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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2019 2:00pm-3:01pm CET

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they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters to me. this news coming to you live from berlin to have a serious caliber look to settle the country's street russian president vladimir putin host as turkish counterpart for talks on the conflict to discuss who should hold sway in syria's contested north also coming up cold self-feeding of finding
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missing football that many are not alive british police say there's no trace of this plane which disappeared over the english channel he sent messages to his family saying the aircraft was forming a pocket. and taking out the trash in space we look at why there's so much trunk orbiting up on it and want to know if we can do about it. in the next sixty minutes as europe takes center stage in davos german chancellor angela merkel will be addressing delegates on day two of the one that can all make for a. challenges continue to mount for the global economy german chancellor angela merkel is such a call for cohesion at the world economic forum in davos. of a warm welcome to you i'm thanks for. company. two of the major players in the
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syrian conflict are set to meet for talks that could have broad implications for the country russian president vladimir putin is meeting his turkish counterpart. on top of the agenda is the future of syria's kurdish controlled areas goodish militia control much of northern syria as you can see here on the map that. yellow that did this after they pushed out the so-called islamic state i as has lost almost all its territory in syria syria is marked on the map in red and that lead president trump to say he will draw the two thousand american troops supporting the kurds. regards the kurdish militia as terrorists and he says their presence along turkey's border as a threat to national security in a telephone conversation with president trump he proposed a turkish controlled fave zone along the border which you can see in the shaded area turkey is also seeking control of mum big city the kurds captured from the us
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in two thousand and sixteen and that is in that gray color you see in the middle not with the u.s. boys to withdraw the kurds are not trying to avoid a full on turkish military sort and they've turned to russia for diplomatic have the kurds have long dreamt of the stab in the tournaments region in northern syria one day but strategically the position of kurdish forces has become very precarious in the wake of washington's planned withdrawal. this was the scene in northeast syria two days ago when a convoy of u.s. and kurdish led troops was bombed in an attack claimed by islamic state. and exactly one week ago in kurdish held man bitch near the turkish border. another apparent i-s. attack that killed four americans despite the ongoing fighting washington remains
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committed to withdrawing its troops meaning syria's kurds are about to lose a powerful ally then there's the issue of a safe zone along the border with turkey a u.s. proposal. but who should create it and who should police it for russia which backs syria's government forces the answer is clear. to me we are convinced that the best and only solution is the transfer of these territories to the control of the syrian government of syrian security forces on the ministers of functions. but turkey equally wants control of this buffer zone to protect against what it sees as the kurdish threat. good liberal. proposal for a safe comes with the goal of keeping terrorists and terror organizations away from
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our borders. ancora insists syrian kurdish fighters are linked to the kurdish rebel group the p.k. k. widely branded a terrorist organization it doesn't want syrian kurdish militia gaining power on its borders fearing that might encourage the kurdish insurgency inside turkey. this time last year turkey launched its military operation on the former kurdish enclave of freeing in northern syria kurds marked the anniversary with protests they have reason to fear that turkey will strike again that's why kurdish fighters are now reaching out to syrian government troops for protection. so what's in store for northern syria forum that we have the news and the show been in moscow where the talks take place today and in istanbul. standing by and the phones to you know the plan to us from syria what change the balance of power in the region how does
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the kremlin want to fill it. well the planned u.s. withdrawal will absolutely have been music to russia's ears if the u.s. does withdraw its troop troops as they say they will then russia will basically be in control of syria's skies and russia will also be the only non regional power basically negotiating over syria's future and they have actually been saying for a long time that the u.s. is as they see it an occupying force in syria because its presence has not been agreed with the syrian government who they see is rightfully in charge of the country and this really hints that what putin wants for syria's future which is to consolidate the assad regime's hold over syria and also they the russians themselves want to pay it play a big role in the future of the country and in the peace process because they want
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to gain a foothold in syria and in the middle east including militarily and you istanbul is the to kish president a safe zone in northern city of what exactly does he have in mind. it was similar to what emily has just been saying about over russia i can say that for turkey as well president out on his first of all trying to secure his interests in syria before the us pull out their troops he is one of the major powers then now alongside iran russia and the us and he wants to console the day if not even extend his influence there right now his main objective is to and we heard that already in the report push back the kurdish fighters these fighters are allied with the americans they have helped the americans fight islamic state terrorists but for president add on these kurdish fighters are terrorists too and he won stem i quote
