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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2019 10:30am-11:46am CET

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berlin metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth. on t.w. . get it out of the. room. this is deja vu news live from berlin renewing their vows france and germany prepared to sign a new pact of friendship building on times that stretches back through history but will the new agreement help to overcome the many challenges now facing the e.u. we'll have live coverage of the start.
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us for this special coverage of the signing of a new treaty between france and germany the two neighbors hope the agreement will reinvigorate the relationship at the very heart of the european project at a time when that project is facing numerous challenges it's being called a pact of friendship and aims to lead to greater cooperation between the two countries on a range of issues including security and foreign policy the ceremony taking place in the west german city of often it's a place that has played a key role in the long history of both these two nations and europe as a whole. getting live pictures right there will this new treaty supplements commitments made in the lease a treaty in one nine hundred sixty three let's take a. closer look at the key features france and germany want to remain the drivers of
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european integration they pledged to work towards a unified foreign and security policy they also aim to deepen economic ties and promote sustainable growth within the union now the two governments will also work towards promoting cultural ties between germany and francis of course includes student exchange programs and reaching out to young people through the digital media another goal is to curb climate change and encourage sustainability both at home and abroad now they pledged to meet the targets as part of that set out by the paris climate accords and finally both governments will foster cross border cooperation name to reduce the bureaucratic hurdles that are in place to promote closer ties between both citizens and businesses. in a moment we'll be talking to our correspondents about this new pact but first let's
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take a look back at how the relationship between paris and berlin has been evolving. and. france's president the man you're my corn is really speaking german and the german chancellor angela merkel is speaking french. during their mutual visit to the french german youth center last summer they were clearly among friends but it wasn't always this way. shortly before the end of the second world war french soldiers moved into southern germany this after hitler had occupied and humiliated france for years german soldiers became french prisoners of war and it looked as if these tried and true enemies would always be at war with each other but the head of the french military troops was charles de gaulle and ten years later when he became president he had great plans. while at his private country residence called on billy do that please he shook hands with west germany's post-war chancellor. and in nine hundred sixty three the two of them signed
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the elizee treaty of german french friendship. president to go all want to do join forces with his german partner to become a world power and eighteen years after the end of the nazis the young west german republic wanted to return to the community of nations and to new friendships with their european democratic allies the west german celebrated. the key to the newfound friendship with young people who were untouched by the hatred that motivated their parents the german french youth project was founded and even today it brings together more than nine million members from both countries through its exchange program the chancellor and the president planned a common political agenda in europe and the world good friends valid a just god and helmut schmidt found a coalition of the seven. most important industrial nations in the world the g seven. inviting eighty four president francois emitter all and chancellor helmut
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kohl shook hands and very close to the graves of the first world war they wanted to show europe but the worst enemies had become closest of allies. today germany and france continue to meet daily to discuss european policy. even cooperate militarily on weapons programs and in conflict zones such as in mali. it's an alliance that eighty years ago nobody would have thought possible. so where is today's relationship headed standing by for us in often our correspondents max hoffman and michele acosta our good morning to both of you the location for this signing today is of course highly symbolic how is it contributing to today's event. well brian indeed it is highly symbolic you see the at least part of it the town hall of auckland behind me and mark my words this is
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at least part of it over a thousand years old so when this was started building the europeans hadn't even gone to america yet so that's how old it is and it's also in course in the city of charlemagne who is also seen by many as the father of europe and yes you can say there's probably no place in the whole of the european union that would be more symbolic than the town hall behind me but symbolic is just the word for this many criticize this new treaty as being just symbolic and actually not having what it takes to really make a difference with us is already criticism in german parliament take it from the green party but also the liberals here whose blog a man who i might call us almost has joined for these upcoming you elections that it simply doesn't go far enough that it doesn't go beyond that agreements that the two parliaments have already struck a couple of months back so we hear
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a lot of grand words about future cooperation particularly when it comes to defense when it comes to issues like cross border security and the most detail we actually see on that cross border corporation where the xylo and a region that borders on the german side towards france wants to become a truly by lingle german state so redy packed. this ng in a very small. detail what the european union initially sets out become which is an f a close to the union but of course who sit on the table it's very far from oh ok this does mean of course a lot as you mentioned for for france and for germany bilaterally especially in those euro regions you're talking about but what about for the european union in a broader sense will it will it change anything for the e.u. . it's important for the european union to have
