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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2019 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin the u.n. calls for calm as venezuela descends into crisis embattled president nicolas maduro says he's the victim of a foreign backed coup the u.n. wants an investigation into claims his security forces are killing anti-government protesters also coming up move over football handball fever grips germany
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as the national team aims to book a place in the final of the world championship. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us u.n. human rights chief michel bashar has called for deescalation talks in venezuela and an investigation into claims that security forces have killed at least twenty protesters the alleged crackdown followed a bid by opposition leader to oust president nicolas maduro but says he's the victim of a u.s. led to and has cut off diplomatic ties with washington. a defines nicolas maduro has gone on the offensive severing diplomatic relations with the u.s. a day after washington codman duros regime in egypt amount i. get you couldn't move i think there is no doubt in the world that donald trump
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wants to bring in his own de facto unconstitutional government a coup d'etat in venezuela against the people and democracy. let there be no doubt that donald trump in all his madness believes himself to be the world's police believes that he is the boss of latin america and the caribbean. washington has refused to comply with madeira orders to close its embassy in caracas but still instructed non-essential staff to leave the country the u.s. has put its support behind opposition leader of one guy doe washington wants to increase pressure on the duro by starving his regime the funds we're focusing on today is disconnecting the illegitimate euro regime from the sources of its revenues we think yeah consistent with our recognition one why go is the constitutional interim president of venezuela that those revenues should go to get
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him a government but madeira who has his own international backers moscow in particular has been propping up his socialist government with arms deliveries and loans and within venezuela itself both the military and the supreme court has reaffirmed their support from enduros. his rival one fido meanwhile has gone underground his whereabouts have been a mystery since he was symbolically sworn in on wednesday before tens of thousands of cheering supporters he made his first public comments since then from an undisclosed location. but he said that the you know what is are you also offering amnesty to nicolas maduro. that would have to be looked at. he's also a public employee unfortunately though he's also a dictator and responsible for yesterday's victims. remnants of the turmoil in caracas earlier this week are slowly being removed more than twenty people were killed in violent protests and there are fears of further unrest as
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a standoff between duro and the opposition. with nicolas maduro defying the united states and backed by his own big power allies. in caracas whether maduro had already won this power struggle. that way the strong political game being played behind. negotiating power they can surprise high ranking officials less for support from others but there is an obvious break in the chain of command when we put into account all the uprisings in the military in the past year the most recent one this monday another question we ask ourselves is why has. the supreme court requested the attorney general to take charge of such an arrest. warrant. and we are all expected to back to our own mother for all u.s. diplomatic personnel to leave the country. we don't know what could
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happen next. and i was the w.'s off coach lanka talking to me from caracas a little while ago now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today roger stone a longtime ally of the u.s. president all trump has been arrested he was charged with obstruction of justice witness tampering and making false statements that's according to a grand jury indictment by u.s. special counsel robert mueller is office which has been investigating whether the truck campaign colluded with russia in the two thousand and sixteen election. protesters have gathered outside the greek parliament as lawmakers there prepared to vote on a name change deal with neighboring macedonia under the agreement greece's northern neighbor will rename itself north macedonia and athens will drop its objection to the country joining nato the deal which has divided greece is expected to pass.
