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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin north macedonia gets the go ahead ending a decades long dispute greece's parliament ratifies the deal the renames neighboring macedonia but some greeks keep up their protests right to the end also coming up the u.n. calls for calm as venezuela descends into crisis and battle president nicolas maduro says he's the victim of a foreign backed coup. unpaid u.s. government employees make their feelings phil says the shutdown enters its thirty
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fifth day but an attempt to resolve the dispute fails in the senate. plus in the next sixty minutes the soundtrack to poland's political opposition. the. black metal band but he left the cries to countries conservative climates but lawmakers say they're violating hate speech guidelines. and move over football handball fever grips germany as the national team aims to welcome place in the final of the world championship. hello i'm terry march and thanks for joining us greek lawmakers have ratified a landmark name change deal with macedonia under the agreement greece's northern neighbor will. rename itself north macedonia and athens will drop its objection to
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the country joining nato but the deal faced fierce opposition in greece and has already cost prime minister alexis tsipras his parliamentary majority there were more protests outside the assembly ahead of the vote although torrential rain in athens kept many demonstrators away friday's vote was delayed by a day to accommodate a large number of lawmakers who wanted to debate the deal or the. well it's a highly contentious topic for the greeks what to call the country on the other side of their northern border but why is it so controversial let's take a look the former yugoslav republic of macedonia as it's currently known to the greeks is right there well it's located north of greece's northern province which also happens to be called macedonia now many greeks object to the country to the neighboring country using the name macedonia arguing that it could lead to
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a territorial claim on the greek province where the name dispute has been going on for almost three decades but both governments negotiated a compromise name changed last year and today greece's parliament gave its approval so the country can officially be called the republic of north macedonia let's cross over to our correspondent. who is covering this story for she is in greece the greek capital. there she is ok we're hearing that the greek parliament has ratified an agreement to approve the name change what more can you tell us. absolutely it and this road ends basically three days of a very heated. debate and strong objections and even violent clashes
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that have gripped the capital here one hundred fifty three votes in favor of this name change deal coming to the side of the embattled prime minister alexis tsipras saving the government also from further political trouble that however said. that this vote does pit the government against the popular opposition here that is mounting and is growing and is widespread seven in ten greeks suppose this deal in reaction to this vote there was almost a numbing morning sense outside of the nation's parliament no reaction whatsoever just some couple of hundred protesters left now over the out it was expected this is not a surprise outcome the prime minister has been scrambling for for weeks to get this
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number. and to push this deal through parliament they are saying that some protesters are left by the decision what has the government been doing to assure its people that this solution for the macedonian name dispute is in their interest . well he has the prime minister alexis tsipras has been stating just that for the past few days during the course of this heated debate he has been trying to make the case that this deal is to the greater interest of greece because it will stabilize relations between the two states betweens athens and scorpio it will provide security in these turbulent in this turbulent region the balkans and it will limit the sphere of influence of russia bringing the. bringing the states closer to the west getting macedonia the former yugoslav republic anchored closer to the west and into its key alliances the european union and nato and
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thank you very much for bringing us up to date kyra sabol there in athens. moving on to ben as well of the u.n. human rights chief michelle bachelet has called for deescalation talks and an investigation into claims that security forces have killed at least twenty protesters the alleged crackdown followed a bid by opposition leader one quite go to oust president nicolas maduro but euro says he's the victim of a u.s. led to and has cut off diplomatic ties with washington. a defines nicolas maduro has gone on the offensive severing diplomatic relations with the u.s. a day after washington codman duros regime in the gita meant i. got ill couldn't move i think there is no doubt in the world that donald trump wants to bring in his own de facto unconstitutional government
