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this is deja vu news live from berlin two of syria's power brokers look to settle the country's fate russian president vladimir putin osis turkish counterpart for talks on the conflict there's something discuss who should hold sway in syria's contest the north. also coming out. taking out the trash in space we'll look at why there's so much junk orbiting our planet and what on earth to do about it. plus the holograms bringing history to life at
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a chicago museum. i think. i should you know the holocaust survivor up close bearing witness in the twenty first century. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us today two of the major players in the syrian conflict are set to meet for talks that could have broad implications for the country russian president vladimir putin is hosting his turkish counterpart erda won for talks now topping their agenda is the future of syria's kurdish controlled areas kurdish militias control much of northern syria that after pushing out so-called islamic state i-s. has lost almost all of its territory in syria and that's led president trump. to
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withdraw the two thousand or so american troops supporting the kurds erda one regards the kurdish militias as terrorists and he sees their presence along turkey's border and southern border there as a threat to national security and a phone call with president trump the proposed a turkish controlled safe zone along the border now circuit is also seeking control of that city of course was captured by the kurds from my ass back in two thousand and sixteen with the u.s. now poised to withdraw the kurds are trying to avoid a full on turkish military assault from troops that are poised at that border region they've turned to russia for diplomatic help now the kurds have long dreamed of one day stablish ing and autonomous region in northern syria but strategically the position of courage of forces has become precarious in the wake of washington's planned withdrawal. this was the scene in northeast syria two days
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ago when a convoy of u.s. and kurdish led troops was bombed in an attack claimed by islamic state. and exactly one week ago in kurdish held mandates near the turkish border. to another apparent i asked attack that killed four americans. despite the ongoing fighting washington remains committed to withdrawing its troops meaning syria's kurds are about to lose a powerful ally then there's the issue of a safe zone along the border with turkey a u.s. proposal. but who should create it and who should police it for russia which backs syria's government forces the answer is clear. we are convinced that the best and only solution is the transfer of these
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territories to the control of the syrian government of syrian security forces on the ministers of functions. but turkey equally wants control of this buffer zone to protect against what it sees as the kurdish threat. good liberal you take the view is our proposal for a safe so comes with the goal of keeping terrorists and terror organizations away from our borders. on korea insists syrian kurdish fighters are linked to the kurdish rebel group the p.k. k. widely branded a terrorist organization it doesn't want syrian kurdish militia gaining power on its borders fearing that might encourage the kurdish insurgency inside turkey. this time last year turkey launched its military operation on the former kurdish enclave of a freen in northern syria kurds marked the anniversary with protests they have
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reason to fear that turkey will strike again that's why kurdish fighters are now reaching out to syrian government troops for protection. so what's in store for northern syria from our end that we have is only sure when in moscow where those talks are taking place today in istanbul we have on good morning to both of you emily first to you the planned u.s. withdrawal from syria would leave a power vacuum in the area how does the kremlin want to fill it. well absolutely this announcement of the u.s. withdrawal would have been music to russia's ears if the u.s. withdraws that will basically leave russia in control of the skies and they'll be the only non regional power with a stake in syria's future and they've also been saying for a long time that the u.s. is basically as they see it an occupying force in syria because their presence
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there has not been agreed with the syrian government and that's a hint basically at what putin wants for syria's future he absolutely wants to consolidate the syrian government's control over the country and he wants to play a big role in the future in the peace process in syria and have a stake in the future of that country which of course would give russia a foothold in syria in the middle east including militarily. person there long long. in northern syria he has a different view there or what does he have in mind. president adeline established turkey as one of the key players in the syrian conflict especially last year alongside russia iran and the u.s. and now he also wants to secure his interests before the americans pull out their troops from syria he also wants to make sure he has
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a say he wants to consolidate even extend his influence over there and his main objective that something we have heard already is to push back the kurdish fighters these fighters are allied with the americans they have helped them in their fight against islamic state terrorists but for president arrow and these kurdish fighters too and he wants them and i quote him here to wipe them off the map and this will be his message in moscow today you'll also present his plans for a so-called safe zone and he has been talking about this with washington already the details are not quite clear yet but the turks wanted to be about thirty two kilometers deep extending into syrian territory from the turkish border free of any y p g fighters and controlled by turkey and now it will be of course interesting to see what president putin has to say about that. could turkey. thirty two kilometers deep into syria fit in with russia's strategic interests.
