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he was in need of news coming up ahead briggs it nums over davos despite the knock to european identity camp the e.u. leaders set the agenda at the world economic forum. and that's coverage from davos team for a short break do stay with a w. if you can. pay this enough. video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level ok science to him compose a good way most are. featured in many games his music
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is bound to. his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. though genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. brace for impact rather sooner than later the international monetary fund with another stern warning at the world economic forum that as the challenges for europe take center stage in davos and a top executive facing jail in the united states an accusation of using its hardware to spy on governments chinese tech giant whey is dealing with its numerous challenges at the gathering in this. i'm just of cobra bill and good to have you
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with us. the global economic slowdown is coming faster than expected that's the message from the international monetary fund's deputy managing director david lifton speaking at the world economic forum in davos his warning comes only two days after the i.m.f. lowered its forecast for world growth this year and the next among the issues putting pressure on the global economy britain's imminent departure from the european union weakness in emerging markets and the ongoing trade dispute between the united states and china. well britain's still unresolved exit from the european union is certainly the biggest challenge europe has to deal with at the moment with numerous heads of government including the german chancellor making an appearance on day two of the davos meeting the focus is shifting to europe and there's certainly enough for the continent to chew on at the moment. he's added again part of a promotion for a scottish company in davos but it's hard not to hear
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a melancholic tune after all by next year's world economic forum britain should officially be out of the e.u. it's still not clear how so the british prime minister cancelled her visit to you might see prince william cross your path he probably won't be commenting on briggs it though but others like this top german economist are speaking their minds. is the terrible thing is that the e.u. is trying to find a way to make britain an offer for leaving that doesn't make sense we want them to stay in the e.u. we want them to be part of it we have a historic opportunity to turn the situation around the e.u. should be making britain an offer to stay. if brits have were off the table europe could finally concentrate on the future again it would do well to act now so that it's not left behind in competition with china and the us light it's time to talk about a new european economic policy in the us consumer sector there is the digital platform
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economy in china we see how industry is rapidly digitizing and one of the big issues here is what is the future of digital infrastructure for european industry and davros is of course a forum where all that's being discussed. that. europe will try to set the tone in davos this year even though everything is being overshadowed by briggs it. all right then let's cross over to davos and our senior business editor ben fizzle and ben europe is facing a heap of challenges bragg's and a rise in populism and people questioning democracy how are these developments impacting the discussion in davos well it's basically a general sense of fear and panic up high here in the swiss alps as bosses bank isn't billionaires look down on the rest of the world and think who is everything slowly falling apart same thing for politicians as you mentioned there mccaw is trying to reform the european union but he's
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a no show this year in davos mexico is here in davos and she's due to speak soon on europe and what lies ahead for the continent but she doesn't really like what mccall has in mind as far as reforms go and populism is on the rise in many countries around the world the wealthy worried about all that money they make from free trade and if it's going to melt away soon now then besides politics davos is always about the latest tech developments tell us more on the. yeah well we already live in a world of smart connected of ns and yet close to eight hundred million people don't have enough food to eat a quote from the board member of s a p the german software maker a day folks martin i asked what's wrong with the world. well i think we're living in a world where the pace of change is faster than it's ever been and actually will never be as slow again and i think technology is creating
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a world where people have access to technology and the difference is that creates and people don't as a software maker what are you guys doing well i think i say p feels very strongly that we are live in service to the communities that we live and operate in and we've initiated a program an internal program called one billion lives which is about positively impacting one billion lives on our planet at the same time as everything's changing so quickly growth in china the world's second biggest economy is sowing down how's that affecting business well as you know i look after s.a.p.'s business in china and i meet with many customers on a daily basis there and i would say the tone that i'm hearing in china from businesses in china is one of caution how is it affecting markets in europe while in europe obviously there's a close finish the between china and europe but i think that the pace of innovation in china is something that europe is very aware of and sixty one percent of european companies point to the innovation in china is something that they're
