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or. order. i'm secure in that volume or not hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were liars and the what's your story. i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence in terms of take part and send us your
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story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. you are not a very little or nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. will it ever end if corruption remains a big problem across the african continent and corruption group transparency international partners that are all draft report african countries again find themselves on all fronts and areas that close to the boss of. climate change but african startups why foreign investors tripled the money there poured into startups cross the continent last year. this is business africa.
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d.w.i.m. gallup has welcomed a global crisis of democracy due to a collective failure to control corruption that's the damning conclusion of the latest corruption perceptions index from transparency international the anti-corruption watchdog annually ranks countries according to how international business executives evaluate corruption in the country in question not that this ranking goes by the perception of corruption not by documented evidence of it for africa there were few improvements this year sub-saharan africa is the lowest scoring region on the index again somalia came in last place for the seventh year in a row followed by south sudan as despite african leaders declaring twenty eight in the african year of anti corruption but top performers in the region includes the shells followed by botswana and cape verde both countries scores were raised for having functioning democratic and governance systems both ivory coast and senegal improved significantly for the second year in a row mainly due to legal and policy reforms as well as a stranger
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a stronger rather political will against corruption in the two countries now already of zero is the worst in terms of perceived corruption and a record of one hundred is awarded that to the most transparent countries according to their own citizens keep that in mind as you watch this report. despite its dreary weather denmark regularly features in the top five on the world happiness index and maybe that's partly because the danes feel they can trust their public officials in recent years denmark and new zealand have consistently top transparency international's list and twenty eighteen was no different denmark once again landed the top spot on the corruption perceptions index scoring eighty eight points one and head of new zealand in second place on eighty seven finland singapore sweden and switzerland all tied for third norway the netherlands canada luxembourg germany and britain make up the rest of the top ten at the other end of
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the scale reclusive north korea and war torn yemen tied at a lowly fourteen points were trailed by a war zone south sudan and syria both thirteen and conflict ravaged somalia bringing up last place with just ten points. more than two thirds of countries score below fifty the global average was just forty three in recent years only twenty countries have significantly improved their scores including a stone and ivory coast sixteen have significantly worsened including australia chile and malta. now let's get to the bottom of this with samuel can enter his transparency international's original vase a full west africa. transparency has been doing these reports for many many years and for a journalist reporting on this it feels like never nothing ever changes. just the feeling these rights based on results for the past few years mark one would near
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and started to say there still is you country moving are the labor it's not enough what they're doing the mentions of d'ivoire have come up but even core divorce for example that is reason if you points in terms of if you can it's not significant and it's still below fifty which is that the need to be able to the threshold for one to say that corruption is not really in and then we can sustain the. country so the hope the majority of countries in the region which is africa are still facing quite on the on the index it is kind of feeds the general. thought about africa whatever you want to wherever you want to put your money is going to disappear the dark places the whole place is corrupt. i'm playing the advocate of the devil here do we need to accept that corruption is that and is
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that his day i will never go away no we can never settle for that because it would in exactly mean that we've given our lives away on the continent so because we still believe in development on the african continent what we would say is people still needs to stand up against corruption by leaders citizens as citizens but everyone our approaches will be always been to say it's not for political or government leaders only to act against corruption it's every single person in every country that firstly should stand against it but also be prepared to wait all the way and not pay bribes just to get to it means but i think it's with the collective efforts of old stakeholders private sector are big stick to that that changed income and the fact that last year was declared african anti-corruption year by the african leaders themselves so that made a difference. or a difference but it's
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a step in the right direction so what citizens on the ground are waiting to see is change which will translate into better access to services. you need to use for work and interpret your ship and all those in there we are still far from that kind of result are you still with hoping that things will change and keep on watching developments there thank you very much salman khan into trance president or national regional vice of west africa thanks for calm. whether in kenya uganda all senegal with absent platforms the followers of startups are looking for gaps in existing services where the state fails more and more freshly founded companies are helping out young africans are increasingly taking death into their own hands and so the financing for african startups as almost quadrupled in the past year. startup centers like this one in kenya's capital nairobi are attracting more and
