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this world this week on t w. this is d w news live from berlin clashes of robb's and athens as rican nationalists protest the deal to change the name of their country's northern neighbor they saying changing macedonia as a name to north macedonia would be an insult to greek identity greece's parliament will vote on ratifying the agreement in the coming days we'll get the latest from athens also coming up breaking the deadlock after m.p.'s rejected her plan to leave
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the e.u. last week british prime minister to resign may gears up to address arguments of a way to cause. the crisis in the democratic republic of congo deepens the constitutional court confirms felix she is a katy's victory in last month's presidential vote but his main challenger is calling for protests we'll hear from our correspondent in kinshasa. thanks for joining us. we start in the greek capital athens are nationalist groups are protesting a deal they say would rob greece of its national identity agreement settles the nearly three decade old name dispute with macedonia under the deal from last june greece would let its northern neighbor rename itself to the republic of north
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macedonia and return athens would drop its objections to the balkan countries joining nato and the european union greece's parliament will be voting on the controversial deal this week. protesters charged at the entrance of greece's parliament i guess police fire tear gas to deter them. right wing groups called for the demonstration against changing the name of greece's northern neighbor. and tens of thousands he did that call. he killed my stand that gun were entitled to a referendum for the name of our neighboring country no matter what the prime minister says he said they'll probably put a bush in a busy area because it's damaging for our country it will be good to solve the name issue but on our terms and for the good of our own country i look to god knows what it must get my get on yet from macedonia blood was spilt he has not sat down hands do not concede even a letter from the sacred name many greeks agree the name macedonia is part of their
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heritage it's also the name of a province and their country's north. creases naming dispute with its neighbor began in one thousand nine hundred one that's when macedonia emerged as an independent country from the disintegrating yugoslavia. greece objected to the name blocking macedonia from joining nato or holding e.u. accession talks. then last june the tide turned greek prime minister alexis tsipras reached an agreement with macedonia that the country would change its name to north macedonia now the greek parliament just needs to approve the deal . that's fueling protesters anger they fear greece's neighbor is robbing them of their cultural heritage who are might make territorial claims congress's own province of macedonia. i'm joined now by george
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george accomplice he's been following this story closely for us from athens georgia we just saw those dramatic pictures of protests it's clear that there's a lot of anger among. traitors but what about the population at large and how much support is there nationwide for this name change deal. not so much good looks like the mainstream view of the country is strongly against these deal with the former yugoslav republic of macedonia because it is not just the name over the neighboring country but also the provisions of overseas the i was a grad and so kind of my sedona in language and the so-called. nationality which the greeks object because they feel that the ropes and of their own culture and history prime minister surprise so he now needs the votes in parliament to get this macedonia deal gratified by the end of next week what do you think is he likely six to us succeed. he's likely to succeed it looks like besides of
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a one hundred forty five deputies of the ruling by the of syriza there will be at least five or six centrist or fenders left that he does who we were with in favor of that the other and. it would be a surprise if by the end of that week we do not have the confirmation of the deal by the greek parliament. all right george stuart accomplice in athens thank you very much. british prime minister theresa may has been holding cross party talks to try and find a way forward and breakfast her plan to leave the e.u. was rejected by a huge majority of british lawmakers earlier this week and she's supposed to present a proposal on how to proceed in parliament on monday may is adamant that she wants to deliver bracks it warning that it's parliament's duty to implement the will of the british people trade minister liam fox has accused pro e.u. lawmakers of trying to hold the bracks
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a process we've got to leave population and to remain parliaments parliament has not got the right to hijack the brics a process because parliament said to the people of this country we will make a we make a contract with you you will make the decision and we will honor it what we are now getting are some of those who were always absolutely opposed to the result of the referendum trying to hijack bricks it and effect steal the result from the people. joining me now john wirth political blogger in berlin has been closely following all the ins and outs of that he's also a member of the german greens john we just heard there liam fox he's accusing pro e.u. british lawmakers of trying to hijack it is that a fair accusation of her accusation atoll what the members of parliament are trying to do is actually trying to feign find a way out of the current crisis they're essentially saying we know the government's plan is not working what other options are there this is a typical line from of from liam fox he's essentially been very loyal to reason
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a recently so he's just essentially defending his boss with ok now theresa may she needs to bring a majority of lawmakers over to her side now she has to break this deadlock is there any sort of proposal that she could bring to the table on monday to achieve that in a word no there is no plan b. . she has essentially just kept on repeating what essentially was plan a which was essentially the deal that's on the table with some minor tweaks to it there is no hope of that managing to pass parliament it was defeated by two hundred thirty votes last week and not some minor changes around the edges i'm not going to change that so no one actually really knows exactly what she can put forward tomorrow and indeed even based on what's been written online today and also some sources and some quotes from some british journalists it looks like most of the ministers don't even know what's going to be put forward tomorrow it looks like it will be the same reason megan just digging in essentially saying i'm going to try to deliver on the will of the british people so i have no hope tomorrow that there's going to be much change ok so if there isn't much change potentially she doesn't get then