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a coup d'etat in venezuela against the people and democracy. let there be no doubt that donald trump in all his madness believes himself to be the world's police believes that he is the boss of latin america and the caribbean. washington has refused to comply with when duros orders to close its embassy in caracas but still instructed non-essential staff to leave the country the u.s. has put its support behind opposition leader of one guy joe washington wants to increase pressure on the duro by starving his regime the funds we're focusing on today is disconnecting the illegitimate euro regime from the sources of its revenues we think consistent with our recognition no one quite oh is the constitutional interim president of venezuela that those revenues should go to get him a government but madeira who has his own international backers moscow in particular
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has been propping up his socialist government with arms deliveries and loans and within venezuela itself both the military and the supreme court has reaffirmed their support from a duro. his rival one fido meanwhile has gone underground his whereabouts have been a mystery since he was symbolically sworn in on wednesday before tens of thousands of cheering supporters he made his first public comment since then from an undisclosed location. based do. that and you put it are you also offering amnesty to nicolas maduro. that would have to be looked at he's also a public employee unfortunately though he's also a dictator and responsible for yesterday's victims. remnants of the turmoil in caracas earlier this week are slowly being removed more than twenty people were killed in violent protests and there are fears of further unrest as the standoff between a duro and the opposition continuance. of what i was cross over to our bond studios
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and talk to de w.'s jennifer camino gonzalez jennifer nicolas maduro is not budging it seems big powers are backing him and the military leadership too does this mean that duro has won the power struggle for now well in the short term one can say that yes but in the long term it's not so certain and you can bet that the opposition know that mother zero is going to try to stay on power at all costs and they're ready for a long haul fight and this is definitely going to drag on and for now he is able been able to get his generals in line in the future we don't know. don't wash into wants love durrow out and says it will now try to divert oil revenues to his rival why do is now in hiding do you see that as a credible threat well it is
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a threat because their oil industry is very important to their regime and it's very important obviously to the economy the very weakened economy of venezuela but don't forget that also has support from russia china and turkey it's no longer as tied to the u.s. as it once was and so it would be a question of how and what the u.s. is going to actually do and how to implement that the see. now germany has been demanding immediate elections in venice well and says that if venice well it does not make these elections happen it will push for the e.u. to recognize wedo as president how significant is this. this is very significant because venezuelan opposition has been hoping that the e.u. will join the u.s. and canada in recognizing why though and he has a remember that part of this is this the strategy is to have new elections declare himself interim president until new elections have been called so this pushes the
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needle a bit more for the e.u. and push and ups the pressure internationally for new elections to happen so i'm sure the opposition is very happy to hear this and especially coming from germany as a leader within the e.u. they're probably hopeful that eventually they can help influence the situation and just briefly there's a bit of a showdown going on between washington and caracas over this has demanded that the u.s. remove all its diplomatic stuff the u.s. is says it's not going to comply how is this going to play out well this is going to be really complicated because how can they it's a question of how the u.s. can keep its imax that they're for a foreign leader that is now in hiding and so it's just it's a mess i would say but this is part of the spat between the two countries and we should expect that to also drag on ok jennifer thank you so much from jennifer come you know gonzales there thank you. so trying some people
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at least are trying to find some common ground there in venezuela it's also the objective of world leaders gathering in davos in switzerland this week that's right and they have in a way as one tangible result ministers from seventy five countries including the united states and china have launched talks under the w two zero zero umbrella aimed at drawing up global e-commerce rules the use top trade officials in syria months from has announced the initiative in davos after calls for closer international regulation of technology grew louder it follows an address by german chancellor angela merkel on wednesday who called on march multilateral bodies such as the world trade organization to gain more government oversight of the digital world. now even the queen seems to have had enough of the ongoing briggs a drama queen elizabeth the second called for posing factions in the u.k. to find quote common ground a statement is seen as