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well that safe zone is certainly more of a turkish plan and russia knows that the assad regime has said that it is categorically against that area that buffer zone or safe zone being controlled by turkish troops now there may be some sort of a compromise on the table today of bloody mir putin has said before that perhaps that buffer zone that safe zone could be controlled by syrian government troops and this month the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov also reiterated again that these territories could be under syrian control but in fact that is the only option and he also welcomed the fact that the syrian government had held talks with kurdish representatives so that could perhaps be a compromise on the line on the table today ok possible compromise out there yulia
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for months now a turkish troops have of course been massed at the border with syria in light of the talks the kremlin today is an assault by turkey kurdish held territory now off the table. no it's not the turkish government keeps emphasizing they're ready to launch another military offensive they have to reinforce troops and equipment along the border as well as inside syria some say that's also present out on appealing to nationalist voters ahead of the local elections after coming here in march but of course any military operation is a very costly and it will strongly depend on the negotiations and agreements both with washington and moscow. for us in istanbul and really sure one faurisson moscow fall in those talks on those later today thanks for now to both of you. we have
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some other stories making the news at this hour tens of thousands of dung people are gathering in panama city ahead of the pope's arrival for catholic world youth day during the event the part of suspected to highlight how faith relates to issues like poverty immigration and human rights. taxi drivers in spain have gone out on strike to protest against right helling services like goober and cab a fly under the taxi drivers blocking roads and barcelona and madrid they say rival drivers from companies like new birth compete unfairly because they do not face the same regulations and government costs. french police have released the american singer chris brown long best addition in two rape allegations continue. on with jane paris monday held over questioning for allegations that he and two other men assaulted a woman in a paris hotel down a strongly denied the accusations. to the vast expanses of space now in
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a looming human made crisis space is increasingly littered with junk to break orbiting our planet is a menace to space craft and can be a hazard when it tumbles back to earth researchers are looking for ways to clean up the mess. this space debris dangerous. things enveloped in a cloud of manmade debris more than seven hundred thousand pieces of it are all getting the planet most only a few centimeters in size but they're also a fuel tanks rocket components and decommission satellites they travel at phenomenal speeds. and just one piece could cause serious damage. that's why space junk is monitored using radar and laser systems they can detect objects the smallest ten centimeters in size and pinpoint where the debris is in
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its orbit if need be satellites and even the i s s space station can be steered out of the way. still there have been collisions which released even more space debris into orbit. when russian rockets take off from their baikonur launch pad debris often rains down over siberia and kazakhstan but not just their. large pieces of space junk have been found in regions far away from launch sites. this came from america's sky lab space station increased solar activity destabilized skylab orbit and sent it tumbling. around midnight on the night of july the eleventh one thousand nine hundred nine parts of it came down in western australia reportedly killing a cow. in january of one thousand nine hundred seventy seven in tulsa oklahoma
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lottie williams was struck in the shoulder but wasn't hurt she's the only human so far to be hit by space junk. research as want to find ways to clean up the earth's orbital junkyard the technology is still in the development phase though until that's done the planets cloak of space waste will just keep on growing and with it the danger. what do we do about that or a battle junkyard with me now to talk about that is that of you science editor on a psycho good morning on how do you go about cleaning up space well there are a lot of ideas involving robotic arms folks on furlough lasers but the most promising one maybe is the one with and that we saw in the report just now you can picture it like a fishing net basically we should decide to light up into orbit and just one will deploy in that catching bigger parts off
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a space debris tracking them down slowing them down to process and one day every entity earth atmosphere they will basically. in a controlled manner ok there's not only a threat to the international space station and our space explorers out there but also to to how we live our lives to the telecommunication satellites we depend on how much risk are we from space junk well experts say is down to about seven hundred fifty thousand objects larger than one centimeter in size in space or putting on right now so one sentiment of doesn't sound much it's like a coffee bean basically you know but if discovery been hit you with an average speed of forty thousand kilometers per hour it would want to test the same effect then a hand grenade basically so it would do real damage like our active satellites folks some could break down g.p.s. would break down it would have effects on will trade on financial markets where the
