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this is the w.'s live from britain's prime minister says she will ask the e.u. to reopen the deal as part of the past of the talks how to leave the european union theresa may and says she will secure significant legally binding changes. its standing for. the program as venezuela's crisis grows its chief prosecutor moves to the self declared interim president why go for the leave the country absolute supreme court to freeze his assets. pakistan's supreme court upholds its decision
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to overturn a christian woman strasse from ethan's fiction and death sentence asif bibi cannot leave pakistan where she still faces threats against her life. and its facebook versus fake news the social media giant unveils new tools to fight interference in the elections but critics say that if mama says it's only news to independent monitors. i'm phil go welcome to the program britain's parliament is due to start voting on bracks it at this hour two weeks ago lawmakers rejected the deal struck between the prime minister theresa may and the european union this is they'll be voting on the changes they want mrs may to seek from brussels if she is addressing the house of commons. for unless we have to end up with no bricks or tool the only way to avoid
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no deal is to agree a deal that's why i want to go back to brussels with the clearest possible mandate to security of this house to secure the deal that this house can support that means sending the clearest possible message not about what this house doesn't. mean. that means sending the clearest possible message not about what this house doesn't want but what we do want. so what do they want well joining me now in the studio is our analyst alex forrest whiting and what you can see in that little box right next to my head is the speaker of the house of commons john the herco about is the situation that is the scene live and they house of commons the lower house of parliament in the u.k. for. the moment alex welcome walk us through what's going to happen tonight so
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just to remind that these this is a chance for m.p.'s to try to put forward some changes to to reason may's bracks deal that they overwhelmingly rejected a couple of weeks ago in the house of commons so there were various m.p.c. came out with amendments to you had a deal seven have been chosen by the speaker and we're just seeing now that i think that's possibly the first one now that m.p.'s are getting the chance to vote on a labor amendment but they range from various things including taking a no deal breck's it off the day table in the extending fifty so delaying breck's it to actually trying to change the agreement altogether encouraging theresa may to do that so there are seven as i say and two in particular that possibly possibly could get enough support in the house of commons tonight this is a situation where the prime minister was desperate to avoid. wanted to control the
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process the house of commons has taken back control to use the phrase what is the prime minister hoping for this evening so there is one amendment in particular that reason may and the government are supporting so they're encouraging all the conservative m.p.'s to support it and it is by senior conservative m.p. called graham brady and it is looking at how to avoid a hard border in islands or between northern ireland which stays as part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which remains with the e.u. and has been the big problem just to just to turn to what's going on on the screen out there would so the book. looks like m.p.'s are coming back so this is they go off they have to physically leave the chamber to go and vote it's very old fashioned in the house of commons and they have to walk through a lot be saying either yes or no i only know and that is what they're doing the doors are locked so people can't come in and go out and then once they've voted
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they come back into the chamber and they wait for the speaker for he has his officials who will come and say what the result has been absolutely the load has happened yes and so we were likely to see this possibly seven or eight times tonight although i'm not convinced all the amendments will actually be voted on but the one that i'm talking about will be the last a member of the grand brady amendment and that is the one that theresa may a wants her m.p.'s to support because she is hoping that she can get those people on the right of her party those who are pro breck's it to come on board to support a deal if the european union will look at changing the so-called stop how to prevent it's hard border between northern ireland and republic of ireland and this amendment is looking at an alternative arrangement to the backstop very vague but at the moment it looks like her m.p.'s and including those ten. northern irish
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a unionist m.p.'s who prop up the government it looks like that they are going to back this amendment tonight so she's hoping if she gets that she then can say to to brussels look this is what has to change now can we renegotiate again and that's what she's hoping for and she's hoping that one other amendments by a labor m.p. will not happen that is looking at taking a no deal completely off the table and delaying bracks it and there is a possibility that if that gets the votes the government would have to give the m.p. he's put forward time and it could change the course of bricks it if she does not want that to be supported it's forced or watching for now. just look at some of those m.p.'s are back in the chamber of course as we got the votes on the decisions will bring them to you here on t w let's move on b.w. has travelled to hum work in northern germany which has a significant british community many brits living there are increasingly nervous
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about what brett's it will mean so that. no other city in germany post quite as much british as the northern port city of hamburg with four thousand brits now living in the huns airsick town you'll never be too far away from british products fish and chips a full english breakfast or just a good cup or. even beatles plas to commemorate the fab four's early years in the port city. now with just two months to go until bricks it how has become the latest german state to announce plans for its own breck's it bill the legislation would guarantee brits eleven in hamburg the same rights as other e.u. citizens until the end of twenty twenty on one condition that the u.k. leaves the e.u. with a brics it deal. heartbreaks it would mean a shorter transition period of just three months and more complications for the brits abroad among them is pub landlord give ok i'm following in the footsteps of