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a veiled playing to end the bitter infighting over brags it meanwhile the head of goldman sachs said if britain didn't manage smooth exit from the european union the banking giant was scaled down investment in the u.k. solomon made the comments at the world economic forum mirroring this year's underlying sentiment in davos a lot of concern and few real answers. in just a few hours time peace and quiet will return to davos the delegates who came here to seek solutions to the world's problems will be gone for another twelve months. as usual participants at this year's gathering tackled some big issues conversations focused on trade conflicts climate change and of course the many unanswered questions about britain's departure from the e.u. prosecutory still fifty but doesn't come direct to be delayed others were less tight lipped and came up with analogies to describe the prospect
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of britain leaving the e.u. without dale it's like in a family husband and wife divorced without an agreement i have not known any such situation which ends happily so the only thing that should have been know is discard this option from the table and focus on building consensus on any of the other options on the table chancellor angela merkel also made a plea for more international cooperation some saw that as a message to u.s. president donald trump who stayed at home due to the u.s. government shutdown there were some new faces this year the brazil's new president also narrow made his first appearance using the opportunity to try to attract foreign investors many of the leaders who normally grab the headlines didn't attend the world economic forum this year but for most participants that didn't matter they came here to talk and to do business and those events don't tend to happen on the big stage but in the back rooms of the congress center or even here on the
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streets of this little swiss town. well the dark rooms the streets and the big stage of divers are hard working dynamic duo of correspondents seen it all last week so it's time to ask the w.'s. for their personal final thoughts on this year's message for their head off to the. pointless or painful there are two options on the table according to former british prime minister tony blair he told me the only way out of this brigs it mess is a second referendum but of course that would mean that this whole ordeal drags on and that at the time of a trade war which is raging on between the united states and china according to economist david autor we could see the global effects will feel the global effects of that for decades from now and we're already seeing a chinese slowdown we don't want that to speed up interestingly enough though
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according to the executive board member folks martin a lot of sixty one percent of e.u. phones actually less worried about a slowdown in china and more worried about chinese innovation indeed many are worried about of the dominance of china of the chinese in terms of ai companies obviously from a competitive standpoint but citizens from a democratic standpoint the a moral application of algorithms for uses per for example of social control but we have to remember that algorithms themselves are immoral they don't see contacts they don't have life experience but we have learned here that we can teach datasets to be unbiased and that actually represents an opportunity to make the world a bit fairer well the world economic forum could be using algorithms to ensure more female participation could well i'm a minority here apparently only twenty two percent of participants at the world economic forum are women and one of the greatest quotes about i actually heard here ben was about there are no doubt glass ceilings only
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a thick layer of men so that's a very visual metaphor i'm going to hang on to that one picture myself barreling through them i think layer of men but it gives me hope to know that the world leaders tasked with defending the multilateral order are women german chancellor angela merkel and new zealand's prime minister has said i've done so and there are opportunities there there are definitely opportunities and not just opportunities for women but whole economies i was. into amy weaver the president of sales force and she said that women are going to be the driving force behind globalization except that i thought globalization was fizzling out well that's why they've all come here to defend it's like they did so well from globalization on the other hand here in davos you have to get your mind operating on somewhat contradictory levels you have the biggest winners of globalization the world's most powerful talking here about how to reduce inequality or you have the biggest corporations who are responsible for some of the environmental destruction we've seen talking about climate change and at the same time they're flying in on their private jets they're being ferried around in their private cars with with their drivers waiting outside
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us with the engine running as they run inside to talk about to talk about saving the planet so there is there is a bit of a disconnect there at the same time the world economic forum says fourteen percent less private jet use this year what an achievement. but i was only fourteen percent well i was thinking maybe you will these executives are getting into jet sharing well maybe they are you know because the sharing economy is such an important thing but i just couldn't imagine that now the boys' club in the air that that's how that works maybe not the girls maybe not the girls no anyway whatever is happening here in davos world leaders and bosses are trying to get their message through let's see if they get it through if they get it through. correspondence and . it was there in davos that billionaire investor george soros had some strong words for the chinese president xi jinping the most dangerous enemy of free.
