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and your family from diseases and all by plying the five keys to sea for food use them and you also have a role to play here. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight breaks it means which brags that british lawmakers are voting on competing plans for leaving the european union prime minister theresa may is looking for a mandate to reopen writes it talks with the e.u. but brussels has already said no and his standing firm also coming out as with its
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whale is in crisis spirals the chief prosecutor moves to ban the self declared interim president one why though from leaving the country and asked the supreme court to freeze his assets and pakistan's supreme court upholds its decision to overturn a christian a woman's blasphemy conviction and death sentence as the a b. that can now leave pakistan where she still faces threats against her life. i'm burnt off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and around the world welcome in exactly two months britain is scheduled to begin its exit from the european union but tonight while makers are still debating what breaks it is supposed to mean parliament is voting this hour on the minutemen's which could call for a reopening of talks with the e.u.
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just two weeks ago lawmakers rejected the deal struck between the prime minister to resign may and the european union here is what the prime minister had to say. in parliament just a few moments ago for leslie to end up with no bricks or tool the only way to avoid no deal is to agree a deal that's why i want to go back to brussels with the clearest possible mandate to secure a deal to secure a deal that this house can support that means sending the clearest possible message not about what this house jonson's. that means. that means sending the clearest possible message not about what this house doesn't want but what we do want. all right that was theresa may there speaking in the commons just a few moments ago hard to talk about what's happening right now in parliament here at the big table with me is our brightside expert alex forrest winding we've seen her many times here at the big table and in london is our own barbara vale she is
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standing by the houses of parliament good evening to you barbara i want to start with you i mean we've just heard that one of the key votes this evening which is known as the cooper amendment has failed to pass what does that mean. it means that this day is going rob the two trees of my looks like it at this point in time because the first three amendments failed failed and those were the ones brought by the a position not the coop amendment you mentioned was one that would have tied the hands of government that prevented no deal and then it would have been a sort of paragraph by a prominent in order to sort of hedge and trees in may and make certain things impossible for her now that has been voted down so it means that problem is not going to take control that means that treason may and her conservative party is going to keep calling throw off breaks it but it does not mean that the evening is
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going to end was some sort of clear result but it is still things are going home and the question why are we seeing this debate going on in these amendments. why why are we seeing that tonight and i'm going to ask you about the brady member in just a moment but one has to see that happening to happen two years ago yes it should have but if you remember we were sitting here together when two as mayor was defeated by two hundred thirty votes in palm and in the house of commons over a deal that deal that she thrashed out with the e.u. so it was a resoundingly no from harlem and because of m.p.'s wanting to take back some control she was forced to come back to the house of commons last week give her plan b. which as we discussed was more like a plan a and this is now has been the challenge of m.p.'s to put forward some alternatives but as barbara has just said it is going at the moment to raise may's
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way it is not going parliament's way will for those people who did not want this to happen who want to take for example a no deal off the table it is not going back away so there is huge disappointment particularly with that amendment because it does feel like actually it was labor and pay. he's been so effective is a labor m.p. it looks like it was labor m.p.'s who squashed that for her so at the moment it's looking much better for two reason may a couple of amendments at the moment but they wouldn't actually force the government to do anything this is the last one that we'll talk about is the brady integrates the brady amendment graham brady is the chair of the nineteen twenty two committee again we've talked about before that is a conservative group of very powerful within the conservative party this was his way of saying to theresa may look we know there is an issue with the backstop the irish backstop this is the e.u. way in the u.k.
