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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2019 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a power struggle in venezuela as the opposition leader declares himself president under the thousands take to the streets to demand president nicolas maduro leave office opposition leader one why though positions themselves to take power backed by the united states also coming up. germany's foreign minister goes on a charm offensive in washington d.c. he says berlin has ambitious plans for its new ten year on the u.n. security council. also on the show growing up behind bars. i don't
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want him to think his mother's about him he doesn't understand that she's long tom . the turkish children imprisoned with their mothers and only allowed out on the weekends rights groups say many of the mothers are jailed for political reasons. and days three of the world economic forum in davos after politicians had their moments today it's artificial intelligence taking the spotlight. i brought in thomas a very warm welcome to the show and then a swale is in charted political territory after the country's opposition leader. declared himself president the move was swiftly recognized by the u.s. and other countries quite owes us this time to end what he calls for. duros
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dictatorship the last few years have seen no ins flee the country to escape food shortages and crippling inflation. was he hopes these words can topple then as well as government opposition leader one ply two swore himself in as interim president has thousands cheered him on. was aim is ending this usurpation and this treasonous government and holding free elections if this happens then let god and let the nation reward us and if not then let them demand otherwise. quite those declaration comes as hundreds of thousands rallied across venezuela to support the opposition they call president maduro as government illegitimate and blame him for their country's economic collapse. but as their protests continued deadly violence spread. several
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demonstrators have been reported killed them it clashes with police. while authorities clamp down on protesters venezuela's opposition is getting fresh support elsewhere president trump joined a growing list of leaders who say they recognize one quite oh as best way those interim president trump tweeted the announcement and wrote venezuelans have spoken out against madeira and his regime and demanded freedom and the rule of law. my president maduro has hit back by vowing to cut all ties with washington he told all u.s. diplomatic staff to leave the country within seventy two hours but demand the white house rejects. out of venezuela they go enough interventionism there is dignity here and here there are people to defend this land . but the opposition says they have the claim to defending the
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country from the material government. one cried joe says he intends to act as interim president only until new and fair elections can be held. ok where is this headed eduardo mendez from good of you latin america joins us in the studio this morning good morning eduardo what can you tell us about. the opposition leader and how much public support is enough one way though the newest face the freshest face in the long row of a position of the u.s. are in prison or. had to leave the country. and he's the new hope to clear a new face of hope for venezuelans. and. i say the first but he also has shifted them. there are three of how the pushes for something itself in this. especially because he. has
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a more calm way to transmit his message she is not so pushing forward like former positions either and so he's trying to to get some sort of dialogue though his very insistent on this message of trying to. you know get this dictatorship of come on the ok he has support of course a present trump has backed him we have a platform of regional states in those lean a group limit group as well throwing their weight behind this is the foreign minister of canada part of that group chrystia freeland let's have a listen that was she saying. so let me say on behalf of canada that we recognize and express our full support for the interim president c. of venezuela assumed by the president of the national assembly one though in compliance with the constitution of venezuela and we the members of the lima group are preparing a fuller written statement which we hope will come out very soon it's an important
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day for venezuela and i'm grateful for the solidarity of the lima group in speaking out on this and why will this regional solidarity benefit one why joe was a regional study there it's about not complete sort of there is in the region because you have important states like mexico or cuba all your way when not supporting one way though and this position movement and also there is more. in the region i mean on the one hand you have the u.s. saying you know with supporting him but the u.s. one important bio of the soil and the oil so i think we have to serve very carefully what other powers are doing like china russia who has very strong interests in venezuela so it's not that they are in the in the regional support what does it mean and. more than the. intentions
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and there's not more to that until now and even europe is playing a very weak grohl. if i have to put it clearly giving a little bit just with with yet statements but you have people dying right now at this moment the venezuelan government is killing people protesting. defending democracy that is not more existent in venezuela when you have to put a label on mother or mother is a dictator the elections have to last year were not fair and we were not transparent and that's what white whale claimed himself according to the constitution of as well as the press and so you have. and you have a very weak. international community trying to or claiming that they are helping but the u.s. is the best example you know still making business ok in a lot of ways the country's military power broker right now they're backing maduro but there has been a revolt by the national guard this week are significant elements of the military