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china's social credit system would give president total control over his people jane is a facial recognition system which soros says would enable the government to use algorithms to determine how big a threat an individual posed to the regime he also said u.s. tech giants like facebook needed to be reined in for the sake of democracies. germany's business confidence index has fallen for the fifth month in a row analysts predicted it would decline but it's been falling faster than expected the president of the institute for economic research claimants phil said the latest data definitely shows the german economy is in a downturn the index came in at ninety nine point one down nearly two points on the month before that's significantly lower than expected and its lowest level since february twenty sixth. and that's your business
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back to terry thanks. fell a long time ally of us present donald trump has been arrested in the united states roger stone has been charged with obstruction of justice witness tampering and making false statements so it was an advisor to donald trump during the two thousand and sixteen election campaign the charges stem from the office of u.s. special counsel robert mamma which has been investigating whether the trump campaign colluded with russia in the election. stone was arrested by f.b.i. agents in a pre-dawn raid u.s. senators have rejected two spending plans to reopen the federal government including one backed by president. the votes by the republican majority chamber mean that the partial government shutdown is now entering its thirty fifth day an unwelcome record still it's not stop trump and his advisors from telling unpaid
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federal employees to simply buy food on credit that vice the employees say is out of touch with their struggles. fernando garcia is a tree down a list for the u.s. government in washington d.c. and he usually good money but for the last thirty four days the twenty nine year old hasn't seen a paycheck he's staying with his parents in virginia where he can get something to eat and some emotional support. because. you know growing up people always talk. government but you know you have to think about like what. if things continue his parents' import coffee that they roast and then sail on fifth avenue sun a few shifts allowing him to earn a modest i really reads for fernando every extra dollar kinds. this is
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can become my primary job and definitely not enough to get me through. on a monthly basis. back in washington d.c. the senate spent several hours debating two proposals each of which could have been theory brought the shutdown into an end the republicans want money for chumps border wall with mexico the democrats want to end the deadlock before beginning negotiations about border security then came the vote as expected neither proposal received majority support. heidrick as talks over the border will continue to stall this is just the prelate to fresh negotiations the democrats are already working on a sweeping draft bill which me include trump stipulated five point seven billion dollars not for the wall but for border security meanwhile the government shutdown continues with drastic consequences the f.b.i.
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can no longer afford to pay its whistleblowers. at the airports pilots are at the mercy of key equipment that cannot be serviced. and experts are worried about a potential economic slump what's more eight hundred seven government employees remain on page. it's early morning and fernando garcia is heading back to the capital his parents had to buy his train ticket for him said think i would. probably have to look for a new job it's unfortunate. this week that it's sad. but i certainly don't want to leave the government i really like my job so i just want to go back to work. he doesn't want to see exactly how much money he aired roosting coffee beans but it's enough to make ends meet for a few days. he just wants to go back to work i think we're hearing a lot of that in washington these days no end in sight what's already the longest
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shutdown in u.s. history many americans are taking matters into their own hands t w social media editor federica budget joins me now with the story of federico we just saw the example of a young man who is struggling a bit with his situation wondering about his employer whether if there really were liable the federal government now what are you single and what are people saying well terry in the hashtag shutdown stories is all over twitter and going through the thousands and thousands of tweets really you get a sense of how many people are struggling during this shutdown and it's not just the federal employees themselves sometimes it's also their families their wives husbands children grandparents who rely on them financially and we're seeing the social media really has also become a platform for them to seek help and one way they're doing that is by setting up fund raising campaigns since the beginning of the shutdown hundreds and hundreds of
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fundraising pages have appeared on the website go fund me where federal workers are sharing their stories they're asking for support sometimes to afford the basics really. and one of them is this young woman michelle she works at atlanta's international airport and she's one of the four hundred twenty thousand government employees who have to work without pay during the shutdown and this is her go fund me page we got in touch with michelle and she told us that today marks her second missing paycheck that she has a pile she has bills piling up she hasn't been able to pay even half of them she is the only breadwinner in her family she's providing for her mother who is ill and you know she has shared her frustration with us and she told us she has to get up every day at two in the morning to be at work at the airport at four that's obviously not a friendly time to work even under normal circumstances and it's the smallest problem she has at the moment i think it's a very understandable frustration frustrating indeed how do people lie commission
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will cope with the situation so we've seen the fund raising aspect i mean they're basically really relying on their communities to cope and we're seeing food banks for example they're really playing a crucial role at this moment they're also reaching out to federal employees you know specifically through special initiatives and we're seeing the community really coming together many regular americans offering direct financial help like this guy who offered to help pay the mortgage of the furloughed park ranger and support isn't only coming in from within the u.s. but also from abroad and we saw that canadian air traffic controllers a few days ago they sent beats us to their u.s. counterparts it's a small gesture but i'm sure he was very much appreciated and you know we had to keep tracking these stories and if you are affected and you would like to share your story you can get in touch with us you can reach out to us on twitter at news
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no promise of pizza federico budget from our social media to us thank you so much. you're watching good news still to come the floods and landslides have killed at least fifty nine people in indonesia's south sort of ways in prague thousands have been forced to flee their homes as rivers burst their banks have all the details for you and the soundtrack to poland's political opposition lawmakers say they're violating hate speech guidelines. plus beating the drum for germany finding out why the nation is going up so loosely handball ahead of a big game this evening. and what does this video have to do with the great master of michelangelo. oh. what's making
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got to do with politics is taking us to do with this it's like a fashion show to me say whether it's for a preview of what's coming up starting next week his new culture show it's called arts and culture and we'll be talking to one of the editors with that program coming up all that and much more here just. found time to time saif to helping qur'an she's slum to i was. in pakistan. she eradicated leprosy here almost singlehandedly. she's revealed that. the angel of karachi. in forty five minutes want to doubly.