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a functioning german french engine that has been studying in the past years especially before michael came to power than a lot of people put their hopes into emanuel the french president and i'm going to have many colder back than the queen of europe thought this would be the ideal couple to manage getting that engine started again to deal with the problems the many problems that the european union to say seeing at the moment including for example things like greggs but then they discovered we're not necessarily on the same page for many of the policy issues so in maine now this might be a renewed effort to change this at the moment at least but i mean those differences remain but one thing is clear without a strong german french engine the u.s. always had problems going forward. absolutely and when you look at issues like that intense that joint group that will now gather to define
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a common defense policy but also that key issue of how to unite defense industries at the major sticking points to what is known as tesco the aim to have a common european defense so in a way it's a little bar a treat to see what the europeans can actually make some headway on this and there's no glossing over that particular so germany and france are still miles apart when it comes to issues like defense export policies we saw that with the example of saudi arabia would be in direct response to that stop exporting any kind of defense goods and france didn't so there's a lot of intentional paper a lot of symbolism but the big question is still how much of that will leap off the pages and be translated into concrete policy ok we're getting on live in just right now the chancellor of germany. arriving there at often city hall as you mentioned a famous building steeped in history max. we're waiting for
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a microphone we understand to arrive as well you know we were just talking about a joint even foreign and security structure of max that's the cornerstone of this new treaty that plan what would it look like in practice though. you know we really have to wait and see if this is the cornerstone of this treaty because. especially when it comes to securing the defense there are other treaties around and other organizations that are much more important than what is written in this treatment treaty of medo for example article five the assistance of the allies within nato that will always supersede anything that france and germany do bilaterally again this is about symbolism especially in this field because as we've heard in that report earlier less than eighty years ago those countries were fighting the second of two deadly huge devastating wars and now they assure the
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each other of military assistance the meaning of this in practice isn't very big because of the of course they already assured each absolutely and it's really interesting to see how during france out treading a very fine line here not mentioning the united states but when you interview politicians they keep talking about the different defense climate while that is meaning nothing else than the u.s. which is seen as a less reliable partner. but also taking care to avoid the impression that still many in france might be planning on anything that could compete with nato or the european union both frameworks which entails the very same guarantee almost down to the words that both countries would stand each in for each other all part as would stand in for each other with all they have basically should there be an attack to terrorism or externally so we see here in a kind of weird. new rule of there is about that go so much beyond the initial it
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is a treaty which fits it all just just under two pages now we have sixteen pages of more detail guarantees and intentions of working closer together and at the same time the announcement that de facto but countries will have a joint government program they will define joint policy a full of the years ahead and basically work down that list a bit like a coalition agreement. because you mentioned you mentioned multi-lateralism here and trump of course this isn't a firm they're really affirming multi-lateralism institutions like the united nations clearly referring to climate policy for example paris agreement of two thousand and fifty so this is also in a sense a document. well i wouldn't go too far here but with a message to donald trump a u.s. president saying yes we are firmly behind those multilateral institutions who do not believe in the course of the united states and of course donald trump is
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a name in there but you can see you can read between the lines definitely ok max i want to ask you about the delay we're having and everything getting started there also hearing some chowder chanting and shouting in the background is that related at all to the delay of this law signing ceremony just like. this is so you can hear that yes it's the yellow thus we have some yellow bus here as well the yellow mismanagement that's been protesting in france now since the end of october of last week they have some followers here in germany i believe they have some from france also coming here i don't know if that is related to the bay i would doubt it because i'm going to mexico made it here on time so we're not sure about why mother and my colleague believe he's not here yet maybe she's fast and age maybe there's some snow coming on the other side of the border we don't know why it's running sightly late but i can tell you that we can see the demonstrators here some of them wearing yellow this investment the demonstration. going from issues like anti
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nuclear power. then against my color forms all the way to climate pro climate protection demonstrators so just under one hundred people gathered around us we don't know how many people are bit further away from here but vocal protests but nothing to do with the french president being and they have the yellow vests obviously also have been criticizing that new treaty and heavily saying again another example of my call not talking to the people not reaching out to the people not trying to get their input of. course the french government is saying that it's not at all because you can tell not only in germany but also in france that many of the different groups the yellow bus on the one hand but also the right wing populist in the pan for example over all. are trying to use this to criticize my call criticize the european union also criticizing germany ok michel if i could ask
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you about the criticism of this treaty in germany where is that coming from. well this comes really pretty much out of the narrative that the particular far right if tea party sees in the whole european project which is germany has the strongest economy that's in the end has to foot the bill this is very much the suspicion that they've been playing. ahead of this signing ceremony here today and on the french side we saw. pens right wing party the suspicion that germany wants to have more influence again in those regions that's hot fronts today like the alsace region so it's some nationalist sentiments . and it's quite remarkable of course that this treaty. she that is due to be
