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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is the news live from berlin that germany's chancellor calls for the reform of global institutions speaking in davos i'm going to be back with help come to what she called the fragmentation of the multilateral world and. also on the program to have serious power brokers try to settle the country's fate russia's president vladimir putin also talks with turkey's a veteran. and hopes of finding the missing footballer mainly on her salary and life after his plane disappeared over the english channel
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a fading reveals he said messages saying the aircraft was forming. a welcome to the program. germany's chancellor has told the world economic forum global institutions need to be reformed in order to avoid what you call the fragmentation of the multilateral world i'm going back to told the government of political and business leaders in davos switzerland that institutions like the world bank and the international monetary fund must be ready to compromise but not be downgraded if we look at the history of mankind basic decisions for the order that we have to take while they were taken about seventy five seventy four years ago if you like is the age that the average person lives after the hard. as of the
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second world war and the people who were then in power and the people who were impressed consequently had certain insights and they knew what they were doing so we shouldn't these days cast their decisions aside and the system and they set up and treated likely because they did so against the wealth of the watching us race who had made up his chief political correspondent melinda crane and you know in davos welcome to you both let's start with you general did the delegates there in davos get what they were expecting from chancellor merkel. well first of all let me start by saying that this event was one of the most anticipated events here at the forum the hall where she was speaking was packed to the rafters with the world's media waiting inside for her to speak now i have to say that the part the reactions i've heard from the participants so far have been that the speech was actually vintage merkel so this is a comment on merkel's conscientiousness so this was quite
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a comprehensive speech touching on many topics the defense of multilateralism as you said but also talks like digitization and germany's energy import policy now while of that arc on multilateralism was quite expected by the participants i did hear some dissatisfaction from the sidelines that she didn't say nearly enough on bragg's it which many feel would of really belong to a full throated defense of the european project which is what they want to hear from are. not decrying this year is globalization of four point zero show me a new architecture in the age of the fourth industrial revolution kind of. how do the charms of his message toying with that she basically said don't burn the house down don't rip that architecture to shreds simply because you have the feeling it isn't quite suited to the present day she said yes the balance of power in the world has changed we've seen countries like china and india rising and international
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institutions have to be adapted to reflect that change in the balance of power essentially she's saying it's not either or you don't either rip the whole thing down or stay with the saps a status quo there's a middle way which is to find out taishan that suitably reflect changes in the world and she said if we don't do that the consequences will be misery and in a veiled reference directly to. the statements of inclinations of president donald trump and also of his secretary of state she said there seemed to be some who believe that everyone. if everyone just puts his or her interest first then that is the best way to steer the world in the future she said she absolutely disagree even when he's not there he's there you know a duel with you've mentioned the chancellor speech touched on many areas including the state of the german economy. and it has to be
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mentioned that she made her speech on the back of. an earlier presentation of the world economic outlook that saw germany's g.d.p. growth forecast downgraded by by several points into twenty nineteen now so business leaders were keen to hear what she had to say about that and she said that germany is still a strong industrial power although of course there are risks ahead in terms of the automotive sector and in terms of the digital businesses and data ownership it's hard to imagine however that the business delegation was what was comforted by these words at the end of the day these were things that they already know and what they would have required for america there was perhaps a plan. don't do well in davos switzerland and here in the studio with me belinda craig thank you both so much. now let's take a look at some of the other news making stories making news around the world in venezuela tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of the capital
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caracas to demand the resignation of president nicolas maduro opposition leader. and his supporters say the government is illegitimate down demanding the vets he put her power to the country's national assembly four people were killed overnight in protest leading up to today's rounds. asylum requests in germany are declining the country's migration agency says it dredged to just under one hundred eighty six thousand applications last year down sixteen percent numbers of before since the twenty fifteen migration crisis when the ninety thousand people applied for asylum . for thousands of mourners attended the funeral in northern israel of an arab israeli student killed in australia twenty one year old. was raped and murdered in melbourne on her way home from a comedy show a death sparked protests against violence against women. and to the major players
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in the syrian conflict have begun talks that could have significant implications for the country russian president vladimir putin is focused and he's a turkish counterpart regift tired of top of that agenda is the future of syria's kurdish controlled areas after the withdrawal of u.s. forces announced by president trump and president turkish controlled a safe zone along the border see this is the striped area on the map because he regards the kurdish militias just terrorists and the threats to national security turkey's also seeking control of man beach town the kurds captured from so-called islamic state in twenty sixteen. so what's likely to come out of today's talks the w.'s and the show and joins us from moscow where those talks on happening during jones is in istanbul welcome both let's start with you would in moscow what news from this meeting so far. well the two leaders are actually
