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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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become a citizen. migrants your platform for reliable information. mrs d. w. newsline from berlin the u.s. government shutdown is over at least for the time being in the short while i will sign a bill to open our government for three weeks until february fifteenth. i will make sure that all employees receive their back they very quickly or as soon
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as possible it will happen for us. i mean as us president trump still wants his border wall and is threatening another shutdown if he doesn't get what he calls a fair deal will be live in washington also coming up. declare president wraps up his provoked one way dole calls on supporters to press on with their fight until the incumbent president nicolas maduro agrees the fresh elections why don't tell supporters surrender. and campaigners take to the streets as germany prepares to phase out coal crunch talks in berlin are due to come up with a landmark decision about the future energy supplies. i'm carl naslund welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump says he has reached a temporary deal. with congressional leaders to reopen the government ending the
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longest shutdown in u.s. history speaking. from the deal would initially see public sector employees return to work for twenty one days in the meantime a committee made up of republicans and democrats from the house and senate and they would review the government's request for a wall along the border with mexico the shutdown is in its thirty fifth day and has seen hundreds of thousands of federal workers left without pay. i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end. reopen the federal government. and it's everyone knows i have a very powerful alternative but i didn't want to use it at this time hopefully it will be unnecessary i want to thank all of the incredible federal workers and
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their amazing families shown such extraordinary devotion in the face of this recent hardship you are fantastic people you are incredible patriots many of you have suffered far greater than anyone but your family would know or understand and not only did you not complain but in many cases you encouraged me to keep going because you care so much about our country and about its border security my big news there from the president and joining us now to break it down as correspondent she is in washington. are there any surprises here. well the biggest surprise honestly was just the fact that this happened in the first place the president you know built up his image of being one of these you know tough negotiators who never backs down and this week we saw him back down
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capitulate conceded one of his biggest points really his signature policy was building this wall and he was shown that he was willing to take such a drastic measure as shut down the government for the longest period in u.s. history so far in order to get his way and now he's come off of that horse or you say agreed to reopen the government really in the face of declining poll numbers relentlessly negative news cycle against him in so many factors that have built up to this moment including his own staff telling him that he was losing ground in this fight so honestly it's just kind of extraordinary to see him even out there and conceding the point and saying that he's willing to move forward even just a little bit that he said when this was thirty fifth day of the shutdown it seemed like it would go on forever why now why did this come to an end now. well there are a couple of factors here one is that yesterday we saw both houses of congress put
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up bills proposed bills that would have ended the shutdown and all of those attempts got smacked down by the various opposition parties working against each other and once that happened once both parties had a chance to publicly smack down the other ones proposal then. both sides in the senate were able to come together sort of in the back rooms and start working out a deal and we think that that's probably what happened here so now the both sides are able to say ok here's what we think we can do moving forward then they present it to the president but the other factor in here is the other big breaking news of the day which is that the longtime associate close associate of the president roger stone was arrested early this morning local time the president coming out and giving this big breaking news that has dominated the news cycle for the past month the fact that he's reopening the government it was definitely a savvy media way to push this story down all right well but this is of course
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a temporary measure three weeks of funding for the government so what happens after that we're fifty but we heard the president there alluding to perhaps using his power to declare a national emergency which is something that people have been expecting from the get go they thought that he would have just a few days of a shutdown and then declare a national emergency to get the funding for this border wall now we see him threatening to do that again it's likely that would happen feels like the president would rather just do that then face another government shutdown on the heels of this one that just ended three weeks of at least some temporary calm in washington my slater thank you very much. i will as we just heard a longtime ally of president trump was provisionally released from custody after being arrested in a pre-dawn raid friday morning roger stone will face travel restrictions and
