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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2019 5:30pm-5:45pm CET

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three. hundred. gram.
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she. was falsely accused of insulting the prophet but many of. the prophets. of the last for me she's free. for all. knowing all the time that she was innocent but today she's free.
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oh if she were from the most. very so. she's obviously not just leave this country. and. our flight to safety despite the league of freedom at home is more of the case that's true oscar baby into the spotlight and into the crosshairs of religious. she's one of the most talked about women in pakistan. pictured hand shortly after her conviction in twenty ten the christian mother of five was sentenced to death for leisure mock spot islam during a row with fellow farm workers that refused to share their glass of water with a non muslim now free she lives in hiding no longer on death row but still in constant fear for her life. and this is why hard line islamists calling for had to
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be hanged. her acquittal in october last year triggered days of nationwide demonstrations. i who are who are in every corner of the country the sons of islam have voiced opposition to the supreme court verdict by going on to the streets. what kind of a verdict is this from the supreme court of an islamic republic which is troubling muslims but satisfying infidels. and. demonstrations were any cooled off when the government agreed to bobby b. from leaving the country pending today's verdict but this is a case already linked to the killings of at least two people. the governor of punjab province some and his ia seen here on the right has the sustenance of by his bodyguard in twenty eleven speaking in b.p.'s defense. later the same year federal
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minister for minorities shahbaz bhatti was killed to calling for her release today is that it's likely to do little to appease those who settle for nothing less than having a death sentence reinstated. as joining us now from the horror is you know john here a human rights activist and a supreme court lawyer is about a good to see you first up what is your reaction to the verdict is it a victory for the rule of law or has hardline islam won. now i think obviously it isn't it people of the local and i think at this. expect. the you know what they're exactly. right a supreme court and. this is really what i think was not more like flarm one appraisal of any point that the prosecution wanted to bring out the appellate
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getting under the supreme court was fairly clear with regard to the lack of evidence and the flaws in the misreading of evidence but the court you know. i don't think that and it really is so tragic that even you have been is not so if it is indeed a victory for the rule of law then why are the congress persons on b.b. have an artist on for her safety. well actually you know this is nothing to do with the law not law issues which is really the a lot of them that's unfortunately prevailing going further south in several decades where an actress is known and extremism has been given a long sleeves and impunity it. fiction glance but i think the mistake that religious groups in the new internet in african minds sometimes. is
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very marginalized communities and people who are more vulnerable in this country so i think it's crazy. the environment abstract that has become extremely dangerous war central kind of the call for the freedom of expression he asked for or so why didn't they not also integration and. also off of anything to do with it which is really just the fact that you you know you talked about internet to you know do you think that this internet here has been helped along by successive governments that are perhaps not counted hardline islam the wing one would have expected them to perhaps. yes absolutely i think that it is very evident prong of the lack of serious attention that has been made by our own state and to the governor who have alarmed
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impunity deeply the border most you know kind of crime and committed by religious groups act individuals in the needle clearly jim especially with the illusion to. this long lasting music here it is very controversial in fact sung and used it does not stand to any standards of justice and fairness so i do believe that yes. the government says the state machine has been responsible. has it on a human rights activists and a supreme court lawyer joining us from the hall thank you very much for speaking to us and we've got the full coverage on the story from our correspondent in islamabad that's on our web page dot com forward slash. turning now to a job that requires veins of ice this tranquil landscape in tibet hides danger as a chinese delivery man has been negotiating for more than thirty yards i see
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towards such as these where the slightest slip could mean death these roads are part of a high or to do delivery route connecting last time to bet and trying to in sichuan province the network of mountain roads arise as high as five thousand meters snow wind and ice may force the party driving and those on the only risks it's one of the most dangerous delivery routes in the world on the mountain hypes between tibet and inland china and someone's got to do it that someone is dorothy jim and it's a job that scared off most other drivers especially in winter slip a few inches and it's over the cliff. from october to may the whole mountain is covered by arson. a little carelessness could cause great damage to the truck and for me even death. winter driving can also mean deliberate.
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george i got the job because he can drive and repair vehicles but the most serious damage to his truck wasn't from an accident he was robbed and beat up by gangsters . but once recovered he volunteered to get back on the road again. it's only when i'm driving that i feel alive and happy. like a scene on a stage followed. his wife sarah in josie worries about the risks of the road she makes sure he takes her prayers with him. what it is about this is my greatest fear is that he may be in an accident as the road to the question mountain is so dangerous that since it is every morning when he sets out i will pray before the god to us for his safety your. duty calls and dorothy is back on the road the thrills and dangers just part of
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a day's work. to indonesia now where conservation groups are fighting to save the orangutan from extinction rampant land. production has but this great a on the critically endangered list in borneo rehabilitation centers have been set up to care for baby orangutans whose mothers have been killed by poachers off. they've been schooled to return to their dwindling natural habitat. it's time for class room and turned twenty years biggest often each flooring attains. these two to four year olds have all lost their mothers to hunting and land clearing with no one else to teach them the rehabilitation center is trying to equip the young apes to survive in the wild. each day is spent learning new skills. but the care is a big part of the job is simply providing love and affection. and
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. at this age happy to play and be close to us quite often they want to be hugged and held up a times them all quiet. that isn't all you so we have to know them nude every day. you often start in baby school and then move through different levels of forest school. there they learn how to build nests recognize predators and find food. the whole process can take up to seven years. hundreds of graduates have been returned to the forest for the surrogate parents though the parting comes with mixed emotions. that it was an extraordinary feeling we're sad that we won't see them again but it's ok because our goal here is to care for them and to teach them to live
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independently and finally returned to the natural habitat but that's when the real life is here. but that habitat is currently being disseminated at an alarming rate back to the grounds of mike white for pommel plantations. if it continues unabated young numbering and things like these mice are not even have a hard time to go back to. that's it for now you can find more by and i did what slash and don't forget to check out news on facebook as. we leave it over the top story pakistan's supreme court upholding its acquittal of also b.b. spent each year as on death row for blasphemy but you have to leave pakistan if you want to be safe and see you next time.
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subscribe to a documentary. will it ever end corruption remains a big problem across the african continent corruption group transparency international. african countries again find themselves. close to the. climate change. foreign investors triple the money their poured into start ups cross the continent last year. this is business africa. a global crisis of democracy due to a collective failure to control corruption that's the damning conclusion of the
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latest corruption perceptions index from transparency international corruption the watchdog annually ranks countries according to how international business executives evaluate corruption in the country in question this ranking goes by the perception of corruption not by documented evidence of it for africa there were few improvements this year sub-saharan africa is the lowest scoring region on the. last place for the seventh year in a row followed by south sudan despite african leaders declaring twenty eighteen the african year of corruption top performers in the region includes the shells followed by botswana and cape verde both countries scores were raised by having functioning democratic governance systems both ivory coast and senegal improve significantly.


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