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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2019 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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subscribe to the documentary on you tube. this is deja vu news live from berlin clashes break out into athens as greek nationalists protest against a name change by a neighboring country. there against a deal under which a greece would agree to its northern neighbor calling itself north macedonia a greek parliament is due to vote on ratifying the unpopular agreement in the coming days we'll go live to athens for the latest also coming up. donald trump
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comes up with a plan to end the longest government shutdown in u.s. history and to get his mexican border wall built but the democrats say no we'll tell you why. and the democratic republic of congo's election crisis deepens the constitutional court confirms phoenix she said katie's victory in last month's presidential vote but his main challenger is calling for protests we'll go live to can shasta. and the death toll from a pipeline blocks in mexico rises to seventy three hundreds of people were collecting fuel from an illegally tops pipeline in the town of town but it exploded . nick spicer well. to the program we start in the greek capital athens where
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nationalist groups are protesting a deal to settle a nearly three decade old name dispute with macedonia under the agreement struck struck last june greece's northern neighbor would rename itself the republic of north macedonia in return athens would drop its objects units to the belt balkan country joining nato and the european union but the deal has been hotly contested in greece prime minister alexis to press narrowly won a confidence vote in parliament on wednesday after his right wing partner left the coalition to protest the agreement now for more on this joined by correspondent and in athens what are the protesters demanding. bank of action right now i'm going to. be back at it i don't need. to. get you there.
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ok we appear to be having some problem with that internet connection will be coming back to athens as soon as we can to give you news on those demonstrations about the name change for greece's northern neighbor that's moved the united states u.s. president donald trump has offered democrats a deal to end the longest government shutdown in u.s. history speaking from the white house trump said he'd compromise on immigration plans as long as they agreed to fund his mexican border wall but the democrats rejected the deal before the president even delivered his speech there's more this was the president's big big to end the shutdown help out some immigrants already here in exchange for keeping more out. three years of legislative relief for seven hundred thousand. right here.
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or deferred action for childhood arrivals is an obama era program to prevent deportation of undocumented minors brought to the u.s. trump had been trying to end it now we keep it in place at least for now he also said he delayed deportation for those who have fled war and disasters two issues for democrats but what did he want in return. for strategic deployment of physical barriers or. the the. most ardent supporters want him to deliver on a key campaign promise a border wall with mexico but democrats aren't taking the bait swiftly rejecting the deal house speaker nancy pelosi called it a nonstarter she criticized for failing to offer permanent protection for undocumented miners the showdown over trump's border wall has led to the longest federal government shutdown in u.s. history hundreds of thousands of government employees have been forced to leave
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without pay for almost five weeks the democrats offer but hundreds of millions of dollars of security isn't enough for the president the shutdown will go on until the two sides can agree or one side gives in. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world residents of the northern irish city of london derry have been evacuated after a suspected car bomb explosion police in the city also known as derry say there are currently no reports of casualties after the blasts on saturday night leading politicians say the blast could have been terror related fear of a renewal of decades of sectarian conflict has been mounting in northern ireland since the vote. rescuers in spain have begun drilling a tunnel in a bid to rescue a two year old boy who has been trapped in a well for six days a child fell down an unmarked well shaft in the city of malaga nearly
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a week ago but until now conditions were not favorable to begin drilling. and we return now to our main story the demonstrations in the greek capital and i'm joined by correspondent. who is reporting on the demonstration against the name change greece's northern neighbor previously known as macedonia and the what are the protesters demanding. well they simply want the name not to be given to fist northern neighbor not to donia they refused to relinquish. exclusivity and came to the name because they believe that it harbors territorial designs on the greek province in northern greece of the same name and they believe this also amounts to cultural fact. linked to the first place one of greece's most revered ancient warriors alexander the great so they are
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demanding in athens today that the government press ahead with a referendum so that the people who wish and the people's will can be hard and they are saying it is a fundamental democratic right it's unlikely though that it will be hard and that the government will press ahead with the controversial vote on this. and potentially push it through parliament. we're now looking at some takes years of the demonstration as it is taking place live in athens one of a similar nature a year ago gathered one hundred forty thousand people have numbers on the exact size of the demonstration for our viewers when it becomes available can you give us a little bit more of an explanation about what this name change dispute was about and how hard it was to come up with a deal. it's been extremely difficult and it has been it's a very hard. impact on coast guard the border but as far
