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metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth. w. . this news coming to you live from berlin to have serious power brokers look to settle the country's faint russian president vladimir putin host his turkish counterpart put troops of the conflict decide to discuss who should hold sway in syria's contested north also coming up hopes are fading of finding
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a missing football in india ally british police say there is no trace of his plane which disappeared over the english channel he said messages to families saying the aircraft was born in the past. and europe takes center stage in davos german chancellor angela merkel will be addressing delegates on day two of the world economic forum summit. how to welcome i'm with thanks for your company. two of the major players in the syrian conflict are set to meet the talks that could have broad implications for the country russian president vladimir putin is hosting his turkish counterpart richard died on the bid top of their agenda is the future of syria's codice controlled areas good. militia control much of northern syria as you can see in
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this map that's the ghetto part this after pushing out so-called islamic state i a says lost almost all its territory in syria syria is marked in red and that's led to president trump to say he would draw the two thousand american troops supporting the kurds and do one regards the kurdish militia as terrorists and he sees their presence along turkey's border as a threat to national security in a telephone conversation with president trump he proposed a turkish controlled safe zone along the border and that's the area which you see she added on the map turkey is also seeking control of mom beach a city the kurds captured from the ice in two thousand and sixteen and that is visible clear that in this gray area now with the u.s. poised to would draw the cause of trying to avoid a full on turkish military a sort and they've been to russia for diplomatic had the goods of long dreamt of
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establishing an autonomy region in northern syria one day but city cheekily the position of the kurds goodish forces has become very precarious in the wake of washington's planned withdrawal. this was the scene in northeast syria two days ago when a convoy of u.s. and kurdish led troops was bombed in an attack claimed by islamic state. and exactly one week ago in kurdish held man bridge near the turkish border. another apparent i-s. attack that killed four americans. despite the ongoing fighting washington remains committed to withdrawing its troops meaning syria's kurds are about to lose a powerful ally then there's the issue of a safe zone along the border with turkey a u.s. proposal. but who should create it and who should
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police it for russia which backs syria's government forces the answer is clear. we are convinced of the best and only solution is the transfer of these territories to the control of the syrian government of syrian security forces on the ministries of functions. but turkey equally wants control of this buffer zone to protect against what it sees as the kurdish threat. good liberal. proposal for a safe comes with the goal of keeping terrorists and terror organizations away from our border. on camera and says syrian kurdish fighters are linked to the kurdish rebel group the p.k. k. widely branded a terrorist organization it doesn't want syrian kurdish militia gaining power on its borders fearing that might encourage the kurdish insurgency inside turkey.
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this time last year turkey launched its military operation on the former kurdish enclave of a freend in northern syria kurds marked the anniversary with protests they have reason to fear that turkey will strike again that's why i criticize fighters are now reaching out to syrian government troops for protection. so what's in store for northern syria florham that we have news any show been in moscow where the talks take place today and in istanbul. is standing by and the phones to you know the plan to us from syria what change the balance of power in the region how does the kremlin want to fill it. well i'm rita the planned u.s. withdrawal will absolutely have been music to russia's ears if the u.s. does withdraw its troop troops as they say they will then russia will basically be
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in control of syria's skies and russia will also be the only non regional power basically negotiating over syria's future and they have actually been saying for a long time that the u.s. is as they see it an occupying force in syria because its presence has not been agreed with the syrian government who they see is rightfully in charge of the country and this really hints that what putin wants for syria's future which is to consolidate the assad regime's hold over syria and also they the russians themselves want to pay a play a big role in the future of the country and in the peace process because they want to gain a foothold in syria and in the middle east including militarily and you know it is the tickets president a safe zone in northern city of what exactly does he have in mind. it was similar to what emily has just been saying about over russia i can say that
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for turkey as well president out on his first of all trying to secure his interests in syria before the us pull out their troops he is one of the major powers then now alongside iran russia and the us and he wants to console the dative not even extend his influence there right now his main objective is to and we heard that already in the report push back the kurdish fighters these fighters are allied with the americans they have helped the americans fight islamic state terrorists but for president add on these kurdish fighters are terrorists too and he won stem i quote him to be cleared off the map this will be his message in moscow today and he will present his plans for so-called security zone to president putin as well as zone that according to the turks will extend about thirty kilometers into syria deep into syria it will be free from any why p.g.