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the beatles the liverpudlian first arrived in hamburg in one thousand nine hundred sixty three after putting it off for months he's about to apply for german citizenship i thought it wasn't going to happen i actually really thought it's always like highly paid what you want to show you are politicians it's all people who can get a real job. that that's what i. that's what i thought get those english pub has been calling in the punters for the past sixteen years but a disorderly breck's it could result in his supplier leaving him without the pints to paul they're going to stockpile it and then see what happens otherwise i'll have to strange my strategy i haven't got a clue really haven't got a clue they as one of the word. major. i've got a clue either but gave no isn't alone in his concerns the support group british in germany part of the british in europe organization actively campaigns for the
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rights of u.k. citizens in germany at least selwood is keeping brits in hamburg in the know both on social media and information evenings the biggest concerns right now are whether they're going to you know. quite a area to get their permanent residence and there are a number of people that really what they're going to force through the cracks of various reasons number of people have severe mental how to have been relying on state help and are a little bit worried more than just a bit but they're going to be left behind and not going to be given that status that they need to stay here with the u.k. government still divided on the draft deal many brits have been left with more questions than answers i just think it's making a fool of us. they're making a complete fool of those shelves on. those lot who happened to be pretty that's my opinion for now until bricks it becomes clearer there's still always time
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for a pint cheers. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a group calling itself the ira has claimed responsibility for the recent car bombing in the northern irish city of london derry no one was injured in the blast earlier this month in the city that's also known as derry the ira was the principal nationalist paramilitary group during decades of violence in northern ireland. ukraine's president petro poroshenko has launched his campaign for reelection in march is vote he said he would push for his country to join the e.u. and nato opinion polls caught him behind the former prime minister yulia timoshenko who has promised to regain control of private. mail because parliament has approved steps that could lead to changes to the country's constitution and these would lessen the power of the armed forces military lawmakers boycotted the vote. five people have been arrested in connection with last week's dam collapse in brazil
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including two engineers in germany safety inspection company that said the damage was say that the death toll has risen to sixty five with hundreds more missing. venezuela's attorney general has asked the supreme court to launch an investigation into the opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president. wants to hear from leaving the country and freezes assets the move comes after the united states announced earlier today that it had hundred controlled venezuela's u.s. bank accounts to mr glider. and to get more on this from the w correspondent in caracas or welcome oscar so what's the purpose of these moves against one quarter. well this is a clear power struggle at play right now in venezuela while michael has said he is aware he could be put in jail like other opposition congressman that remain political prisoners of need for a small group if the supreme court wants to play by the rules that would have to
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strip one way though of parliamentary immunity he is still the president of the national assembly so what this represents is a show of force some may argue it is an equivalent reaction to the sanctions u.s. made against most of my buddhist government officials however many people here are still wondering why the attorney general stopped short of ordering his imprisonment so what effect will these latest measures have when the effect is the media the less on government led by my the world has control over the banking system to freeze quite goes assets and they can prohibit him from leaving the country as well the consequences are unexpected but the u.s. says that they will act with equivalent force to any action against any member of congress or one way don't want the u.s. recognizes as the president in charge so there could be consequences that affect not only one way though and the government here in venezuela but just venezuelans
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in general and how has he responded to these latest developments. before the announcement was made what was made whether sent a message to the supreme court leading to them not to sacrifice themselves for nicole last month or so there is a power struggle for institutions in venezuela and that's an issue that we've been seeing for years the supreme court supports me go last minute or so they could very easily strip away the all of his parliamentary immunity this is part of the national assembly to elect a new supreme court that has been forced into exile through persecution by nicolas mahut are however meanwhile this is happening in the supreme court one way though has named his new officials that will represent venezuela internationally and that is an important step that the national assembly is making in order to regain their diplomatic power over venezuela office lanka in caracas thank you so much