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a majority of parliament to support any sort of updated deal then the e.u. u.k. could crash out of the e.u. if this isn't proved now one option to avoid that is dealing let's take a look at how that work. the united kingdom could delay its departure from the union by asking the e.u. to extend article fifty which currently set as march twenty ninth but that would require the agreement of all twenty seven other member states european politicians have indicated that delaying brax it is an option german economy minister said such a request would be reasonable. but german chancellor angela merkel cautioned that an extension must come with new ideas from may on how to break the impasse french president emmanuel mccall has also hinted that an extension is possible but he's
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warned the e.u. will make no fresh concessions to the u.k. . e.u. officials are said to be expecting a request to delay it but there would be complications if the delay lasted more than three months because the u.k. may then have to put forward candidates for the european parliamentary elections in may. ok so that's how it could go down how likely is it that is delayed i think he's extremely likely because it's clear that britain does not want to know deal crashing out on twenty ninth of march and it's also pretty clear by now that finding any acceptable deal to have breaks it in an orderly fashion by twenty not to march is equally very very difficult so what's your only option delay but in the clip we just saw there the point from from angela merkel is very very relevant the european union would give a delay but it doesn't want the brakes approaches dragging on a normal norm essentially the response from brussels is likely to be if there is a request for a delay yes but we will give you the delay tell us
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a timeframe britain please where you can find a way out of your own political crisis that's what brussels and indeed all of the other twenty seven you countries are going to be looking for ok time is ticking john worth political blogger thank you very much ado for now to some of the other stories making news around the world two men have been arrested over a car bomb attack in northern ireland londonderry police say they suspect the so-called new ira militant group to be responsible to the attack authorities received a warning better than a device had been planted outside the city courthouse no one was injured in the blast. in colombia thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of the capital to protest violence and terrorism it comes three days after a car bombing at a police academy killed twenty one people colombia's president. has blamed the leftist rebel group or the. jihad is linked to al qaeda have attacked
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a u.n. base in northern mali killing at least eight blue helmeted peacekeepers the sunday morning attack occurred in the town of look the u.n. says peacekeepers killed several of the attackers and are pursuing the rest. in the democratic republic of congo the dispute over last month's presidential election is deepening the country's constitutional court has confirmed the victory of opposition leader felix just a k.t. it dismissed a challenge by rival martin for you lou who says he's thrilled when election observers from the catholic church and results to the media both indicate that for you lou one dozens of people have been killed in unrest since from provisional election results were released but kadian says that he won fair and square and says he has brought to democracy to congo. the congo we are going to build one b.n. divided congo filled with height and tribalism and. remember
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this is the culmination of the struggle of congo's founding fathers and it is the beginning of a new struggle one in which i willing gauge the congolese people. earlier we spoke to d.w. correspondent wendy bashi who's been following the story for us from kinshasa we asked her what the congolese make of the court's announcement and if this was the end of the battle over the election outcome. over until then would wait. there was waiting for everyone who acted the. most of the people at the city the people who were defending you could be right if you said no you can't and then school the people would. mind if i said i was very upset and wait for the deming. be there for you to actually if you take the court go you made
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a point of view i think everything and this is the end because the. court was there last. week that would be waiting for go now here in this country everything at the national level and level everything and. to tennis and it was a day of upsets at the australian open including that of defending champion roger federer the thirty seven year old swiss lost to twenty year old stuff on those sets of us a greek player with a big following in melbourne because of that the city's huge greek speaking population was celebrating germany's under league cabo was knocked out of the tournament as well by american daniel collins' caballe won the tournament in twenty sixteen and was the second seed this year and australia is celebrating actually barty's three set win over maria share r.t. as her country's top ranked women's tennis and cricket player the bundesliga is
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match day eighteen is done and dusted so let's take a look at all the results at berlin came away with a commanding victory against durham back table toppers dortmund beat leipzig there is that win against liverpool isn't a mindset so down stuttgart funk for dominated freiburg dusseldorf snuck past it and braman one against one over we have by munich beating hoffenheim on friday night and the shock of ran out as victors against the. and reminder of the top story that we're following for you right now thousands of greek nationalists have been protesting in athens against a deal to change the name of their door their neighbor they say changing macedonia's name to north macedonia would threaten greek identity. that's all the news we have for you right now from her len join us for another
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update in one hour and you can follow us any time on facebook or on twitter that's a news or on our website dot com thanks for watching. a. little. school girl. or first economy most of them in dollars grand moments arrives. join the ranks you know on her journey to freedom. you know we're interactive documentary tour of the regulating returns home on the d w don't come tanks.


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