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fighters and under turkish controls out on has been discussing these plans with washington they are not that detailed right now many details are still unclear but of course he wants to know what president putin things about that and many who turkey's proposed a safe zone fit in when russia's strategic interests. well these safe zones are certainly more of a turkish objective and russia today will be defending the interests of its ally syria assad has come out and said that he is categorically against a safe zone that would be patrolled by turkish forces previously president vladimir putin has suggested that perhaps syrian government forces could control such a safe zone and we heard just now in the report that said gay lover of the foreign minister the russian foreign minister also came out and said that the only solution would be for these territories to be given back to syrian control he also welcomed
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the fact that the syrian government had held talks with kurdish representatives so it seems that perhaps the compromise could be on the cards today with syria syrian forces controlling that safe zone and russia will act as an intermediary intermediary excuse me today in these talks and finally and briefly not to case troops have been massed at the border with syria is assault on the. off the table. not according to the turkish government they keep emphasizing they're ready to launch another military offensive as you said troops have been reinforced equipment is that as well along the border inside syria to and the turks keep emphasizing that they're not willing to compromise on their national security holes we have local elections coming up here in turkey and some say this is president and one trying to appeal to nationalist voters but any military operation in the end is
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costly so we'll have to see what the negotiations with both washington and moscow will bring. you down in istanbul and really show when in moscow thank you both very much for your perspectives. let me now bring up the it's about the stories making news around the world thailand's electoral commission has set a date for the general election that will be held on march the twenty fourth the vote has been postponed several times prompting angry protests in be the first election since the two thousand and fourteen coup that's when the military ousted the government off. amid allegations of corruption. a former senior south korean prosecutor has been convicted of abuse of power and jailed for two years until it was accused of repeatedly groping a female colleague that case triggered a flood of similar accusations against men in positions of power. taxi drivers in
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spain have gone on strike to protest against riot healing services such as and cabbie fi hundreds of taxi drivers blocked roads in barcelona and madrid this a rival drivers from companies like compete unfairly because they do not face the same regulations and. scientists from the european space agency are meeting in the german city of dom start this week to address a looming crisis a few hundred kilometers above our heads the problem space is increasingly littered with junk debris orbiting the planet is a menace to space craft and it can be a hazard when it tumbles back to earth research as they're looking for ways to keep up the mess. this space debris dangerous. and valid in a cloud of manmade debris more than seven hundred thousand pieces of it are
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orbiting the planet most are only a few centimeters in size but they're also fuel tanks rocket components and decommissioned satellites travel at phenomenal speeds. and just one piece could cause serious damage. that's why space junk is monitored using radar and laser systems they can detect object the smallest ten centimeters in size and pinpoint where the debris is in its orbit if need be satellites and even the i s s space station can be steered out of the way. still there have been collisions which released even more space debris into orbit. when russian rockets take off from their baikonur launch pad debris often rains down over siberia and kazakhstan but not just their. large pieces of space
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junk have been found in regions far away from launch sites. this came from america's sky lab space station increased solar activity destabilized skylab orbit and sent it tumbling. around midnight on the night of july the eleventh one nine hundred seventy nine parts of it came down in western australia reportedly killing a cow. in january of one thousand nine hundred seventy seven in tulsa oklahoma lottie williams was struck in the shoulder but wasn't hurt she's the only human so far to be hit by space junk. research as want to find ways to clean up the orbital junkyard the technology is still in the development phase though until that's done the planets cloak of space waste will just keep on growing and with it the danger. with me this.