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prepared to back want quite oh. sure the military is always in such a consolation a key issue and we have had on monday this small revolt. if i have to put it very clear no they're not beckoning the opposition right now because mother one has. its finger on the oil and his finger on the trigger also because this oil money is spreading into the military so the military and receive support from of the world this revolt on monday showed something interesting anyway it was that those militaries after they gave up they were dialoguing with higher ranks and there was saying that their situation was. really suffering from from shortages and the military also so that could be a key issue but until today the military is supporting nicolas maduro who has his
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finger on the notary and the oil good way of putting it. does from d.j. view latin america thanks very much for coming into. now for some of the other stories making news this hour pope francis has arrived in panama where over one hundred thousand people have gathered for world youth day dancers will lead the catholic faithful at the u.s. festival is expected to speak out strongly in the fence of central american migrants during the about. us president trump will postpone his state of the union address until after the partial government shutdown is over this falls a standoff with house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi would announce that the house would not provide the traditional space for the speech during the shutdown so. a gunman who opened fire inside a central florida bank killed five people before surrendering to negotiators a twenty one year old was arrested after that shooting according to police in the town of sebring alleged shooter adam self all the authorities. the
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german foreign minister heiko masses in the united states to kick start a new phase and the country's foreign policy efforts namely its new two year tenure on the un security council last met with u.s. secretary of state might come pale as part of germany's bid to play a more active international role. after the talks moss weighed in on the dispute between the u.s. and russia over immediate range nuclear missiles moss called for moscow to reveal the range of its newest weapons. well the correspondent marsh waiter's following the german foreign minister's visit to the us. heiko moss a stop in washington d.c. was in part to try to salvage a disintegrating nuclear treaty between the u.s. and russia but it was also part of a short goodwill tour that he's on promoting germany's brand of multilateralism and affirming the country's position as a negotiator on the world stage especially as germany prepares to recede to one of
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the coveted seats on the un security council this means for the next two years germany is going to be playing a much bigger more prominent role on the world stage but most of his visit was really to show one key thing that even as times at the top levels of various countries strain and break the ministers and secretaries of state can still work together it's to turkey now where human rights groups believe some seven hundred children are in prison after their mothers were convicted of what activists say or mostly political grounds one such child is the two year old near us his mother is a kurdish activist jailed on charges of spreading terrorist propaganda murals lives with her and twelve other women in a cell it's only on weekends that the children get a taste of life outside prison cell. saturday's the day the fathers pick up their children at the gates of the gibbs a prison the little ones can spend
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a day or two in freedom. as acrobat takes his two year old son mira's home every weekend the total is already gotten used to leaving his mother behind. the other for a kurds his mother has been active for an opposition party with links to the kurds that was enough to get her a four year sentence. we can just be glad to jail isn't that far away. and we can pick the children up now and there. is. a bar has joined up with other fathers whose wives are doing time for political offenses. in my wife's case it was because of social media comments and for that she was sentenced. on terrorist propaganda charges or lawyer told us that normally statements like that shouldn't be liable to prosecution. but they've changed the laws. as
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a result of the new anti terrorism laws mirrors and his mother girl is down and now sharing this bunk in a cell with over a dozen other inmates. has only a small concrete prison yard to play in. so the first place mira's wants to go to is a playground and play like a normal child for a few hours mere hours will have to get through two years like this. one minute i don't want him to think his mother's abandoning him he doesn't understand that she's locked up we can only hope that he doesn't end up traumatized you. currently over seven hundred small children are thought to be living with their mothers in turkish prisons the figure comes from the few. non-governmental organizations i built to work with the affected families they said that for the state these children don't exist i'm certain that. the president
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has a not at all qualified to respond to the needs of small children. and the government can't even tell us which prisons have children in them and how many . for the weekend. now mira's has to return to his mother in prison the separation is always hard for jenkins. he's worried what will be in store for his son in there this time and who will his wife and child have to share their cell with. the postman looking song over there on the mercy of their cell mates tolerance. they might complain if crying is that night. fifteen women sleep in one cell things like that tend to haunt you. he doesn't want
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mirrors to notice that he's worried they say they goodbyes at the gibson prison gates. i think either come on we're going to mama. you. behind the gate was his father has to hand him over to god once again it's to tell us now and patrick has reached the australian open final her first grand slam finals and the day she was stabbed during a break in at her home by burglars two years ago the check and see b d american danielle columns in straight sets and extreme mellberg which forced the court roof to be closed for the maid compatriot carlina plus cobol or japan's iommi osaka in saturday's file. well search for missing footballer. is expected to resume later today so far rescuers have failed to find any trace of the plane in the english channel the argentinian striker was on his way to join his new team
