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when metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth. g w. this is deja vu news live from berlin the struggle for power in venezuela itself declared interim president won by though calls on the country's military to back him but can he convince commanders to renounce their loyalty to nicolas maduro. also coming up in the u.s. another democrat kicks off the campaign for the twenty twenty presidential election
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california senator kummel heiresses considered a heavyweight and what promises to be a crowded field of candidates ethiopia meanwhile already has a woman president and a gender balance cabinet but are these changes trickling down to all levels of society. and in sports defending bundesliga champions byron munich stay hot on the heels of league leaders dortmund after a brocky start to the season byron showed there back on track to get struck hard and there are certain to make it a tight race for the title. sumi so much going to it is great to have you with us international adore smith of venezuela self declared interim president is growing israel and australia are among the latest countries to recognize one why though his rival president nicolas maduro has rejected an ultimatum from some european nations to announce fresh elections
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within eight days both men are now locked in a fierce contest for the support of and as well as military. target practice under the eyes of president nicolas maduro it took place at fort. twenty seventeen a group of soldiers rose up against the government this time it was about showing loyalty. don't want to. argue plotting a coup. or are you constitutionalists. traitors never always loyal. to their. murderous sees the hand of western governments behind opposition protests he says they're trying to overthrow him he knows the military is key to staying in power the opposition leader was trying to convince the military to join his side following a church service for victims of violent street clashes he made
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a direct appeal. venezuelan soldiers i'm talking to you this is the moment to be on the constitution side. don't be afraid no. supporters are spreading out across the country going to army barracks to spread the word. has proposed an amnesty i thought it would be good to convince venezuelan soldiers to join the opposition. none of the soldiers wants to be seen switching sides on camera one says that the military is still firmly on the side of manure i want his supporters hope that this will change in the coming days. let's bring in jennifer coming oakland sallis she's a venezuelan journalist with us here at g.w. hi jennifer good to see you tell us more here about the power of the military is this really the deciding factor between which of these two leaders has power. at
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this point yes because the violence there is the only institution that at this critical juncture when these kind of situations take hold that can make the difference make or break the regime at the moment and that is the regime and that is because they have the weapons and they have the repressive power that mother o. has basically used to intimidate the population to to be subservient to their regime and to until not come out and be mobilized but right now they are backing men who are oh it is not certain that it will stay this way because it is only the top leadership and we don't know what the lower ranks think or how unified they are what about the situation on the ground jennifer why though is now calling for more public protests this week the previous ones to turn violent what do you think we can expect this time we can expect a big showing because the opposition is energized by this move they were wanting is
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they they really needed this this lifeline exemption is that why though has sent before why the made is that there is no last week it was almost dead the opposition had basically this banded previously and so now they have an incentive and they have a motive and they have most importantly hope and so we can expect a big showing and is it big enough much like last week we're not certain because of course there is the fear of repression and repression has happened so people have to contend with that but we can definitely say that that they're energized what about the voices that we're hearing internationally israel and australia joining european governments pushing for mother to hold a new election right away do you think she's going to do so. i don't think he will i mean he knows that having an election would bring a lot of international attention to his system of government and he does not want that he does not want all of this all of this attention because he already had an election he believes that he had an election last year that he won that was free
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and fair and that's is the thing they don't just want an election they want to credible election and that is something that he that he knows he cannot deliver because if he had a true credible and free and fair contest he might lose and this is a risk that he is not willing to take jennifer as this political crisis continues how has it affected venezuelans in a country where the economy had already collapsed essentially. yeah well betty is exactly the problem that venezuelans are suffering so much and three million of them according to the u.n. have fled in the past two years past two to three years and so this is for the people who are remaining there they need this is they needed change they need to break the deadlock because right now it is a very hopeless situation economically the mother who has tried to institute certain changes to the economy but they have done nothing so this edition on the ground is very very very dire and people are living in the spare right jennifer
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camino gonzales for us thank you so much for sharing your insights. now a court in brazil has blocked more than a billion euros in assets belonging to the mining company volly in order to pay for damage caused by friday's dam disaster at least fifty eight people are confirmed dead after a dam collapse in the south east of the country another three hundred people remain missing it's still unclear what caused the dam to give way. five am there's anger among the families affected by the dam disaster they say that the efforts to search for survivors and bodies are stalling i don't know i have no information about my husband no one has been able to tell me anything since friday no the police have blocked off parts of the disaster scene in southeastern brazil the mining company follett that operates the dam feared another collapse could happen you see it in alarms were going off today many members of my family are already buried under the mud so hard. rescue workers had to interrupt their mission