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discovered who. subscribe to documentary on you tube. welcome back to news from i'm terry martin our top story greece's parliament has ratified the landmark deal that renames neighboring macedonia under the agreement their country will become north of macedonia and athens will drop its objection to it joining nato. embattled venezuelan leader nicolas maduro has defied international calls to step. through the military and key allies including russia
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and china dismissed an attempt to oust. in indonesia authorities say floods and landslides have killed at least fifty nine people heavy rain has pounded cell city. ways the province swelling rivers and bursting their banks thousands have been forced to flee their homes the country's disaster management agency says twenty five people are still missing. the high water mark may already be behind them. but the danger has far from subsided on slow easy on land. at least three thousand people were forced to leave their homes as rivers burst their banks and hillsides gave way under the heavy rains. flooding is hardly a rarity here during monsoon season. but still residents say they were caught unawares. and that you need the water started to rise here but then suddenly a nearby river burst its banks after ten minutes the water was already a metre and
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a half high we didn't expect it at all but. emergency shelters have been erected in local mosques. the military has been deployed throughout the on. the first challenge keeping evacuees warm and fed. but they're starving the kids asking for mel can fade it's hard to get to them. rescuers continue to pull people from the water throughout the island. howling with dozens missing and many villages still under water of the war and the number of the dead will continue to rise. if you don't get on. well here in berlin a key government commission is meeting to seek solutions to phasing out coal power in germany it's a vexed topic but one that goes handed out with government plans to cut carbon emissions in line with global targets still in the eastern region of loose aysha
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it's the economic rather than environmental impact of cutting out coal that's on people's minds. for one hundred fifty years the losing share region that straddles the german polish border has to brown coal mining the town of bag on the german side of the divide is typical of the area. fears a move away from coal will mean massive job losses. you get in my book this is a question of survival because if you can't guarantee people's livelihoods if you cannot create economic prospects people will leave and they will be faster before the actual exit from cool has taken place. at its peak this call fired power plant known as the shot to pump or black pump had seventeen thousand employees today only five thousand people work in the industrial park and that's why many are afraid they are skeptical about the prospects for a future without coal mining. if another
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industry replaces coal mining shorts if not then i highly doubt that sprang back to stay the way it is. you see it's. we hope to resume will become our next source of income but of course no one knows where the vet will happen. many people are leaving strandberg to find work. especially young people. but some young people have decided to stay four months ago. native opened an advertising agency she received many orders from the coal industry. for my point of view we're in the middle of a structural change we must accept this and recreate things to suit our needs we have to look to the future. represents a new bag the trained media designer wants to set an example especially for young people if people do stay here in the self-proclaimed pearl of the say show will
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have a future even without coal. could be creatively stay here. so that the peril can continue to shine. germany wants to phase out coal power a chance to start something new but many people fear it will be at their cost no one really knows what industry will replace coal and what will fill the void here and. germany's expert commission on transitioning away from coal is meeting here in berlin today our political correspondent hans bonte is following that coal summit as it's being called he's standing by just outside the chancellery here in berlin hans people are demonstrating in the streets of berlin today in connection with this coal summit many of them are school age children what's driving them. yes indeed many of these are school age children most of them i think probably are not even voters voting
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age what's driving them is what they're saying think about our future think about what future we will have and if coal continues of climate change continues at the pace that it has been. changing their future will be in danger or their future will be a very dark a very unsuccessful one so that is what is motivating them i think basically the example comes from a young swedish girl called great i started these kind of growth protests basically on her own last year she is meanwhile become a prominent spokesperson for against climate change and for action against climate change she's been speaking out international conference with such as the world economic forum in switzerland this week and these schoolchildren here following her example by striking on a friday about not going to school on a friday and demonstrating. in favor of the planet's. ok so the
