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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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even a. little. little . this is d w newsline from the birdland venezuela's self declared presidential ramps up his revolt on the way bill calls on supporters to press on with their fines until the incumbent incumbent president nicolas maduro agrees to flush fresh elections window tells his supporters he won't surrender also coming up roger stone a long time ally of president trump has been provisionally released from custody following his arrest the evil investigation has leveled seven charges against him.
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and campaigners take to the streets as germany prepares to phase out coal crunch talks in berlin are due to come up with a landmark decision about the future of energy supplies from. the oil. i'm called aspen thanks for joining us venezuela's declared interim president one grade zero says he will not give up his fight for fresh elections addressing a huge rally in the caucus wedo urged to supporters to carry on protesting even if he's arrested he also called on the army to side with him the united states and a string of countries in the region have recognized kwaito as head of state but the incumbent president nicolas maduro is continuing to stake his claim to the office he too has been addressing the nation and offered to meet with radio for talks.
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all right let's get more on this from caracas that's where w.'s oscar shang shankar is standing by for us by duro keys been offering to speak directly with his rival grade oh how was the opposition reacted to that i mean why not set up a meeting between the two oh it's a little credibility within the p.r. machine especially when it comes to story about iraq because there have already been four official negotiations so in the past three years that you and your opposition own members of government with no outcome the current government fails to comply they are in the garden however as president of the national assembly one way gore has said that they would want to do it and one of them go with a new and this tomorrow night this left and however that it might not do or you have to resign his power and that seems unlikely it's more do you think we also know that wedo is calling for a major demonstration next week protests in the past in venezuela have been met with violence what can we expect this time around well it is definitely something
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that not only were people here but also as you went through many rights commissioner who gets asked for a resignation on the gaps of these twenty people in the past week however because popular assemblies that have searched in the past month and what we saw on winston on the all third of january there was a historic day for a major march have been relatively peaceful during the day and most of the violence coming from turmoil in dunedin during the evening popular neighborhoods it's a situation that could be solved with the arrival of humanitarian aid to eat the food and medicine shortages wages on insta nudes now more duro he still has the support of the military was also courting the military what role does the army play in venezuelan politics. this is a very important role and it is and that's the center of the national assembly strategy to win over power struggle to implementing an amnesty law governing giving
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to the military also under in order to establish a new leadership in the command some expectation of the car and it depends on how far up the script the command is if you are going to see if it is way low so we're exposed to see what happens after some votes from washington wants my duro out there threatening to divert oil money to his rival briefly if you can how credible of a threat is that that is a regrettable threat also is part of this according to the military where were sponsors want of power in venezuela and it's not only the response it's also this twenty million dollar that the u.s. has promised one way though for humanitarian aid and dallas also being going to be implemented in the following day according to the way law so we're expecting to see well how though things are as well ok pressure ramping up there. in caracas thank
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you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world rica lawmakers have approved a landmark name change deal with macedonia under the deal greece's northern neighbor will rename itself dorthy macedonia and athens will drop its objection to the country joining nato there were protests outside the parliament though numbers were smaller than in recent days the accord faced fierce opposition and almost brought down the grief of. israeli troops have shot and killed a palestinian man and gaza as thousands took part in renewed protests along the border palestinians are angry that israel temporarily held back international funds earmarked to pay hamas government workers the protesters burned tires and threw rocks and firebombs towards the border. a referendum in the southern philippines has passed overwhelmingly to form a new muslim autonomous region it's hoped the move will bring peace to the area and
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much needed investment creating the bung some morrow autonomy's region was part of a deal reached between the government and the largest muslim brotherhood group which is spent decades fighting over dependence. a longtime ally of u.s. president donald trump has been provisionally released from custody after being arrested early this morning roger stone will face travel restrictions and a possible two hundred fifty thousand dollars fine if he fails to attend court proceedings. he's been charged with obstruction of justice witness tampering and making false statements stone was an advisor to donald trump during the twenty sixteen election campaign the charges stem from u.s. special counsel robert robert miller and his investigation into whether the truck campaign colluded with russia in the election. stone denies those charges here's what he said. i would really not guilty to these charges i will defeat them in
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court i believe this is a politically motivated investigation i am troubled by the political motivations of the prosecutor. and as i have said previously there is no circumstances whatsoever under which i will bear false witness against the president nor will i make up rice to ease the pressure on myself i look forward to being fully. indicated roger ok our own my ass waiter is in washington she's been following this case mio what else do you know what exactly is roger stone charged with. exactly well here as we said is there are seven counts that he's facing one of them in particular is what people have been zeroing in on this is making false statements to congressional investigators because this is what people are seeing as the link between the trump campaign and roger stone and potentially two other