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concerned about not necessarily the slowing down of the chinese economy why concerted i mean are the chinese going to be setting the standard soon well i think when you look at the world of artificial intelligence in the world of innovation china has some differentiating factors it has no shortage of capital it hasn't a homogeneous and extremely young population and a willingness to try technology at levels that perhaps we're not so open to in the west but they're still coming up against some hurdles the how to make a while way for example is having a terrible time right now to put it plainly and yes i mean i think all companies all of us have to understand that no matter what economy we operate in no matter what jurisdiction we operate in we have to operate within the let's just framework of that environment in order to be successful just lastly what are you hoping to get out of the world economic forum this week well it's a great opportunity to connect with other businesses and to come together and in a collaborative way to solve some of the problems in society at f.x. martin thank you very much thank you. w.'s been for the reporting from davos there
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and as we just heard times are tough for chinese tech giant huawei the company is the global leader in five g. technology but it has been bad from bidding for government contracts in the united states and other countries over spying allegations and the case of a white executive arrested in canada has been weighing on chinese relations with canada and the united states it's no wonder why representatives are watched closely in davos against the backdrop of the ongoing trade war with the u.s. well ways relationship with a range of western governments has grown strained and germany for example is currently debating whether to ban its technology from new five g. networks in davos while ways deputy chairman said in the tech sector companies needed to start being more vocal in their relationship with government or it would have serious knock on effects on other industries. i would strongly advocate the
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business community to opinions to the government to comment on it or understand the requirements from the business community otherwise i worry that the trends will expand to many many harder industries and countries in fact while ways problems have already spread to other countries in an ongoing drama on the other side of the atlantic in canada its c.f.o. main one jew still stands accused of violating u.s. sanctions on iran and faces extradition to the united states on the sidelines at davos weiwei chairman lee young told reporters his company doesn't pose a threat to a future digital society but convincing western governments of that is easier said than done. well it's not just political and business leaders that have made the trip into the swiss alps many heads of n.g.o.s and other advocacy groups are there as well they feel that rubbing elbows with the so-called elite could help their
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cause our reporter kyodo met up with one of these activists kumi knight who doesn't like coming to davos but he's been attending the forum for fourteen years now. through in the is a pathological condition which many people suffer from where they believe that a meaningful life a good life a decent life comes from more and more material acquisitions. his reality is usually very far away from the posh pristine summit and that's why n.g.o.s like his are often criticized for attending the forum and meeting with the elite but it's a necessary evil for call me. collectively we are trying to hold up and let off a different reality that the people we work with on the ground on a daily basis tell us we have to challenge some of the. visions
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of a flawed to present alternative visions n.g.o.s are in the absolute minority here in davos the forum is dominated by big business. but that's the good thing about the forum says kyle's cyma her n.g.o.s first book provides books and other necessities to children in need. you can't pick one sector as the solution to all social problems but we can't do it alone either these are these are problems that in many cases are outpacing solutions right now and we all have to lock arms and focus. focus not on what n.g.o.s shouldn't to do but what they can do at the summit. and we'll have more coverage of the world economic forum throughout the day including the appearance of the german
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chancellor angela merkel will address the forum in a key note speech that as in about two hours time. that's if you're up to date with the latest from the world of business for more find us on facebook follow us on twitter at the d w underscore business or simply check out the website that's t w dot com slash business i'm christopher colburn len thanks for the company and have a successful but. i'm.
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going to. mark forrest into. the poor me conflict is in her element. i'm really into winter sports and i'm going to my best to try everything the packers have to offer. because there are so much to do. so black forest over winter wonder my. the for next to the. strange.
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grooves. which filled bully and stephanie stump. the party and shipped rescissions from around the world to. make careers starts february second column d. double. today i'm off to the black forest in the southwest of germany. my tour starts in freiburg the region's biggest city in track some.


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