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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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the whims of procedures and just vanishes and extensive record system laying the foundations model comes from just what i didn't think candidates was doing back then was basically the same answer to be honest and that's a. metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth. on t w. two men claiming it to be president venezuela's power struggle punches the country into even deeper time oil and exposes international fault lines nicolas maduro clings on to his political life off the one great zero zero day should play for himself in us president who will win out and is venezuela set to become the latest flashpoint against a backdrop of fractious global talk i'm heading home for a game but this is the day.
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we don't consider them a direct regime legitimates because we didn't recognise me election nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power to even fully supports the national assembly it is the democratically elected institutions whose batterers need to be restored and respected in the hope that nicolas maduro will accept a peaceful transition of power would i consider good if they put all options are on the table in the long view colombia recognizes one quater us or presidents of venezuela. so the people coming freedom from dictatorship. it was there coming up tonight a familiar face campaigns for a fresh political future in european elections yanis varoufakis greece's former finance minister tells t w that there's no bad blood between athens and then off to
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his country's debt crisis now he's daring on daring to take on a new drama rex it misses me is far more interested in securing her own prime ministership and the unity of the tory party than she is interested in the interests of the british people and at the same time the worst nightmare for mr boeing and so young and indeed mr and mrs merkel as well would be a mutually advantageous agreement with britain. to our viewers around the world and on p.b.s. in the united states of very warm welcome to you all glad you could join me here on the day where we begin in venezuela where world powers away again on the future of the country in crisis tonight nicolas maduro appears to have the backing of the powerful military at least but other global players including the u.s. the e.u. latin american nations well they are lining up behind opposition leader juan kwaito
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and in doing so they're going head to head with another club joined by the likes of russia china and turkey who say that my daughter is still the man who still says you're in the snow you know you're stuck on the fact that the united states and a number of other countries immediately recognized the self-proclaimed interim president can only mean that they were directly involved in creating this artificial salah struggles as in venezuela. this can cause chaos and destabilize the domestic political situation which this is that you want china supports the venezuelan government in safeguarding its sovereignty independence and stability democracy. as a country that believes in democracy. and as a president who believes in democracy you know and i'm very single my entire team and i strongly oppose any attempted coups. wherever they may occur in the world. everyone has to respect from the sorts of elections.
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president at a wanted there in with me in the studio now to break this all down is dr pay to have ballet he's a latin american foreign policy analyst at the bat in free university thank you very much for joining us here on d w one country two presidents i mean who's winning out who's in charge right now it's quite a difficult question because while the interim president one guy though has no real power but he has a powerful argument because he is. as secretary of state called him former president when this will go is known because as he didn't win the two thousand eighty nine elections in a legitimate ways so as on. generally his first man. and
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it is second man that is legitimate so this is the central argument of the vns all in a position now and we have to see how the internal and the international environment is going to react in the next few days so right now at this current stage i mean it seems that rhetoric is flying i suppose the question is i mean what happens next might the future of the venezuelan leadership depend on whether my daughter can keep his grip on the powerful military yes that's one of the central questions and until now it seems that he is able to do that we have to see in the next two days how the when his own people are going to react and think the only way out of this situation because foreign intervention is no solution absolutely no solution so the only way out of this is if the of innocent people continue
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to show massive presence on the streets to protest against this government and then the question will be how is the government of military going to react there are some signs of. parts of the national guard. saying that they will not act against. the people but this is something that has to be seen in the next few days to review century see a fracturing of the military in the support a breakaway group that might happen might happen. what we have already seen is already remarkable in the old news and some might say day shifts from the one when he swore himself in as interim president in doing so that was so i mean exposed international fault lines somehow would you say yes yes of course at least interesting thing is that when they do is acting in
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a rather. decent way because he is not acting aggressively against my dual government but he is was also. with regard to the military he sent a very interesting message to the military. media asking them to the family the constitutional. order in venezuela and of course this is also something the international actors are trying to direct and saying here is the new widgets i'm a prisoner of an era that i mean it's not aggressive physically in what he's done but in terms of you know symbolism he's still come out and said he support himself in and said i'm the new interim president i mean have we heard a clear and united response from europe on this no we haven't but let me first say that he a clearly says he's acting as the constitution tells him because the constitution
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says there is no legitimate president so the president of the. national assembly has to act as an interim president in conflicts and that's what he's doing but no the european union until now is continuing its. traditional course of calling for a peaceful solution negotiated solution and it's giving support to move the national assembly i think that's quite a good idea of the question is whether the union should and also take this more legalistic argument even as all of a position as quite a lot of latin american governments are doing now all right dr peter bell a latin america foreign policy analyst at the budding free university repression your thoughts thank you.
