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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CET

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this is date over the news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump makes an offer to end a government shutdown on the table legal status for hundreds of thousands of undocumented undocumented immigrants for a board of the area but will a position democrats play ball we'll go live to washington also coming up in. poland bids farewell to the popular liberal mayor of the dumps who died monday after being stabbed at a charity event pavol adama bitch was laid to rest in the city where he was born
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and where he government. plans from crushing poverty take capital of culture and italian city wants to write it as a national disgrace is in the midst of a nice songs. i'm rebecca rich's welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has offered democrats a deal on immigration in a bid to end a partial shutdown of the u.s. government trump said he would provide temporary protections for some undocumented immigrants in return for funding for a barrier on the southern border with mexico thousands of government employees have been either furloughed or working without pay for almost five weeks in a budget dispute with the democrats over the proposed border services it was most immigrants unknown in the u.s. as dream is. migrants brought
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a legally to the country as children trump offered to extend protections they receive in u.s. law on a temporary basis let's hear some of what donald trump had to say three years of legislative relief for seven hundred thousand doctor recipients brought here unlawfully by their parents at a young age many years ago this extension will give them access to work permits social security numbers and protection from deportation most importantly. well for more let's cross over to deities my weight in washington my democrat said they were going to reject this proposal even before the president spoke what was trying trying to accomplish. the politics of a government shutdown are all of bout who gets the blame because ultimately whoever ends up with the blame on their head is the person who's going to have to give up
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whatever they were trying to accomplish by shutting the government down and right now in the scheme of us political football the blame is solid solidly on trump's shoulders it's even shown that there are some of his base is starting to crack and peel away over the pressure on these government workers eight hundred thousand people who as you said are currently either working without pay or not working at all so this was his attempt to put the ball back in the democrats' court so to speak he was offering them really something that should have looked very attractive to a lot of democrats specifically as we were talking about and t.p.s. something that i'm sure a lot of his advisers said this is something the democrats can't say no to because it's something that so many democratic lawmakers can behave campaigned on those protections for people who may have come to the country illegally and so this was him saying look i'm willing to come to the table i'm willing to deal i'm willing to give you something that you really want something that your base really wants in
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return you have to give me that something that i and my base really want and the day of democrats are simply rejecting this out of hand perhaps thinking that they have enough political clout to withstand something like this so an attempt going well but hasn't what options are left on the table now. that is an extremely good question we're now in the the twenty ninth day this time zone of people living without a paycheck and it really looks like both sides are making overtures to look like they're opening up to have inside the really just digging in further to entrench their political positions it is still very politically expedient for the democrats to say no we're going to reject this because this wall the idea of this border wall with mexico that's changed so many times it's something that democrats can so easily run against and it's still very easy for them to say nope we reject this and democratic voters will love them for it so no sign of it letting up. in washington
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thank you very much a lot of. leading figures from poland and the european union are in good dunk today paying their respects to the city's late mayor puddle and dumb of it was fatally stabbed while on stage at a charity event last sunday the murder of the liberal politician is believed to have been politically motivated a dime of it is being remembered for his civic engagement and for his willingness to speak up for what he believed in. even the cover innocent babies church could provide enough space for the mourners and get done sgt thousands lined the streets to pay their respects to puddle of the movie which their former mayor and among whom bloodied liberal values at a time of political run couldn't poll and some which was the watch the service on specially erected big screens a mood disorder there was fear for the future. it's very sad that we come together here under these circumstances we can to lower society to be devoted to the
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assassination last sunday shoulders exactly where that leads. to. i'm here to take a stand against aggression in our society and because they want to honor the man who was our mayor for twenty years. they're going to. see our society is rife with aggression nationalism and then if i see it every day just inside the church the polish prime minister looked on as the archbishop of good turns echoed the calls for unity seeing at the moment his death was a bell calling for alarm. the presence of european council president and ex polish prime minister donald tusk himself advanced native was a reminder to the to move which is continued belief in the european union. he was a good done a poll but also a european who believed in european values above all freedom and solidarity.