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way of trying to avoid avoid a hard border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland northern ireland as part of the u.k. the republic of ireland will remain with you and they did not want there to be a return to the hard border between the two however what they have proposed in this withdrawal agreement in the brics it deal is not light by many on the right of two is the most party the brics it is and also those ten important unionist and pieces northern irish m.p.'s who support her government and this has been a big problem for her so this amendment is a way of trying to get around that saying get rid of the backstop we'll have quote alternative arrangements and it looks like at the moment she has got on board the d u p and those bricks the tears and she may well get that may well be the amendment that goes through if the brady amendment passes to recently she believes that she's going to have a mandate to go back to brussels and to reopen negotiations now the french
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president emmanuel mccollum he has already chimed in he has said there will be no new talks to take a listen. come to say you opened this you know what i mean council has stated clearly that the withdrawal agreement negotiated between the u.k. and the you is the best deal possible it's not open to renegotiation. yet. so barbara i mean mccrone could not be clearer there will be no real negotiations so why does the reason may think that she can persuade the european union to change as mine and to reopen what could be you know a can of worms. maybe she doesn't reason even really believe it i mean we can sort of look inside her head but the whole thing seems so much like a piece of theater that you wonder what first strategy is of course she is buying time and she's not buying time was brussels and asking for but she's buying time
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with her own party she is making another attempt to sort of unify the party and get get them behind her and somehow figure out a way to get this breaks a deal it crossed for us to go foes and that's really what she's trying to do it's very unclear it's sort of like a like a fuzzy sort of idea you think is unicorns dancing on the tip of the needle you know is if what she's asking really. from parliamentarians is if i can magically remove the banks off the island deal would you then maybe sort of votes for my deal and it seems she might get a majority for that this year this evening however where is the magic going to come from even in london here there is a an answer already that has been pretty formulated from the european institutions circulating on the internet that says we will not reopen the backstop full stop
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explanation mark so what is this about it for it is just political theater and why and barbara let me just let our viewers know if they're joining us right now we're looking at live pictures from inside the lower house of parliament in london right now and the wall makers are voting on these amendments trying to assert some type of a forty over this break the withdrawal deal let me ask you barbara are we closer to the u.k. asking the european union for a delay. that might get in because even i mean we are today fifty nine days before breakfast it and you really wonder at the lack of urgency you feel here in london when you sort of walk around to talk to people nobody really seems to be very aware of that it's not frightening it's not threatening so they still sort of playing political games with each other
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in parliament and do what reason may in the end once of course she will look at go back to russia she will say i need the specs of two written to be removed in brussels will say and so in two weeks' time she will get come back to palm and she will again present sort of the the deal the divorce agreement and then might be the point where she should could sort of shift positions a bit and say all right we can't do this in time we need to ask for a leg ation and we have to sort of figure out a way out of this impasse but it is a really long and winding road and you know we're just a monitoring the currency markets right now barbara and the british pound is tumbling as a result of the debate that's going on in parliament right now we also understand that the head of u.s. . intelligence dan coats saying today that a no deal breck's it would severely weakened the u.k. and the european union so this is getting the attention of the united states alex
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are we going to see closure or some resolution when tonight is over i mean is is the end going to be tonight that theresa may goes back to brussels and says. you know let's talk about where she says she's already said today in parliament the fact is what she wants to do and she needs this mandate so this particular amendment over the backstop she needs that mandate to say to brussels look i now have a majority of what parliament wants you now have to reopen the withdrawal agreement you have to open up that deal and we need to change things but as we have very clearly heard from from brussels from the e.u. that is not going to happen so actually i'm not really sure what more we are going to know tonight this is a vote it sounds like that's coming between now and. again so again this was this was a labor m.p. rachel reeves she was calling again for an extension to article fifty so a delay to break that and again that has fallen so at the moment it is completely
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going to resume a writer looks like she's going by going out to brought what difference will it will it make it is a good question she comes back to parliament on the thirteenth and fourteenth of february it just seems like everything is being put back to back in the games most of the targets are running out. of force one and you're the big table and our very own at barbara very well in london to both of you thank you very much. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world two people were killed when a car packed with explosives blew up in the somali capital mogadishu the explosion happened at a petrol station near the petroleum ministry authorities say the explosive surely before the vehicle had reached its intended target ukraine's president petro poroshenko has launched his campaign for reelection in march is vote for she said that he would push for ukraine to join both the european union and nato if he were
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reelected opinion polls put him behind former prime minister yulia timoshenko who has promised to regain control of crimea if she wins. me in mars' parliament has approved steps that could lead to changes to the country's constitution and these would lessen the power of the armed forces military law makers and boycotted the vote in the high profile zimbabwean activism pastor evan. has been granted bail by the country's high court now he was arrested earlier this month on charges of subverting the government and inciting violence after voicing his support in social media for a national strike that had been called by trade you see. well tonight venezuela's attorney general has asked the supreme court to watch an investigation into the opposition leader and self-proclaimed president one go i go
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. but wants to ban him from leaving the country and wants to freeze his assets the move comes after the united states announced earlier today that it had handed control of its whalers u.s. bank accounts to the. our to get more on this now we want to bring in our correspondent oscar flanker he is on the story for us tonight in caracas good evening to you ask me what what is the purpose of these moves against one why go and will they really have any effect or there is really no surprise that some actions from the attorney general were going to take place we're going to have a few days he has called cancel several press conferences where journalists were but i think you hear an order of her threats against franco but today that attorney general stopped short of calling for his arrest from the reaction in the last few days we can predict there is a lot of confusion within michael look at how much and well you have been pretty
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harsh and well they are also pressured by the responsibility of each government official to have well over two russian embassy officials but also human rights violations as well that are being investigated the effect this will have is anybody's guess because of threats and worries are getting thrown around but what we have seen we have seen if you want actions other than get mad and little ones at this moment and there has been a response from one to these it these planned moves by the attorney general take a listen to what would have said. i am under estimating the threat of jail and i don't want them into a government to take it that way there responsibly and tell them that this is nothing new that it is a regime that has not answered the venezuelan people with the only answer is repression and persecution we see with much pain how almost forty venezuelans have been killed in less than a week that is why we are worried at this moment. and also what's your take on that response is one is he taking this as seriously as he should be.
