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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2019 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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then friend to france lending her signature to secure the core of european peace today before business and politics global elites she spoke as the pastor's daughter offering the golden rule as a twenty first century going to geopolitics do unto others in a world with presidents who promise to do for themselves first arbor golf in berlin this is the day. europe is on a journey for which there is no guarantee of success. we must all live with the shock that britain wants to leave the european union. and we're facing populist challenges and nationalist forces and we have to fight them. here and i will fight to ensure that a multilateral order doesn't end with the e.u. . we must not damage the existing order so much that no one believes in the new
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structures. we should view our national interests in a way that we also think about the interests of others. that really win win situations are the precondition for multilateralism. also coming up tonight will breaks it be delayed that today a visibly frustrated british prime minister told parliament more time will not change the one question they remain unable to answer extending all the fifty i don't believe resolve any issues because at some point members of this house have to decide whether they want to have a new deal situation agree or have no regrets it. well to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and around the world welcome we begin the day with a european head of state offering advice wisdom and
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a warning to the rest of the world today german chancellor angela merkel spoke at the world economic forum in davos switzerland now two important points to keep in mind first america will retire soon which means she speaks as a liberated leader of sorts with no more elections to win and the second point the political leaders that she addressed most directly today those populists presidents well they were nowhere to be seen one of them stayed home due to a domestic crisis merkel the champion of multilateralism in compromise says she has a serious dels about the world order surviving if leaders like u.s. president double trump with narrow national interests win the day but she admitted the global order has become an easy target with institutions like the world bank and the i.m.f. resistant to reform and blind to those that globalization has left behind so her advice don't tear down what you've already built up and don't delay fixing what you
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know is already broke. she's been held by some of the leader of the free world. today at the world economic forum in davos german chancellor i'm going to michael appear to live up to this title a subpoena for cooperation among nations. so i think we should understand our national interest in such a way that we always remember that others have their own vested interests and factor them in and then shape a win win situation that will guide us in international politics. you know a global architecture will only function if we're able to compromise as a whole. it was a rebuke to the isolationism of u.s. president donald trump who at the last minute made his point by canceling his trip to davos. to reinforce her point michael also called for stronger global economic ties. with the no abuse no new one in the european union we've always been a champion of free trade i'm delighted that starting the first of february we'll
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have the e.u. japan free trade agreement and we're also in favor of trade talks with the united states. and we've been able to complete trade talks with canada and i think others should follow. but michael's place done in sharp contrast with actual events britain's exit from the e.u. is just one example of international ties being said it. didn't stop her from addressing the subject of perks that i owed him as we all have to deal with the shock that britain wants to leave the union. all my efforts go toward trying to see this happen in a well ordered manner we want to have a good future partnership. the future of that partnership michael says is now in the hands of the british. when he is at the world economic forum in davos switzerland force she joins me live now good
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evening to you sarah you heard the german chancellor is speech today what did you make of it. a strong defense there brant of the multilateral world order from the german chancellor here in davos switzerland at the world economic forum she was very keen to remind the participants today of the horrors of world war two and the reasons why we have the current rules based multi little lateral system institutions such as the world trade organization as the united nations in fact the german chancellor saying the following about the progress that has been made since world war two that organizations have contributed to making the world a better place and that poverty as a percentage of the population has been on a decline in the past decades now this was really a pointed critique of sort of the elephant in the room that is us president donald trump and populist politics in general which we have seen gripped many nations
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around the world recently it was also a critique of the theme this year at the world economic forum which is globalization four point zero it's an acknowledgement that our increasingly digital economies are not benefitting enough of the global population and those gaps those inequalities could increase as the pace excel or rates there's been a call for reform in the global architecture angela merkel acknowledging that that reform is important however do not throw the baby out with the bathwater that's a very good point there that she made today since she was the star political leader who spoke today and dog i want you to if you could compare her message with what we heard from yesterday's political headliner the new brazilian president who's known as the brazilian dawn will draw. you know these are two very
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different messages two very different understandings of the world from angela merkel we heard a message of compromise we heard a message of go it together from dyad both sonando of brazil the newly elected president who has just assumed office this january we heard a you know go toward my goal at any cost sort of message from him he came with the message that brazil is open for business and now keep in mind that he was elected on a wave of populism in his country he promised to wipe out corruption wipe out crime and he said that he would improve the economy and basically put through those policies in order to make it happen however many are concerned what might happen in the wake of that for example damage to the environment he has promised to promote agribusiness he mentioned that in his speech yesterday also that might come at the cost of perhaps some territory in the amazon rain forest recall also that brazil canceled the united nations world climate conference that it was supposed to host