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welcome. to the city of dom any ideas coming up coming out about how we can clean space well many ideas and many ideas that sound and so i speak to they involve arms or lasers but the most promising one is maybe the one we saw in the animation it involved in that so we would shoot a set alight into orbit which deploys the net there it's much like fishing actually and it would fish like a big parts and direct them to the earth's atmosphere where they would burn up in a controlled manner the test was done last year and of last year and it was actually successful at how much risk from space junk well the risk is real because there's about seven hundred fifty thousand objects larger than one centimeter in science earth right now one centimeter might not sound like much it's much like this coffee being right here but if this is an ever to beat off
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a volatile for the thousand kilometers are us and it's raising towards you or something it will have a lot of impact it's much like a hand grenade basically so if it's strikes set alight for example the whole system would go down g.p.s. wouldn't work any more it would affect wool trade financial markets weather forecasts would be possible and people wouldn't be able to watch live broadcasts like this one more and that would be. meaningless space is getting quite crowded you know along with russia and the u.s. you have china and india involved europe has new plans is it is a tax could spin out of control well i think they already out of control and not only china and india are pushing into space also private companies like space x. or planet announced plans to shoot up thousands of new satellites into space and this would be the make the problem even bigger so i think everyone would choose something up there should have a plan how to deal with the. afterwards and how difficult is it to get people to
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take responsibility for taking care of their own junk in space well one way would be to make it about business basically so if companies know that there is money in collecting space waste they would maybe come up with new technology that could be a way ok that's one way because certainly we need urgent solutions to this problem on our cycle from did obvious and says better to have you here cash. for. has so far and found no sign of his missing plane which disappeared over the in this channel late on monday the argentinian it was on this very to join the new club cardiff city in his last messages to his family and friends a frightened silence said the plane looked like it was about to fall apart. a media no salo only signed as a cardiff player from norm's on saturday he said he couldn't wait to get started
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now his new clothes are in shock i mean cannot just describe. the look on his face very very. very red as we walk him around the grounds and. you can he was absolutely ready to give it a go. and we knew. we knew he would. be ready for us. sellers goals in the french league made him a favorite was known to fans joining in two thousand and fifteen he quickly established himself as one of the team's most reliable players. he had returned to france to say farewell to his teammates he posted this message on twitter. the final goodbye. the aircraft and the pilot on board took off from norm's on monday evening headed for cardiff but the plane disappeared from radar close to the channel islands the search is ongoing but media reports of revealed the last what's
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app messages sent to friends and family i'm on the plane it looks like it's falling apart if an hour and a half you do not hear from me i do not know if they will send someone to pick me up because they will not find me i'm scared rescuers do not expect to find anyone alive or down very much with survival gear the water temperature is just above ten degrees at the moment so that doesn't give you very long before you start to to freeze up thousands of fans have held a vigil for twenty eight year old salah unwatered become his adopted city while back home in argentina. father was crestfallen i mean when i spoke to him on sunday. he was very happy that he was moving to cardiff to an even bigger club that he liked he was doing well he was playing world and
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this news. when these things happen there are no words sol is the most expensive play a cardiff has ever bought he has never kicked a ball for them his premier league dream looks over after the cruellest twist of fate. a distress over not christophe another stern warning by the international monetary fund to stop seems like they're coming on a regular basis now the global economic slowdown is coming faster than expected that's the message from the deputy managing director david lipton speaking at the world economic forum in davos and as warning comes only days after the i.m.f. lowered its forecast for growth this year and the next among the issues putting pressure on the global economy britain's imminent departure from the european union weakness in emerging markets and the ongoing trade dispute between the united states and china. now britain's still unresolved exit from the european union is
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certainly the biggest challenge for europe at the moment with numerous has government including the german chancellor making an appearance on day two of the davos meeting the focus is shifting to europe and there's certainly enough for the continent to chew on at the moment. he's added again part of a promotion for a scottish company in dallas but it's hard not to hear a melancholic tune after all by next year's world economic forum britain should officially be out of the e.u. it's still not clear how so the british prime minister cancelled her visit to you might see prince william cross your path he probably won't be commenting on briggs it though but others like this top german economist are speaking their minds. is the terrible thing is that the e.u. is trying to find a way to make britain an offer for leaving that doesn't make sense we want them to