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well i think what a government big enough to get into this political game with strong support from not only the u.s. but many parties in the region and there isn't any count down for hear us recognize them as president it might not call upon the wall actions now key and the rest of congress members are doing everything they can you things politically by the book through our constitution and for that of an intervention from the us that is something that worries congressmen most but there is also the worry that mother will prevail in holding taiwan but actually that was the worst answer that's human rights we have seen today that u.n. is demanding an investigation of at least forty get and more than eight hundred ten including underage protestors. and that's engines can go under international criminal court's going to conflict for search so that nobody underestimating the
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power of the strong will muddle headed out on the country still and in the screen of the united states has been weighing in and again in the situation in the national security adviser to the president john bolton you know tweeted earlier that there will be serious consequences for those who attempt to harm one why do i mean how real is this threat of the u.s. of a u.s. intervention at the moment well i think it's serious we all saw yesterday national security adviser john bolton reminded me of my. song. that's well that we all should come to the or let us all this or else. you would want and i would like to sure of his note pad read so i'd pull troops just anyway no. you know we're going to have to we're going to cut it there unfortunately we're having problems with the connection there to caracas somewhere
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we project for the sound problems there that's our correspondent author schleicher on the story for us in caracas. the trouble administrations same sions on bin into oil and oil aimed at driving president nicolas maduro from power just sent shock waves around the world on tuesday they triggered a rise in global oil prices and some angry responses from china and russia. the united states hoped that by striking at the country's main income source they can drive much duro out of office and clear the way for opposition leader and interim president one to take power by dura claims that washington is trying to steal the u.s. subsidiary of the state oil concerned on state television he announced he would take action to defend venezuelan assets. the two young men have through the state oil company is already studying the actions and we will take all the legal political operative technical and commercial measures to defend the interests of
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venezuela in the united states and in our homeland we will give the necessary and forceful response to defend the interests of venezuela at the right time in the coming hours and. informing possible for. there is a strong chance that trump's move will backfire and also hurt the u.s. economy u.s. refineries in the gulf of mexico have a lot to lose since they specialize in mixing heavy even as well and crude with lighter oil produced in the united states russia has condemned the sanctions as illegal interference while china said they would lead to suffering for which washington would bear responsibility both countries have lent to billions of dollars to venezuela and are concerned about new stress on debt payments. well authorities in brazil have arrested five people in connection with last week's
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devastating dam co-ops to our engine ears employed by the german safety inspection company to zoom the other three worked for the mining company which owns the dam now the death toll has reached sixty five but that's expected to increase forty's believe that hundreds more are buried under the sludge that was released when the dam collapsed and search efforts are slogan residents in the devastated town of. now have been watching in shock and anger as one dead body after another has been pulled from the mud. the search for signs of life and devastated berman. here rescuers found a bus that was filled with passengers when the flood of mud and mining waste hit no one could be saved but they had to try. this you behave in this type of event any loss of life that we have is enormous so it doesn't
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matter if there are one or two dozens or hundreds of victims we are doing our best possible to provide some relief to the families and we're always working with the hope of finding someone alive. for the families of the missing the past days have been a nightmare. i don't think it will be. my son and my brother in law the husband of my niece my friends they were all there and we have no news if any of them. like the stories give interviews and talk of numbers but nothing else really. and it's not just the families who are demanding answers. in sao paulo environmentalists staged protests outside the headquarters of the mine zona. the company is already facing legal action over a similar collapse in twenty fifteen somebody we're seeing more and more such
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disasters and every time the environmental impact is worse and so is the economic impact because post disaster for the municipality becomes poor it destroys agriculture it destroys fishing it affects commerce and resource this. summer. for now the focus is still on search and rescue but no survivors have been found since the weekend. pakistan's supreme court has upheld its acquittal of a christian woman who had been charged with blasphemy and now that decision means. will remain a free woman but she's been hiding since october when her death sentence was overturned and she was declared not guilty that decision sparked widespread outrage in the country today's ruling clears the way for her to leave pakistan that wood is not clear when and where she will go. she's one of the most talked about women in