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the movie was laid to rest on saturday in the city in whose service he had spent his life many hope that his violent death allegedly at the hands of a political opponent will prove a catalyst in healing the country's divisions. now turning to mexico now where officials say at least sixty six people have died and dozens more have been injured after a fuel pipeline exploded the disaster happened about one hundred kilometers north of mexico city residents from the town of twelve collecting fuel from an illegally tapped pipeline when it exploded in a huge fireball the blaze has been put out but rescue services are continuing to examine the site. forensic teams face a painstaking task after the deadly explosion that has left a community in shock. the ferocity of the blaze means that many of the suspected victims are charged beyond recognition it will be very difficult to find and
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identify them because as we could see their bodies are completely barner many families came to despoiling during all the morning to find some monsters that they didn't and find and because of that the desperation and provoke some and never situation with the house or it is. the families fear their loved ones were among those gathered unable to resist the temptation of free gasoline the fuel was spraying from a pipeline operated by pemex mexico's states run petroleum company cried soon came to fill their pails and jerry cans. a couple of hours later an explosion and a fireball engulfed the scene witnesses said many of the victims were covered with flames as they ran for their lives for now it's not clear what triggers the explosion but a single spark is all that it takes. there were hundreds of people collecting
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gasoline which was coming out of the pipe on the one hand they needed it but it was also bad judgment. we know the risks of gasoline it is very explosive the tragedy comes just weeks after mexico's newly inaugurated president launched a crackdown on past from the country's vast network of fuel pipelines. their mexican president. said in sudan the sixty six people say that they will continue to fight against the oil traffic in who will increase their number of units the government says thieves often driven by poverty to old peasants of illegal tops last year those tops often lead to fires and loss of life though this tragedy is the deadliest in recent years. now to some of the other
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stories making news around the world thousands of hunger ins have come out across the country to protest prime minister viktor orban government they're furious about a new labor law allowing employees to ask workers to do up to four hundred hours of overtime a year critics say the law effectively introduces a six day workweek. french police have again clashed with so-called yellow. yes protesters in paris security forces used tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators hurling rocks and bottles it's the tenth consecutive weekend of anti-government protests in france president emmanuel macron has launched a nationwide listening to it to address the protest as great as grievances. kristie was in spain have begun drilling a tunnel in a bid to rescue a two year old boy who's been trapped in a well for six days the child fell down an unmarked well shaft near the set city of malaga nearly a week ago but until now conditions were not favorable to begin drilling.
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in motorsports make sure america the son of seven time formula one world champion michael schumacher has joined ferrari's academy the move would see him link up with the team where his father became a legend of the sport as part of the training program he'll take part in ferrari's pre-season testing. it's the most successful name in motor sport make sure makar is well on the way to following in the footsteps of his illustrious father michael. liked at the junior schumacher started out in karting he raced under his mother's maiden name in an attempt to avoid any unwelcome attention but by the time he arrived in formula for the first level in single feature racing everyone knew who he was two years in that series were followed by a season in formula three and with it a european formula three title breaking through with the premier to becoming famous
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in his own right. it's unbelievable when you think this is just for me i'm somehow a bit ok i'm not used to it and. this season make sure america will compete in formula two with premier known for its links to ferrari. that's the same for each team with which father michael won five of his seven formula one world titles. sparks were sleeping giants of motor sports and was adored trip by the team's legendary fans of course with the schumacher name comes pressure even though his manager has for years been trying to keep that in check. minus from my point of view obviously i must ask that people don't set their expectations too high a state and most moment at the moment he has so much to learn that it's really a question of gaining experience on the race track and putting the media attention to one side. all roads point to make sure macas eventual progression for formula
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one and the sport father michael dominated. these hoping success runs in the genes. the italian city of metairie has kicked off its year is the european capital of culture once one of italy's poorest cities metairie is in the midst of a tourist and is poised to play host to a variety of cultural events in twenty nine taking at the core of the city's turnaround of its ancient cave homes wants to ride it as a national disgrace enough fueling a mini renaissance. materie marked the beginning of its tenure as europe's capital of culture with a nighttime celebration today the city of sixty thousand residents is best known for its ancient cave dwelling. but in the past materia had a reputation for high levels of extreme poverty. located in an economically
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backward part of this really materials raise of infant mortality used to be fifty percent living conditions were cramped up until the one nine hundred sixty s. residents often lived side by side with farm animals inside the cold and caves but now there is optimism a terrace fortunes will be brighter yes i'm hopeful that things will change now our children have long departed i hope that more jobs will be attracted. since the one nine hundred ninety s. many of material houses have been turned into holiday homes luxury hotels constructed for well heeled tourists like terra should not turn into a kind of disneyland that would be its downfall it's a fragile city. for italy's prime minister giuseppe conte material has become a prestige project but for the people of this engine city its new status as
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european capital of culture is an opportunity to turn materials dream of a prosperous future into reality. well that's a news wrap for now well coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's dot com thanks for joining me. i'm not laughing. because sometimes i am but they stand up with the camera don't think they think the general culture. will take this grandmother down to eat it all that. time rachel join me any. time for an oak creek. furniture grows all by.


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