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him to be cleared off the map this will be his message in moscow today and he will present his plans for so-called security zone to president putin as well as zone that according to the turks will extend about thirty kilometers into syria deep into syria it will be free from any why p.g. fighters and under turkish controls out on has been discussing these plans with the washington they are not that detailed right now many details are still unclear but of course he wants to know what president putin things about that and really who took his proposed safe zone ferritin when russia's strategic interests. well these safe zones are certainly more of a turkish objective and russia today will be defending the interests of its ally syria assad has come out and said that he is categorically against a safe zone that would be patrolled by turkish forces previously president vladimir
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putin has suggested that perhaps syrian government forces could control such a safe zone and we heard just now in the report that said gay lover of the foreign minister the russian foreign minister also came out and said that the only solution would be for these territories to be given back to syrian control he also welcomed the fact that the syrian government had held talks with kurdish representatives so it seems that perhaps the compromise could be on the cards today with syria syrian forces controlling that safe zone and russia will act as an intermediary intermediary excuse me today in these talks and finally and briefly not to case troops have been massed at the border with syria is an assault on the. off the table. not according to the turkish government they keep emphasizing they're ready to launch another military offensive as you said troops have been reinforced
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equipment is that as well along the border inside syria to and the turks keep emphasizing that they're not willing to compromise on their national security also we have local elections coming up here in turkey and some say this is president and one trying to appeal to nationalist voters but any military operation in the end is costly so we'll have to see what the negotiations with both washington and moscow will bring. you know how that mr and we show when in moscow thank you both very much for your perspectives. if you just don't miss your watching the news coming to you live from berlin coming up ahead our coverage from the want economic forum in davos german chancellor angela merkel will address delegates in about twenty minutes and we'll go live to her speech as soon as she started addressing people there. but first let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world turns electoral commission has set
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a date for the general election it will be held on march the twenty fourth the vote has been postponed several times prompting angry protests it could be the first election since the two thousand and fourteen coup that's when the military ousted the government of shinawatra amidst allegations of corruption. a former serious south korean prosecutor has been convicted of abuse of power and jailed for two years and to goon was accused of repeatedly groping a female colleague the case triggered a flood of similar accusations against men in positions of power. taxi drivers in spain have gone on strike to protest against riot healing services such as and cabbie fi hundreds of taxi drivers blocked roads in barcelona and madrid they say rival drivers from companies like compete unfairly because they do not face the same regulations and costs. turning out to zimbabwe where president
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emerson man god has pledged to investigate what unacceptable violence by security forces that's after a day's long crackdown on protests that killed twelve people and injured hundreds more critics were alarmed and said the violence resembles the car country's recent boss asked on the dictator robert mugabe who they are reports that the official toll of victims may be a fraction of the real number. victims of the army crackdown are being treated in hospitals in the capital harare. this man was shot in the leg. he says he doesn't want to show his face because he's afraid of being targeted again he will meet. harare resident fire i'm a posse also suffered injuries after being attacked by the security forces. of modern water new orleans state started beating me with metal rods logs and barbed
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wire my hand was broken twice and i have a crack on my left leg after beating me they left in a hurry. to violence erupted just over a week ago after the government dramatically increased the price of fuel. the army and police were deployed in harare and other cities to disperse protesters and prevent looting. but the security forces were accused by zimbabwe's human rights commission of using extreme violence and in some cases torture. they seem to resort to use of brute excessive and disproportionate force in most circumstances thereby causing other way the loss of life in also always in this situation. the opposition m.d.c. is also accused the government of deploying the military and its heavy handed
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tactics to intimidate and silence its critics. to spread unfortunate and very tragic that we are back to the past what is clear is that is victimization on the basis of freedom of conscience or we are having these m.d.c. members m.p.'s being victimized. the president cut short a trip abroad to deal with a crisis he's promised a new. dialogue and an investigation into the alleged abuses but mistrust and tension in zimbabwe remain high. the search for the missing footballer. plane has resumed in the english channel a thought you say there's little hope of finding anyone alive the argentinian was on his way to join cardiff city when the plane disappeared in his last messages to family and friends a frightened solace said the plane looked like it was bought for the pot. a
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million arsala only signed as a card player from norm's on saturday he said he couldn't wait to get started now his new clothes are in shock i mean what's cannot just describe. the look on his face very very. very he met us and we walked him around the grounds and. you he was absolutely ready to give you the go. and. when you're here. we really feel as. solid as goals in the french league maybe my favorite was non-fans joining in two thousand and fifteen be quickly established himself as one of the team's most reliable players. he had returned to france to say farewell to his teammates he posted this message on twitter the ultimate child the final goodbye. the aircraft of salah and the pilot on board took off from norm's on monday evening headed for cardiff but the plane disappeared from radar