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scientists today is being reinforced o.-u. or put on paper to reinforce this franco german friendship to fight exactly against those suspicions to ok actually put something on the map that shows that say europe can be also be a way ahead now this sounds remarkably like yes there is and we have a macaw arriving just we have not knowing about arriving tracked. seas being greeted by almond laughs it's the estate from the north rhine-westphalia and the mayor here of auckland. and i'm going to back of course came out to greet him here so big day for the two it's also their chance to get into those history books to european the distance and actually take in europe forward because of course we both know i'm going to napel is in her child in germany but in monaco himself he's pretty much under pressure as well in france isn't it yes and you mentioned else
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a while we probably are watching those pictures of are going to back home welcoming him honoring my call to the town hall and you know making their way up and i think they're probably going to start the ceremony very very soon but let's talk about a solution so that border region between france and germany that has passed between france and germany over the last injuries nothing less than five times so it's understandable that people there are suspicious when it comes to germany having fallen move to world wars between the two nations they want to make sure that the german language is a completely new story in the in the region but a lot of people still feel. awkward when it comes to germany but what's happening now is not money in the bend the right knee populous or latching on to that sentiment and in the feeling of many experts and completely exaggerating here trying to use this treaty politically for more. own goals and that's what's causing
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trouble from my call on the one side and on the other side is what you're hearing here the yellow vests protesting since the end of october also here so both leaders of course even if this is actually even though a highly symbolic ceremony that might be important for decades to come cannot escape the problems that they currently have in their respective countries ok michele a back in germany you say it's mainly the f.t. that's opposed to what they're calling is a loss of sovereignty is that not a concern and part of the c.d.u. as well or is it mainly limited to the. but that's definitely concerned also in parts of the c.d.u. but not a total relating to this treaty that's being scientists today more in relation to the euro zone and the initial proposal by amount of my call to have a euro zone budget a euro zone finance minister there are grave concerns that limited also the room
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for maneuver for the german chancellor in the past and continue to do so and i just want to mention i think it's rather interesting that we have this this is the signing doesn't come at the fiftieth anniversary doesn't come of the fifty fifth now comes at the fifty sixth anniversary of the contract and that is rather odd isn't it potts leave because germany was a bit slow off the mark when you talk to people behind the scenes to actually respond to my calls a speech where he was pushing a much more visionary idea of europe on the table than waiting for that response which every having problems to form a government to be fair you really needed some time and it was a runner and michael who came up with the idea and he has been in power for so long and. they needed some time to work this out but if you asked mccall today and he really was honest about whether he was happy about the result i don't know what he would have answered. because it's much less than bush's than what he set
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out to do them with his speech that this will go on and that's exactly also the criticism by the green party for instance in parliament but also the three liberals the pro-business bloc which the miners mccall's all mouse is joining in those e.u. elections that criticism that this is simply not ambitious enough not concrete enough and the government is also free to admit what we don't know exactly the details yet for instance on the defense officials meeting in regular intervals how often they will meet what exactly they will discuss is a road map at the very least but still to be filled with some political detail that ok well we're going to get one of the details right now one one part of the treaty is devoted to improving employment opportunities especially for young people involves a new website to connect the tension. candidates with companies looking for trainees
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in both countries and also focus on what's known in germany as the dual system of practical training and academic theory you visited a company in france that's hoping to benefit from this new initiative. sign seal and deliver i'm going to see is learning the business of shrink wrapping meat in addition to crunching numbers in an m.b.a. program at a business school he also trains part time as a financial controller at this company outside paris. i get really interesting tasks to do and i'm in charge of finding solutions to quite complicated issues finding a job will be much easier for me than if i'd done purely theoretical studies. this two pronged approach is common across the border in germany but it's rare here in frats finding the traineeship wasn't easy business schools provide little information on such positions and that also has a negative impact on companies looking for workers on my new news of our parent
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company in germany can choose its hundred eighty trainees from many applicants in comparative exams but here young people are steered towards long academic careers instead of apprenticeships. and yet one in four young french people is unemployed four times as many as in germany the french government is convinced you had your case and could bring that number down that many of the friends i've kept to help. you. when you do a jewel traineeship you learn less theoretical knowledge than you do when you're at university. you know. what if my parents would like me to go to university. because i think that would be more challenging. at hong. kong also a new website is supposed to change such opinions built into the new treaty it seeks to connect potential candidates with companies looking for trainees in france and germany i'm a do says it's
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a good idea. for your thirties really need to communicate more about education especially at high school and convince parents that they're a good career choice. we study the theory at school and learn how to behave in a company at work that gives us a head start. from our business schools for their part have started adapting their teaching to better fit companies needs to do is confident he will be well placed to get a good job and he's looking at positions with international firms in france and abroad . ok we're seeing some live images there of from this special ceremony in our special coverage here on the dub you of the signing of the new franco german partnership a treaty in a city steeped in in european and and german and french history we're seeing there on the left of course money will mccall french president and right beside him.
