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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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w. . this . greek nationalists protest a deal to change the name of their country's northern neighbor they say changing macedonia to north macedonia would be an affront to greek identity greece's parliament is due to vote on ratifying the agreement in the coming days we'll get the latest from athens also coming up. a car bomb explodes in northern ireland prompting memories of a traumatic past police make arrests while politicians warn against
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a return to sectarian strife. not one but two no shows for nigeria's historic presidential debate neither president. nor his main rival take part in the televised event this comes just weeks ahead of nigeria's closely watched election. welcome to the program and we start in the greek capital athens where nationalist groups are protesting a deal to settle a nearly three decade old name dispute with macedonia under the agreement struck last june and greece would approve of its northern neighbor renaming itself the republic of north macedonia in return would drop its objections to the balkan countries joining nato and the european union. but the deal has been hotly
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contested in greece prime minister alexey c. prost narrowly won a confidence vote in parliament on wednesday after his right wing partner left the coalition to protest the agreement. for more on this i'm now joined by george george a couple of freelance reporter in athens georgia what are the protesters demanding . the protesters demanding that the government does not approve very international deal signed last summer which he's going to be put to fundamentally vote on thursday or on friday next week they insist on. greece's northern neighbor not using the name macedonia in any way. what's in a name can you explain to our viewers what this dispute is all about you know the feud is about the engine the name of mustard on which he's about for millennia old
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and it's supposed to carry a huge baggage of history and culture for the greeks. another nation another country he's a user base he's trying to monopolize and briefings that may also contain some threats against greece and stay dirty and integrity. although the greek prime minister it's the process now needs to muster enough votes in parliament to get this massive don't macedonia deal through is the parliamentary with magick in his favor. you do from the fifty's when the world comes for play study it looks like there's only a narrow majority to ratify the deal even if that means that the government party is going to need some votes from centrist or left more than five people even
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a greek parliament ok thank you that was george george in athens reporting. and now on to some of the other stories making news around the world eight people have been killed in southern afghanistan after a suicide car bomber attacked a convoy carrying the governor of logar province most of the victims were security personnel the governor and another official traveling in the convoy were not hurt. the democratic republic of congo's constitutional court has dismissed presidential candidate martin for you lose challenge to recent elections for you who has demanded a recount after opposition leader sick eighty one amidst allegations of electoral fraud dozens of people have been killed in unrest since provisional results were released. and jihadists linked to al qaida have attacked a u.n. base in northern mali killing at least eight blue helmet peacekeepers the sunday
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morning attack occurred in the town of law the u.n. says peacekeepers killed several of the attackers and are pursuing the rest. to northern ireland where a car bomb rocked the city center of the city of london derry also known as derry on saturday night there were no reports of casualties police suspect however the blast was carried out by a dissident irish republican group known as the new ira two men have been arrested and leading politicians have condemned the bombing fears have been rising that the political turmoil surrounding bracks it could lead to a return to sectarian violence in northern ireland and nine hundred ninety eight he still known as the good friday agreement largely brought an end to that violence now joining me here in the studio to break this story down for us is d.w. report oh pablo foley ileus pablo tell us first what do we know about this blast well you've just seen the images there pretty shocking stuff what we do know is that the police have arrested two men in their twenty's in connection with this
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bombing in the center of derry what happened was a pizza delivery van was hijacked by two armed men a couple of hours before the bomb attack which took place outside the courthouse there in the city and d.p.s. and i that's the police service of northern ireland said it was a very significant attempt to kill people in the community and as you can imagine there's been widespread condemnation particular as we heard from the deputy irish prime minister. also the foreign minister he said he would be condemn the car bomb terrorism terrorist attack in derry this evening and he said there's no place or just a vacation possible for such acts of terror we also heard from a statement from the northern armed office stuff of course from. they said that the voices across the political spectrum are united he said it's intolerable violence and they want to move forward and build a peaceful future for all in northern ireland so you know the there was
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a lot of condemnation from this and the police also added that they believe the attack may have been carried out by dissidents a dissident republican group. known as the new ira the new arrieta who are they now the new iraq have actually been around since twenty twelve that's believed was what they believed they were formed it was formed by a number of dissident republican organizations and they said they were unifying under one leadership now back in one thousand nine hundred eight of course the peace deal was signed in northern ireland. ending. more or less thirty years of conflict in northern ireland we saw many people die in those thirty years and since then. things have been relatively peaceful in northern ireland there have been certain. moments of violence we'll say but basically many people have been there were voices back in one thousand nine hundred who weren't pleased with this deal now because things move forward in northern ireland those voices remain fairly quiet but of course now things with that are beginning to change of course we've