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cardiff city when the plane disappeared. cold prisoner rapidly fading here in the cold waters around the channel islands this search and rescue plane is one important cog in the team's effort to find the light aircraft carrying a million also. if they're in the water will said the chances of survival will diminish to almost zero because it's very cold in the water out there if they're safely on a lawn for oft the. chance to survive much greater because. it's from the cold water of the aircraft of salah and the pilots on board took off from the french city of normed on monday evening headed for cardiff but the plane disappeared from radar on passing the channel islands. a millionaire salah only signed as a college player from norms on saturday he said he couldn't wait to get started but had to turn to friends to say farewell to his team mates media reports of revealed the last what's app messages salah sent to friends and family i'm on the plane it
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looks like it's falling apart if in an hour and a half you do not hear from me i do not know if they will send someone to pick me up because they will not find me i'm scared non-fans have been honoring twenty eight year old salah in what has become his adopted city back home in argentina sallust father was devastated me with that wish it for me i spoke to him on sunday he was very happy that he was moving to cardiff to an even bigger club and he liked it he was doing well he was playing well. and this means that when these things happen there are no woods. salah is the most expensive play a cardiff ever bought the club's fans are in shock still hoping he can somehow be found a life. it's over christophe with a business now and germany's leader among those at davos making the case for
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multilateralism fry and compromise compromise is not a dirty word that's the point the german chancellor angela merkel emphasized during her speech in davos on wednesday earlier the japanese prime minister also called for countries to work together rather than shutting themselves off now usually business and political leaders are supposed to talk about the future in davos but this time around it seems they're still trying to agree on the present. german chancellor angela merkel appeared more than happy to promote her agenda in the crowded hall in davos. east although i think we should understand our national interest in a way that we think about the interest of others and from that create win win situations that are the precondition for multilateralism oath that someone from within that's of alice and. that was apparently aimed at politicians like donald trump who put the interests of their own country first in their fish to work on
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japan's prime minister shinzo abi also made it clear in davos he remains committed to open markets no growth without free trade ave focused above all on digitization and border listy to traffic the engine for growth if you think about it it's few that. no longer by gut feeling but born more by this tel data the hustle and bustle in davos is international as usual but the atmosphere is more subdued breck's it climate change stronger nationalism instead of the world improving the future seems increasingly uncertain the trade conflict between china and the usa hasn't been resolved either and china is pleading for a reprieve and we did you see the u.s. and chinese economies can't live without each other that's already the reality so the conclusion is that the relationship must be mutually beneficial and when when.
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cooperation serves the interests of both sides while a confrontation harms them this is a basic principle. everything sounds reasonable improve the world treat each other fairly everyone here agrees with the world outside of davos looks different. all right our very own. is there at the world economic forum then the u.s. delegation didn't make a davos to talk trade with the chinese as they had initially intended other still attempts to make progress though in the u.s. china trade disputes. attempts via video link i would say state secretary mike pompei o joined us via video link and basically called the chinese belligerent but also said if they want to resolve this trade war between the u.s. and china that they will have to accept the principles of fair and open trade the
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protection of intellectual property rights wanky schon then said that sure they can work together and that's the way forward but that they can't keep blaming each other so there's a lot of politics still a play but there is an effort by the chinese to start focusing on economics and i've got an economist with us david autor from mit who is to blame china or all the u.s. . that's a hard question it's i think the the objective should be you know workers' resolution rather than blame i think there has been. a misunderstanding of both sides i think there's many things that china does need to correct in its trading relationship with united states and with the west more broadly and i think those things are under discussion but really there are two separate issues that are kind of conflated here one is the issue about trade deficits you know the amount of you know imports and exports and so on and that is what president trump was initially