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a possible two hundred fifty thousand dollars fine if he fails to attend the court proceedings he's been charged with obstruction of justice witness tampering and making false statements stone was an advisor to donald trump during the twenty sixteen election campaign and the charges stem from u.s. special counsel robert muller and his investigation into whether the trunk campaign colluded with russia in the election. stone denies the charges here's what he said i was really not guilty to these charges i will defeat them in court i believe this is a politically motivated investigation i am troubled by the political motivations of the prosecutor. and as i have said previously there is no circumstances whatsoever hundred which i will bear this witness against the president nor will i make up lies to ease the pressure on myself it was reported to be fully intended to
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indicate roger all right now to some of the other stories making news around the world greek lawmakers have approved a landmark name change deal with macedonia under the deal greece's northern neighbor will rename itself north macedonia and athens will drop its objection to the country joining nato there were protests outside the parliament though numbers were smaller than in recent days because faced fierce opposition and almost brought down the greek government. israeli troops have shot and killed a palestinian man in gaza as thousands took part in bring new protests along the border palestinians are angry that israel temporarily held back international funds earmarked to pay hamas government workers the protesters burned a tire. and threw rocks and firebombs towards the border. rescue workers in brazil are working to free people trapped in the mud following the collapse of the dam at least two hundred people have been reported missing in the wake of the collapse
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a dam broke in south eastern brazil near the city of horizontally it caused huge torrents of mud to cover nearby areas. venezuela's self declared interim president one who says he will not give up his fight for fresh elections he's announced large scale protests for next week addressing a huge rally in caracas why don't they urge his supporters to carry on protesting even if he's arrested also called on the army to side with him the united states and a string of countries in the region have recognized as head of state but and as we listen come the president nicolas maduro is continuing to stake his claim to the office he too has been dressing the nation and offered to meet with your talks. all right let's get more on this from caracas that's where oscar showing schrenker is standing by for us but doro he's been offering to speak directly with his rival
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grade oh how was the opposition reacted to that i mean why not set up a meeting between the two. well i don't it's a little credibility within the opposition specially when it comes to starting a dialogue because there have already been four official negotiations so in the past three years that you and the opposition own members of government with no outcome the current government fails to comply they are in the bargain however as president of the national assembly one way or has said that they would want to do it any one of you know whether the new and mr maher how many left and i wonder that if i said i grew up we have to resign with power and that seems unlikely a small country we also know that wedo is calling for a major demonstration next week protests in the past in venezuela have been met with violence what can we expect this time around well it is definitely something that not only were people here but also it went through many rights commissioner who gets asked for a resignation on the deaths of at least twenty people in the past week however it
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is popular assemblies that have searched in the past month and what we saw on the incident on the all third of january there was an historic day for a major march have been relatively peaceful during the day and most of the violence is coming from turmoil in doing during the evening in popular neighborhoods it's a situation that could be solved with the arrival of humanitarian aid to the food and medicine shortages their wages on these communities now more duro he still has the support of the military was also courting the military what role does the army play in venezuelan politics. this is a very important role and it is in the next the center of the national standard strategy to win over power struggle to get women to get an amnesty law governing giving to the military also under way in order to establish a new leadership in the command so our expectation is there are and it depends on
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the script the command was given that if we are going to be in venezuela we're supposed to see what happens after some go to washington wants my doro out there threatening to divert oil money to his rival briefly if you can how credible of a threat is that that is a regrettable threat also is part of this according to the military where were sponsors one of power in venezuela and it's not only the response it's also up this twenty million dollar that the u.s. has promised one way or for humanitarian aid and debt is also being going to be implemented in the following day according to what we know so we're expecting to see well how those plays out as well ok pressure ramping up there. in caracas thank you very much. in indonesia authorities say that floods and landslides have killed at least fifty nine people heavy rain has pounded south sulawesi province causing
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the reverse to burst their banks thousands have been forced to flee their homes the country's disaster management agency says twenty five people are still missing. the high water mark may already be behind them. but the danger has far from subsided on slow easy on land. at least three thousand people were forced to leave their homes as rivers burst their banks and hillsides gave way under the heavy rains. flooding is hardly a rarity here during monsoon season. but still residents say they were caught unawares. with buffy and that you need the water started to rise here but then suddenly a nearby river burst its banks after ten minutes the water was already a metre and a half high and we didn't expect it at all but. emergency shelters have been erected in local mosques. the military has been deployed throughout the argument.