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behind closed doors now talking we've already seen their opening statements in which both aired on and putin emphasized the mutual trust they have in each other the fact that they met that they've been meeting a lot recently last year alone they met seven times and talked on the phone as well and of course both sides also talked about syria where putin said that the two leaders are actively working together i wouldn't say that the atmosphere was completely relaxed putin was kind of tapping his foot a lot it almost seemed like he was a little bit nervous and for up perhaps for good reason there's a lot on the table today when it comes to syria with the u.s. having announced that it's leaving that the troops are being withdrawn during jones in istanbul tell us about this proposed safe zone in northern syria what is president one have in mind. well the safe zones going to be around two hundred fifty kilometers long and thirty two kilometers deep now this will really
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compass most of the key towns and cities all over northeastern syria another one envisages his area to repeal the removal of all of what he calls terror threats and what that me has in mind there is his syrian kurdish militia the white peachy and its political affiliate the p. y. t. he wants them all removed from this area he said they pose a threat to turkey linked to an insurgency inside turkey he claims and he stresses that this security zone will be under turkish control and he does say that this is non-negotiable and he sees beyond that they also we're getting from the vice president of turkey. he says that they won't tolerate the presence of these militias even on the border of the buffer zones of turkey is looking to possibly extend its influence even further into northeast syria. is russia on board with this not really particularly if this security the safe zone is supposed to be under turkish control the russian side and
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for sizes the importance of territorial integrity of syria basically they want the syrian government to consolidate control over the country and they also know that assad the head of the syrian government is categorically against the turkish controlled safe zone so what putin has proposed in the past and presumably will be proposing again today is a syrian controlled safe zone and russia will just have to get the kurds on side to agree to that story and turkish troops have been massing on the border with syria how likely is an assault on courage held territory. well prisoner one seemed to be saying he's ready to give time to both washington and moscow he said that we wait to see whether the commitments that have been promised was will be delivered and we've said if that's the case and they won't be a problem of why he says that we will launch this military operation there are crucial talks of the beginning of next month with u.s.
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officials with turkey's expected the final details of the so-called buffer zone but it remains unclear whether if those commitments. will turkey there to cross both moscow and washington a little skipper's and we're prepared to do that and there is people expect anything of this massing on the border is a big this can extract concessions from both moscow washington and the moscow's so i'm not sure when how would an assault like this affect the russian interests. well there may be some bargaining going on behind closed doors today phil and one thing that experts say could be a bargaining chip is the demilitarized zone in its live now that is a zone that arrow on and putin set up and perhaps and russia wants to launch with syria an assault on that area where they say terrorists have been attacking syrian forces so perhaps there could be a tradeoff today. turkey turkey gives up control of it live and turkey is then
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allowed to assault that northern part of syria but it remains to be seen certainly a lot of wrangling going on behind closed doors today only show in moscow dora jones in istanbul thank you both of the search for missing football and the leon of salah has so far failed to find any definite trace of his plane in the english channel and identify debris is being examined or sources say there's little hope of finding him or the plane's pilot alive the argentinian strike was on his way to join his new team cardiff city when the plane disappeared his family has revealed that in his last message salah said the plane looked like he was about to fall apart. hope is rapidly fading here in the cold waters around the channel islands. this search and rescue aircraft is one important cog in the team's effort to find the light aircraft carrying and. if
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they're in the water will said charles a lot of diminished to almost zero because it's very cold in the water has been rough even though it's as well if they're safely in a lot for oft the. chance to survive much greater because. it's from the cold. the piper malibu aircraft with sala on a pilot on board took off from the french city of nanda on monday evening headed for cardiff but the plane disappeared from radar on passing guernsey in the channel islands and only signed as a card of player from the aunt on saturday he said he couldn't wait to get started but it returned to france to say farewell to his team mates media reports have revealed the last what's up messages silas sent to friends and family i'm on the plane it looks like it's falling apart if an hour and a half you do not hear from me i don't know if they'll send someone to pick me up because they'll not find me i'm scared. thousands of non funds have held
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a vigil for twenty eight year old salah in what had become his adopted city back home in argentina salis father was crestfallen. i spoke to him on sunday. well he was very happy that he was moving to cardiff to an even bigger club that he liked he was doing well he was playing well and this news when these things happen there are no words for something. sala is the most expensive player cardiff ever bought the club's fans are in shock still hoping he'll be found a life. now to the niagara falls on the u.s. canada border where winter storm has taken temperatures down to minus twenty five degrees celsius partially of freezing the falls and transforming this eighth wonder of the world into an icy spectacle providing
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a stunning sight for festus. as a child up to date i'll have more for you at the top of. your business update in just about. how good. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on was. raring to go. don't expect happy ending. the church.


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