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close to the channel islands the search is ongoing but media reports of revealed the last what's app messages cell are sent to friends and family i'm on the plane it looks like it's falling apart if in an hour and a half you do not hear from me. we have to interrupt the broadcast just take you live to dunn was the chancellor angela merkel has just begun address to delegates at the world economic forum. i see the dark revolution was shaped for those kinds of items as they actually taken my hearing about i think there are two things that are out important for discussion here today the global risk report that usually before such a forum is published and that's the instruction i'll bet there are any number of challenges in the world out there and you need to correct my challenges if we just look at climate change and natural disasters but also cyber attacks and the
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challenges and terror attacks at that and tails so. at the same time there aren't a number of disturbances a certain amount of disquiet in my in the international system as a whole so part from the usual challenge is this leads to and also a lowering of predictions of growth by the international monetary fund which means that on the whole this i'm here to picture is right i don't think lummi and maybe a forum such as this one then said likely to be a bit more security into the system rather than worrying people it more because i think there are a lot of people who are more than willing to strengthen the international would actually think to work if we look at the international order and today at the architecture at the beginning of the twenty first century and how you think that this clothing the architecture is still. very much influenced by the results of actions taken after the second world war we have the united nations we have formats
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that event later on such as g seven g twenty at the level i've had to say that government as a reaction to one of the most important crises said in a way was also very much influenced by the digital age in a way that is a big financial crisis more than ten years ago and if we're honest we're still feeling the repercussions of that because the politicians have lost a lot of that credit in the eyes of the world up and also the financial and banking system sector has not lost a lot of its credibility we put out a banking union we have put up i could not regulations to work this off but that was one of the if you ask the people in our countries a belief in a stable international financial system how. been damaged quite significantly and we have to do everything in order to avoid a bit of additional to that if we're not going to be big companies that we've looked at the balance sheets of third big corporations and of banks we know that
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there is still an impact of that and that we also have less of a freedom of maneuver to tackle upcoming crises so we have to if you like. try and retrench there are then big international organizations came into being later such as our trade organization and really later than in the post-war period that is and in the not so that we have seen a develop and one that has shown that this global architecture of the international organizations such as. the world bank i.m.f. also o.e.c.d. all of these organizations have contributed to actually. bring in the world into a better place let us remind all of us in one thousand nine hundred seventy one the world title and the three point eight million people. and sixty percent of them lived in extreme poverty are today we have a seven point six billion people and only ten percent live in extreme poverty so
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that's seven to eight hundred million yes that's true but if we look at absolute numbers it is less and also as regards percentage it's less and one of the highlights of international decisions we have taken is that the s.t.g. for two thousand and thirteen has been more adopted i think global community was very much following its whole weight behind this we want and by twenty thirty to overcome extreme poverty and i'm confident we will be able to do that and there are also other areas where there's a light at the end of the tunnel if we look at the compact for refugees a complex of migration that was adopted by the united nations and there was also quite a large majority but these two also these two examples also come into play when we talk about the international order being a question of what are the women so what are the result we told us of that if we look at the history of mankind basic decisions for the order that we have today
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while they were taken about seventy five seventy four years ago that if you like is the age that the average person lives so after the horrors of the second world war and the people who were then empowered by the people who are oppressed ponse ability to handle certain insights and they go you what they were doing so we shouldn't these days costs of their decisions assigned and the system and they set up and treated lightly because they did so against the wealth of experience we've also seen that these international organization was after all. very slow and reforming if i think of the number of years we needed to push through the result of the quarter i am at wor the capital increase for the world bank this was urgently necessary because for many many years already in. economies such as china and india influence are no doubt global economy much more than we thought and
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if a system doesn't react to it quickly enough then the result will inevitably be others well america own will does not plan to establish new institutions of throwing their weight around and that has happened apart from the established t twenty format apart from the world bank we now have an asian investment bank for example apart from the g twenty we have a shanghai organization for economic cooperation where you have china russia and other countries and not china is seeking a sixteen plus one format in order to this doesn't like together with parts of the european union that actually bolt to alarm in the sense that it's a wake up call and we in law i and i come from a part of the world that is very much influenced by world western values i think we want to say we are great to look at and established institutions but leave full bent in such a way that the balance of power is actually really distinctly reflected in the way