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to the u.s. now where despite a double vote in the senate on rival republican and democrat plans to end the government shutdown there is little hope in sight for federal employees who've been photo for five weeks now eight hundred thousand americans well they're about to miss another paycheck but in the battle over the shutdown president trump well he may have just blinked he has decided not to seek an alternative venue for his state of the union address all to speak a nazi pelosi refused to allow him into the house before the government is reopened . but i would say this that this state of the union speech has been cancelled by nancy pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth she doesn't want the american public to hear what's going on. and she's afraid of the truth the super left democrats the radical democrats what's going on in that party is shocking i know and many people that were democrats at this watching over right now on this
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what you know over quickly i actually think they've become a very dangerous party for this country. if you listen to what they're saying what they're doing i think they've become a very dangerous a very very dangerous party for this country well let's dig into this dynamic now a showdown over the shutdown on the state of the union address the u.s. president donald trump essentially going head to head with what some might describe as his nemesis nancy pelosi speaker of the house w.'s washington correspondent marsh way to is with us this evening maya president trump has now said ok i'll hold a state of the union address when the government is reopened i mean is this a game of chicken between president trump and the speaker of the house nancy pelosi has the president capitulated. he capitulated he can see that he blinked she won he gave there's numerous ways we could possibly describe this it is an odd step for
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a president who not only describes himself as a master negotiator someone who's able to able to get really whatever he wants out of any situation but someone who's tendency in his tactics we have as we've seen over the past several years that he's been in the public eye he tends to escalate a situation in order to get what he wants rather than backing down as we've seen him do here now there's several elements to this one of which is the polling right now very much puts the blame for this whole shutdown situation that we've been talking about for five weeks now on the president as much as he is trying to shunt the blame often to the democrats he appeared in a nationwide primetime address talking about why he had done this and why we needed money for this border wall he is still losing this fight and even though he has this tactic of digging in in order to get what he wants the democrats
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can read numbers just as well as he can and they see no reason to back down when it now it looks like they're winning even more stronger than they have been before now my i mean in this chess day nancy pelosi has replied to trump on twitter saying that his address quote in the near future meaning that he would have to pass a house passed package to end the shutdown that he. will not flashpoint issue of border security and he likelihood of not. well as you said we've seen an attempt in the houses of congress today to pass some things to try to reopen the government both of measures it looks like have failed at this point although what could happen is now lawmakers having beaten down each other's publicly presented positions they can now meet behind the scenes and actually hammer something out so there's a few ways this can go not of which really ends well for anyone the most likely is
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the that the president will declare a national emergency in order to get the money to build this wall that he's been talking about and that allows the democrats to say hey look we didn't capitulate we didn't give him any of the money that he wanted but that's something that he's been threatening to do for several weeks now and it hasn't happened yet and now he's even taken this step back on the state of the union. and you know nancy pelosi and her game plan i mean what exactly is it because let's face it we've still got eight hundred thousand federal employees facing the prospect of a second missing paycheck. i mean if i if i knew what her game plan was to be making a lot more money but we see how things are playing out i mean it's just still very politically expedient for the democrats to stick with their position and told the tova line we even had a nancy pelosi the other day saying that the president shutting down the government in this way creates what she said was
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a serious and justified concern that if he gets his way on this he's just going to keep shutting down the government in order to get whatever he wants in the future and they have to try to hold the line against that we've seen a lot of democrats parroting that line in the futures are really it looks like they're just trying to throw up this ball work and block the president for anything that he's trying to get done. to use washington correspondent. thanks a lot good to talk to my. or from wild leaders two leaders of industry most of them are gathered in davos right now at the annual meeting of the world economic forum in switzerland and there the chief executive of air boss tom and this has warned that the pain may could shift its entire u.k. manufacturing to continental europe in the event of a hard break it and mr enders said that the companies when building operations could be moved out of the u.k. in case that there is no smooth exit from the european union take a listen the u.k.
