with more moves more than two and a half percent at the moment also the dow jones in. the united states is rallying in the green with more than one percent this is happening after it seems to be possible that's what we're hearing that there could be a compromise in the ongoing a trade conflict between the united states and china this is also happening after already yesterday the fine and secretary of the united states stated that that he is considering a proposal to lift some or maybe all u.s. tears on china's goods in order to get an agreement with beijing in the upcoming weeks we have to remember that by the end of the month the chinese and u.s. officials will be meeting again to talk about trade and how to do business in the future financial correspondent daniel cooper to frankfurt stock exchange thank you i'll have more business news here in a short while for. thank you have
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a look now germany's foreign minister has urged russia to destroy a controversial missile system in order to save a nuclear treaty with the united states i told masses in between moscow his russian counterpart sergey lavrov is the ma said russia could still salvage the bilateral intermediate range nuclear forces treaty which has been in place since the soviet era the us has demanded that russia destroy its stockpiles of nine m. seven to nine missiles by february claiming that they violate the treaty. let's get more detail there's a correspondent in moscow and we should have been welcome by emily tell us more about the outcome of these talks well phil the i.n.f. treaty that you just mentioned was certainly high on the agenda today and in one sense both love rough and mosques who met today kind of stuck to their positions in russia's case even stuck to their guns russia said again that it did not violate
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that treaty and that that missile that you mentioned did not violate that treaty for also said that the russian side had offered to the u.s. to actually show them the missile and that the u.s. was absolutely refusing dialogue germany on the other hand mosse today said that that. that basically the accusations surrounding those violations aren't new and that this is basically too little too late but he also had some concrete suggestions on arms control let's take a look. at the ins contract is not enough it's also important that we put control in general only international agenda i'm committed to this even though i know that it's a tough task and over this rise this is the start one. it seemed today that mosque was in a sense preparing for. for the us leaving the i.n.f.
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treaty he suggested an international conference next spring on arms control where as he said all several countries could discuss first of all regulating the new weapons including as he said cyber weapons and also that conference could get into the fold of arms control not only russia and the us but other countries including as he said china and love are off said that he was open to collectively discussing the question of arms control so that could be a sign for progress coming up on arms on that arms treaty heiko must travel to kiev later for talks with ukraine's foreign minister one presumes that tensions between russia and ukraine behind jens as well yes absolutely and when it comes to ukraine also had a concrete suggestion he suggested or he proposed
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a written proposal to lover off today put that forward to the russian foreign minister about observers french and german observers on the current strait who would observe that the sea and make sure that the current strait remains open and that was a suggestion that we actually saw last year as well but this was being put into writing but judging from judging from the reaction from the russian side today tensions are likely to continue between ukraine and russia rove did say he was open to observers but his tone when it comes to ukraine was rather negative throughout to say the least i mean surely in moscow thank you. of the government of the democratic republic of congo has rejected a call from the african union to delay the release of final results from the country's contested presidential elections there you says it has serious doubts about the votes congo's that actual commission has named opposition candidate
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fixtures a key to as the winner but runner up martin for who has filed a court challenge demanding a recount. in the message from the african union and i desire bieber was unequivocal they say the time isn't right for the democratic republic of congo to make the final announcements of the election results. super. bowl ever also the situation on the ground has fortunately remained generally come so far it's remains highly foraging to put it bluntly serious doubts about the conformity of the results proclaimed presses and continue to haunt the minds of the congolese and their brothers and friends around the world will lead. the part of the. the african union has stepped up its diplomacy on the d.s.c. in recent months it wants to dispatch a high level delegation next week to kinshasa that's provoked an angel of reaction
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from congo who accuses him union of failing to recognize the independence of the country's constitution and. the call to set tool on an appeal by the defeated candidate in the simplest presidential ballot. has demanded a recount of all moves here not just elections front and they become deal between declared winner of it it's just a kitty and the current leader joseph can't be the. question of how well have the last ten years treated you in terms of looks sorry to hear about this week the ten year challenge are spread across social media like wildfire with users and scilab digging into their archives to share photographs of themselves side by side one from ten years ago and one from now for most it has been an excuse to shock off how well they have aged but the hashtag is also being
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used for something all the more serious actors are trying to use it to raise awareness about political and environmental issues a social media would reach all over this giant welcome here we have another bout of nonsense to sweep. yeah an embarrassing right it's been quite fun to say oh these these cringeworthy pictures people are posting over the past couple of days and you're right though it's a bit of a humble brag people showing off how much better they look now off to after ten years but some of been twisting this challenge to tell us all about what they really feel is important and that the top is climate change and global warming and for example photos like this highlighting things like the degradation of coral reefs this particular photo we haven't verified but it is an example of the types of pictures that people are sharing a loss over the past few days. is he is an example posted by green pace of the amazon rainforest i say he it took night shift thousands of years to create this