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that they are built up we also know that the question how do we work is something that splits the why they devised the one and i think we all should call a spade a spade and the good let us not evade the issue we have certain institutions that set global guidelines and set global guardrails have and then we have to accept realities and reform that but there is a new approach that we see in the world today an approach that harbors great you know and that's as to the validity of the international system they say why shouldn't we look after our own should we look after our own interests fantasist and then out of that develop an order that is good for i have my doubts that this is the right way to go i think our national interests. it's one that's well you should understand them in such a way that we all the way is to remember that others also have their own vested
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interests factor them in and shape a win win situation that will be guide us in international politics is what i see myself in a tradition if you like of someone whom i greatly leave here max of evo no one the great. exactly one hundred years talked about the ethics at all to go in politicians and those who have taken up politics as a profession and he said compromise is a result of responsible actions by politicians and when people say these days i'll compromise is something that one shouldn't accept it's bad it's negative i must say it very clearly and unequivocally global's in architecture will only work if we all of us have a d. and willing compromise. open bleakly now if you think if we look at the present architecture of global institutions hansen it is difficult to we forget about it is
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difficult to bring them forward but you hear with the wild economic forum asking in the end of their little question that goes even further right now we have a disruptive revolution now we have the digital world for dodo what does this mean for us and i'm standing here before you as someone who wishes to strengthen the multilateral that's where it's a good thing a sound man to measure institutions are absolutely into spencer if we want to live . in the world of tomorrow so how can we put in and put down new markets. about what's in them a little tongue in cheek i could say but i'm serious still we are actually able to do certain things under sixteen that are no member i don't know whether this. has come to your confidence in mark to your attention but. in the event. the annual conference. measures and. measurements has taken place and the old one
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pair was cast aside on weights and measurements and in this world of maids and west measurements my is was a true revolution in the international community agreed to adopt this and as of march two thousand and nineteen what all have agreed measurements and the only key little from eighteen to ninety eight or not eight hundred eighty nine will not shrink anymore but it will be if you like a clearly defined that we'll share so there is room for before and we ought to adopt this we ought to let up these new ideas for this new age the great challenge are clear to all of us how do we deal with data how do we analyze and evaluate it and what about ownership of data all of that is something that we are grappling with and the can as a consequence of big data this big data well when we have a huge leap forward in the on the traditional intelligence and here it will be very
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important to put down ethical guidelines and i would also like to mention bioethics . genetics we do not as yet have agreed legal instruments that are a pickable clovelly and we need to finances of that and so as yet i don't see a clinical architecture that deals with all of these different issues. and i don't think it would be what mine can say that each and every big power will find different answers to that and if you look at the two different polls that we have these days as regards how to deal with data we have on the one hand the united states have the data are very much i owned by private players private saying all this and it's difficult to set down guidelines where the limits to this private ownership and. i would say that the rules that we had to. hold the world is are not
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rules that we can completely cause aside when we talk about rules for the digital what happens and then on the other hand we have china where the state has a lot of access to data even by some data so in a way your hands here and i have two different extremes that i feel i'm not in line with the ideas that i would have and that germany would have and nine with their social market economy as we know it where we say the rights of the individual named to be a protector and only i think the european union even though it has its flaws obviously with adopting the general as data protection regulation has given itself a good guideline as to how to deal with private data sometimes it's difficult i know and but i think for people when industrial revolution started and when people moved from the rural areas into town it was certainly also difficult for them to bunk if you like have a key ring with different keys to get into the are there better gnomes these are
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actual developments that we have to accept and changes that we have to accept we have to protect individual rights and we have the great question now of the tax unfairness and takes a shit i must say that i look with great interest and what the o.e.c.d. is currently doing on this and i think if we actually. use a combination of a minimum taxation and what the finance ministers have a drawn out with bets that are cool but if we combine that with coming to more clarity in our taxation we shouldn't leave this national. take attach of course we have to put down the new guidelines on this nothing when we had difficulties in the n.s.a. you would remember as of two thousand and thirteen two thousand and fourteen we have tried in the general assembly of the united nations and also. only in the human rights council. table sat in resolutions that deal with
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how to deal with digital data and present it in the digital age there was a good cooperation with mexico not austria and without us and we're trying to define for more clearly how we can get forward in his. brother's talk slow movement and ideas across as i said i am delighted to know that president obama said that the presidency of the twenty of the actual plan is one that he wishes to use in order to tackle the question how we deal with later upon some data also i think the g twenty is the ideal format to come to a comprehensive agreement and coordination among the industrialized nations to die does that tackle basically highly boy if we as journalists want to cut to say building up such a global architecture or giving it really its shape the precondition is obviously that we are dollars while considered to be in