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the first challenge keeping evacuees warm and fed. was that they're starving they are kids asking for milken fades it's hard to get to them. rescuers continue to pull people from the water thrown to the island. however with dozens missing and many villages still underwater be warned of a number of the dead will continue to rise. beyond germany's foreign minister who has called for the united nations security council to give greater attention to the link between climate change and international peace and security moss was inaugurating germany's two year rotating membership on the council and he's made climate change one of his key priorities here's what he had to say climate change is real it is having a clovelly impaired. and it is increasingly becoming a threat to international peace and security this is why the debate about the policy consequences of climate change belongs here in the security council it must
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become ruthin for us to take the link between climate and security into account in all conflict situations i'm joined now by our correspondent oliver salat in new york city all over this was his first ever appearance before the u.n. security council why did he choose to focus on the link between climate change and international security. well because high come on strongly believes that that climate change as we're witnessing it now is a major threat for the world and for peace and security in particular and he also believes that it does not get enough attention at this point neither in the united nations nor elsewhere in the world and we'll deserved a very strong speech here all of the german foreign minister at the united nations here today and one of the most striking moments was when he showed these pictures
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photographed from space via an astronaut alexander guest from germany the international space station i as s. and you could clearly see the effects of climate change and in particular of the drop of two thousand and eighteen across europe and it does not need a lot of fantasy to imagine how this could play out in the future of no solution will be found from climate change we've heard other speeches here at the united nations warnings and reports about refugee crises of the future that we cannot imagine now a days. of millions of people from sub-saharan africa that would have to flee their homelands as a result of climate change as a result all fell fermions and starvation and the german take on this is that only the international community can come up with a solution for this because it's an international problem and the united nations
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would be the perfect institution to tackle this and to find a solution and germany wants to put all its efforts in this in the coming two years what else can we expect from germany on the u.n. security council during these next two years. well the expectations are high for germany that's what german diplomats have been telling me here through all the last days germany is known for its commitment for human rights climate is another one and one more important topic that germany finds here. full of particular importance for the next two years is a sexual violence against women in war torn countries and that is a field where germany even wants to push forward for a united nations resolution they're also considering having german chancellor angela merkel and you're over at the united nations leading a security council meeting and those are the most important most important topics
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here at this point that sad to germany is already one of the biggest contributors to the u.n. budget also to u.n. troops and the expectations are that germany would even step up its efforts you know even further all right all over solid in new york for us thank you very much. well moss may have made climate change his priority at the u.n. but back home the government is struggling to keep up with its own schedule to phase out coal from germany's energy mix as because it's a controversial issue as some regions have relied on coal mining for decades to provide jobs and prosperity a government commission in berlin has spent today wrestling with the coal phase out campaigners for clean energy turned up to pile on the pressure. school can wait now today he and his classmates have to have in three hours from now back to join a student demonstration they hear to protest about climate change. what do we want
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i mean i came on what even said of the general problem is that there's not a lack of knowledge but of action that's why it's good to go in the streets now and express our views but we'll see what will come out of it processing and all of us me i'm so on these young students aren't. action from those sitting in the building across the street the german coal commission a group of experts that advises the german government on how to end coal production economics minister peter altmire wants that this is about more than just climate change. if we act smart there will be no losers there will only be winners and we will be supporting those regions affected by structural change and the government committed to its climate policy goals. it's not clear if the politicians are listening to the school students but the young demonstrators have caught the attention of chinese artist and activist i way
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way up there take responsibility. clearly it's their mind they have to say stop it we have enough regardless of the outcome today lucas and his fellow demonstrators are set on the gold. price in the cold against global warming thousands of students from all across the country have arrived in the capital today to talk about and said to sign for germany exiting the coal industry they know the decisions that are soon taken by the german government. their generation but those of the future too. the most famous men's downhill skiing race of the season has offered the usual thrills and spills the kids duel race and austria is a skiing institution and italy's dominic paris is now part of its fuel folklore after sealing his third victory in the race. long live to kenya's kids