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in indonesia floods and landslides have killed at least fifty nine people say authorities heavy rain has pounded south sulawesi province swelling rivers and bursting their banks. have been forced to flee their homes in the disaster the country's disaster management agency says twenty five people still missing. and the british queen has called for opposition factions in the u.k. to find quote common ground or a statement is seen as a veiled plea to end the bitter fighting over breaks that as the march deadline looms or britain's exit from the european union as head of state the queen is expected to remain politically neutral in public. the key government commission is meeting here in berlin today to seek solutions for phasing out coal power in germany it's a vexed topic but one that goes hand in hand with government plans to cut carbon emissions in line with global targets still in the eastern region of loose aysha
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it's the economic rather than environmental impact of cutting out cold it's on people's minds. for one hundred fifty years to say sure region that straddles the german polish border has to brown coal mining the town of claim back on the german side of the divide is typical of the area. fears a move away from coal will mean massive job losses. this is a question of survival because if you can't guarantee people's livelihoods if you cannot create economic prospects people will leave and they will leave faster before the actual exit from cool has taken place. at its peak this call fired power plant known as the shots a pump or black pump had seventeen thousand employees today only five thousand people work in the industrial park and that's why many are afraid they are skeptical about the prospects for a future without coal mining. industry if another
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industry replaces coal mining sure it's not been a highly doubt that sprang back to stay the way it is. b.c. it's. hoped to resume will become our next source of income but of course no one knows where the vet will happen. many people are leaving scram beric to find work. especially young people. but some young people have decided to stay four months ago and you. need of opened an advertising agency she receives many orders from the coal industry. from my point of view we're in the middle of a structural change we must accept this and recreate things to suit our needs we have to that to the future. represents a newish bloomberg to trains media designer wants to set an example especially for young people if people do stay here in the self-proclaimed pearl of will have
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a future even without coal. the motto for there could be move forward creatively stay here but think up a new future so that the peril can continue to shine germany wants to phase out coal power a chance to start something new but many people fear it will be at their cost no one really knows what industry will replace coal and what will fill the void here and back. and as i mentioned germany's expert commission on transitioning away from coal is meeting here in berlin today our political correspondent hans bonte is following that coal summit as it's being called he's standing by just outside the chancellery here bill in hans people are demonstrating in the streets of berlin today in connection with this coal summit many of them are school age children what's driving them. yes indeed many of these are school their children most of them i think probably are not even very. what's driving them is what they're so
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they're saying think about our future think about what future we will have and if coal continues of climate change continues at the pace that it has been. changing their future will be in danger or their future will be a very dark a very unsuccessful one so that is what is motivating them i think basically the example comes from a young. girl called great talk to him back which started these kind of throat protests basically on her own last year she is meanwhile become a prominent spokesperson for against climate change and for action against climate change she's been speaking at international conference with such as the world economic forum in switzerland this week and these schoolchildren here following her example by striking on a friday about not going to school on a friday and demonstrating. in favor of the planet's ok so the
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demonstrators are calling on governments to take action to combat climate change do you get the sense hans that politicians here in germany at least are listening to their demands. well if you want to take it in a literal sense at the moment they are indeed hearing them because they're making quite a big record behind me behind me here but yes indeed i think politicians are sensitive to these kind of demonstrations and in fact the german government as is demonstrated by the cole commission that is meeting here in berlin today is in trying to do something about this issue but it is obviously quite a complex issue it's not a matter of simply switching off coal power fire stations and everything will be ok it's a matter that needs to be carefully considered by all the parties that are involved and that is what this cole commission is doing at the moment well that commission has a tough job trying to deliver
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a swift exit from coal while avoiding economic collapse in regions dependent on coal briefly if you can how are they supposed to square that circle. because that's the difficult part what is really basically going to happen is that the government will have to spend billions of euros to basically support these areas that still depend on this kind of coal. you know coal mining at the same time they obviously also interest groups involved on the side of the power generating companies that still use coal to generate power they will also have to find some new way of doing business so in the end it's going to take some time still i presume not the immediate shut down of coal power that these demonstrators are demanding and it is going to take billions and pounds of euros in support and in structural support to change the industrial structure in those areas that are
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affected and thank you so much for now d.w. political correspondent hans but there just outside the chancellor here in berlin well germany is currently co-hosting the world championships in a sport that many at least in the english speaking world may not be familiar with and that's handball arenas have been packed with fans from around the world the excitement is building here in germany ahead of the country semifinal clash against norway tonight. i the main train station in the northern german city of kiel. fans turned out in droves to watch germany's last game here on a big screen they have little doubt about who's going to win the tournament. it's a good take eyes are great they're playing brilliantly well can i say we're going to be world champions as i know the tournament issues really popular in germany more people have been following the german teams games on t.v. than top matches in the football but in this league. that's been what's important
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for us is that we don't just reach the normal handball fans we want to get all sports fans on board we want to have everyone in the country talking about the team he was the last game against spain in cologne was completely sold out twenty thousand fans packed the arena to see germany now really secure victory and hope their group. that was amazing really fantastic the atmosphere was electric so many people were screaming and shouting it was brilliant. on friday even the handball party would continue in kiel and across the country fans are hoping germany can win again and book their place in the final. you're watching news still to come the world economic forum to a close in switzerland will the global elites gather to
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gather there will they be going home to solve the world's challenges or simply create more of them. got all the coverage from our team in davos coming up for you just after a short break will be with us for. the business news you are watching. news information. website. stay with us for. what's coming up for. you want. here.


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