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because another dam threatened to burst the all clear came hours later mining company of ali is calling the collapse the tragedy but environmental groups and victims have criticized bali for years saying it's failing to uphold safety standards. this is not an accident but a crime is though they should have these things under control financial compensation won't bring back our loved ones to my. sorrow is rampant here in burma genial the hopes of finding more survivors are dwindling but it's too late to stop the environmental catastrophe just as with a similar incident in a region around three years ago. now to some other stories making headlines around the world emergency workers have been helping residents in the cuban capital of ana after a rare and powerful tornado struck overnight at least three people were killed and scores were injured the twister destroyed numerous homes and vehicles and disrupted
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electrical power in several districts. there's been no fresh clashes in greece over parliament's vote to normalize relations with neighboring macedonia violence broke out between protesters and police in the country's second city tesler miki a poll so many greeks disapprove of the accord to recognize north macedonia what shares this name with one of greece's own regions. a un expert on executions has arrived in turkey as part of an international inquiry into the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi agnes calamari and a team of legal and forensic experts will spend a week investigating the murder which took place almost four months ago in the saudi consulate in istanbul. and firefighters in south africa have been battling blazes on the hillside surrounding the center of cape town and strong winds have been fanning the flames on the slopes of signal hill and lion's head authorities have not had ordered evacuations. u.s.
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president donald trump has lifted sanctions on a number of companies linked to a russian all of our alleged. that includes the j.s.c. power company and aluminum giant resolve. is an ally of russia's president vladimir putin he is also being investigated in the u.s. as part of the miller probe into alleged collusion between moscow and trump's presidential campaign the u.s. treasury department said the decision to remove sanctions was made because there are no longer controls the companies critics including some republican lawmakers don't agree with that assessment. we have stephen badly with us from get your business to talk more about this story stephen talk to us about these sanctions why were they there in the first place and what does it mean now that they're gone reisa some of these sanctions go back to april two thousand and eighteen and that's when the trump administration targeted a group of russians seven oligarchs a number of businesses of leave twelve. for malign activity russians russia's malign activity which they describe as the election interference two thousand and
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sixteen its actions in eastern ukraine and in the crimea among others and the goal was to really obviously punish them and make them successful on an international level obviously when you pull back the reach of the use of american dollars for exam for these businesses then you make them on viable and that was a threat against resolve was that by removing its access to the international markets it was going to basically send a clear message and what happened though was that there was a great lobbying effort both on the behalf of the result self but also from european allies of the u.s. who said this is going to be too disruptive obviously result has its own interest for its survival mode for others they said this is going to be too disruptive of markets and it would be a step too far and so weeks after the announcement of the sanctions there was another announcement that hey this may be too much we're going to look at a deal so why is there then criticism because it sounds like a compromise was reached you know there is criticism because for two reasons one is that it really it gives sanctions relief on
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a lot of people didn't believe that there needed to be any sanctions relief they didn't buy this explanation that it would be so disruptive toward markets that it would really outwait the message sent by the sanctions themselves they believe that a strong message was sent the second is that once details of the deal itself came out the deal by which. is sort of put into the limelight a bit it looked like he was getting sort of something special out of it in a sense that he actually gets through the structure of deal he gets hundreds of millions of dollars in debt relief through it by passing on some of the shares if you look at it he doesn't have majority stake in the controlling company but him his family his allies actually do. half a majority not voting but they get a lot of money out of this so a lot of criticism for all of these reasons even i do want to ask you about another story spanish taxi drivers blocking one of madrid's major roads of the weekend to protest the right helen service over take a look here the drivers are demanding a further restrictions on the service they say it unfairly undercuts their business the spanish government has already agreed to clamp down on. capping licenses for
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new drivers but the taxi drivers here say the new regulations don't go far enough and that they will continue their protest until their demands are met stephen we've seen plenty of protests here in europe against by taxi drivers what do these taxi drivers actually want right in a word what they want to madrid is what barcelona just got and what they got in barcelona was a rule that basically says any ride sharing order must be made an hour in advance now can you imagine the sort of defeats the purpose of the away from right exactly and so that pretty much ensures they can't do business as normal if you need business in a city in madrid with his taxi drivers like in many other cities have felt incredibly. disrupted by what was going on and their livelihoods a stake this is a fair rule for them and that's what they want these tax dollars pay one hundred fifty thousand euros for a taxi license so you can see how their livelihoods might fill under threat for over this goes into their efforts to work with european cities and accept some of
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the regulations and they've been able to actually get into more european cities than they did initially by sort of understanding some of what they want with their rules not coming into a brazenly like that in the american market but spain might be another matter altogether it's proving to be very difficult for them it will be interesting to see what happens and other road blocks for over then i think your business thank you so much. in the u.s. democratic senator come away harris has formally launched a bid for the presidency she's one of the party's frontrunners and she is hoping that her background as a prosecutor will help her win the nomination to challenge donald trump and twenty twenty harris kicked off her campaign in oakland california and presented herself as a leader who could unite america. long lines in downtown oakland come along her is drew a big crowd here for her companion kick of rally among them many young women like in portugal eager to hear what the senator has to say. we really love how