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is aerospace sector no stands at the precipice brics it is frightening to destroy a century of development based on education research and human capital and so there is a lot of positivity we'd if i please don't listen to the brakes it is madness which asserts that because we have huge growth here we will not move it would always be. there all airbus has warned of potentially very harmful decisions if you could crush is out without a deal including future investment going elsewhere i definitely describe that as sum up to all it is a disgrace that morgan to you two years after the result of the twenty sixteen referendum. businesses are still able to plan properly for the future there's good reason why people feel worried about their livelihoods and as we've seen in the past today if you're really sure that breaks it is the best for britain come to get
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over and deliver a pragmatic withdrawal agreement that allows for orderly process what the chief executive and others in the business community are clear is they want a deal to avoid the uncertainty of no deal and that is why he's backing the prime minister you know we've got a prime minister on a temporary contract and make no mistakes there are plenty of countries very who would love to build the wings for. another briggs it fronted this some fourteen thousand jobs could be affected well there are only a few months to go until the european union elects a new parliament and parties of all member states are campaigning in their respective countries but a new initiative called democracy in europe is taking a different approach that running a collective campaign and candidates laced with members from parties across europe and out the front of it yanis varoufakis you'll know him of course is the former greek finance minister and our political correspondent maximillian caustic talk to him embedded today. midst of our pockets as
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a former member of the greek government you know campaigning in germany for the european election how does that work by standing in the european elections in germany while at the same time campaigning glee's for the big national elections we have what we seek to do is to symbolize the vision or clash between the greeks and the germans there is a clash between progressive policies across europe and authoritarianism on the one hand we have a rise of nationalism and on the other hand we have transnational initiatives like your own what does it tell us about the state of the european union at the moment the state to we found ourselves in is very worrying because the only ones who are triumphing are the fascists racists you know forbes we must stop this but we cannot stop it simply with good intentions like mr mccrone said mrs merkel said mr younkers we have to recognize that their reason why these political monsters are rising up is because the european union has had since the great crisis of two thousand and eight thousand then has been imposing austerity for the many of the
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great glass is not between mr mccrum and mr sort of really between the establishment and the nationalists international as i call them the grave clashes between on the one hand there is national progress progressive movements like. here in germany. and this fake opposition between an establishment whose business as usual breeds of the world and the sylvian is that need this moment to keep doing business as usual in order to strengthen them it's often implied that he gets its way and often takes a hard line against grace for example how do you think mr can now take a hard line against tax it something that we must hold together as europeans is that you have brussels in london negotiating and neither the british government nor the european union bureaucracy that is negotiating on behalf of the rest of europe have in their interests on their sites the interests of the people of britain and the people of europe other moment come to think of it mrs may far more interested
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in securing her own prime ministership and the unity of the tory party than she is interested in the interests of the british people and of the same time the worst nightmare for mr belin and indeed mrs merkel as well would be a mutually advantageous agreement with britain because that would signal to the rest of of member states in europe that you can oppose the establishment in europe and get a decent deal we must escape this conundrum we must escape this trap our representatives should be the go sheeting on behalf of the masses of the populations of our peoples not on behalf of their narrow minded selfish interests thank you mr. thank you. to angola now where the country's parliament has decriminalized homosexuality representatives voted by a wide margin to repeal a law or that had been on the statute books since the country was
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a colony controlled by portugal but lawmakers went even further banning it decriminalization based on sexual orientation our wrists and go into the country soul gay rights lobby group was only officially recognized last year there director carlos that in on this gave that day this statement we have always striven to be recognized as part of society we don't ask for specific laws as if we were special beings but rather the legal rights to punish those who attack us based on our sexual orientation congratulations national assembly for having recognized a minority of the country as being part of our society for more what is a monumental day for i'm going i want to bring a graham reed now he's the director of lesbian gay bisexual and transgender rights the program bear human rights watch in new york good evening so you graham now go to has finally shared what was known as the vice is against nature provision and