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focus wouldn't be possible anymore and even people out there wouldn't be able to see life broadcast like this anymore that would be terrible now there are seven hundred fifty five thousand pieces of space junk you set out there and it's getting ever more crowded india and china are now joining the u.s. and russia europe is announced its own increased space program are you concerned that this problem could could spin out of control and some point well i'm already called concerned that it is out of control because of the amount. space debris it's not on the india and china they are also like private companies like space x. plane that one where they want to shoot up like thousands of fetch a live thirty nordo to bring internet to every corner of the world so one thing has to be clear that whoever wants to shoot stuff up there has to have a plan how to deal with space waste off the ritz ok so one solution could be for all those private companies that they're shooting satellites into space that they are responsible before they shoot those rockets and satellites up there that they
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have a plan for dealing with the debris when they're done definitely that sounds fantastic and thanks very much thanks again to those and a psycho from our science department. well the search for the missing football player amalia sala has resumed sala boarded a single engine plane on his way to join premier league side cardiff city but the plane disappeared from radar over the english channel late monday thousands of fans of his former club held a vigil for the twenty eight year old media reports of revealed the last how an messages it's all a sense of friends and family saying the plane was falling apart rescuers said there's little hope of finding the argentinian and his pilot alive. it's to the australian open now where tennis great serina williams has been knocked out in the quarter finals by the czech seven seed carolina. williams was betting to equal the record of twenty four grand slam singles titles and melbourne but the
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american succumbed after missing four match points let's go vote will now meet japan's nyoman osaka in thursday's. wall for the dwindling number of survivors of the holocaust sharing their experiences an important part of making sure the world never forgets its horrors and its lessons now a museum in chicago is found a new way of doing that even long after those survivors are gone. who's real here fritz needs her hologram. which was the real me. i felt it was important i felt it was an important story it was difficult because they took me back into the past and it's something that i didn't wish to relive. is the president of the illinois holocaust museum in chicago the museum has long considered how to keep the holocaust memory alive. for
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a chill was thirteen when the nazis deported her and her mother to auschwitz they were crammed into a cattle car like this one she says she has five hundred ninety nine women to thank for her survival. when they all gave me their chromosome was the size of a marble but it saved my life and maybe took away from theirs in turn i made a promise that if i survived i would be the messenger preaching all wants to tell their stories to young people in the future even when she's no longer a life. for. a girl asks how she felt about religion after the war. what's god doing today. is. what he gives people thought for.
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and so i was embarrassed that there was. no. at some point i actually just sort of forgot that she was a hologram it felt so natural in it gets real it was really touching to i don't know like eve you felt like you were with her like and like you saw how much like you know how much of her what she was going to be. producing the holograms was challenging for that for five days in a green screen studio in los angeles countless cameras were pointed at her she was asked thousands of questions she never knew what would come next with the help of keywords the holograms are programmed in such a way that they can give spontaneous answers for every question there are several responses. the part that's the most important is the interactivity so that our
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visitors feel that they are having an intimate conversation with a survivor in real time and they can drive the content as we're all used to now. the message from survivors new generations must learn from the past. their stories live on is holograms there already twelve of them the chicago museum hopes to persuade other museums to use this new form of memorial thank you for this recently . so what a crystal for a business now an opportunity for the e.u. in doubles and it is day two of the world economic forum in switzerland and the focus is shifting to europe numerous heads of your european governments are to make an appearance at the world economic forum today including the german chancellor and there's certainly enough for the continent to chew on at the moment. he's added
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again part of a promotion for a scottish company into abos but it's hard not to hear a melancholic tune after all by next year's world economic forum britain should officially be out of the e.u. it's still not clear how so the british prime minister cancelled her visit to you might see prince william cross your path he probably won't be commenting on briggs it though but others like this top german economist are speaking their minds. is the terrible thing is that the e.u. is trying to find a way to make britain an offer for leaving that doesn't make sense we want them to stay in the e.u. we want them to be part of it we have a historic opportunity to turn the situation around the e.u. should be making britain an offer to stay. if it were off the table europe could finally concentrate on the future again it would do well to act now so that it's not left behind in competition with china and the us. it's time to talk about
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a new european economic policy in the us consumer sector there is the digital platform economy in china we see how industry is rapidly digitizing and one of the big issues here is what is the future of digital infrastructure for european industry and davros is of course a forum where all that's being discussed. in europe will try to set the tone in davos this year even though everything is being overshadowed by briggs it. all right let's cross over to davos and our senior business editor ben his own standing by ben the breadth of conundrum is on many people's minds at the forum and that's despite the political deadlock that we're seeing in the u.k. right now there seems to be some progress tell us more. yeah baby steps are being made by liam fox the trade minister who's basically trying to replicate the hughes trade deals with the rest of the world for the u.k.
