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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2019 7:30am-8:01am CET

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really did become world famous conductor. god or the love of god minus the. starch feb eighteenth. hello and welcome to the now that you know max highlights show today we'll be finding out why is city in southern italy is in the spotlight this year. celebration time the ancient city of my peers is at twenty nine thousand european cultural capitals. should also be in the top fashion design up from france and.
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fine cuisine giant house for calling every trip through fitness. and we kick off today's show in italy's oldest city map it's around nine thousand years old stating back to the stone age it has now been named this year's european capital of culture alongside the bulgarian city of fluff the already a world heritage site now can celebrate a new status over that coming nine years fifteen million euros will be invested in cultural programs alone and we were on hand for the opening ceremonies. making a fanfare on their way to the center of one of europe's new capitals of culture much air on the decisions come from all over the southern italian region where material is located. and from former european capitals of
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culture like stubborn here in norway. on opening day one piece of music was heard more than any other beethoven's ode to joy. you saw him with him for europe and all of its people the. these are no way you thought anything on this is are these celebrations are just about the city and the hegemony grows and it's both young and old feel like they're playing a leading role as someone pretty. important to you john in kenya and siani. much here is a small city with a long history. starting at sundown residents illuminate the night sky. others sing in the choir on the cathedral square. floating for. figure symbolizes the city's high flying hopes for the future.
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of the. conceptual artist florian ever ran from the groupie dumbs which means everything is visiting from friends. and his larger than life force figures were invited to take part in the parade. for comedians every artist makes his or her own costumes afterwards there are a few repairs and rehearsals are always changing locations so we have to be prepared his bus must. follow very is the general director of my chair is here as a european capital of culture he says several hundred events are planned for twenty nine hundred. people and i love these projects just as much as a mother loves her children. after the opening ceremonies i especially recommend the ones about the polar done to you which we do together with. the
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program is shaped by the participation of local residents and the coproduction. is the father cole coming out see on a. much better stint as a european capital of culture is a good reason to take another look at the city of some sixty thousand inhabitants. it lies in an impressive canyon carved out by the gravina river. people lived here in cave like dwellings in extremely primitive conditions until the early one nine hundred fifty s. . at that time the italian prime minister called much older a national disgrace. but in one nine hundred ninety three unesco made this cheated a saucy or city of stones a world heritage. site. since then some of the cave dwelling said been converted into luxury hotels. where this year artists will be showing works to draw on history. like this
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abstract picture of the communist politician palmira who spoke about conditions in matera. for he was the one who came to march april first nine hundred forty six and called it italy's shamima. artist alfredo purity draws attention to much here is cisterns in systems of water channels. i want to underline the passing of time. it. is the work of visits this piece also changes it. louise months on showing works in a church around the theme of migration the sculptures are made from nails and materials found in the region surrounding material. we are what we are to be thanks to all the small ferment that was from ever true to
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the end of the times the new cultural capital material is hoping to ignite a southern italian renaissance. the old cook to show us in paris one of the most important fashion events worldwide french design all forms of ye is aging his shows for the twentieth time so he knows exactly what he can and cannot he sticks strictly to the odd. for a show he doesn't hire professional models and there is no normal runway we met up with him backstage in paris. is this a dance before. formants or fashion show. during her week french designer frocks presents his creations in a rather unusual fashion should. each time i tried to create
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a universe to do something different something surprising make a world you can be absorbed by the old way of a little. instead of models dunces show off his creations two hours before the show they get extravagant hairstyles and theatrical makeup that's in keeping with the new asian inspired collection. frank appreciates how we dancers bring motion and life to his dresses. the show is being presented in news a gimme in paris which both a huge collection of asian art while long lines form out side a few young brazilian fashionistas have already taken their places in the auditorium. they got sick it's for the show with an unusual way. just found out there was the possibility of getting tickets through the frank soviet endowment fund and contacted them. it's great for us to be able to attend
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the couture shows it's something you can otherwise only dream of doing even more comes. from b.a. is one of the few designers on the official show calendar who opens up as both could turn shows to the general public. so those that will do it is also so i think beauty is there for everyone and people are interested in it if they want to see how close the made and presented i think there are barriers ways to let them take part in it or seem to do. this democratic approach also helps the designer to continue financing is good collections. in that society has an artist who has a completely different approach one for whom commerce. necessarily take priority yourself financially his ground is completely independent and every season he has to mount a shell and finance it. this customers also do their part to help.