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and humans have destroyed it in less than ten years and one of the un's global education initiatives posted this photo of the wrong in this we stop comparing two thousand and nine to twenty eight tame showing its melted out quite an alarming right so some sobering ten year challenges out there but environmental groups are using it to inform us about global warming and what are the causes is being used to promote one of them is hunger and the huge attention that's being given to combating willed hunger over the last ten years and for example mary's meals is a scottish charity that helps provide meals to children around the world in need and says now it's been able to feed a million more children than it crude ten years the gari elsewhere though the challenge is being used to highlight destruction across the middle east in places like syria to what dates of privacy should we be suspicious of the ten year
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challenge well look i think it's healthy to be suspicious around any type of main but if we look at facebook for instance one thing we should have learned from facebook over the last year it's multiple privacy scandals is that facebook harvests and makes money off it and so people are thinking well now facebook has pictures of us from ten years ago and now is that compiling them all together and creating a database to facial recognition software for example and didn't plan these facebook says no it has nothing to do with it it's got nothing to gain but i think it's healthy to be skeptical about anything like this but feel i think the times come now we need to do it come to a new challenge of our own maybe if you could look in one of the cameras and i drew with zoom in there it would go festival bill. back to fill. look quite married i feel i was quite married. actually yeah i want you yeah it's my turn i think the moment of truth for me is coming. here we go where as mine
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there we go it's me from. times square new york twenty five year old made me think that we had agreed it was a. ten year challenge done and dusted well done well it will come back in another ten years and see how good you look it's not a treat thank you so much you're watching the d.w. news live from. other stuff it just has. european stars deliver rousing performances. extraordinariness something else to me. concept this is the time line.
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of. a music. mistake she's going to listen to. she can sound good and. so by. people who put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine. people make fun about the economic and political problems. in mozambique the state that you have so you. and you're right it's how people call the thing they do different things. as a journalist i talk about these folks and that binds me to less local she and i
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lecture staff one day by checking email to all those jokes finding out what people are talking about. my father taught me how to ask and confront above questions about my country and about to book that describes i keep going to the state my name's maddie's from and i work at. this is live from above and until going to top stories at this hour meeting german personalities have published an open letter in the times newspaper asking britain to a plan to wreck certain state in the european union among so signatures you have a chance of i'm going to see you on a credit card of. us democrats say they will investigate new allegations of
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president trump directed his former full interview by the congress the report by buzz feed news claims mr trump ordered michael cullen to lie about plans to build a trump tower in moscow. raise latest allegations come the president marks the for the midpoint of his four year term doubly as a washington bureau chief alexandra has this look back at the first two years of this tumultuous trump presidency. he has remained true to himself bragging about his accomplishments lashing out at his critics. to fake viewing the presidency through the lens of a television show president's trump has been dominating the national conversation as no other of modern president has done before at the midpoint of his term he has grown more confident of his own judgment but he also seems to be more isolated no
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then at any point since he took office his administration has seen a record breaking turnover with top level officials and advisers leaving or being fired as the president continues to push through his america first policy the paris climate accord is simply the latest example of washington entering into an agreement that disadvantage. the united states it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel iran sanctions are very strong the strongest sanctions resolver impose there will be a strong deliberate and orderly withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria some of trump's decisions come down to america asked some even shock its closest allies but no one should really have been surprised says ken that's weinstein the president of the conservative leaning consul
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institute in he you trump is only delivering on his campaign promises the president is someone new to politics someone who both has outside the box ideas and a management style that is very unconventional not. particularly well to the way washington works. especially controversial dealing with. fueling speculation about the issue and made their relationship trumps two years in office have been overshadowed by the russian investigators focusing much of the on one question for the right not only did i never work for russia i think it's great that you're even worse. despite the russian approach most republicans are happy with their president praising him for bringing in conservative judges cutting taxes and fighting for a border wall thank you very much of this fight however could be just
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a preliminary skirmish in the current era of divided government and not just by a backlash against some of the president's policies the democrats are now in charge of the house of representatives with many freshman lawmakers eager to take on trump and we've seen how much more investigation is closing in on this administration and so this is this is why i like to. show house of cards because this is what he knows how to do is about creating distraction and chaos so that the american people are not paying attention to the real disaster that's happening in the united states and that the sastre being his presidency and that's in part why so many folks around the country voted for change and such changes come to washington and this is what it looks like. as to mulch us as events have been so far. two years