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this treaty is not as as we heard from michelle look up to our correspondent there coming up at an exactly round date. but on. a date that is important for both countries we're going to get. the introduction here why don't we go to this live feed right now as we pick up. on what's happening in our president of the european council. the president of the assembly and of the senate the country public in the midst. of the plan does not present the actual constitutional cool members of the french government this is the german government. and i don't mean they disenchantment. in only this. in. the not given do you
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see. action. on the up and so. on is still going to roll for a mistake this is a great honor to welcome you. to the city of maine. one couldn't find a better place for this signing this treaty and then this whole thing where the kings of the time what crowned the franconian amphora. ruled over and. that comprised the territory of what today is from germany. a lot has been written about the quarrel between him and his sons then they divided the empire in the so-called treaty of. of all places but the battlefield like no other battlefield after centuries of ongoing wars
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symbolizes and embodies the madness of the war of the fast seventeen million people perished in this over the graves of the federal transfer the time and french president francois mitterrand held hands a very picture and the very symbol of franco german written so haitian at the time of the when the german bundestag of it fix added a preamble to the treaty which contained the objective of a membership of the united kingdom to the european union today with great regret we note that we are almost at the time of britain leaving the european union particularly at this point in time this treaty is so all important mr president madam chancellor you are now showing what you actually want more
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exchange more europe more cooperation and the treaty of our home is going to give a great impetus to the european union because it has the very opposite of my country fast it shows the great challenges and how one can tackle and massive together and it brings franco german cooperation up to date it incorporates it in a european framework and this is also underlined by the presence of the presence of the council of the commission and the president of the remaining. presence here today in the history of the european union there has hardly been any other point in time where it was more important for the franco german tandem to operate to work where we rest on a firm foundation between germany and france there are over two thousand town twinning as we have very intensive trade relations franco german use exchanges is
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working very well and our universities are cooperating in our research institutions but i still feel that friends the french people and the german people ought to get to know each other even better imo young people ought to learn the language of the other and understand better the spirit the history the language and the culture of the other country. at the time of child to go and know there were not that many people who had a television set there were only two television channels the antenna were not sufficient to actually receive what your neighbor was watching in nine hundred sixty two of a well in the. main station you could be able to receive news today local radio we can receive a news we can follow as social networks we can lead newspapers online on the very
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day but do we actually know more about the society do we know more about the politics of the other country than i mean at the time in nine hundred sixty three when everything was not digital but analog. today our ministries cooperate administrations cooperate the foreign offices are familiar with the policy on africa out of the prospective partner we are securing together after peace with our forces the federal government and also the the bundestag and the senate and the s.l.a. are working ever better together but are we familiar with the. content of statements and of debate in our leisure time do we not live in to completely different worlds last saturday more than nine million viewers watched target on sunday evening story . sometimes comes from dortmund sometimes from munich sometimes shock alone sometimes from here now and zurich but why not from paris or must say. why are we
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not watching the same programs or similar programs we need a common. probably on both sides of the gun on both banks we need new ideas we need new initiatives we need a renascence of the enthusiasm that in one thousand nine hundred sixty opened up such a promising chapter the treaty of our hundred can actually give an impetus to such a momentum today will send out a message here from this place that is to bring together the people from france and germany we should please our madam chancellor ladies and gentlemen i bid you a very warm welcome may from this place that is the very embodiment of franco german history may from this new treaty of ambon eight a message of the common future that we share. long live franco and
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friendship. with thank. it. was. good.
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to. move. move move. move. move move move. move. move. move.
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move. move. move. move. there.