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pakistan. pictured here shortly after her conviction in twenty ten the christian mother of five was sentenced to death for leisure marks but islam generale with fellow farm workers that refused to share their glass of water with a non muslim now free she lives in hiding no longer on death row but still in constant fear for her life. and this is why hard line islamists calling for had to be hanged. her acquittal in october last year triggered days of nationwide demonstrations. for her in every corner of the country the sons of islam have voiced opposition to the supreme court verdict by going on to the streets. what kind of a verdict is this from the supreme court of an islamic republic which is troubling muslims but satisfying infidels.
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demonstrations were any cooled off when the government agreed to bobby b. from leaving the country pending today's verdict but this is a case already linked to the killings of at least two people. the governor of punjab province some and has ia seen here on the right has assassinated by his bodyguard in twenty eleven i'm just speaking in people's defense later the same year federal minister for minorities shahbaz bhatti was killed off to calling for her release. today's verdict is likely to do little to appease those who settle for nothing less than having a death sentence reinstated the. original acquittal in october sparked violent protest shamil shabazz from asia desk talked us through reactions to today's supreme court decision but we have not seen a large group there. there have been some small protests in different cities but
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the kind of backlash and the violence that we saw in the last year we are not seeing it now i think the most important thing that we must realize is that i believe that the judiciary the pakistani judiciary the government and. on the same page and we need to understand the army the general. exercise a great deal of influence over what is now missed so if they believe that it is time that should be a free person i don't think anybody can stop not even islamists i think that kind of influence the generals have on pakistani politics she could be leaving the country any time we do not know when. but she cannot stay in pakistan because her life is in danger step. that was from
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our asia desk all right soccer news now kids are have reached the final of the asian cup after a dominant four nil victory over hosts the united arab emirates fans in qatar as capital doha watched on the big screen as the team secured its place in the final for the first time now they face four time winners japan in friday's game success would be a boost to the gulf nation as it prepares to host the twenty twenty two world cup. for the world's top golfer britain's justin rose is preparing for his first appearance at the soul the international tournament which is part of the european golf tour now the european tour has come under scrutiny for scheduling the event in saudi arabia especially following the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi but justin rose is focusing solely he says on sports politics are not politicians promotion has other reasons to gunplay its own. field as you know the
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ranking points to play full on account it's a good goal and it would be you know to be an experience to experience an arabia. ard here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you u.k. of all makers are voting on help to take the u.k. out of the european union after rejecting prime minister teresa mayes original breaks it deal two weeks ago made is looking for a mandate to reopen breaks in talks with the european union but brussels says the deal is not to renegotiate. europe today with the w. news after a short break i will be back to take you through the day stick around for a bit. it's
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all happening clips of it. sure linked to news from africa and the world. your link to exception stories and
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discussions can you and will come student news conference any program tonight from funny to me from a user of easy to ally with safety deputed com smash africa join us on facebook d w africa. once upon a time there was a young girl with a burning ambition. to become a conductor. every very curious child and very excited and you know that music and that i would go to concerts with my parents and . for being on stage stations and being part of that magic it was a difficult tryout at first the girls she was told don't become kind. but this girl right and obsessive. and
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one day she really did become world famous conductor brimming over with virtual city and. london of the not. my stuff. starts feb eighteenth on t.w. . the united kingdom is supposed to leave the european union exactly two months from today brooks so why in the world after two years of negotiations are british lawmakers still debating what brights it should be tonight who will have the final say over the world's biggest ever political and economic divorce britain is sending bricks it to brussels again will.


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