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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2019 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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and if i will show you these. these are mind of the top story at this hour britain's prime minister theresa may has presented have backup plan for rejecting calls for a delay beyond the end of march and saying that she'll hold more talks with coalition partners with the e.u. they did force a deal. that's it you're up to date on a movie about the top of the hour and of course more on the website they don't. have a good decision. this you know i mean in your mind. why don't you know but i'm. not going to sit there. going on what they're being funded. celebrate one hundred years of
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culture and join our photo competition show us the photos movement impact your world for a chance to win one of three life cameras follow us on instagram tag and post your picture using hashtags powerhouse one hundred so get snapping. find all terms and conditions d w documentary on instagram. china post the slowest economic growth since one thousand nine hundred ninety sparking concerns about the knock on effects for the global economy is it time to pack your bags in iraq. also coming up debt has been growing for a decade across all major economies now a new study shows we're at the brink of collapse and my. put the dead brakes on
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before it's too late. this is your. business update on. china's growth rate has slipped to its lowest point in almost three decades fuelling a knock on effect on the global economy prompting questions behind the slowdown and the rest of the world should be worried. once upon a time chinese economic performance wasn't global news those days are long gone the country's growth right now act as an indicator for the health of the entire world's economy no wonder then that this announcement was so hot the anticipation. according to preliminary estimates the total value of china's g.d.p. was ninety point zero three trillion you won the mind to to a six point six percent year on increase that figure outstrip the anticipated goal . six point six percent it may not sign
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too shabby but take a look at this a decade ago chinese economic growth was hovering around ten percent in the year since then it's slowed steadily and what's worrying investors is that no one knows when that decline is going to end the reasons for china's slowdown are manifold domestic issues like a slowing property market are putting pressure on growth but even more worrying to the global markets is the continuing trade dispute with the united states the two countries are currently holding a ninety day truce which their leaders agreed to after dining together at the g. twenty summit in argentina. further trade talks are set to take place next week but after months of volatility a resolution may still be far off a further escalation could have a dramatic impact on the chinese economy potentially setting in motion
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a decline in the rest of the world too. so let's bring in our financial correspondent on the buy in singapore a new figures there are terms growth are actually the slowest since nearly thirty years how much alarm is there in asian markets. well look again market performance in asia today get hard you'll be hard pressed to find any sign of along with most numbers on the up but that doesn't mean that isn't concerned obviously the us street where the trade will that the u.s. has sickened at all on china's growth china post its weakest number for q four in the last decade a six point four percent. number there is another deep rooted cause behind this low pace of growth and that is this is china's really chronic debt pile that's been picking them for years and investors are not entirely convinced that these first stimulus measures that were announced last week including tax cuts as well as an
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easing of bank lending policies are going to help in the near term drag in singapore thank you very much. and there just mentioned the concern about chinese debt and exactly that is another issue weighing on investors' minds right now the extraordinary high level of debt across major economies a new study just out from the bill back bank and the hamburg institute of international economic warns a new economic crisis could be looming and many countries are carrying dangerous levels of debt let's have a closer look at that among industrialized nations japan has the attack in terms of debt it ballooned to more than two hundred thirty percent of g.d.p. up from one hundred eighty three percent just ten years ago it's not for the strong if not for its strong export economy markets would be punishing japan much more the us second has also climbed to around one hundred six percent of g.d.p.