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ok. i will be anyone was. best excellent guest senselessly. citizens of the town of those. dear students the pupils the a present of the french republic to emmanuelle ladies and gentleman. today mark is
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an important day for the friendship between france and germany with the treaty of us and we renew the foundation of cooperation between our two countries we reaffirm . we wish to tackle the great challenges of our times together shoulder to shoulder we do this and are the main residence of charmaine or as we call him a card also and we call the father of europe and so we do this. in a place sounds. at the same time stands at the same time for historical. relation between france and germany but also for a starting point of a very different. development and a very different history we sign this on the fifty six and three of the it is a treaty of nineteen sixty we are signing the treaty of. a document that stakes out the. framework for our future cooperation damon read.
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only eight months ago you were awarded the prize here at this very place for. any enthusiasm for europe's we are in tears for europe and also for standing up for europe and working for you in view of the long period of rivalry and enmity between. two countries it is not a matter of course that we come here together on this occasion and that is something that we ought to remember every time when the horrors of the national socialism brought. war over the whole here and later on there was a friendship reconciliation found it something that has taken deep roots in the societies of two countries history took a turn that could not have been happy for us as a nation we remember the far sightedness and also the determination in our shadow
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cool and cannot add now they pushed this momentum forward by signing the illicit treaty and we remember many other courageous politicians and those who were thinking ahead and who stood up resolutely for franco german and french. mention valley she's got it. and actually like to mention but a few but even more important and just as important as the many mayors and the many who are responsible for the academic. exchange programs the eight million people who are engaged and got to meet through the franco german youth exchange. programs so i would like to welcome all of the representatives civil society here today and that this came about was anything but a matter of course and it certainly wasn't easy not at least easy as some people
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make it out today in hindsight the vet if occasion and also the development of the treaty the drawing up of this document was a very arduous process and indeed saw any kind of process and when a dad now who bred roses only knew too well what that meant but in the franco german friendship a rose this treaty and became a unique friendship so why do we sign a new treaty day complemented by an agreement to parliaments. in a parliamentary assembly of fifty members each will continue and a structured cooperation why do we implement a proposal of president my landmark from september two thousand and seventeen and the in his speech at the sorbonne only sixteen months later because we live in a very special times and what we need is resolve determination clear and
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unequivocal messages that bring us forward into the future they've got today they cannot be compared by the europe of nine hundred sixty three. neither as regards the depth of integration nor as regards the number of member states. on the other hand in all of our countries populism and nationalism are rising are getting stronger for the first time a country is actually leaving the european union and the united kingdom what white matter letter lizza is under pressure be it in climate issues be it in world trade be it in the exceptions of international institutions all the way to acceptance of the united nations. seventy four years a human life after the end of the second world war what seemed to be sol it would seem to be a matter of course is being hooked into question again so what we need is
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a new foundation for our cooperation in the european union response abilities that we have less possibility said we had challenge and french have in this union we also need every orientation of cooperation we also need thirdly a common understanding of where we stand internationally of the role that we have to fulfill and that may then well. be channelled into cooperation at international level so we have to live this daily cooperation we have to fill it with life every day we as nations particularly along the border that we share seven chapter has a twenty eight articles that has a new treaty this treaty of one hundred. and quite purposefully which we start with the chapter europe we are part of the european union and as part of the european union we wish to do our utmost to make it work i am particularly
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grateful to the representatives of the european institutions india for junk idea donato's did lousy honeys for the fact that your presence here today on this on occasion because that is exactly what we wish to achieve with this treaty. void what we want is this for this treaty to deal already in its second chapter with questions of peace and. embedded in a cooperative in our systems of collective security we commit ourselves we germans and french commit ourselves in the case of an armed attack against the respective territories of our country to do our utmost to lend our partners and friends help and this includes military means. easier said than done and it seems
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a matter of course but it is anything but so for many many hours we ponder each and every idea and each and every word but it is a necessary conclusion from the breathtaking path our nation took and on this occasion i would like to thank the present french president for inviting me for the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war we stood together in the place where the armistice was signed in our computer here at the time and. the role that we have traveled from that moment in time to this commitment to help and assist each other in the case of defense and it is nothing but breathtaking thanks for being able to get this to walk this path together we commit ourselves to developing a joint military culture as it were a common defense industry a common mine and