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got brags that it's also opening up the possibility of a border once again between northern art and then the republic of ireland so there are many open questions remaining over what the intentions are of that the new ira . is got a deadline and it's less than two months away we've got this violence that has been linked to the possibility of a hard new border casting our minds back the troubles as they're called killed three thousand people in three decades is there a danger of that kind of violence starting again if it doesn't happen the right well this is the fear of course. you know since the one thousand nine hundred peace till there has been there's been a fluid border we'll say between the republic and the north of our land and that in many respects is a sort of a symbolic for maybe a bit symbolic if you have once again. an actual hard border with you know military or police on the border because at the moment people cross the border several times a day in many respects and that's help people in northern ireland on both sides of
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the political spectrum to move forward you know we have seen relative peace so it is a big. cerned perhaps it brags that isn't isn't there isn't a deal reached on the hard border returns but we could go down a path that people really don't want to see and of course let's not forget that there's been no government in order for the past two years ok thank you. for that insight to nigeria now where the country's a much anticipated and first ever televised debate in a presidential vote was a flop audiences were surprised and disappointed when president. and his main rival both declined to take to the podium journalist friday getting ready for an historic moment judy as first ever presidential debate with the most promising candidates broadcast live on all major channels across the country but minutes before the speculation is building will the president himself show up it's not
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happens that's an increment would appear. to be. president. history. appearing for this debate. into editions of positive. politics. the event venue is filling up but no sign of. organizers say he promised to be here a presidential candidate for nigeria's biggest opposition party the p.d.p. has already arrived but now refuses to go on stage next candidates have been the vice president of nigeria now he's a businessman. very interesting this is live t.v. show anything and happen on live t.v.
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am performing or. i t cool later tweeted we came here for a presidential debates not a candidacy debate and i cannot challenge of question an administration where the man at the helm of the affairs of the nation is not presence to defend himself or his policies. so the podiums remain empty the p.d.p. and a.b.c. is now the two biggest parties in nigeria they are also the only democratic parties to ever rule the country. they have just simply announced the exit from the government. right always comes before. i am every time you believe that you have no need to tell the people what it is that you are going to do it means for you we're not there to serve them in the first case. the president is not known for being a talented speaker the seventy five year old has also suffered from health problems
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over the past few years many nigerians believe he dodged the debate after an embarrassing performance at his last live appearance at a town hall meeting on wednesday there he appeared anxious and struggled to answer questions. honestly. at the end of the presidential debate satisfied despite the limited attendance the other candidates did a good job the journalist says talking about the burning topics in nigeria education the struggling economy and security maybe a little course says some of nigeria's political underdogs might have a real chance now. tennis now a day of upsets at the australian open including that of defending champion roger federer the thirty seven year old swiss loss to twenty year old. a greek player with a big following in melbourne because of the city's huge speaking population germany's
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was knocked out of the tournament by american danielle collins won the tournament in twenty sixteen and was second seed this year and australia is celebrating ashley barty's three set win over maria sharapova barty is her country's top ranked women's tennis and cricket player. and bonus league of football now and leverkusen is poor start to the season led to a coaching change during the winter break new boss at taser bosch the former darkman coach promise to bring back an attacking style of football to the club but against third place mentioned glad back that style of play did not produce the need in goals. after a year away pets of bosses back in the. despite his debacle in dortmund this time last week guiding a talented leyva cues inside up the table his team wasted no time in trying to impress the new coach twenty seconds in having fallen just failed to connect with the cross fall into one of three strikers in the starting line up and behind him
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were union branch and kyle habits that pair would both involved in this chance brand with the crafty footwork have a still night by young zama. accusing dominated clad back sat back waiting for their moment to strike when they did it was a sucker punch from alice and ryan i nearly after thirty seven minutes prior scoring with brad backs first shots on goal. bush needed more potency from his side after the break. with more frustration the hosts missing a string of chances have it here and then caraballo robbie he needed just that little bit more. i played accusing finish with twenty two shots on goal the only stat that counts is the final score balshaw losing stout. maybe they had two chances in the whole game i think we had at least ten big
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chances but a fool in the end it's about scoring goals and we didn't so that's why there was a spin on for help because i'm really happy i was in the right place a couple of times three good points a great start to the year. you can rely on zama is a clean sheets of the season right back keeping pace with the title. and this. and that brings to an end your news summary from. mean. i think is everything challenging first on how to make a muslim. school much different culture between here and there challenging for interesting. traditionalists rather was worth the.


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