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may ultimately low call comforts to what. is already organizing his reelection campaign. has been to detroit to mates of republican votes of stock to. bed for a second regardless of truly and brothers bakery is a community fixture in this detroit suburb it's one of the few small locally run operations left every morning for the past forty eight years julian has put on his apron and serve the neighborhood everything from deli meats to birthday cakes the bakery is also situated on the edge of a county that was pivotal. mccomb county outside of detroit julien like some of his employees and many of his customers voted for trump he thinks the president's term has been good for his thirty employees and his bakery. much of a stretch from. when he became the nominee for the party. because businessman
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this is exactly the sort of small middle american establishment that was at the heart of trump's campaign message to lift up the little guy and stick it to. an celine wide event an educator and a neighborhood resident said she was attracted to trump and his message in part because of how different he sounded. her. first. they don't love everything about him everyone we spoke with mentioned that his tweet. can be cringeworthy that maybe he has a tendency to speak without thinking and sometimes his personal life can be messy
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but joan for earning a bakery regular and lifelong michigan resident said despite everything she wants to see the president succeed i'd like to see him take us back to the days when people were pay paul not units or objects or numbers classifications where people were people we have respect for one another and. i like some of the things that he's done on those for the moment. i just i really like the man and i want to see him continue with his goals and least get most of them accomplished not everyone in the neighborhood is a trump supporter and some family ties have been strained. gary milburn an employee at the bakery has two daughters who do not like trump he says he understood their objections but he still voted for trump. the family is not thrilled with me because because you know i did vote for trump you know he's made you know different you
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know definitely many many excuse me many statements regarding i grab the women by the whatever and doing this and that which to me is a lot of you know a locker room talk. two years into trump's term as president the country is still divided they have been shocking announcement scandals treaties have been torn up but would these people vote for trump again and. would you vote for mccain yes i would anything i hope. well why. don't i want this to continue i would vote for him again depending on who he's going to be running against at this stage a true republican challenger looks unlikely during the two thousand and twenty campaign and the democrats will have a tall order to win back the hearts of these voters here in julian's bakery it seems trump would have no trouble getting reelected her second term. kazakhstan now where the foreign ministry says neighboring china is allowing two thousand ethnic
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cassocks to renounce their chinese citizenship and leave the country the move could be a sign that beijing is facing the growing backlash to its crackdown on muslims in the region for several years china has run a massive surveillance and detention campaign in a province which borders. and imprisoned as many as a million people in so-called reeducation camps as well as forced labor detainee subjected to political indoctrination we have this report from kazakhstan where human rights activists are working to draw attention to the suffering these camps are causing and to help affected families. you know every day hundreds of people crowded into the rooms of this human rights organization in kazakhstan looking for their relatives in the western chinese province of china jang traditionally millions of ethnic conflicts live but now many are disappearing into so-called reeducation camps all of them have a different story different the project the fish story i've some people inside to
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get back some people who were inside that by the side or side some people inside injured some of the case and we collected the walls and solve all the facts so that one of them kyra. he and others who've escaped have told human rights activists what's happening in the camps here explains that the daily routine consists of military drills and as an atmosphere of total surveillance. everything had to be in a straight line and the corners perfectly folded if you didn't do it like this they would be you know it had to be four fingers wide and not a millimeter more. to him. to be a successful businessman he imported goods from kazakhstan to china and the chinese authorities noticed him and accused him of propagating culture in china that's why he was sent to reeducation camp. they made us recite texts all day long
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about how great the government and the communist party are we had to fill out to be obedient and that we loved president xi jinping we had to sing songs about the communist party. kyra that was one of the few known photographs of a chinese internment camp it's punishable to take pictures there and now for the first time there are also drawings a young woman severely traumatized draws what she experienced in the camp including the constant surveillance she doesn't want to be recognized for fear of the chinese authorities and is in hiding with relatives in kazakhstan from. the guards were like wolves arrogant with cold eyes. they want to destroy our culture. they use methods reminiscent of china's cultural revolution says this kazakh
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research that's because one of the most important economic projects the new silk road crosses change on province first. the chinese want to keep changing province quiet it's very important for them many people there are of kazakh origin and they want to bring them under their control no matter what means they have to use to do it. just. since starting cation program and twenty sixteen the chinese authorities have also been using kazakh gods now for the first time one of these gods has fled. no longer wanted to be part of what he sees as an inhumane machine. the people like took to the camps look bad surly she can. we were also constantly afraid because my colleague was deported to the camp because he had picked up a piece of paper with the words please help us written on his album because in the
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cameras filmed him so they arrested him and took him to a camp substance in the below because this is without on the homefront now on the massive building projects in sri lanka the fighting opinions that's right phil the country is set to get a brand new poor city and the land reclamation for the project has now been completed the cash for the project came from china and it's an awful lot it's actually the largest single foreign direct investment in sri lankan history at around one point four billion dollars it's part of beijing's belt and wrote an issue saving can asia europe and the middle east but not everyone in sri lanka is convinced about the project. the port city has been doubt because new dubai your fish will name is the international financial city especially konami zone with its own business friendly tax regime and regulations. an estimated one hundred million cubic meters of sand when needed before building