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a poor economic least strong play out who is able to actually see to it that these ethical guidelines carry the day that too is one of the truths you can only leave an international footprint because if you are economically strong if you are a partner with the others if you can not only advise a problem and give others a sort of for moral guidance but if you speak it out of your own experience let me come back to my own country germany we still have a strong economy which does in very strong argue to the industrial age we still have a lot of value added in the manufacturing sector also in for example automobile automotive industry. and if we look at the revolutionary changes we've seen in the automotive industry that's you know music alone and not we also. there are certain other risks looming on the horizon risks they may well do damage to our employment
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situation not also risks their data management and tails so as they tell if they always are owned by platforms our opportunities are less good than if they are owned by the comic i guess but there's also the fact that the internet in germany nor in europe are we able to actually manufacture battery cells than is sat in the something that will mean that we lag behind and so i am very much for taking the necessary decisions in industry policy we've done that in this chip production we ought to use this potential that europe office has to sort of. again as close this gap in industrial manufacturing and together and i don't think that we can leave intellectual from ability for its electoral ability for example the advantages and advances that have gone when the made and to others knows a lot of them in germany has three big challenges ahead. that have
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a lot to do without a future. and that i would like to mention here fast the energy transition of thought of and then change but also sustainable energy and energy that we can produce by living up to apply what is something that we need to provide i am deeply convenience and wants is becoming apparent year by year that climate change is a huge challenge for both all of us and this planet and that means that industrialized countries have a responsibility not because of our c o two emissions that we have without eighty million people will. well change the overall picture but we as industrialized country have already admitted to c o two to a very large extent and against that background we have to follow up technologies that can help us and you know the. it may have an impact on the energy prices renewables are now the area. leading in our energy mix if
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we look at the percentage action. until by twenty twenty we will have left the ok not really the problem and then we have a very difficult one problem that is the only and she. source that can actually generate energy. on all the time is a brown coal and i'm marco island and you're the runkle it's not been subsidized so it's a family a cheap source of energy but it's obviously emits a lot of c o two we have now set up a commission that is in the final stages of its while it is not really working on the decommissioning of calling fire power plants but without being able to assure a base in our energy generation we will not be able to supply if so we will need it for said period of time and this conflict that we are here breaking. our
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energy supply is also a bit exaggerated we will continue to receive russia and russian gas and we will also receive liquefied gas from other sources were building up the infrastructure on ellen jean in all directions and also get supplies from a lot of the united states eventually but if we leave coal if we leave nuclear then we will need to use more natural gas and energy after means to be affordable and then that brings me to a point which i with with a which to mention every honesty in our coalition agreement we've put this down our construction. all of the building plans we have working scientists out we are now in the obviously in need of a totally different power grid all of the power lines have to be put on the ground. and the construction is far too slow i see our minister for energy am it is
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a presence here we have to do this obviously without the facet obviously without completely neglecting planning structures and planning regulations will now go on digital too we have to set up the necessary infrastructure but this is what i'm most concerned about and i will have to you use the european level to tag of this is out in which our former economy we are far behind other parts of the world and countries that have somewhat saturated and work with any working administration helps them feel the need to well that's how to innovate as emerging economies do that and what the state is doing with its citizens is not as digitalized as it should be so we plan to see to it that all of the saddest as we provide to our citizens are at the very latest by twenty twenty five really digitalize within the european and the european level we are unfortunately not really a front presence we unfortunately heini and so on the digital digital
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transformation i think is wide and white well at least in generally among big companies it's getting better with us i mean the to be is working quite up in business to customer demand is where we clearly have a lot to do and one competition to even those who working in the past five hundred days and those who are offering services to the customers i think that at least for germany and that is a battle that is not yet one i think we need to be faster than the demographic change in germany freedom of movement within the european union is a big help but after decades of discussion back in germany we have now decided to adopt an immigration legislation for skilled labor and that means that we need to obviously manage migration better but here too i think of the past three years we have made. stripes and legs in general we have seen and that is something other than alter and so forth point we have seen that only make one else i could if we.