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next year that is of course where the world comes together to talk about climate action so you had two very different illustrations here basically a question of global cooperation that is really the dividing line between these two different styles of leadership and if you had to gauge the room which one played better to the participants here at the world economic forum it was certainly the approach of the german chancellor yeah it's interesting isn't it and you know she is the politician the leader who was leaving office soon in two thousand and twenty one at the latest and so i'm saying that she's much more liberated in her in her messaging now because she doesn't have to campaign anymore what kind of reaction did her words drawled there will you or. you know they're saying that she's liberated but in many ways this speech was very vintage americal i had somebody describe it to me as a very practical speech as
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a very measured speech another individual saying you know this was supposed to be the end of her ten year speech and it was a legacy speech with no power i don't know that that was very fair because she did have a very strong message perhaps it was in the delivery of that message but there were certain points if the speech where she was talking about german domestic policy in fact things for example like the energy transition like digital competitiveness like demographic change for example but you know ultimately the founder of the world economic forum klaus schwab said that she holds a very special place there at the world economic forum and in the world at large and that she is of course always invited back she very coyly replied i'm here i think perhaps insinuating that she'll get back to him yeah well you know if according to her plan she would still have next year to speak as the german chancellor if she gets invited so we'll have to see sarah kelly in davos
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switzerland for us as always there thank you. well pushing a new deal if we did not stop it from me at the end of the month. to stop. the pushy t.v. majority and there's a solution we need to emerge to give it a political coaster titian's there is a may a stunt to do and we will sincerely hope that this process really be successful. and that was the european union's breaks it negotiated michel barnier speaking today speaking english and if you followed the brags that saga of the last few years you will know that mr barney a usually only speaks english when he wants to drive home a point to lawmakers in london where his point is clear time is running out and they no deal breaks it is looking more likely tomorrow barney
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a meets with german chancellor angela merkel and the two are expected to discuss a possible break delay sources say the e.u. remains united in its stance that it will only consider a delay if and when britain requests it or in london british prime minister to resign maybe she is in a battle against the clock and against her own parliament lawmakers are expected to vote next week on the second version of her brags that withdrawal plan it is an unpopular or it is as unpopular as the first version which lawmakers rejected and some parliamentarians are reportedly planning a move to force the new deal breaks it all option off the table completely to reset may says that would only undermine her government's ability to deliver a break deal today in parliament may and opposition labor leader jeremy corbin traded verbal blows some of the most severe yet over bricks. mr
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combination the whole government is working to ensure that we need the european union we deal with the chancellor and the business sector agree and i quote there is a launch majority in the commons opposed to no deal so will the prime minister listen to her and cabinet members and take no deal of the take the right honorable gentleman has been willing to sit down with the. three conditions that she was me to talk about. it appears mr speaker that was the door to her office may well be open apparently the minds inside it are completely closed. russian president vladimir putin says he is ready to host a summit on the future of syria including turkey and iran the three countries have been pushing their own strategy for ending eight years of civil war in syria putin
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met with turkey's president rectify imperator one in moscow earlier today he welcomed the announced american withdrawal from syria as a positive step he also called on kurdish forces who control large areas of north eastern syria to start talks with the syrian government everyone said the withdrawal of u.s. troops from the kurdish controlled areas must not result in the vacuum of power turkey regards the powerful kurdish why p.g. militia as a terrorist organization. well i'm joined now by john thing can from the german marshall fund of the united states jonathan has expertise among other things in russia and u.s. relations with turkey it's good to have you on the program johnson would this meeting between ever won and putin would it be taking place at all if trump had not and now the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria. i think the relationship between putin and air to one has grown substantially over the last couple years just this past
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year they've had seven one on one meetings and this is in two thousand and eighteen eighteen phone calls they had one recently so the cooperation between turkey and russia and syria has grown substantially so this conversation these conversations have been taking place regardless of what's taken place in the united states by president but of course the u.s. pull out of syria's prompted i think a push to try to address some of the challenges and concerns that turkey sees and also it's an opportunity for russia to solidify what it sees as the right position in syria what do you make of this talk about a buffer zone in northern syria between turkey and the kurds does that say that turkey is not willing to intervene militarily against the kurds in other words it's not willing to go against the wishes of washington. i think that's to be
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determined of course turkey has legitimate security concerns with respect to the p.k. k. and kurdish terrorism but also as the united states has said the national security advisor missed the boat and said that whatever takes place in northern syria can't impact the kurds and so there is a real challenge here right now of course there is the security imperative for turkey and there's also the u.s. relationship an ongoing relationship with kurds who were with the united states side by side in battling isis and what about the role of russia is it looking to avoid complications with turkey over its syria strategy or do you see moscow having a longer term interest in improving ties with. look i think russia's interest lies and in trying to recover all of syria from
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mystic mr assad and maintaining its influence in syria i can't really think of an instance where russia has played a positive peacemaking role anywhere on the globe and that includes syria and i think this should be of real concern to as it is it builds on this relationship in syria as a looks to potentially fill fill in where the u.s. is leaving that creating a relationship with russia based on mutual trust and reliance is one that they should not rely on and the track record of mr putin in these situations usually leads to russia trying to assert its own interests and the negative way that destabilizes regions and peoples and what about america's allies the kurds in syria can the us choose them over turkey in the long term.