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as greece is concerned it led to the collapse of the government with the coalition last week quitting the coalition because of his refusal to accept this name change deal at the same time greece has vowed the prime minister has brought that he will deliver on this deal saying that it will help stabilize the balkans because it will lead and pave the way for macedonians entry into nato and the european union which is something with which the west wants to achieve to block russia is designed to keep the influence. and a tight hold of the balkan so it's a hugely controversial issue here but more than politics simply to greeks it is an issue of identity and they fear that if they get that name. that they are practically giving up. their identity. tell us does the parliamentary arithmetic
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favor the prime minister can you get this through. yes he can he got government officials that i've been speaking to say that he does that hundred fifty one majority vote needed to push in this three hundred seat condiment will be badly enough to push to be a group but it will come with a huge consequence in across political costs for the prime minister that may inevitably leads him to what he's been avoiding which is not relaxing the election i had a plan in october so a lot riding on this thank you that is due. in athens reporting. in a move now to the democratic republic of congo and the dispute over last month's presidential election which is deepening the country's constitutional court has confirmed a victory of opposite opposition leader haiti's she said katie dismissed
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a challenge by his rival martin for you know who says he's the real winner election observers from the catholic church and results leaked to the media both indicate the one dozens of people have been killed in unrest since the provisional election results were released but she said katie insists he won fair and square and says he has brought democracy to congo. the congo we are going to build one to be had divided congo filled with height and tribalism. and this is the culmination of the struggle of congo its founding fathers and it is the beginning of a new struggle one in which i willing gauge the congolese people. did it correspond to wendy it back she is following this story for us in the congolese capital kinshasa wendy to security calls this the arrival of democracy in congo to the congolese think so. hi everyone yes he aimed
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a democratic republic of the congo yesterday i mean just like when the constitutional court gave yvette the saying that you think it is becoming just defies president of the congo everybody was happy to know that people was waiting for the change there was waiting for coverage as to who when you ask a question to people in the street like we have very happy to have a great event and we hope that we bring change like employment end up and they will give in good condition go here i mean to give the for the moment when when come maybe in the future months people we have another story and that's the point of view but for the moment really really well when come. but as concerns mr for you who has the catholic church behind him and some data analysis notably by the financial times and other observers is this battle over to see have a way to fight back for what he claims is his victory. marker for you to say here
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today during his press conference that only one if you make president and i think that for the moment. because it's a given his last words and matter for you to don't have actually goes tools to fight this decision even if you say that you think it is not the legitimate president the court has given these last words so maybe he's waiting for the arrival more of the village and here in kinshasa but it's a complete level and that level i think everything is and out but we need to wait for what the states of a few weeks is more right so the african union delegation arriving tomorrow will be looking for that into talking to you when the bashing can shut concetta thanks for that. thank you champion roger federer the thirty seven year old swiss lost
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a twenty year old safe and has to see fights a greek player with a big following in melbourne because of that city's huge greek speaking population germany's already kemba was knocked out of the terminal by american danielle collins won the tournament in two thousand and sixteen and it was the second seed this year. and australia is celebrating actually barty's three set when over maria sharapova bharti is her country's top ranked women's tennis and cricket player. and many kayo has retained his world boxing association welterweight title after a victory over american adrian brawner in las vegas and boxing fans in the philippines have been going crazy for their national hero. thousands of filipinos crowded into public parks in gym like this one in manila where local officials organized free screenings of the fight the forty year old prevailed with
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a unanimous points decision today president bridge office thanks for uniting all filipinos. you're watching the news coming up next the bundesliga show from sports. byron munich's big win on friday night the pressure on the league leaders to perform last night on what happened in that and all of saturday's match ups on the been asleep. i. don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use to send us photos and videos from your part of the world. and that's your join us again at the top of the hour or you can check
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