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strong she is unlike criminal justice reform immigration she. just doesn't allow people to believe her like she asked the hard questions she keeps her composure he's really will spoken i am excited to see her or her pop for. be about what matters and ultimately be reinvigorated by or you know this really was supposed to be a show of political force and it certainly looked that way when kaamelott her is to put a stage the daughter of jamaican and indian immigrants promised to be a fighter for the people stating that it was time to restore what she views as a loss of american values on the president's trum we are here because the american dream and our american democracy are under attack and on the line like never before and we are here at this moment in time because we must answer. a
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fundamental question. who are we. who are we as americans let's answer that question. america we are better than. the democratic proxies looking for fresh faces and come along harris who's been a u.s. senator for only two years certainly fits that bill she grew up here in oakland a diverse industrial city known for its toughness high crime rates and political left wing activists now she is the first female black candidate having a viable shot at the presidency. but here dozens of democrats lining up to run in twenty twenty the crucial question will be whether the party things come along harris has a chance of beating down old trump her supporters definitely think she does understand people she understand them near the country understand the needs of our
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country and she has morals which we don't have right now. with the year in the hop onto the democrats pick their presidential nominee commonlaw her is still has a long way to go but her oakland rally was beyond doubt a good start. ethiopia meanwhile already has a president who is a woman half the government's cabinet members are also women and so is the head of the supreme court but in the countryside where most people live gender equality looks very different boys still get preferential treatment over girls when it comes to education for example so what do these political changes mean for ordinary women is funny for reports from august of up. this campus could be anywhere in the rural but this is the here and something here is strikingly different. in this heat lithium batteries i'm lucky to be here at the university because most girls in ethiopia do not have access to university like this no you need to look at the not
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. dealing and yes well that's because most girls don't even make it to secondary school hard to believe given the fact that if the opium made headlines when they was named the country's first female president and there are more women in politics in the countryside where most ethiopians live there men are still confined to traditional roles the opportunities for women are limited it's all about voluntary saturday in families influenced by culture and tradition here in the village it's still men who dominate the life of women. i see girls coming home from elementary school and asking them about their goals a doctor. said each or engineer the almost all children go to primary school these days only thirty percent of girls make it beyond eighth
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grade the notion that girls do not belong in school preserved in the rural villages and if a family can afford to send a child to school boys usually take precedence. from others believe that although women get an education they will not succeed. most girls drop out of school when they are fifteen like their high she wants to become a doctor but her parents don't have the money to support her she says. you know if you think the status quo should change. and men should come into the kitchen more often than. her reality working in this household for three hundred b. or about ten dollars a month that she sends to her family in a village nearby she hopes to find someone who was sponsoring her education her employer feels more lucky she can afford to high service as a maid over ethiopian coffee she tells us that her husband encouraged her to work
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as a nurse instead of staying at home and raising their child. because he did it just me personally i have a good life but growing up i have seen many women facing obstacles. i have witnessed women raped in school have seen women get kicked out by their husband because they wanted to go to school. and i have seen men lying about having kids and taking girls home marrying them. back in the capital back to a different world women here are successfully asserting themselves in society and raising their voices one of them is how we are a young reporter and host of a show called women in focus. your good afternoon to day's women in focus will take a look at you during your one of such bring movements an hour on. today's focus is a movement that fight for gender equality how it tells us the problem in ethiopia
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is not just with men though most times we talk about issues of women we're talking about the issues they suffer from men but women also we put ourselves down we do not not exactly put ourselves down but we do not realize are put in charge sometimes we go along with the status quo so the things that we do to change that status quo the mindset we have towards our own selves that's very crucial if the o.p.'s capital is single rapid change other prime minister ahmed but there's still a long way to go before noticeable progress is made on improving the lives of ordinary women. to soccer now and in the bundesliga byron munich have been playing catch up to first place dortmund all season long but they've managed to stay within six points of the league leaders thanks to an emphatic when i get at stuttgart. by your munich piled on the pressure from the
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start things they come on separate blocks but the ball eventually landed in front of tiago and he headed the needle up the reigning champ taking the lead of just six minutes thanks to their midfield strategist and the bavarians then continued to impose their will on stuttgart. in fact things were going so well that biron lost their concentration and suddenly it was one thanks to. john i'm too young to go losing his battle with the greek forwards loves to score against you two of his career five one just league goals coming against them. firing kicked off the second time but just as much pressure as the first half to fifty five minutes the ball bounced around until it found sage canady whose effort we took the lead to an own goal i'm still got space junk gets.