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a common policy on arms exports. in so doing we wish to give our contribution to a development of a new european army this will only work if we coordinate at the same time our foreign policies and whoever knows that many things happen every day who knows. what it means for us when we commit ourselves to shoulder form political responsibility together and to stand up for our common interests this will only be possible if we better coordinate our development policy and particularly our neighboring continent africa will have to many be mentioned in this context this treaty is about our common future culture education. but also sustainable development in climate. in the economics and environment we wish to set the course and also the pace for those areas that are
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responsible for. prosperity and wealth. in our countries we don't know if we can only i'm foster social cohesion is we're successful in the economic field if culture gives us the ad to breathe if we are successful in education and professional training when the world is not asleep and this promise that europe gave in the year two thousand to be a continent leading in the world is a promise that we have not been able to fulfill but we have to do so in many areas we wish to comp to complete the european single market we have wish to set up a true european digital market out the research areas have to be coordinated present play in the area of artificial intelligence we have to develop joint platforms these are about a few. of the tasks that are ahead integration a franco german economic area of the treaty sets out with common you know as well
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that means a lot of walk ahead of us it means that we have to harmonize our legislation and the respective areas we also have to talk about the future work and we can do a lot more in coordinating our policies on the labor market but this is the only way that we can achieve this of convergence. which we have committed in our economy it is and that means that we have to drive the energy transition forward and we know that we start from very different starting positions as regards nuclear energy as regards renewables as regards coal fired power plants so that's an enormous task ahead of us those who are to be champions those who had to be in the vanguard of this new common area are those areas that are immediately close to the border and i think that's a very good and important chapter in this treaty maybe from a french but his perspective this may be somewhat unusual but we as federalists obviously know that we have mr presidents who have at least as much to say as the
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federal government but france has a different structure and so it is not by a matter of chance that we're here in our home in a city that is not only. to see the very embodiment of the history that our two countries share but also that is in a village way representatives of the many cities. along our borders the people in this region in these regions are to develop new forms of cooperation they are to report back to has about the experiences that they have made they will be given more liberty to change for example administrative regulations and one knows what that means if all of those who usually have responsible for this keep where e.i.o. is this these are but a few examples of what we intend to do and i think that this is indeed a very ambitious framework that we have stepped out for ourselves but what we have
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to understand today is that this is not the end of our work every day we have to fill this treaty with life day by day and i know from my own experience how slow sometimes we are to react to a new challenge is how people like to prepare a case and shying away from. new decisions saying well this is not really necessary just now so it's really crucial for this treaty being filled with life and this can only be done if there is the necessary will enter terminations and this and for the federal government and for my colleagues who cannot be here today i say yes we have this absolute determination is absolute will and i am absolutely aware of the fact that our federal embassy it the same way to show this treaty with life and i know that there are until they are so many organizations that work in the spirit of cooperation and now also willing to fill this with them i will have to work very
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hard in trying to understand each other ever better not only as regards our land which is but also as regards the way we think as in the way that we organize things and that we show respect to the other countries the culture and civilization and when you understand this as a complement to own culture and civilization and we have to take as many people as we can along with us and try to convince them i know that this is going to be a very arduous process but the end of the road it will be and enrichment to all of us i commit myself here and now and so i say this for the whole of the federal government that we will put all our every effort into this and without hearts and minds the only thing the german friendship thank
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. you. madam national city yeah. not in france during the federal republic of germany. lord mayor of the city of. the president of the milf rhine-westphalia lender. president of her main young. president of the european council president of the european commission your friends if you don't become president of the french senate president of the french national assembly president of the british title president of the bushman transferred members of parliament to ministers mr president of the german federal constitutional court. german ministry of justice president. presidents of the french regional in support mental counsels mayors have passengers different. and
11:20 am
when contacted then or and all the gold signed the illicit treaty in general in one hundred sixty three. they sealed the reconciliation of all two countries prepared and cemented since the end of the war. the key they were going against is really going to be everything that naturally would have led to further discussions with insidious way that today these free consultation hosty can concrete form. it can clearly be seen. and sometimes we underestimate the power of this historic miracle for took countries and for europe. that's on the topic that we have learned to think of. since then we hardly learn to face up to our history to meet disease twenty eight
11:21 am
ten years from hard money is going to go to the arc de triomphe from the plain dealer tom to the buddhist hartley's label to take time to remember fratricidal come back to live at home because our friendship today stronger with us. and goodness i would like to galvanize trix prayers here process gratitude organise all forwards to go through we see he did this subject to all of the political leaders who for decades have that built the bones between with all three trains all cities pushing my gratitude to those who over these decades hard. made you feel and also societies closer to make what seem to be impossible days friendship wasn't what has been strengthened since moment in sixty three even when