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construction could even start thousands of tons of sand when moved from sri lanka's coastline for the new port city it's being loaded by the country's leader is a great achievement. he said technology. and we don't want to pick people if you look one project this can't be the embassy. and it comes at a hefty price for sure lanka local fishermen say it's destroying marine life and their livelihoods. they environmental damage is changing the region's ecosystem some environmentalists say the excavated stand alone is worth more than double the project's entire budget of one point four billion dollars so while many are celebrating a milestone some sri lankans are concerned the project's potential economic and ecological damage is just beginning. well global stocks right now a bosky in the first piece of somewhat good news say fall this year when it comes
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to trade there are hopes of a breakthrough in the tariff this between china and the u.s. if you countries hold the next set of trade talks at the end of this month u.s. president all trumps previously said the tariffs a good for the u.s. that american businesses see things slightly differently. signs of a deterrent and the markets rejoice signs of an escalation they panic no relationship has so much power over investors as that between the united states and china. the latest report that trump may be ready to lift the tire of sea imposed on beijing sent markets across the u.s. and asia. but the joy maybe try mature it was only two weeks ago that trump was extolling the benefits of tariffs john is not doing well now and it puts us in a very strong position we are doing very well but we're taking it in billions and billions of dollars and i hope we're going to make a deal with china and if we don't they're paying us tens of billions of dollars
7:46 pm
worth of tariffs it's not the worst thing in the world but the behavior of the markets and the performance of many u.s. companies tell a different story earlier this month apple's decision to slash its revenue forecast on weakening demand for i phones in china made headlines around the world but it's far from the only u.s. company finding it difficult to weather the conflict in the first ten months of last year california's wine exports to china were dying fifteen percent tiffany missed its last quarterly sales target due in part to a drop in chinese tourists spending carmaker for its latest figures show a thirty percent drop in exports to china and even barbie maker model says business in china is slowing. trade tensions are far from the only problem u.s. businesses are facing in china a more general slowdown they're driven by domestic issues like
7:47 pm
a cooling property markets are putting pressure on bottom lines too but cordial ties between washington and beijing are the foundation businesses need to feel confident about the future. the pictures from going fast times is upbeat max ophuls film festival in sa procrit in western germany itself dedicated to promoting the german language films for not just directors gathers together actors directors producers the public but he's passionate eyed keeping up with the very latest from the german city. kind of concept protesters here to tell us more welcome carol but let's start with much of for those who say i'm saying yes well he was a german director who was born in south park and so he's one of their very famous sons he was actually born max oppenheimer but he took a pseudonym very early in his career just in case he should fail massively he
7:48 pm
didn't want to embarrass his father so that it's got all that he has a fascinating biography because as a jew he fled germany after the nazis came to power in one nine hundred thirty three and went and settled in france actually became a french citizen and worked there as a director and then when france fell to germany in thirty eight he had to be or in forty one of leave it was he had to leave to go to the states and he worked there in hollywood but eventually came back to france in forty nine and he has made new thirty films i guess in three different countries and the most famous one would be level among tensors that she may have. no no no but considered a modern a classic let's say guest national action and that's to my watch list that was why this festival is so significant because it's the film festival in germany for young talent and by young talent i mean digger directorial talent and young directors can and enter either a first second or third film until they're considered to be well enough anchored in
7:49 pm
the business of a lot of great talent from germany austria switzerland even luxembourg gets discovered here and it's also quite categories for documentaries midline films and short films so it's a terrific place also for actors to get some exposure and to do some that were. king and and try a few things out in protected setting than the bigger festivals like here in berlin and it's also happening for the fortieth time this year which is why we're talking about it and it started back in one nine hundred eighty with only about seven hundred visitors and those numbers have grown consistently and last year they sold well over eleven thousand tickets so it's definitely holding its own in terms of drawing a real crowd of cinephiles and it's done great things for german film right tell us that what's on the program won't start ok so interesting this year is that is the high number of female directors and incidentally half of the producers who are actually in attendance are also women so i thought i'd tell you about some of their work because it's incredibly a really diverse field this year very experimental joy is directed by the
7:50 pm
australian direct austrian director stories who buy them or to zion that is her second feature film and it tells the story of a young nigerian woman caught in a vicious circle of sex trafficking and prostitution in vienna and so it's quite a realistic portrayal it's. moved. slowly. i don't want to have anything to do with the police like i don't want any trouble i don't want to get into any trouble. that i am. really it's my first marriage. please stop the car i want to go. in if you can't is the survival of the fittest that means if i have to be off my
7:51 pm
debts i will and i don't trust you so don't trust me either only trust yourself. so the interesting thing with this film is that it is fiction but sue moore says i did a lot of research and she was actually able to cast women who are familiar with this world and so she says that to a certain extent they're almost like co-authors of her screen tonight because they contributed a lot of their personal experience to some improvised scene so the next one that really stood out for its incredibly sue real approach is the first feature that's written and directed by german director susanna hein place so let's take a look at aren't you happy. for obama. this. he pushed him up and none of us and on key t.v. i'm. sure. who is.