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it's law just fill us in how did the country get to this point. well it goes back to eighty six when they're portuguese implemented a penal code and it hasn't been revised since then and then going to be in its one hundred seventy five but because of the extended civil war there was an opportunity to revise the feudal code so for the last fifteen years that's been and a revision and finally yesterday the revised field was passed and it's gets rid of that. bias as it is nature provision and then as you say it goes further by actually preventing discrimination based on sexual orientation rather there is a significant aspect of the development absolutely and but i suppose what is most important for people going about their everyday lives and their relationships of course i mean is the question as to whether this move mirrors the feeling acceptance in society i mean can same sex couples walk down the street holding
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hands for example. anger a man is a deeply conservative and very religious society it's interesting that there hasn't been much public debate about this that's a killer issue and it's gone through thirty some years leave. the catholic church is a very influential in angola and weighed in you know accordance with their show line which is that they are criminal penalties so there hasn't been a lot of public discussion around it but given that there is an actual law that prohibits discrimination that if there are real tools to activists working in any to protect their rights avail g.b.t. people there it's one thing simply to gave it a provision that it's dorothy being used to discriminate it's another to put in place an active provision that prevails discrimination so that does give a concrete tool for activists to use in future indeed and then just help put it in
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context for us is and go in and and out lie or are other countries in sub-saharan africa for example moving towards decriminalizing same sex couples. and then we should see and go in the context of the former colonies mozambique decriminalised officially in two thousand and fifteen although you can prior to that the minister of justice said that because the law is. acts against nature and have it's your show it's not a nationals of the law doesn't apply and other form of portuguese colonies have also decriminalized and that it's not in our line and also we've seen other countries in the region deeper last year of course so because there's a high bar about actually providing a provision protecting against discrimination a constitution it currently there are cases. kenya and botswana which was there looking towards tikrit in less asian seychelles to suit you have also in recent
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years to promote that so overall there is that tree towards decriminalisation at the same time of course they still you know seem to be political capital in have a phobia and we see this erupting in various countries in the region including for example in ghana sense and yeah in nigeria cameroon in various different states at different times i mean that is an important point because we do know of course that history is not always the media i mean to think over all racing progress in the region or as you point out in other countries is it a case of back and forth and are you particularly concerned about that. it's not in the at best you know in some important developments the one thing was that the african commission on human and people's rights passed a very important group solution i mean recent years that condensed violence against
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our g.b.t. people and calls for the treaties to be brought to justice but it does seem to signal in a number of national human rights commissions are starting to take a look at bt rights seriously is a very strong l.g. to iraq's new meant rights of drugs sub-saharan africa that certainly wasn't the case just two decades ago so and in some instances their reaction against the progress is a measure of success so their kind of reaction have a certain reactions from some leaders is also an indication of the visibility and openness that is the major yes all right graeme reed from human rights watch in new york times this monumental day for angola repeating a colonial era no thank you very much indeed thank you. well the day is nearly done but the conversation always continues online you'll find is that d w dot com or on twitter news or follow me as well at tell in the c
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humphrey is my handle and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day and hour. of the.
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above. country. talk show for journalists discuss the topic. trump has now been in the white house for two years of vision and disruption but didn't america's future president promised to make his country great again. find out on quandary just chill but i. want to go thirty minutes on.
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the law. in the audience. the audio. player. this is d w news live from binding venezuela's powerful military boxed president my daughter in his final force of on the street violence of lead between opposition supporters and security forces the country's defense chief through the all these points behind the embattled president was there coming up. growing up behind. the terms in terms of thinkers muslims around the time he doesn't understand that she's long tongue old enough to talk his children locked up with.


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