11:22 am
the brains of history at times upset the law and on the national review and i would like to pay particular tribute to chancellor our dinner and generally. want they have accomplished is unique really to feel and i think he would have been proud in love to be to see that feat fifty six years later it is compared to. all your father's friendship has grown to include all of your and other plans for united and we have to nashton found the strength to write together a new page in history with these here i also would like to commend the engagement of the chancellor i'm going to call who has and waveringly remained at france's side you know mrs and who. has been away blinking remains at europe's side. if you don't i believe since have been i have been president of the republic there have been three european choices that have
11:23 am
constantly guided belief is that sadly of us you'll be true to never give in to confrontation but always speak the truth on the subject to one another to strengthen the french german base that remains crucial to a challenge europe is only doing together and to broaden our action and also to include all european union's news six because no european success can be built. in one or even two countries. is equipped to do that is what this treaty today is essential to not the present and that is why your president if you don't exist or the presidents of the european institutions. here don't know all the accounts is much more than just a symbol of what it might have. suited us what they did this for germany and france it is through these treaty of backslash today that we're starting
11:24 am
a new chapter on the foundations of reconciliation people were taking a new step forward. for happiness is not a time when our europe is threatened by nationalist movements emerging within it's cool to use objects to. say can i paint can break that i'm gonna say no europe that's also been a few worried about global concerns that go beyond nations the climate to digital technology terrorism might range in the real to the european model that make us question our identity he said in this world. this year that france and germany should also shoulder their responsibility and sue the way for it avoided only their way which involves with ambition real solvent and protecting. the people. they should especially show how much i don't nations living in peace and concerned with the future of their people they have to gain from converging on
11:25 am
in there that would make them stronger not less and ultimately more independent. school for them and us one nations as well as for your continent because the danger today no longer comes from your own neighbors but from outside of europe and from inside all societies some back up if we are unable to address people's growing anger. hate is through platic convergence of all social norms and all innovation policies on standards or defense industry teaching cultures through and through the coming together of all citizens and young people and communities and culture us after a few days by asserting a new form of solidarity against these threats that we will be able to exercise this new french german responsibility for your. use of it
11:26 am
you describe this treaty madam chancellor would secure you know a lot of what is in it. impossible from a couple of years if you go so did i take. in the defense this is a field. hospital of decades of division and it embodies the project of protection and defense but what we're expressing in terms of us culture of innovation is our ability to prepare all people. against all of these challenges well. you know do tricks prize court of the world's ambition but what we're all doing in terms of social and economic comfort coverage of convergence is getting our societies closer. yes. gibbons and all that of course attempt to support for too many years if you. were also acknowledging all
11:27 am
clothes but all border regions coming closer we're building some new momentum. that is a reality in the life in the daily life of so many of all fellow citizens it is a matter of simple as well as day to day life that we all facilitating the life of thousands of citizens living on one side or another with the boarded city it is also for them that we're building the story to unity slowly darity cohesion these are the key will words of the treaty was signed on. europe would not survive if we were no longer united if we don't work for the new french german or sponsibility for europe is this to give it instruments for itself into details when it comes to defense security on a six case migration of goods and addressing environmental and digital transitions . in conflicts between france and germany. or the world of
11:28 am
holt. it was our duty to end them once and for all. and we did. taunt him best sinful no it. should be for you. to shield our people from your turmoil and interests in the world but if this is a. challenge for these new protection these. laws to explain to show and to prove that differentiate between france and germany that i would join project that i'm bishan for europe. is that all of this is what really is protecting us and unable to control our lives and to build our destiny the one about we freely choose in the carriage. if.
11:29 am
you please. and those who forget the value of the french german or consolation. our compass is in the crimes of the past and those weeks i'm straight or spread lies are harming our history and oh people which still claiming to defend the law. in trying to make history repeats itself. a third. degree felony i would rather look for europe in the face. but they did struggle sometimes we do not always. move fast enough but still look out always been able to achieve in the decades. as well as are very the past few months . and they're really going to be awaiting us and that would rather look out for
11:30 am
europe in the face of all europe exchange. tending. thank you for all and i would rather strengthen it. because further to the border it's of today we shots tomorrow and also because the world and it of all citizens in needs this in a word which is even more uncertain affair and asking for concern is the one i would rather look at europe in the face together with all of you i think feel a europe that is moving forward with the strength and which is also being build a bridge over on these strong friendships of oh new convergences and all these new investors that are acknowledged today ladies and gentlemen dear friends i would love countries if possible and many similar and strongly so and because we had
11:31 am
already. we do not want to celebrate sometimes hurt our countries they hate one another. for getting one cultures. to one another yes or no more countries and yes we love europe. because we know that. deeply and for ever and succor. of. them michelle said yes and not intensely or. somebody like you was saying we are in a place that embodies the deep roots of. a europe that change. and being here we have brought. home all of this history.