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demonstrators are calling on governments to take action to combat climate change should you get the sense that politicians here in germany at least are listening to their demands. or if you want to take it in a literal sense at the moment they are indeed hearing them because they are making quite a big record behind me behind me here but yes indeed i think politicians are sensitive to these kind of demonstrations and in fact the german government as is demonstrated by the cole commission that is meeting here in berlin today is in trying to do something about this issue but it is obviously quite a complex issue it's not a matter of simply switching off coal power fire stations and everything will be ok it's a matter that needs to be carefully considered by all the parties that are involved in that is what this cole commission is doing at the moment well that commission has a tough job trying to deliver
3:38 pm
a swift exit from coal while avoiding economic collapse in regions dependent on coal briefly if you can how are they supposed to square that circle. because that's the difficult part what is really basically going to happen is that the government will have to spend billions of euros to basically support these areas that still depend on this kind of coal. you know coal mining at the same time they are obviously also interest groups involved on the side of the power generating companies that still use coal to generate power they will also have to find some new way of doing business in the end it's going to take some time still i presume not the immediate shutdown of coal power that these demonstrators are demanding and it is going to take billions and pounds of euros in support and in structural support to change the industrial structure in those areas that are affected thank
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you so much for now d.w. political correspondent hons there just outside the chancellor here in berlin. well beyond a poll and we're last month's table stabbing of the liberal mayor of it dan sc has highlighted that country's political faultlines and its simmering culture wars also involves rock music it seems the black metal band he moth has come under fire for its use of religious imagery and one conservative lawmaker says the band is violating the country's hate speech laws. and his black metal band behemoths are about to start their warsaw gig they're playing three shows in poland before kicking off their european tour which is bound to stir controversy. and interest is an outspoken critic of poland's ruling right wing nationalist law
3:40 pm
and justice government which has little regard for the european union. cycles you know i said poll polish citizen. european and to me should be equal and. massively against their. political tendencies that's been conquering all our land for like the last two years that it's. just driving auster want some kind of isolation but a god which expresses his political sentiments through provocative works of art. like these biblically themed photos which come along with his band's latest album. which of your works like these draw the ire of many conservative polls today and also the anger of the country's government which is backed by the catholic church
3:41 pm
lawmaker dominic church in ski of the ruling law and justice party even reported adam d'arcy to the police. he just bridge below our criminal law is very very clear you can insult religion every religion you cannot you know heart someone's feelings religious feelings and this is what he did these days scenes like these outside poland's parliament aren't uncommon this catholic anti-abortion activists placard reads reproduce. but not all poles think this way at him and he's more liberal minded fans often hang out in hair salons run by the rock musician he owns several in various large polish cities. poses poland's largely conservative and nationalist establishment through his combination of black metal music and his unique lifestyle but these are trying times were tough. years really and the political climate is very unfavorable. they are trying to censor my work which was
3:42 pm
a help in the tradition if you're shy. but if they force me to report to the police . and our concerts are monitored by undercover agents. but i'll second something she goes gee the violence was. living in the you know if. they want to check out a for planning any subversive activity you know what you might experience all of that. if you go the ministry will be of. the door skin his band will not let themselves be intimidated luckily they have many. orders in the american heavy metal scene. carl avoid meanwhile is glad to be working in dark hair salon. local beaches there's anger on the streets i've experienced that first hand but nobody means you any harm in this terrace along with you goes. later that day preparations are underway for darcy's concert in the polish capital tonight he'll be adopting the stage persona of near gul a babylonian deity who fights
3:43 pm
a hostile foreign land. which is exactly how he feels living in poland today to him poland is being governed by a regime that has no respect for his liberal worldview. would be i was a bit. of a he wants to get people to be more open minded and to change their thinking it's true overcome old fashioned beliefs and become more open more and does is his way of doing this is very controversial to see many in this country can tolerate that right that the letter we had some regard to our skin his band is the only remaining champions of liberalism in poland but tarski disagrees as you quite massive group of people. like free thinking. individuals over here in poland. stand behind what they do and what they say so it's not like.