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didn't do badly in this way of thinking that we can go it alone with a leader or in syria terrorism in iraq and we have seen how close but as a nation and its repercussions will affect us in general we have seen this huge migratory flow so i'm fairly proud to be able to see that in this out of the crisis from a syria lebanon and libya we are one of the great donors that is trying to stabilize this region it's much better to see to it that people can have a good life back home but they do not give all their money to traffickers and the best way to go about it is to help the people that are on the ground in their own countries yourselves like we watch it either with these countries but we also work together with african countries you know that during our g twenty presidency during our g seven presidency we have tried to do a lot with the african part as africa is unfortunate always seen as a conflict not consonant tenant problems but if you look at the fact how africa is working together on traditionally such
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a huge continent without the knowledge two billion people their strength in their village and all associations they wish to introduce freedoms of movement they have clear ideas of on the future combined infrastructure projects i think we ought to see them as a continent of hope in need and not enough opportunity that we will the neighbors of earth was because this for us a clear commitment to toronto naturalism is essential and although obviously it needs courage it is a precondition for the shaping this world of tomorrow and i think it's good to bring us together anything else that will lead us into destruction and we therefore think that our future lies in the european union because we strongly believe that the european union can muster the courage can muster the strength to tackle these challenges we all have to live with the shock that britain wishes to leave the union of that all of my efforts go towards try. i to get up at all to see that this is happening in a well ordered land i really want to have
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a good future partnership i mean as regards foreign policy and security policy for the defense we are absolutely dependent on good cooperation with britain but also a trade area and the more. the less complicated the n.c.o. and the relations are the better for all of us we have in the european union always been a champion for three a trade i am delighted to be on the first of february we now have i will have the e.u. japan free trade agreement and we also have trade talks with the united states of america and we have been able to complete trade talks with canada and i think others for should follow singapore australia if possible with my consumer and the. end of a decision in europe we love decided to make a very bold step forward it's all. one to coordinate in the future our possibilities to defend ourselves and to manage them with the combined
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arms of thinking is good and you know thinking defense policy together is not something that is directed against nato but my country it can even make it easier for nato because we have more than one hundred seventeen different a weapon system in the united states i believe have less than sixty so if you see that you can well in this situation but as sort of loss and efficiency in bases in for example maintenance and repair i think it was financed together we may decide to build tanks of the future akram combat aircraft of the future that's a very important strategic decision such as the i duck session of the treaty of art and yesterday between france and germany as a further development i think it is a treaty we want to see this to be seen as a commitment we are striving and important partners but it's working for europe developing the european you. that and for me it was you know just moving to see that and not only the french president and the german chancellor to sign
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a treaty but this was done in the presence of the president of the commission in the presence of u.t. the european council and of the rotating presidency of president of remaining in order to make it very clear we want to give a strong contribution to strengthening euro to because we had germany always good we have germans obviously always have difficulties in the sense we're multilateralism for trying to adopt his arm arms exports together with france well it's a very difficult task to respect we have to do this because no one will wish to develop weapon systems together with us if they are not absolutely certain that they can sell that letter as a possible while some other nationalism is not also only see like all that easy for us to look back and i always have to think of the possible and targeted work is insane and yet we see this in all countries we have populist challenges we have nationalized we have to stand up against them but maybe the battle
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lines are actually over me drawn in this way i will vote together with my colleagues in training in the cabinet come out usually in favor of a monthly better order not ending with the european union but to see to it that it is one not really a goat answers to the challenges of tomorrow means that the existing order cannot be ruined in such a way that no one believes in the validity of the international system anymore thank you very much for allowing me to present this to you thank you. you just been listening to german chancellor translight thank you very much indeed and i'm sincerely grateful because this earthquake here not the global architecture of the future is an issue that you tell you not. to stream out which. the subject. this year. of your presentation you spoke about the importance of multilateralism.