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the u.s. justice department has charged chinese telecoms john twa white with violating sanctions against iran and with industrial espionage the charges are linked to the arrest in canada if a company's chief financial officer then one should and comes at a time of heightened tensions between washington and beijing because of this a simmering trade conflict. the announcement was a long time coming if you believe the rumor mill the u.s. has officially cuse chinese telecom giant huawei of a bevy of crimes a grand jury in new york has returned an indictment alleging thirteen additional crimes committed by walk away it's c.f.o. it's affiliate in iran and one of its subsidiaries here in the united states the criminal activity alleged in this indictment goes back at least ten years and goes all the way to the top of the company the u.s. justice department accuses well these top brass of using a hong kong based shell company to funnel telecommunications equipment to iran in
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violation of international sanctions investigators also accuse wall ways engineers of stealing trade secrets from cell phone provider t. mobile including robotics plans using t. mobile cell phone testing. the u.s. is also seeking the extradition of hallway see a full main one for her role in the alleged sanction violations she was arrested in canada late last year in connection with the u.s. investigation. huawei has long been suspected of having close ties to the chinese government a cause for concern for some international observers. however both the company and the chinese government denied the accusations. just as the foreign ministry said that with no evidence and they're using their state power to discredit and attack designated companies this sort of behavior is unfair and immoral well the. woman the charges are likely to throw
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a fresh banner in the works washington and beijing are set to reopen talks over their simmering trade conflict later this week. pakistan's supreme court has rejected a challenge to its acquittal of a christian woman charged with blasphemy the decision means us here baby will remain a free woman that has been in hiding since october when the court overturned her death sentence and declared her not guilty a decision that sparked widespread outrage today's ruling clears the way for her to leave pakistan but it's not clear when and where she'll go. she's one of the most talked about women in pakistan. pictured here shortly after her conviction in twenty ten the christian mother of five was sentenced to death for leisure islam during a row with fellow farm workers that refused to share their glass of water with a known muslim now free she lives in hiding no longer on death row but still in constant fear for her life. and this is why hard line islamists calling for had to
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be hanged. her acquittal in october last year triggered days of nationwide demonstrations. who are who in every corner of the country the sons of islam have voiced opposition to the supreme court verdict by going on to the streets. what kind of a verdict is this from the supreme court of an islamic republic which is troubling muslims but satisfying infidels. demonstrations were any cooled off when the government agreed to bobby v. from leaving the country pending today's verdict but this is a case already linked to the killings of at least two people. the governor of punjab province summoned his ia seen here on the run to the sustenance of by his bodyguard in twenty eleven speaking in b.p.'s defense later the same year federal
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minister for minorities shahbaz bhatti was killed off to cooling the relief. today's verdict likely to do little to appease those who settle for nothing less than having a death sentence reinstated. social media john facebook has revealed a new plan to fight fake news and political interference in elections on its plot full of this comes just months before your parliament elections they've been under pressure to tighten rules around the advertisement since russia was linked to campaigns to sway voters in the twenty's sixteen u.s. election campaign did have a vote of top of this contest will welcome nice suit i told you so the changes well starting in late march there's going to be a paid for disclaimers so that will appear on advertisements for the european elections which are coming up in may now as you can see here what will happen is once you click on that this is actually asked for the nigerian elections which are
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taking place next month where you'll once you click on this thing on the on the european election advertisement it'll bring it to something like this and on here you'll be able to see who paid for the advertisement how much was paid who view the ad according to age gender and location and what you're seeing on your screen has actually been around since last year but it was a lot more difficult to actually access this information so what facebook want to do is make it a lot easier for the users will say of facebook to access all this information coming up to european parliament elections the idea is that they want to make political advertisement more transparent they want a rapid response to elections and also misinformation. well they're going to do this well they're going to set up two monitoring centers one will be in dublin where facebook has their european headquarters and another one in singapore and what'll happen is that from there they'll have teams and quote and they will add
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a layer of defense against fake news hate speech and voter suppression so the idea is the facebook will also change its ad policies and only allow political ads to be purchased by authorized groups from within the country so for example here in germany only a group that is approved by facebook who are actually with in germany will be allowed to post any sort of material on facebook about related to the european union elections so what sort of reaction. you could probably imagine there's been quite a lot of criticism in fact first and foremost from brussels they said there was insufficient and in fact the e.u. commission for justice varistor rova said in a tweet that well she actually welcomed these changes from facebook they're rolling out these new two tools she expected less rhetoric or apologies and more concrete actions as we see here in the tweet now the question is who monitors facebook and alice stole meyer who is a quite