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banned in the seventy first minute lay on the right stuff howard in a corner to make it three one his third goal since the winter break still got the most expensive transfer ever done cup but failing to keep him contained. and shortly before the end robert levin dubs he sealed the deal. on the final score but you can continue to keep pace with your men and the title race. disallow doris have been on a high in recent weeks four wins in their last four games including a win against dortmund but on sunday fourth place like say proved to be too tough a test for the newly promoted side. a poorly cleared leipzig corner in the second minute so use opposing breakthrough that disoriented dusseldorf defense a vital one new lead in the scrap for europe. but six kept up beyond soccer which
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center back to bring him a cannot say calmly striding forward and not to his first ever been to see a good goal just seven minutes later posts and was again at the center of things sliding home a pass from cano trying to put light see three mill in a little over a quarter of an hour marcel sub it's a rip job in a quiet second half forcing a solid save at lima poundstone rounding out the scoring for the lead set up for neil in the sixty eighth minute. towson in leipsic to soak up a critical wind whipping up one step closer to a top four finish. ok let's look at all the as they go results from over the weekend starting off with the two matches we just saw like sake handling distilled orphan byron munich beating heart bremen and frankfurt battled to a draw league leaders dortmund cruised past hanover gladbach beat alex ferguson hoffenheim one against freiburg minds edged past nuremberg leverkusen dominated vosburgh and on friday hazard berlin and shock a played to
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a draw and let's look at the bundesliga standings after nineteen matches dortmund maintaining a six point cushion over byron at the top with a much i'm glad third in the bottom half minds have moved up past bremen and are in striking distance of qualifying for europe hand over nuremberg are bringing up the rear. a massive snow falls in the alps have created perfect conditions for just about any type of winter sport and even one sport we normally associate with summer these here are images from the snow bike festival in switzerland a four day event that's the only race sanctioned by cycling's governing body to take place in snow covered around one hundred thirty kilometers of snow covered trails and about four thousand meters of climbing.
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our air minder now of our top story that we're following for you here and venezuela self declared interim president juan why don't has appealed to the country's military to back him as he challenges the leadership of the new class mother to go he's also called on all venezuelans to hold fresh protests against brotherhood all this week. coming up the start of her new news show diffused the rage banner she will bring you these stories china jails another human rights lawyer as part of a sweeping crackdown find out why rights groups are calling the case a mockery of the rule of law. and also in china growing islamophobia we'll have
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a special report on how the country's muslims might muslim minorities deal with daily discrimination. those stories and more coming up and do the news. the odds. of.
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the flame of. giving an odd get ready for something you need help you news asia breaking news stories from across the region stories the troops all join us by the new show the wus a ship the electricity no future and the residence of most economists
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to somehow be limits to one of the region's many fire power plants it makes them sick the strongest the environment but the country continues to invest in fossil fuel put back from germany from absorbed africa's victims of coal pollution. the event in sixty minutes b.t.w. . showing up today don't miss our highlights. program on line d.w. dot com highlights. from people make fun about their own social economic and political problems. in mozambique we say that you have to laugh so you don't write it's how people call me . as a journalist i often talk about these folks and that binds me to less helpful to.
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the actors pack my day by clicking on all those jokes finding out what people are talking about moving them. my father taught me how to ask uncomfortable questions about my country and about books that is what i keep doing to the state my name's not the sofa and i work at g.w. . a little bit but. this is due to other news coming up on the program try not to high profile human rights lawyer trying drugs come for years with no outside contract this trial held behind closed doors we look at beijing's crackdown on activists and families fighting for their release plus the persecution of muslims in china more than a million in detention vilified as radicals and extremists what's behind the
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slammer for spreading across the country.


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