11:32 am
which kept repeating itself. but what we've been inventing for seventy years now is unique as it is neither of the roman history would know all the history. of. all the history at all and why is that sometimes a film in a way to either one or the other it's a new function. without any gem on the months that you know generally democrates. it is something that we've built together we designed together a branch act freely children. reinvented to every day one does not decide for the all the all for all this stuff but a project in leeds each and old members constantly decide for themselves all europe is not the dream of a new empire it is. democratic conscious of
11:33 am
a new project and this is what we are celebrating today thank. goodness it's. in this city. indeed what we all celebrate doing from long one language to another from one dream to another knowing all of our differences. we knew and constantly still know how much we'll do two different. differences and by listening to you dear chancellor mr president i had in mind what this sometimes said. when my home is looking forward in front trench and cannot find it i sometimes find it in the germany. this brings
11:34 am
a lot of emotions. the words that we do not understand the words that we cannot translate. but each and every. closer. and their words for which we need the language because what is it what i cannot understand in german. brings some things for men to and charming which sometimes i no longer find in the french language. it is something we shall carry. it will never be in any of all. but this is the monte called before i bring hold of what we share today so yes we love all countries. we love. only friendship and
11:35 am
what unites is and we love you. we shall continue to build your. ten year. long leave all french european . this is special coverage of the signing of the new franco german friendship treaty
11:36 am
we're seeing right now the signing of that treaty by the respective foreign ministers of of the two countries behind them of course. the president of france and all of the german chancellor we heard a number of statements about why the two leaders consider this new pact it's a follow up to the nine hundred sixty three ellie's a treaty say fifty six years later we have the trading up of the treaty for both signatures from both signatories to the treaty read german german shells all americans saying a new friendship between germany and france is necessary in the face of growing populism and nationalism that was a theme repeated as well by a president who said it's not the dream of a new empire but the dream of a new. force for democracy an impetus for the development of
11:37 am
deeper integration more democracy. for the two countries. now what this treaty does is a pledge a stronger economic defense ties and restates the country's commitment to the european union it comes of course at a time when brics said and as we heard in both speeches rising nationalism and populism threatens the forward movement of further integration of the european union that has been attacked by the far right which accuses both countries of signing away their country's sovereignty. now in his speech we heard the french president defend the treaty it's meant to build up the bedrock of the you as something that's being echoed in the service of reinforcing the entire european project now that is
11:38 am
a view of course held by both on the machall and mr michael manual mccaul of course. experiencing a lot of. counter currents at home in france we were talking to our correspondents earlier and heard the shouts of the demonstrators of the yellow vest movement which of of followed him to the signing in aachen which is on the belgian dutch border city. thanks to the strength of the so-called franco german motor has traditionally been
11:39 am
seen as the driving force in europe. both speeches their treatments france and germany to pull from military ties. possible joint deployments. terrorism there is also an. africa by council on its importance in the future of course migration in germany playing a major role we're expecting other speeches as well. for this signing we see there . john paul younger the president of the european commission there is donald tusk the president of. european council. now we have the play of the national post beginning with the french national.
11:40 am
11:41 am
of course german. speaker. of the council.
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11:43 am
fine you can slash from the viewpoint of the thing she made him talk. president in a sense he's. do you get
11:44 am
a. difference she how much. you know i have come here to say. that your decision of your. strengths and co-operation between germany and france. where you can only. and should the hold of your wealth your mom. dangle the demon you had left open you know company rush as friends we are far too close for me to have any reasons to doubt your intentions and your plans for today europe needs a revival of faith in the meaning of solidarity and unity i have and i want to believe sound and hands strength and franco german cooperation is to say that
11:45 am
this is attractive. if. at the same time however i would like to caution you and you and all convinced europeans against losing faith in the purpose of here as a whole today there are far too many self-confessed opponents of the european union both inside europe and outside. and you also have them in your country has. to allow or sounds these dangerous doubts and discouragements. let me put it very bluntly of today europe needs a clear signal from paris and the lamb of god that i'm handsome cooperation. in smaller formats is not an out.


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