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a fierce critic of facebook and how. titans are monitors said in a crucial year were world wide elections you go for less instead of more political transparency now what is he referring to in fact what's happening now is with these changes facebook has actually restricted the ability of external political transparency campaigners to monitor what is actually on facebook so in many respects what's happening is they're taking back we'll say control of who advertises how they advertise and taking it away from groups like who targets me or pro publica ok so for the top of this thank you. it's like a look at some sport will start with football qatar have reached the final of a asian cup after a dominant four nil victory of the hosts the united arab emirates a founding to task capital doha watched all a big screen asked to secure its place in the final for the first time they face
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a four time winner as japan in friday's game success would be a boost for the gulf nation as it prepares to host the twenty twenty two world cup . the world's top goal for britain's justin rose is preparing for his first appearance at the saudi international tournament which is part of the you are in a golf tour the big money event in saudi arabia will include their world the gulf the world's top three golfers but the european tour has come under scrutiny for shuttling the event a toll in the eyes of the murder of germans jamal khashoggi justin rose is focusing solely on the sport. and szell politics i'm not trying to promote for you his other reasons to go players. if you could field as you know the world ranking points to play for one account if you could go and it would be you know it would be an experience to experience in arabia. oh it's been two months since a major crash that's almost ended the life of an up and coming german motor racing driver eighteen year old saffir flourish crashed during
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a formula three race in macau and suffered fractures two hundred now she's on the mend and she's determined to get back on the track as soon as she can the w.c. sunlight caught up with her in a hometown of munich. life goes on for sophia flourish the images of the crash that changed her life follow her wherever she goes but reliving that moment has helped her move on. i watched so many times it's so kaino and also i think talking about it helps us to watch because because the crash was just told well looks horrible if you crash of course you're angry and you're upset then you you wait for the wall to come it's quite strange but it happened so fast moving its height before it saw the video i didn't know that i was flying for me it didn't feel that bad and then the pain started kicking in doctors managed to repair two broken bones and flesh his neck without damaging her spinal cord the
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operation lasted eleven hours the treatment was so successful that just a month after the accident she was already in physio therapy and never skied should not be able to continue when i started doing some training and i really had to start from the beginning so this is kind of depressing at some stage but i think i managed to quite get it and i'm back kind of think where i was before four five weeks later i can be back in the car so i've never been not trying for such a long time so i'm relieved i'm here to have you back. is back in a driver's seat of sorts having recently turned eighteen and passed her driving test but for a born racer it's just not the same as being out on the track. driving the highway was so it's boring compared she wanted you to race cars so here i'm just driving as every other person a small there no rival says he wants you to use boards you just go you have your
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mind just shuts down and you try to be there when of course i know the risks but i also already knew the risks before the crash so it didn't really change i grew up with the sports. i was four years old always. even in a go cart flourish was always faster than the boy for success helped her to move up the rankings very quickly all the way to formula three one of her toughest opponents over the past few years mc the son of michael schumacher. i know makes since a long time but always like fighting with each other we were fighting for many years if i have the same bus system i would. tear accident has brought her a lot of attention recently more than most drivers but she'd much rather people focused on her driving skills even at her favorite restaurant the spotlight is always on her health. i never really wanted attention because of
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a crush i want to live because of success so everyone is now like whoa whoa whoa you all you know you but i think once i step into the car and then perform well there i hope that everyone will see me again as the goal racing and to go racing fost and beating other drivers and not the gold with the crush sophia flourishes ready to put her crash in the past she's setting her sights on the formula three european championships in may. a speedy recovery just time to remind you of our top story this hour your table makers of those who are strangers to terrorism is planning to take the country out of the. rejected original plan two weeks ago so there's a date the prime minister told us she will secure a significant. change to deal. with.
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today don't forget you can get over latest news and information around the clock on our website that's. up next to kick off brings you the highlights of the week.
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take on her moves to the top clubs battled it out from a flood of gold friends from school five women about by him hit the back of the neck four times to bring down the gossip. because again coach peter flushes fuss when she goes three points things looking up the neighborhood. because.
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it's just. a. crime against humanity. civilians become an absence of god. they're recorded images travel around the globe just social media. fictional what is fact. digital investigators combing through the flood of images and they combine sources trying to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes spanx to this video recording but i have a soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between bits and bytes. i have the. same thing again.
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the evidence. is iffy chance because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts a venue where we just team on t.w. . don't fret nothing set in stone yet but it feels as if second place biron will never catch up with table toppers dortmund how does that feel. committed.


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