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look i think the president trump has already spoken he has ordered u.s. troops to to leave we've already seen equipment leaving syria in northern syria u.s. troops would follow i think he's made a choice. president trump and that is to withdraw u.s. troops and i think part of the concern in washington and this is been a challenge with this administration president trump is that he does not value allies and he's incredibly transactional and for the kurds i would be worried and i don't think that the u.s. is a reliable partner right now with president trump in position to determine what the policy is but we saw it just last week an attack on u.s. military personnel with isis claims it's obviously a disconcerting situation i think the worst case scenario for the united states is that isis re-emerges and that you continue to have
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a destabilize region. jonathan katz with the german marshall fund of the united states and we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you well the kurds have long dreamed. in all thomas region in northern syria but strategically the position of kurdish forces has become more precarious in the wake of washington's imminent withdrawal. this was the scene in northeast syria two days ago when a convoy of u.s. and kurdish led troops was bombed in an attack claimed by islamic state. and exactly one week ago in kurdish held man bitch near the turkish border. another apparent attack that killed four americans. despite the ongoing fighting washington remains committed to withdrawing its troops meaning syria's kurds are
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about to lose a powerful ally then there's the issue of a safe zone along the border with turkey a u.s. proposal. but who should create it and who should police it for russia which backs syria's government forces the answer is clear. we are convinced of the best and only solution because the transfer of these territories to the control of the syrian government of syrian security forces on the ministers of functions. but turkey equally wants control of this buffer zone to protect against what it sees as the kurdish threat you are liberal. proposal for a say so comes with the goal of keeping terrorists and terror organizations away from our borders. ancora and says syrian kurdish fighters are linked to the kurdish
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rebel group the p.k. k. widely branded a terrorist organization it doesn't want syrian kurdish militia gaining power on its borders fearing that might encourage the kurdish insurgency inside turkey. this time last year turkey launched its military operation on the former kurdish enclave of a freen in northern syria kurds marked the anniversary with protests they have reason to fear that turkey will strike again that's why kurdish fighters are now reaching out to syrian government troops for protection. zimbabwe is a powder keg tonight government employees have threatened to go on strike beginning friday gives the asians over pay with the council representing half a million civil servants collapsed president emmerson him in ganga has pledged to
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investigate what he calls unacceptable violence by security forces against civilians who protested against a fuel tax hike twelve people were killed hundreds were injured but doctors say the publish death toll may be just a fraction of the real thick. victims of the army crackdown are being treated in hospitals in the capital harare. this man was shot in the leg. he says he doesn't want to show his face because he's afraid of being targeted again he will merely having. harare resident fare i'm a posse also suffered injuries after being attacked by the security forces. of modern water new orleans six started beating me with metal rods logs and barbed wire my hand was broken twice and i have a crack on my left leg after beating me they left in a hurry. to violence erupted just over
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a week ago after the government dramatically increased the price of fuel. the army and police were deployed in harare and other cities to disperse protesters and prevent looting. but the security forces were accused by zimbabwe's human rights commission of using extreme violence and in some cases torture. they seem to resort to use of brute excessive and disproportionate force in most circumstances thereby causing other way the loss of life in or source in this situation. the opposition m.d.c. is also accused the government of deploying the military and its heavy handed tactics to intimidate and silence its critics. to israel unfortunate and very tragic that we are back to the past what is clear is that is part of victimization
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on the basis of freedom of conscience or we are having these m.d.c. members m.p.'s being victimized. the president cut short a trip abroad to deal with the crisis he's promised a national dialogue and an investigation into the alleged abuses that mistrust and tension in zimbabwe remain high. well how do you take out the trash when the trash is already out there way out there space is all littered with jock debris orbiting the planet is a menace to space craft and telecommunications satellites and they can be a hazard when it tumbles back to earth or researchers are looking into ways to clean up what is a manmade cosmic mess. this space debris dangerous for earth. our earth is
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enveloped in a cloud of manmade debris more than seven hundred thousand pieces of it are orbiting the planet most are only a few centimeters in size but they're also fuel tanks rocket components and decommissioned satellites they travel at phenomenal speeds and just one piece could cause serious damage. that's why space junk is monitored using radar and laser systems they can detect objects the smallest ten centimeters in size and pinpoint where the debris is in its orbit if need be satellites and even the i.r.s. air space station can be steered out of the way research is want to find ways to clean up the earth's orbital junkyard the technology is still in the development phase though until that's done the planets cloak of space waste will just keep on
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growing and with it the danger. the u.s. canadian border and the natural wonder that you'll find at niagara falls take a look at these pictures a winter storm has taken temperatures down to minus twenty five degrees celsius and it has transformed the falls into an icy spectacle the majestic waterfalls of partially frozen providing a stunning sight for visitors beautiful. well the day is nearly done the conversation continues. on twitter. remember whatever happens between now and tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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greece is the first. dimitrius purpose to you is promoting intelligent technology to make fit for the future. the government keeps throwing hospitals in its way. but he's convinced that. solutions the only way out of financial crisis. in sixty minutes. hey listen. that's what video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level punk a sense to him talk composer claimants are. featured in many
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games his music is bound to get. for his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. though genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. five or one welcome to another exciting edition of your max i'm your host meghan lee from orals of noodles to wining and dining we've got lots in store on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. mama mia it's time grannies and their homemade pasta. no surf.


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