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whatever the proffered order a messiah or whatever. just speaking. my free will. and then dark skinned his band rock out to the excitement of their open minded fans. speaking of rocking out the bonus league is back in full swing and there are some juicy encounters lined up this week public from did obvious sports is here to tell us laura problem hey terry tonight's opening clash between how to and shock and how do you see that shaping up well this should be a good one to watch that last time the berlin and shall conciseness of the berlin actually beach alka to nail on right due to scored both and he also scored in their three one win that's had two three one win against your birthday last weekend at berlin or seventh just shy of those guaranteed european spots and they're going to
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be very hungry for three points against shelter. isn't expected to make many changes to his squad a shocker having a pretty disappointing season they're sitting twelve so obviously in the rounds and at the table that they would like to be and they also have a pretty long injury list at the moment which isn't good news for demand go to tesco this may not go the way they wanted to go but you never know with these two sides but i'm going to give it to hats at this time i think again one to watch out for the let's turn to league leaders dortmund there they're hosting struggling team and over they're going to be one winner and well i mean dortmund let's be honest they're having a fantastic season they're top of the league at they've been playing pretty consistently obviously after all season and they started after the winter break with a nice victory against leipzig one of the strong sides in the bones league of course but they are missing several key defenders so that could be something that they really need to watch now hanover on the other hand are having
3:46 pm
a completely different season to say the least they have yet to pick up a victory away from home and again storm and. it's fun study on that something that's very difficult for them and it probably is going to be a bit unlikely now going back to what i was saying before about dortmund missing several key players their coach had some good news for the fans and he's feeling pretty obese going into this clash let's hear from him. because he has to train the whole week. in fact he was able to start training right away on monday. so marco is feeling good. and i was marco royce he was talking about they're very good news the fans absolutely smashing player and he's obviously going to be great for the squad. we've got some other fixtures coming up this week and of course to play what stands out well we can't avoid byron even though you know they're not having this season
3:47 pm
that they'd like to have it is great to see dormant at the top in the day of course or just shy of the top spot there me playing still cart bar and got off to the second half of the season say the winter break with the by being oftentimes at last weekend they are desperate for points they really need to cut that six point gap between them and dortmund by winning older games and the next season nico coaches side they've been under a lot of pressure of course and sitting and beginning of the season because they did make several mistakes still card need points before very very different reasons and they are struggling for consistency all campaign gave you some quick facts about them they are three points from the dreaded drop zone of course they've lost more games that's twelve than anyone else in the league and they were defeated once again last weekend against mines and they have the worst offense and have scored the fewest goals so i think this may be a clear win for barnett ok thanks for bringing us up to date the problem for you in
3:48 pm
the us from a sports star. well germany is currently co-hosting the world championships in a sport that many of the english speaking world may not be for a million or with and that's handball arenas have been packed with fans from around the world excitement is building especially here in germany ahead of the country's semifinal clash against norway tonight. the main train station in the northern german city of kiel. fans turned out in droves to watch germany's last game here on a big screen they have little doubts about who's going to win the tournament. it's a good take eyes are great they're playing brilliantly well can i say we're going to be world champions once i know the tournament's issues really popular in germany more people have been following the german team's games on t.v. than top matches in the football but in this league. that's what's important for us is we don't just reach the normal handball fans we want to get all sports fans on
3:49 pm
board when we want to have everyone in the country talking about the team he was the last game against spain in cologne was completely sold out twenty thousand fans packed the arena to see germany now really secure victory and hope their group. doesn't forget that it was amazing really fantastic the atmosphere was electric so many people were screaming and shouting it was brilliant pop. on friday even the handball party would continue in kiel and across the country fans are hoping germany can win again and book their place in the final. life death rebirth that's the title of a controversial new exhibition at the royal academy of arts in london the show