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and every single other country in the world so he's got a big job on his hands you know breaks it is just around the corner he's only here for two days but what better place to be there's no other conference in the world less so many world leaders he's already done deals with a straight dia and you zealand so there's that progress he's also got south korea on his agenda here columbia canada hong kong and israel he'll also be meeting investors to try to assure them that things are going to run smoothly come break that in march and also he's holding a roundtable of c so i guess he has to be the busiest man here in davos now ben europe is facing an array of issues that on the one side then there's a rise of populism people questioning democracy how's the mood in davos in light of these developments. well there's going to be a special addressed the softer noon from german chancellor angela merkel she'll be talking about europe today is europe day she'll be trying to assure countries that
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they need to look outwards not just in words whether on that message comes across is a good question i don't know c.e.o.'s would like to see that as well i mean it means that trade will flourish it means that they'll have better business of course i was talking to one entrepreneur who said that breaks it is a disaster for him he's got hundreds of jobs on the line because he just does not know what's going to happen he's got legal costs which are hurting and this is the situation for many people here and then take as a big as you at davos every year give us the latest that you know on bio hybrid robotics what is that. question the cyborgs are basically already here this is three d. printed parts that use living animal to shoot to create limbs and body parts at the moment they're using muscle tissue from rats and sea slugs but they hope at
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some stage to use human tissue and basically yeah for people who missing a finger or a limb there you go you become a psych book doesn't it sound exciting it does certainly did obvious senior business editor ben his own reporting from davos ben thank you so much. now on the opening day of the doubles meeting many eyes were on brazil's newly elected president jaya balls in a row and a shorter than expected keynote address at the foreign politician tried to sell his new brazil concept hoping to drum up business business for the country's ailing economy bowser naro told the world economic forum he's opening up brazil for business he promised to fight corruption invest in security and cut taxes to boost production and generate employment. we want to show that brazil is taking measures so that the world reestablish has confidence in us. that the
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business will once again flourish between brazil and the rest of the world without being guided by ideology which will show the world that we're a country safer investments especially in the area of agribusiness which is very important to us. the meeting is the first international outing for brazil's new president top economists are surprised about his popularity at davos it's ironic that. they're over for. sessions with other crafts dominate and you can't get into that at a place like this. at a time when autocratic strong men dominate the world's political stage this year's davos gives boston r.-o. an air of legitimacy. and we'll have of course more coverage of the world's economic forum in davos throughout the day including the appearance of the german chancellor angela merkel will address the forum in a keynote speech later today. now it has turned chilly here in berlin in recent
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days but not quite as truly as in the northeast united states a winter storm there has taken temperatures down to minus twenty five degrees celsius and transformed the niagara falls into an icy spectacle a majestic waterfalls of partially frozen over providing a stunning sight for visitors. you're watching t.w. news coming to you live from berlin we have more coming at the top of the hour in the meantime you can always check our web site for all the latest news and information around the clock that is v w dot com for now thanks for watching for ever to.
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the wrong strange. it's a highly controversial business. when there are a multi-billion dollar industry then made to destroy and protect. i'm fascinated by them analog digital a look at an industry that produces killing machines made in germany the next.
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it was gone just. in general forty three people died but it collapsed hundred more lost their homes and jobs was the tragedy. was i'm sure they knew about it. after the bridge collapse. in the shadow of the. close up in forty five minutes doubling. hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded on thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level a sense to him talk composer good points are. featured in many
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games his music is bound to get comes to his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. oh sure that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. we need to talk about weapons there are a global business and a scourge of humanity yet there are regions in the world where weapons are part of everyday life here in germany the general public tends to be against weapons history especially in the last century it's not all the choice really and that said germany is one of the world's leading.


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