7:52 pm
oral. like you are all. now and goes on to become very humorous there's lots of reflection there on sex as just another capitalist trap and sort of the precarity of our post modern society and also the pressures that we're all under to be happy that's an amusing one and finally swedish director catalina has got second feature is called ever after and it is as only film which is quite unusual female directors aren't sort of typically into horror and it follows two young women fighting for their lives in the sort of post-apocalyptic world that is overrun by the undead.
7:53 pm
yes pretty quickly pretty quickly quite yet never a dull moment in time looking at the moment i guess apparently has got presents that future is both horrific and hopeful but i guess we have to see the movie in order to figure out how that works anyway it's on until sunday of this festival stop looking. kind of not going to sleep tonight but i don't like us or like us very much trying to it's pleasure to come to some sport this weekend seems the point is they can reach out for its winter break league leaders dortmund are up against at leipsic in saturday's late game after an impressive first off the campaign dortmund could five be stopped by a munich run of six consecutive one just look at titles. there's plenty of anticipation endorsement they sit comfortably top of the table with
7:54 pm
a six point lead and complacency may be their biggest rival going forward and italy has is it's a good situation to be in but we know there are seventeen more games in that it's still a long season ahead there are big challenges and difficult games to play especially in the next few weeks pressure to perform don't mean dominated the opening half of the season with fast paced entertaining play they'll have to hit the ground running straight away with their first opponents fourth placed leipsic coach lucian five or expects a tough away trip. this is. dangerous in possession but also on the counter-attack they can also play a long. transition really really quickly he communions and there's not much else to say about life there are very good team is in the stands never to mention dampening the mood somewhat is the recent illness of captain marco royce cossar is also only just coming back from injury together
7:55 pm
they've scored twenty three goals over half of the total the team also looked shaky in recent friendly matches. the christmas season then new year's eve then you spend time at a sunny beach in dubai or somewhere and you look at the table and everyone is passing you on the back as. perfectly normal for the tension to lessen then but not affect us. we must maintain off with the same approach we had my first half of the season in. statistics point towards a successful second half of the season men have led the league three times at the halfway mark and each time they won the title not a bad omen. look at this this is deep blue she's thought to be the biggest great white shark ever recorded when she
7:56 pm
was spotted off the coast of hawaii some shocked researches thought it be great fun to just jump in with a don't worry probably she just a bad she's just been feeding on a sperm whale and so she left the divers alone goff is back at the top of the hour could leave you now with these pictures have a good day. the be the be. the be. the be. the big.
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the be. the be. the be. the be. the big. shoes european stars the bruising performance of the book. extraordinary the sun a calculate the balance is. the best
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to keep the bowl. going to the boss. to become farmers or engineer every one of. so nothing is just that the children who have already been this all a n.i.c.u. and those that will follow are part of a new the princess. they could be the future of cologne a it will be. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for minds. celebrate one hundred years of college and join our photo competition show us the photos movement impacts your world for
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on t.w. . plain plain. plain . this is news from berlin tonight in washington the whispers of impeachment is getting louder as u.s. president donald trump marks two years in the white house a buzz feed news report contains explosive new allegations that trump directed his former lawyer michael cohen to lying to congress about his dealings in russia now leading democrats say they plan to investigate also coming up
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a letter to britain from germany with leading german personalities publishing.


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