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focused on and i think that is kind of misplaced concern that's a sort of second order relative to other issues the more important issues and which are now surfacing have to do with protection of intellectual property with the kind of forced marriages between western companies and chinese companies discordant of intellectual property state subsidies or frontier industries those are really first order issues and those will be much more significant going forward and i don't think those will be resolved anytime soon in fact i think these tensions will be simmering for decades but we're at least at a point where a negotiation can occur and i actually i am not a trump supporter but i give the trump administration credit for really rattling china making them feel that this is a situation if you take seriously and there's a genuine threat to their economic growth which is of paramount importance to them and so it brings them to table so they rattle today is starting to deal with this but how should china be dealt with to ensure that they do deal with all of these topics what i actually think there needs to be more multilateral action between the
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u.s. europe and other countries in asia these concerns that the u.s. is surfacing are shared by many of our allies who feel that china has thrown its weight around not played by the rules that are set by the b.t.o. and so it's it's a it's useful that the u.s. is you know leading the charge here but there's no reason we should be alienating our allies simultaneously slapping tariffs on their products threatening to. we draw from nato saying they're worse than china which is insane. and we should also be but you're seeing the world trade organization china is in violation of rules on the way it deals with intellectual property that's not a reason to abandon the devil hugo that's a reason to strengthen it china is a signatory that's a very powerful lever that we should be exercising economist david autor the from mit thank you very much for joining us thank you very much. from the world economic forum in davos and besides all the political discussion the
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latest tech is always a big topic in davos and artificial intelligence is seen as shaping business of the future as a tool for solving problems but there is also concern for example about all the jobs that the technology might make obsolete a reporter went to gauge the ai mood of the world for. this little paper figure moved as if by magic it's the brainchild of pupils at a school in the swiss town of davos they programmed the small machines themselves and are showing visitors at the world economic forum what they can do artificial intelligence no not quite. the same thing again says for me for me artificial intelligence is somehow like a robot that can just really move things like a person. what we're doing here is more like creating little movements with robots or programming. me to program it in here.
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despite that modest assessment it's the young generation that will be carving out the new era of artificial intelligence. so it is enhancing our ability to solve problems in across a collaborative way across sectors business government technology as well as nonprofit organizations so i think there's a lot of promise in artificial intelligence and there's also a lot of concerns one major concern is jobs according to one study in just a few years time robots and intelligent machines will be doing more work than human beings that's a thought that makes many people shot or others however take a more optimistic view i think it's going to create jobs for for the developed countries it will help us position ourselves at a place where we haven't been for many many years if you take if you look at europe there's hardly any so. when the street after the small ones where is an artificial intelligence we have a chance to really play big we just need some governments and some institutions
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together and agenda behind it and make it a bigger play than it is today. artificial intelligence is a major topic at the world economic forum many see it as the business of the future as a tool for solving problems but there is also concern over the potential for misuse some are calling for ethical guidelines to be produced and for the promotion of diversity and programming. so what we need to do so make sure that passion ai is relevant to the entire world is to make sure that the developers of algorithms all . come from around the world artificial intelligence is said to conquer ever more areas of our lives in the years ahead these pupils are ahead of the curve like. microsoft's search engine being has been blocked in china it's the latest u.s. technology service to land on the wrong side of the country's so-called great fire
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wall or online giants like facebook twitter and google are also inaccessible china has tightened its control of the internet in recent years shutting down thousands of websites and deleting millions of posts deemed to contain quote vulgar content authorities have also cracked down on the use of virtual private networks or v.p.n. which hide a user's ip address. and reminder of the top story we're following for you in venezuela position leader one quite old as the curtains of the country's interim president he was swiftly recognized as such by the united states and several south american countries and his allies military in contrast. to.
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right. this is the way to get boxes of work. there's nothing. until two engineers from germany said there has to be a more efficiently and reinvented big deal with. politics next to the. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. back six believes fossett day it's come to mean aboard just united kingdom and the moon damaged we can governments i guess this week very young is going to jenkins and meeting breaks a campaign for the conservative and keen eyed in britain to get into this crisis
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and how is it going to get out of the conflicts ofin sixty minutes vetoed. hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level ok thanks to him talk composer claimants are. featured in many games his music is bound to get guns for his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. i'm sure that's so much more than just background music video games. stortford you introduced it on d.w. .
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hello and welcome to tomorrow today your science show on d w coming up this week the story of whales and how they grew so large. is this the protein of the future a micro algae facility that grows an alternative to meat. and modeled on the galaxy a german team has revolutionized gear driven systems. but first.


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