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more young africans with ideas they develop products perhaps and services here solutions are implemented for everyday life especially in the areas of finance and energy supply but also in agriculture and the health sector. kenya is particularly popular with investors. many foreigners set up companies here and bring money for startups. last year investment in startups in africa increased enormously compared to the previous year they've almost quadrupled to seven hundred fifty million dollars. the hotspots of the scene are kenya south africa and nigeria but also other african countries are catching up most startups are creating apps almost everyone in africa now owns a smartphone. and even if many things don't work mobile traffic data flows well especially in the cities. let's look at the startup culture in africa within
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the studio now as moses is with a company that promotes african startups here in europe and the c.t.o. of green tech capital moses early in the show we talked about corruption in africa and how it remains a problem in many of those countries doesn't that still keep the average western investor away. oh say no to an extent that there is a whole dynamic sifts if you look at what we call the it's about. ecology innovation and policies so right now what we've seen is that despite the fact that there is corruption i think that actually changing it's the instrument is the. innovation that is coming up and that is actually getting the upper type of investors to come in and that's why we can see that there's been a huge rise in investment what's the business climate like for starters across africa and it's not the same everywhere is it no so i mean if you look at countries
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like nigeria south africa egypt kenya they have been utterly going way. in terms of father policies that they have made and that has actually made it very easy for them to actually compete in the global sector but if you look at other countries they are still locking behind because the police are still not there and that is actually making it very difficult for some often countries to achieve the cuts but at least there is a good example with other countries like rwanda and uganda and let's say uganda also kind of showing traction other moving if you say policies we just heard moses talk about corruption that it's not a big problem yes storage is a big problem but again it's because there's no instrument or there are no tools that would actually curb these corruption because if there are like simple tools that will let you be able to register without going through middlemen it will cut down corruption and i think that's also one of the things that if you look at african startups they are actually building businesses that actually directly
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affect the needs of the people so what they are doing is digitalize and these kind of forces that will cut down corruption and i think that like i had to say is corruption here to stay no corruption is actually being everytime eradicated from office for good causes aqua thank you very much for joining in the street thank you so much. in nigeria the first part of the biggest free trade zone in west africa opened today only fifty kilometers from lagos the lucky phrase own has its own deep draw draft port a sizable airport three university and universities and some schools are said to follow the areas to service the whole of the west african market with its three hundred million consumers use more. this is west africa's biggest construction site the leckie free zone there's not much to see yet but when it's finished it's supposed to be as big as washington d.c. countless production facilities storage buildings
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a fertilizer factory and of the biggest oil refinery in africa that means nigeria would be able to export oil products like gas diesel and synthetic materials instead of just roll crude as it does now the freezone is divided into quadrants one city has just been inaugurated it's reserved for the residences for the one million or so people set to live and work here in the future. it's just. it's. just. the free zone is a joint project sixty percent belongs to chinese investors the nigerian government holds the rest the lucky free zone has managed to win one hundred sixteen major finance years most of them from china but national investment is flowing to. where
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the fast developing area has developed been rapidly so that is where your is and where. this is. with nearly a fourth of the population unemployed much hope is riding on the leckie free zone project. and that's it for me and the biz africa team here. for. the w. news that's. next. and fortune.
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pretty full something new on d w t w news often bringing you stories of course the major stories that shape our world. news news africa. needs to close battles it out from sun up go to school fun. and hit the back of the net four times to bring down the costs. of
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a new coach peter fox his first went through those three points of slipping up from even. sixty. six. today don't miss our highlights. program morning w. dark card. this is deja vu news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes as they assume a nelson richie co. boxing champions from god it will take you to the guy named tom that's a branding groundswell africa's fighting champions and he meets the next generation hoping to make it big. and german president frank felt a shot by a visit to p.o.p.o. with the promise of.


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