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secrecy that is also called of course it's practical to be able to go shopping at a big fashion house and it's a status symbol use those skills that you're up to if you support a smaller house in a way you're taking a position. taking on the role of the hatred. frog so b.a. sees her as more than fashion he sees it as part of french culture he has a reputation for delving into the technical aspects and experimenting his creations are based on the o.t. the japanese kimonos sash. is about perfection but about tradition and beauty. to me. is more an artisan craft than a style system that's just a. survey was born in southern france and learned to trade in
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a paris fashion school he went on to work for to remove glare and shantell to muss and design costumes for johnny hallyday. in one thousand nine hundred ninety held his first oath could show since then he's really had a cut walk but often had a message. animal welfare for example in a recent show. his work is highly regarded by his peers among them who jump all guilty. that there are so i think what he does is very interesting peter is also top fashion and knows his stuff but he's got a mistake about style and has never copied anyone. from serbia is off the wall presentations are a welcome diversion on the could turn calender. i presume fashionistas. if i saw it as a kind of asian black swan song so be a did a really great song it was
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a poetic magical moment in an otherwise very hectic fashion week. at fashion week. incidentally besides front so be a also design stage costumes such as these for a recent production of la traviata and to lose for the projects are in preparation but he has no plans to give up. every year burning hosts international green week jain agricultural convention and trade fair featuring international speciality as well as presenting the latest food trends it provides an opportunity for experts to meet up and discuss current trends every year between week has a partner country and this year it's finland and they are the trend to what organic food is growing here's a closer look. finland
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boasts plenty of unspoiled nature so it's hardly surprising that natural foods play a major role in classic british cuisine. most of what lands in the frying pan or on the plate come straight from the great outdoors. no way in the north of the finnish capital helsinki lies the culling area team finland training camp here top young chefs develop new dishes almost like in a lab and prepared to compete in international competition so. we get a lot of influences from you know if you get a day on the east side meaning also from the russians we have all that so you want your. meat stew with. our queen products yes that's pickling all that stuff is very very. traditional finnish cruising features potatoes pearl barley cabbage other veggies
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reindeer meat and red berry surface even a fine dining establishment like the knocker restaurant in helsinki used down to worthing greediness. if you. are a. taste the florist that's for. fish is also a staple especially rainbow trout in the kitchen of his holiday resort deeds made into tar dr. fins like to cook with high quality produce especially from organic farms eighty kilometers northeast of present he is mongoloid one of finland's best known estates. courts manages the entire production this includes the cultivation of ancient grains. but the main crop is it's here we have oats. oats is the last popular grain in finland. i can say that almost almost every fan
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starts today with. pirates. click goats are produced and sold on the estate along with camera week grandness. and cold pressed . the estate also houses a successful brewery be a supporter made here won a world beer award and twenty eight. brewing beer is becoming increasingly popular in finland with the number of microbreweries rising steadily. brewery in meant to harm you around two hundred kilometers north of hasn't he set up shop in an old shoe factory in twenty seventeen run by two brewers go specializes in the production of ales including black ale and india paling. people. and drinking. beer from. the. bloody. getting drunk searching for the new and the new experiences in
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there in the last summers are shorter in this nordic country but despite the limited growing season things grow quickly and ripen well so friendly even produces wine girl from berries and other fruit not come bridge which don't try for years. they only make you winery was the first of its kind in finland sort of preparing founded in one thousand nine hundred ninety five for wine is a little bit difficult to make wine because we have to press to use then at. least a third a month or so by miss mary roma a three or four months. and we have to book to go because the previous berries and fruit included not so much like grapes. plain simple and natural. finish crazy.
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want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook. you'll find highlights from our programs. three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook life. we love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit d.w. euro max on facebook. it's been five hundred years since leonardo da vinci died so to mark this special anniversary exhibitions and events around the world for one of the greatest geniuses for all time one museum in like is dedicating a multimedia show so this man who is also one of the most important renaissance
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artists along with the again she's martha pieces in part in the works by. also on display of those the exhibition uses modern technology it also takes visitors on a trip back in time. a fresh perspective on the old masters the exhibition giants of the renaissance showcases the best known works of raphael michelangelo and leonardo da vinci in digital an animated form. for the project to. collaborating with italy's john franco in new jersey one of the world's most sought after video artists. in a humidistat brooklyn deal. will be made the renaissance was already very modern back and it stank it transformed and revived the world of art. art moved away from
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religious themes and toward more worldly imagery. but that's also how fresco painting found its way into architecture that wouldn't have happened otherwise we. are installation is a tribute to this great artistic movement in the. third. was immersive approach has made the multimedia show accessible to a broad audience. twenty four video projectors cast images up to eight metres in height. even tiny brushstrokes have become visible. bethell the interplay of video and sound is still a novelty just like photography and film where back in the day. they've continued to develop and changed out a separation in the process that. now we no longer just perceive visually
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through visual and auditory mates will receive. the see that the. music played an important role in the project from the start. sound artist look along the body selected the works and rearrange them. i often work digitally on the computer. but i also work with musicians who play life but it was especially the exhibition includes a work i originally composed for not destroy what that was in this installation it's performed by a string quartet together with a digital orchestra. it sounds like a real destroyer playing live in a church. or so we're now in the case of. the renaissance was an era of dazzling transformation it changed the way humans
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understood themselves and the world. this shift was also propelled by the works of raphael michelangelo and especially leonardo da vinci a man who is regarded as universal genius to this day. get out of the way seven but it's about thought it was always a visionary. he anticipated things that were only invented years after his death. i believe that if you were alive today he would have developed many of his inventions using digital techniques that maybe he would have projected a new holographic flying machine into this place or that more said about it the exhibition premiered in france in leipsic it was rican sieved entry adapted. really good i find the giants of the renaissance a very moving exhibition some parts of it moved me to tears it really captured me.