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because of one point you know they have just seen a single german chancellor angela merkel giving her address at the world economic forum in davos which was at the founder of the world economic forum klaus schwab listening to americans address with me in the studio i've have chief political correspondent melinda crane and my colleague first from business desk and welcome to both you and in davos we have a correspondent. michelle you were listening to what chancellor merkel had to say expectations are very high about what she would say do you think people there would be satisfied by her comments. you know rita i feel like this was the sort of speech that was designed to satisfy all possible expectations from everybody you know we were all listening to that speech and it just struck me how sweeping it was she talked about the importance of
2:45 pm
multilateralism she talked about the importance of reforming institutions but she also wanted to real specifics like the flag of german economy how taxation has to be fair she ended of course her message on on what has been her key message of throughout throughout the state of a summit at that multilateralism is important that it has to stay in place despite . the societal changes that are that are coming our way with with regard to just digitalisation but also with regard to europe and the u.k. leaving so as such i feel like everybody everybody who wanted to find something in malcolm's speech to try and comfort them for their particular concern would have found something in the very very wide ranging statement of hers don't you melinda john as it was a really very wide ranging speech with something for everyone what do you think a key message was well certainly
2:46 pm
a ringing endorsement affirmation of multilateralism of that global architecture that was constructed after world war two and added on to over the course of the past seven decades but also a very clear statement that that architecture needs to be changed adapted to current circumstances meaning in particular she said quite directly we must accept the new balance of power meaning rising nations emerging economies and their influence and that we must adapt even when it's very hard to do when there she cited the changes that have been made to both the world bank and the international monetary fund to reflect this new balance of power so i think for all of those who feel and. the u.s. secretary of state said something a little bit similar just last week who feel that the old order isn't working and therefore it must be jettisoned altogether she's saying no we have to work we have
2:47 pm
to compromise we have to make piecemeal adjustments to make this thing work and at the end she closed by saying we must be careful not to undermine this order to a point that it is no longer adaptable that it no longer can be reformed so in many ways this is what we expect to hear from uncle americal it has a lot of overlap with her speech at davos last year but she is saying very clearly that she rejects that america first or any nation first ideology and absolutely believes the problems that we face are only going to be solved with a reformed international approach and multilateralism as you said the key message again as those lot of business leaders listening to her in davos what do you think they'll make off comments well i think they'd be happy to to hear that she have used has identified a couple of the problem problems that business leaders are grappling with at the moment she mentioned data and ownership of the value added. europe is likely behind germany in particular is lagging behind she mentioned artificial intelligence and
2:48 pm
the ethics that need to be looked at she mentioned genetic engineering and i'm sure that loads of people in the audience they're looking at these fields and it's good and comforting to hear a german chancellor to speak about all this while acknowledging that germany is a country that's still very a dust trail is a very much. rooted in the last century but she was very low on on on concrete things i mean she for example that we are not investing we're putting ten billion aside to full research into ai always putting another fifteen billion aside to look out i don't know genetic engineering whatever it was just a bit of us on target as we say in germany don't you think it's an a c. yeah it's a bit of a sermon like everything is kind of she's warning and everything's she's and she's displaying that she's understood the problem of course she is she's a she's a scientist but. i think most of the law came in concrete measures so it was very
2:49 pm
broad brush address he would say let me return now to jeanette in davos you know this one to get on before the summit is taking place out of the overarching theme off globalization four point zero shaping the global architecture in the age of the fourth industrial revolution in that context anglo-american talked a lot about the european union in concluding remarks and strengthening the european union how do you think those remarks will go down with delegates there well the thing is that of course anglo-american is that it is the leader who is representing here at the is not representing europe here at the world economic forum in the absence of french president. she is left without responsibility person each later on will be followed by by a speech from another european leader but it's going to be it of these just over conte who is also him himself
2:50 pm
a populous leader so the fact is about expectations were very high. on the part of the delegates that she would be able to defend a project such as defend project iraq from the forces that are shaking it for example drags it or social unrest in france she even referred to germany's own a flagging economy so as such that that is something that the participants here expected but i'm not sure that they got enough of a plaid the message that they got from america was that we will we will weather the storm germany's future is in the e.u. we will have to weather the shock the shock that the u.k. is leaving that you but it's a bit light on details as to how. that's exactly a point of i'm making a guess that she was a bit light on detail and not enough concrete but she did talk a fair bit about the german economy and she talked about the challenges facing the german economy she told what energy digitalisation is about as