3:50 pm
features works by contemporary us video artist will be ola and michelangelo two artists separated by four and a half centuries the exhibition opens this weekend. looks interesting david leavitt's from our culture desk is here david that show in london is an example of the kind of thing that you and greste the team are going to be covering in a new show we have starting here in the next week called arts and culture that's right culture is launching its new show next monday it's going to be a monday to friday daily culture news show and this is for anyone who may have liked what they just saw or maybe you were confused by what they just saw and once some answers we'll be hearing from our reporter adrian kennedy on that exhibition in london he went there pretty skeptical asking can build the yolo really hold a candle to michelangelo or is it as one paper put it video killed the renaissance
3:51 pm
star the curators say they aren't suggesting these two artists are on the same playing field but then why even sew them together so adrian went to london to get some answers he'll be back to give us a tour of the exhibition and his insights next week on our new so arts and culture arts and culture a new show from the heart of europe for all the art lovers out there art of europe and beyond for the art lovers and not just the art lovers this is going to be a very diverse show just to give you a little. some background here we're going to be covering the red carpet at the berlin international film festival of course the oscars a broad top range of topics cultural phenomenon lifestyle design we've even got a mini series on baking coming up but it's not just going to. any baking it's going to be high concept baking with c w e u politics correspondent. is going to be teaching us about how to bake bread from across europe and about the political
3:52 pm
significance of this bread so we've got just a quick look at that here's this with his hot buns no i'm just kidding it's actually a caution. might be equally pret friends ok great philosopher once that show me a nation. and i will show you. now here's a. italy has had sixty five different governments since the end of the second world war. italian governments all like they go stale most of a lot better we fall so always bake fresh. just a taste there are some grain for your brain if you will pardon the pun but he's got much more much more bread lines than i could ever have no idea they could cook anyway baking in politics this is an example of what you're going to do it sounds
3:53 pm
like you're so very high concept program here but don't worry terry there's there's plenty more for the gluten free viewers out there i'll just give you a quick peek at two more topics will be covering next week on arts and culture the new culture complex here at the heart of berlin the forum has is a reconstruction of the kaiser's city palace but this project to start up a whole new debate on colonialism here in germany the building it's modeled on goes back to the colonial era and a lot of the art it's set to house is under scrutiny particularly works from africa so how did they enter european collections was it through violence or thefts we'll go to tanzania where german and tanzania and researchers work together to get some answers to these questions will also be getting a taste of a world. class opera premiere love boat am at the coma show part here and bertha when this is an opera company that makes people who think that they hate opera learned that they actually love that structure barry kosky is famous for that he's
3:54 pm
renowned throughout the world for his creative contemporary and highly entertaining approach his production of la belle and premieres this weekend and will be taking the w. viewers there on monday here's just a taste from the rehearsals. oh you. are. a watch that sounds great to hear your we've got our first viewer here everyone so that's going to be arts and culture monday to friday hosted by our very own robin mero and karen holmes that they thank you so much david leavitt's from our culture desk thank you terry. you're watching news just remind of our top
3:55 pm
story greece's parliament has ratified the landmark deal that renames neighboring macedonia under the agreement the country will become northwest of. its objection to the country joining nato. and baffled venezuelan leader nicolas maduro as defined international calls to step down. after the military and key allies including russia and china to mention turkey dismissed in attempts to oust him. you can always get. from google play. store i'll give you access to your news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use to send us any photos or videos you think we might be interested in.
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me will be with you at the top of the next hour with another. of course you get all this news and information around the clock on our website. thanks for being with us .
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play . this is deja vu news live from berlin north macedonia gets the go ahead and in a decades long to speak to greece's parliament ratifies the deal that renames neighboring macedonia but some greeks keep up their protests wachovia the claims also coming up the u.n. calls for calm and spend its way like descends into crisis in a battle cry.


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