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stay in the e.u. we want them to be part of it we have a historic opportunity to turn the situation around the e.u. should be making britain an offer to stay. if brics it were off the table europe could finally concentrate on the future again it would do well to act now so that it's not left behind in competition with china and the u.s. . it's time to talk about a new european economic policy in the u.s. consumer sector there is the digital platform economy in china we see how industry is rapidly digitizing and one of the big issues here is what is the future digital infrastructure for european industry and davros is of course a forum where all that's being discussed. that. europe will try to set the tone in davos this year even though everything is being overshadowed by briggs it. alright let's cross over to davos then and our correspondent now a europe is facing a heap of challenges that there's
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a rise in populism and people questioning democracy how are these developments impacting the debate in davos. well there are definitely impacting the debate and atmosphere here and davos of course in years past you had this idea of davos as being a big party where the world's movers and shakers could gather the great deals are made and the environment was generally affirmative this time are over you have the impression that participants are very conscious of this social of the social backlash that's happening right now in fact there's evidence of that when you look at the no shows this year most notably france is in manuel mccrone who are the yellow vests contend with for exit of course and to reason may's absence that's its own form of social backlash what is a notable notably absent here from davos however is any acknowledgement of responsibility for that social backlash now of course we have some very powerful people here in davos that they had a hand in shaping the world into what it is today and also
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a hand in creating its problems that obviously is not talked about as much here now one leader that isn't davos is the german chancellor shareholder keynote speech at the forum and about an hour from now what is on the market expected to highlight in her speech. hello kristoff when the world when other world leaders come to davos they're expected to represent their own countries when chancellor angela merkel comes she's expected to talk about europe so people are expecting a message of unity from her a message of cohesion in the face of challenges like brags that of social unrest in france and of course of germany's flagging economy so she's not expecting to give any surprise it's not expected that she'll give any surprises in her speech but it's already it's already set to be one of the most watched events at the forum and now it seems like many of the people attending the world economic forum share of americans view of liberal values and policies is this the right place to advocate
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them though. well that's a thing you know the world is changing it's worth noting that angle americal is giving her speech a day after speeches yesterday from the u.s. secretary of state my pompei oh and brazil is a terrible so narrow there are of course more they are from governments from more of a nationalist bent american speech will also be followed by a speech from the populist leader of italy just like the continent so it's not certain whether america is a message will resonate but what we do know is that if there was a time for america's message to resonate would probably be now you know your correspondent another man reporting from the world economic forum in davos danell thank you. and it's not just political and business leaders that have made the trip into this mess alps many heads of n.g.o.s and other advocacy groups are there as well they feel that rubbing elbows with the so-called elite could help their cause
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a reporter met up with one of the activists kumi knight who doesn't like coming to davos but he's been attending the forum for fourteen years now. through in this is a pathological condition which many people yes i feel for where they believe that meaningful life a good life a decent life comes from war and war material acquisitions. these reality is usually very far away from the posh pristine summit and that's why n.g.o.s like his are often criticized for attending the forum and meeting with he elite but it's a necessary evil for call me. it's connective the riyadh trying to hold up the middle of a different reality that the people we work with on the ground on a daily basis tell us we are yet to challenge some of the. visions that offload to present alternative visions n.g.o.s are in the absolute
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minority here in davos the forum is dominated by big business. but that's the good thing about the forum says kyle's cyma her n.g.o.s first book provides books and other necessities to children in need. you can't pick one sector as the solution to all social problems but we can't do it alone either these are these are problems that in many cases are outpacing solutions right now and we all have to lock arms and focus. focus not on what n.g.o.s shouldn't to do but what they can do at the summit. and more from the world economic forum including the appearance of the german chancellor will hold a keynote address in davos that's in about an hour from now and special coverage on
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that now to the u.s. canadian border and the natural wonder of the niagara falls now a winter storm there has taken temperatures down to minus twenty five degrees celsius and transformed the falls into an icy spectacle you can see it right there the majestic waterfalls have partially frozen providing a stunning sight for visitors. and a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour russian leader vladimir putin is hosting his turkish counterpart. for talks in moscow the pair are expected to discuss the fate of kurdish fighters in the north of syria. you're watching d.w. news from berlin we will be back here at the top of the hour with more news and in the meantime don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's d w dot com for now for me in the entire team thanks for watching.
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discover the. subscribe. documentary to. we need to talk about weapons they're a global business and a scourge of humanity yet there are regions in the world where weapons are part of everyday life here in germany the general public tends to be against weapons
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history especially in the last century this is not a choice really and that said germany is one of the world's leading.


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