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handlers in russia the indictment if you read it details of a back and forth between stone and other unnamed people who were communicating with a person who is understood to be julian assad of the head of wiki leaks at the end where dorian embassy in london coordinating the release of this cache of documents that were extremely damaging were advertised to be extremely damaging the clinton campaign including her one of her campaign managers e-mails so that is one of the things that people are zeroing in on particularly because there is this phrase that people are zeroing in on in the indictment i'm just going to find it here where it says he was a person in the highway king official in the trunk campaign was directed to communicate with stone about specifically this cache of documents that was going to be released and it's unclear who was doing the directing there so now people are
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wondering how much did trump actually know was it trump who made those directions gave out those instructions to his associates in the campaign and if so how can trump still be claiming that he didn't know what was going on and he had no association with stone ok given what you just said there i mean what does this now mean for the president. exactly wall's the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders has been maintaining this line that the white house has been parroting throughout everything that's been happening all of the people who have been peripherally or directly associated with the trump campaign who have now all been dragged into court and arrested they say. this is nothing to do with the president this is nothing to do with the white house these are people who the president didn't know who he had no association with and these people are all being arrested on charges that have nothing to do with anything that went on during the trump campaign now he's not completely wrong the white house isn't completely wrong when they say
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things like back some of this is not in fact directly related to the campaign the thing is roger stone has been a very close associate of donald trump dating back decades and even though he was only an official member of the trump campaign for a few months in two thousand and fifteen he remained a very close confidant an unofficial counselor to the campaign throughout two thousand and sixteen up until the president's victory in november so it's much harder for the president to try to distance himself from all these goings on without looking like he was simply unattached completely from his campaign all right in washington for us thank you very much here in berlin a government commission is meeting to find ways to phase out coal from germany's energy mix the government has already committed itself to phase out program but it's falling behind schedule because it's a controversial issue some regions have relied on coal mining for decades to
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provide jobs and prosperity campaigners for clean energy made their views clear outside today's talks. can wait for new cars like now today he and his classmates have driven three hours from now back to join a student demonstration in berlin they're here to protest about climate change. he was. the general problem is that there is not a lack of knowledge but of action that's why it's good to go in the streets now and express our views but we'll see what will come out of it. these young students are demanding action from those sitting in the building across the street the german coal commission a group of experts that advises the german government on how to end coal production economics minister peter altmire wants that this is about more than just climate change. if we act there will be no losers there will only be winners and we will be supporting those regions affected
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by structural change and the government committed to its climate policy goals. it's not clear if the politicians are listening to the school students but the young demonstrators have caught the attention of chinese artist and activist i way way. they're taking responsibility they are walking on street clearly states their mind they have to say stop it you know we have enough regardless of the outcome today lucas and his fellow demonstrators are set on the gold. they're bracing the balun cold against global warming thousands of students from all across the country have arrived in the capital today to talk about and said to sign for germany exiting the coal industry they know the decisions that are soon taken by the german government but i affect their generation but those of the future to.
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sports now and the bonus league where the title race has become one of the most exciting in years gone. mender out in front after many seasons of dominance by by munich but the bavarians are right on their heels and firmly believe that they can overtake dortmund at the top when she gladbach they're not far behind either in third place so let's take a look now at what awaits the bundesliga as top three this weekend it's all smiles and dormant at the moment they get off to a perfect start after the winter break with an away win in leipsic next up is a home game against drug lang hanover on paper it looks easy but they know hanover will be no pushovers. i mean should be down there with kwan we played them earlier this season they caused us a lot of problems i can only warn against believing that we already have three points in the bank on good bank lee he does act there. pioneering also want to way from home last weekend against hoffenheim their goal now is to close the gap on
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dortmund. we did what we wanted to do we got three points we're still in the mix. third place mentioned are also still in the mix they've won eleven home games in a row over this season and last they want to extend that run against alcs book. that had a fortunate win and leave a couzin last weekend. coach d. to head king has called on his players to show more initiative against struggling. into his mind being as i want the team to play better with the ball down and leverkusen budgets because of speed but they also need the same mentality and desire to defend our goal that they showed in leverkusen that will make us tough to beat bush that's why. there's still a long way to go this season football fans can look forward to the most thrilling title race in years. and a reminder of the top story that we're following for you right now venezuela's self
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declared president one of wedo has called on supporters to press on with their fight until the incumbent president nicolas maduro agrees to fresh elections is said to be won't surrender. you're watching news from berlin more at the top of the hour and all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site a. letter we were right there when we were. eighty percent of americans at some point and i was really experienced hardship listening. audience.


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