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there's been a fifty percent fifty percent hike from two thousand and eight levels rising interest rates will only make servicing that debt more expensive and donald trump has lowered taxes and last but not least the eurozone isn't exempt it's high debt levels would stand out even more if its biggest economy germany hadn't gotten its house in better order over the last few years southern european countries have much higher debt liabilities than germany so let's bring in having furcal is a senior economist and director at the hamburg institute of international economics who coauthored this study any year warning about these high levels of debt what would happen and if it indeed thinkable that any of these economies can default. yeah i think so this problem has been overlooked so far by markets but we have seen that in the aftermath of the global financial crisis in two thousand and seven and eight sovereign debt ratios has increased by almost thirty percentage points to
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over one hundred percent of g.d.p. so now we face a situation where a dad overhang is combined with monetary policy operating at the lower zero bone but now we are at the beginning of a global economic downturn and interest rate increases so this problem can increasingly become a huge problem for the global economy so and in the situation we have with a lot of uncertainty on the markets this could easily lead to kind of contagion among other major economies really you know believe that we're actually standing at the brink of the next big economic crisis. well not yet but in in the medium term i think so because this uncertainty of these sovereign debt ratios are are compromised with. national governments that are
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well rely on on very short term oriented monetary and economic policy. so trust is undermined by all these governments so the combination of all these factors the consolation is likely to trigger not a debt crisis but probably a banking crisis or currency crisis and there is a strong into a connection between all these kind of crisis so. well we should have a closer look on that levels and well. take care of it because we on the downturn of the global economy and if the economist director of the institute of international economics thank you very much. the president of it was because tun is in berlin today president mr you know yes wants to boost time with berlin once known for its repressive regime it is now opening its doors to the
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rest of the world and introducing liberal reforms the construction boom has hit the city are smart and not everybody is happy about it. tradition for progress past a future. look like the backdrop of a beautiful fairy tale this question is more topical than ever. like almost no other city in the past soviet space samarkand is known for its ancient architecture and to the survival of tradition but could this fairy tale of a thousand and one nights be over if more skyscrapers are built here. authorities have been building in some account for the past year. more than apartments are desperately needed as well as luxury shops and large hotels his son's third largest city is preparing itself for large numbers of tourists from around the world but they are building for more calls as well an entire district
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made up of sixteen storey buildings modern living made in a speck of. this man is getting more than some of its new form. the architect. is coordinating the construction work. no imports. lives new political and economic impulses can be seen most clearly in the construction industry and landscape architecture and in order culture. is. one thing is very important to write him all of that some account becomes a greenaway says like in the middle ages during the famed silk road where the city was situated. on behalf of our president so we're drawing up a general plan for some i can't are made objective is to restore our history and she says that's not true story. this story goes beyond fairy tale backdrops to that
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part of the old city where some account residents live some people here are afraid their homes will be demolished to make room for the beautiful new tourist world called some account city critics of the ambitious project for year the boundaries of the old tom will be arbitrarily changed according to the investor's needs. because that's what happened when i was back was part of the soviet union. and was minister in the eighty's a lot of industrial companies were built in the city center many old buildings had to be removed twenty five percent off the center was demolished and that's why i see the development of the city differently so-called buffer zones should not be used for high rise buildings they must not destroy the silhouette of the city. or the absolute. i can say with absolute certainty that at least according to our
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general plan some account will be rebuilt like a single city monument so that everyone who comes here feels like they're in an open air museum. open air museum with plenty of space to live hopefully a modern dignified life at least that's the vision of the urban developers of some account the question now is whether their plans can become reality. that's it for me and the business team more do follow us on facebook and on twitter you underscore business if you don't already do that there's cause more news coming out of the talks on the two states you drive now for eco india that's up next right here on the d.w. just after this. market up to. come.
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to light. this is the way to give folks of work. there's nothing. to engineers from germany said there has to be a more efficiently and removing. deal with. most
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of the next. goal. read the real talent resides. i come from the loss of people in fact more than a breed in which you can lead launches democracy that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations and making the sun so. much an issue the book is fried chicken blood and after the ford focus but in one i remember thinking at the time if i'm black. in balkan forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a while. but i do the news that often confronts difficult situations war conflict screen disaster i see despite my job to confront but leaders on policies and
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development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most hunger to security of precious martian isolation. or not has been achieved so much more needs to be done and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is on the tachyon and i work at g.w. . you know. hello and welcome to tomorrow today your science show on d w coming up this week the story of whales and how they grew so large. is this the protein of the future a micro algae facility that grows and alternative to meet. and modeled on the
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galaxy a german team has revolutionized good driven systems. but.


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