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that's what the artists intended they didn't just want us to look at the paintings but they wanted to create an entirely new kind of encounter because you know here for. a good good moment it's been because of. immersive art as a collective experian. on view in leipsic until the end of twenty nineteen. if you walk up a mountain in snowshoes you can be sure it is not an exhausting to climb up to the top it's also a challenge to come down again so many people just want to glide down after a long hike one solution is to use cross plates we had a test run in switzerland. skiing down a mountain on snowshoes well almost these winter sports enthusiasts are wearing cross plates a cross between snowshoes and mini skis right now they're the coolest thing in the
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milton's in switzerland very quickly and i live here but i'm a little surprised how well you can go downhill there is for me it would be an alternative to simple snowshoeing but i got. the swiss town of current from here winter sports lovers can take the cable car up to brown brewer. awaiting them or kilometers of ski slopes hiking and cross-country trails as well as plenty of routes to go snowshoeing. venner stoffel runs an outdoor sports school here for years now he's been offering cross plating courses cross blades let's sports enthusiasts climb up a hill and then ski down it's all they have to do is flip over the pivoting plates on the underside of the blade one side is for climbing the others for clay but all of this is basically you can use them everywhere. because the ski short it's a bit wobbly and harder to control than regular skis. monkees but parallel skiing
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is easier than with longer regular skis it's by long time to. cross plating has only been around as a winter sport for a few years so the school offers half day introductory courses where people can try them out. they start off on a flat track to so as you say. it's a funny feeling that i wanted to go snowshoeing for a long time going up well probably be easier than going down. i'm a bit anxious but i hope it'll work out but officer hopped. up they found their feet they go for a clue. heading out of the foggy valley and towards the sun. cross blades were invented by swiss entrepreneur l o gurche now seventy nine in the one nine hundred sixty s.
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he designed the skeeter inviting the still commonly used today the idea for the cross plates came from a son peyton who other felt like walking down a mountain after a day of snow shooting. the stuff that got us in the mom lost and then i thought there must be a way called my father because if there's anyone who could do this it's my father. my father ok so i called him up still in my gear and said dad we've got to invent something. you mustn't bus a fin from the cross plates went into must production in twenty sixteen or ninety centimeters long and cost around four hundred forty euros a pair when it comes to climbing a hiking they're not much different than regular snowshoes even in deep snow they won't sink or slide around but it takes some getting used to. you can't just use them like regular snow shoes. with this sporting gear you really
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do need a bit of practice to ski. and change the plates. brakes and. cross blades aren't meant for performing acrobatics stunts still they can navigate a slightly hilly ascent with ease though they have a tougher time with slopes that have brought straw covered with fresh snow. but noisily either not so good on new snow it would be ideal to try them out with more granular cones no miles to prove you. still today everyone cross plates makes it to the next. launch of morning. and that wraps up this highlights show we'll be back next time with a new format and lots of all surprises so you can tune in for that until then from the entire fleet p. and l. and take care and bye bye.
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to concentration. in the final days of world war two the train was crossing what is now the. czech republic. but it never reached its destination comes witnesses tell the exceptional story of the day train to free in. fifteen minutes long t.w. .
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serial killers tango susan. collins robber gangs. and ugly and the money prison feature of life in the one nine hundred twenty s. working class fatalist weekly they find most of the most traction out a good response such just non-constant the night of the finals crime has the german capital in a choke hold the post war soon to come august because ohio is going to completely mannish up and distributed randomly take just asked such crime scene china chinese a short holiday missed the book criminals don't reckon with him detective superintendent const cannot. live aleutian eyes his feelings of procedures and establishes an extensive record system laying the foundations for monaco's we're
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just going to have to cut was doing back then displacing the same as to cause an attack on. the metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth on t.w. . imagine being born as. you're allowed to come prove it since. you want to look for them school trick you want to be useful put on a lot of trouble. when you're sick the doctors know when you fall in love they won't. you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible to. us you. have knows. when you've gone there's no. every ten. ten million people in the world this
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think they have no nationality and told made up alone and. that everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say. at an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o called on all nations to back venezuela's declared interim president won quite though the e.u. said it could also recognize that as president if elections are not held in the coming days venezuela's foreign minister has dismissed those demands or. rescuers in southwestern brazil are searching for hundreds of people after a dam collapsed at an iron ore mine the breach of.


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