2:51 pm
a demographic challenge how do you rate her comments that well it showed basically the whole speech was sort of showed the boundaries that the german economy finds itself in it's still rooted in the last century depended on the car industry and heavy industry it's lagging behind in digital it's really lacking behind in digital way way way beyond places like a stone and there's many other places that are much better infrastructure in digital still dependent on energy from abroad because we have all climb a target so we can't use too much too much coal but our industries depended on reliable energy that renewable still can't one hundred percent deliver then there's the other side and hunted all of branch to donald trump say yes we will buy o.-p.g. liquid gas from you as well but we need gas from russia so that you see the. rock and the hard place that germany finds german economy finds itself in and that
2:52 pm
analysis was very good and very clear and yet as danell said very little substance on how to break out of that and when you do a lot of the things about this what economic from summit is there were a lot of big absentees and johnson becker was quite clearly the most powerful leader addressing delegates that given that how important do you think of kittens there was you know the interesting thing is a lot of the headlines a lot of the spotlight has been on two other leaders who are highly highly controversial mr paulson r.-o. who spoke yesterday and will i think many people will be tuning into that speech later on by the italian leaders and now just mention those two are very interesting at this point in time because they are nationalist populist. and therefore i think for many people uncle america will be almost be like a voice from the past a voice of pragmatism of reason of multilateralism but that doesn't mean her message isn't important of course it's important precisely this point in time and
2:53 pm
there was one thing she said about europe that i felt was notable she basically talked about the polarity of the chinese and u.s. approaches to the internet and to data saying in the u.s. everything's private it's all about the concentrations of the big tech giants in china it's all about the state and its control and she said we in europe are looking for that middle way that will involve a human centric approach to data to ai to digital development and we believe firmly in our social market economy as a basis for that again that's not a message that gets set anybody on fire but that is a really important message and it will be crucial for europe to find its own place in digital development going forward and not simply become one part of one camp or the other ok before we draw this program to close i want to get final comments from all three if you're starting with you jeanette can you give me
2:54 pm
a final comment. i'm going to america and her key message to delegates there at the world economic forum. i would like to go back to something melinda said about the speech perhaps of providing some comfort but not inflaming any passions and i think what's really been missing from davos and also from merkel speech is this knowledge of and the fact that of the social backlash we're experiencing the problems of the world today were in fact a created by some of the most powerful people that we have on those slopes really i think many people are looking for a message that says we know that part of this is our fault this is how we're going to make it better and i feel like that angela merkel could have included something like thought in her speech today. get how do you see that. i think it was a sweeping speech as we would all agree identifies a lot of the problems but again very low on concrete steps. therefore i'm slightly
2:55 pm
disappointed ok so you in concrete steps but strong messages coming out of what she said melinda for america. for america oh yes it's not a passionate rhetorical that we know she rarely gets up and sets people on fire she is certainly repeating here some of her most deeply held principles but she doesn't deliver them with the passion with that you talk about a sermon but in fact if anybody could give great sermons it was barack obama who absolutely had that almost missionary zeal she doesn't have it that's who she is but i think she certainly touched on some very critical issues related to thank you very much melinda cannot chief political correspondent first from a business desk and asian men in davos thank you all very much for commenting on chancellor angela merkel's address and adama's let me bring you up to date with our top story german chancellor angela merkel has offered the defense of international
2:56 pm
institutions of the world economic forum in davos in her speech to the forum actually called for global institutions she said they were indispensable saying reform would help counter what she called the fragmentation of the much laughter but she also highlighted challenges posed by climate change and migration and said her country's future from the within the european union. that's it for now i'm on that that she might have more for you in a few minutes at the top of the hour. the been.
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the body and the ball . this is the wus coming to life from by the end germany's chancellor angela merkel of course for the reform of global institutions speaking out the longer konami forum in davos of machall said reform which had come to what she called the fragmentation of the multi doctrove was going live to down was for some reaction also coming up.


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