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was dominique paris one for the third time in his career at the most legendary alpine downhill in the world first in twenty thirteen and then again in twenty seventeen. conditions were tough with a light snow falling was the italian had a flawless run down the three kilometer circuit i was appeared confident that his time would be the fastest i was the second spot it was won by day out for it this was skier was just two tenths of a second behind paris. it's just third time in four years therefore it says finished runner up on the piece known as the steiff which is considered one of the most dangerous and difficult in the world. i passed three years old marsh to you dana took serve place. in tennis novak djokovic has powered into the final of the australian open after
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overcoming poorly in straight sets in melbourne the serbian bull take on an old rival rafa nadal and sunday's final as he looks for a seventh australian crown. djokovic has first set was nearly flawless the world number one slammed past his french opponent six nothing he continued his dominance and barely broke slender in the rest of the match take in the final two sets six two six two joke which leads in a dollar twenty seven to twenty five in matches played and another classic encounter should be expected. all right stephen is here now with another warning for the u.k. to go ahead and figure out rex it fast right i'm sure they'll pick up things now but yes this is another warning they've been coming lately this time from the head of goldman sachs saying today that if the u.k. doesn't manage a smooth exit from the european union the u.s. investment bank would scale down its role there goldman's david solomon made the
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comments at the world economic forum in davos and it mirrors a common theme in the meetings there that are enduring today big concerns about the global economy and no clear picture ahead. in just a few hours time peace and quiet will return to davos the delegates who came here to seek solutions to the world's problems will be gone for another twelve months. as usual participants at this year's gathering tackled some big issues conversations focused on trade conflicts climate change and of course the many unanswered questions about britain's departure from the. prosecution. fifty five johnson come back to be delayed others were less tight lipped and came up with and ologies to describe the prospect of britain leaving the e.u. without to dale it's like in a family husband and wife divorce without an agreement i have not known any such
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situation which ends happily so the only thing that should have been no is this card this option from the table and focus on building consensus of any of the other options on the table chancellor angela merkel also made a plea for more international cooperation some saw that as a message to u.s. president donald trump who stayed at home due to the u.s. government shutdown there were some new faces this year though brazil's new president j. airball scenario made his first appearance using the opportunity to try to attract foreign investors many of the leaders who normally grab the headlines didn't attend the world economic forum this year but for most participants that didn't matter they came here to talk and to do business and those events don't tend to happen on the big stage but in the back rooms of the congress center or even here on the streets of this little swiss town. also in davos
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billionaire investor george soros had some strong words for the chinese president calling xi jinping the most dangerous enemy of free societies mr soros said china's social pressure. system would give president xi total control over his people beijing is currently developing a facial recognition system which soros says would enable the government to use algorithms to turn to determine how big a threat an individual poses to the regime also said u.s. tech giants like facebook needed to be reined in for the sake of democracy. photo phone one of the world's largest mobile carriers says it will pause its purchases of huawei network hardware for the european market and more and more governments in europe are holding bans to stop mobile network operators from partnering with a chinese company to build five g. mobile networks critics of huawei chief among them the u.s. says the company's a trojan horse for beijing making it a security risk while we of course denies any connection with the chinese
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government germany's business confidence index has fallen for the fifth month in a row analysts predicted it would decline but it's been falling faster than expected also germany's economic growth this year will be considerably lower than originally forecast that according to fresh government predictions in its annual report out next wednesday the government says it expects germany's economy to expand by only one percent this year divers linked to twenty lng exports which are pegged to the cooling global economy the lack of clarity over breaks that domestic demand meanwhile is expected to stay level. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. president trump has announced that the u.s. government shutdown is over at least for the time being but trump still wants his border wall is threatening another shutdown in three weeks he doesn't get what he
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calls a fair deal. in a swale a self declared president one why though has called them supporters to press on with their fight until the incumbent president nicolas maduro agrees to fresh elections we won't surrender quite on tells his supporters. and you're watching news from her lead more coming up shortly with karl hofmann and the day don't forget you can get all the latest information around the clock on our website dot com thanks for joining.
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listen up. that's what video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level. thanks to him talk composer nobuo uematsu. featured in many well known his music is bound to give you clues comes sounds good. video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. today is payday for government workers across the u.s. some eight hundred thousand of them were set to miss their second straight paycheck due to the partial government shutdown but now president trump has and has announced relief a temporary end to that shutdown after more than a month the chaos in d.c. was starting to take its toll from flight delays to workers force of the side with .


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