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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2019 5:02am-5:31am CET

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least four deaths have been blamed on the cold weather so far. the united kingdom is supposed to leave the european union exactly two months from today for exit so why in the world after two years of negotiations are british lawmakers still debating what brags it should be tonight who will have the final say over the world's biggest ever political and economic divorce britain is sending bricks it to brussels again and brussels says rex it return to sender i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. i never stop typing for britain but the odds of success become a problem god if this house times one time i find that the obstacle to a solution is the prime minister today we need to send an emphatic message about
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what we do for this government shambolic handling your brags that negotiations is fast becoming a crisis the house must behave with decorum they spent most of the last two years on going amongst themselves rather negotiating with the european union so the time has come for words to be mighty good to follow that if you want to crank seeds you have to break seems. ok. also coming up tonight is it a message to the world that don't trust china the u.s. is now accusing and china's biggest tech company of fraud and stealing and corporate espionage. a grand jury in new york has returning indictment alleging thirteen additional crimes committed by wall way its c.f.o.
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its affiliate in a ram and one of its subsidiaries here in the united states. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome but we begin the day with britain's race against the brics it clock on march twenty ninth britain is supposed to begin its exit from the european union britain and the e.u. they've spent the past two years negotiating a break sit withdrawal deal and there is a deal so how do you explain what happened tonight in the british parliament as if they just realize that the bronx it wrecking ball is about to hit them while makers voted to amend the brics it agreement and they're sending british prime minister theresa may back to brussels to renegotiate to make the impossible possible. we will now take this mandate forward and seek to obtain legally binding changes to
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withdraw all agree to deal with concerns on the back stop while current seeing no heart no return to heart border between northern ireland and on and on my colleagues and i will talk to the you about how we address the houses we use as i said this afternoon there is a limited appetite for such a change in the negotiating it will not be. i. foresee in contrast to a fortnight ago this house has made it clear what it needs to approve a withdrawal agreed. the british prime minister there to resume a our team coverage of the bridge the debate continues to know each i'm joined here at the big table by our resident briggs analyst alex forrest whining alex it's good to see you and in london at the houses of parliament is our very own barbara veins or even to you barbara good to start with you alex they're saying that this is of a victory for to resign me this evening in parliament how much of
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a victory is well it's a victory compared to what she's had over the past few weeks she has finally managed to get some unity within her party she has managed to bring on board those euro skeptics those hardcore bracks it is who want to leave the european union as quickly as possible and she's managed to get support from those ten northern irish unionist m.p.'s who prop up her government so from but point of view she's done very well also i would say tonight that what we have seen is that a rich deal have planned threshed out with the e.u. it's not yet dead it has almost come back from the dead and that we may we will probably see more of this in the next few weeks and she goes of c. to the e.u. and she comes back to parliament again yes. that is one way to describe it but barbara at the end of the day you know she can go to brussels she can have tory
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solidarity behind her but she's going to have to face twenty seven nations make up the rest of the european union and they've all said that they're not going to reopen these negotiations so what's she going to do then. the question is here brant rule the twenty seven be impressed by this very sort of shaky tory sort of because they little exactly what's behind it they have seen of course two weeks ago or devastating defeat in parliament by the same tory party and they all also know what is driving their hard line breaks tears and that is something else they also know what the hard line brits cheers want for the economic future for the future relationship between britain and the e.u. as far away as possible so they must know that they should give in on the backstop they will really have the irish problem on their hands because there is no
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political will among in mungo hardline terry virts to cheers to solve this problem they couldn't care less and so the point in all this is that brussels of course knows that this is really why you need the backstop the state of the tory party said the hardliners within it and. there were all these amendments tonight that were voted upon they were all shot down for one and that was what the the spellman and then it right so i mean is that important well it is it's not binding in any way but what it says is that the majority in parliament majority of m.p.'s do not want there to be a no deal breaks it so that is important in that they've sent that message to both the e.u. and to theresa may who doesn't want to know deal breaks it either so in a way it doesn't again make it easier for her because she knows that there's not a majority for a no jailbreaks it means she is going to be able to say even when and it doesn't
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like brussels are going to say you know what we are not prepared to we open that deal she can go back to parliament in a couple of weeks time say you don't want to know deal so it's my deal or it's a no dale right and possibly ok we don't know what's going happen with those hardcore you. it is they could again. operate just indicated they could again pull the rug from underneath that but she would persuade m.p.'s from other parties that it has to be her otherwise it will be an end of course all of this could be a moot point if she can't get the reactions she wants from the european union now we heard from the french president tonight we've also heard from mr donald tusk from the e.u. council that there will be no reopening of negotiations that has been the e.u.'s position from the very beginning it is a stance which was made clear earlier today when they were the man hoping to become the next e.u. commission president when he paid a visit right here the w.
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news take a listen. there is no room of maneuver for the legally binding treaty it is on the table so the commission which will bernie has a full support of the european parliament on this if somebody has an idea to reopen this treaty then everything is again reopened then we talk again about the protests we talk again about the fisheries polities we talk again about the how much great britain must pay when they are leaving the european union so it is a balanced agreement the need is a tariff occasion on the long term relationship we have in london the big problem of the backstop on the table that is a domestic discussion the biggest problem for the ratification and everybody knows we can't avoid a backstop because it's only a fallback position we can avoid a backstop if we have a clear idea on the long term relationship if we know what we want to achieve we can make it in the next two or four years and the trees transitional period that's
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let's clarify the long term relationship and then we have a good perspective for the future now you're the conservative candidate in these upcoming e.u. elections of course it will have an impact there either way particular also on those populist parties you've reached already across the aisle calling on all parties to basically join forces against the vi's of populists from the right how do you want to avoid these elections becoming a de facto referendum for or against europe or for against migration we are discussing in the european elections not rex it and not the yes or no to europe we discussed the direction of this continent and in democratic elections people show up and tell us as politicians in which direction we should go with the majority decision what we have to put on the table as democratic parties is to give people an idea about the direction for example i'm a candidate who tells people very clearly if i become commission president stops enlargement talks towards turkey i don't think that turkey can become a member of the european union and you say vote for one of the p.p.
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parties in europe they will get a commission president who who says is very clearly and will do this after votes so we have to be concrete we have to be clear what are we offering to the citizens and to have a lively debate during the election campaign and i should leave i thank you very much. ards a month of a very very clear there barbara about the european union's position is the e.u. is it prepared is it ready to see the u.k. leave with no deal we're talking about a mega hard exit hardbacks. basically the e.u. doesn't want this because of course they always reiterate this would be horrible for britain but it would also be banned for the rest of the european union however at this point in time the question that the european leaders have to put themselves through chichi clearly doesn't make any sense to throw further concessions to the british because the way they have shown so far that they don't honor the agreements
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they have set down at the same table and sort of agreed upon that they then turn around and say i don't know we don't like it take it or take it out throw it away if we want something else how reliable are they as partners also they know that the tricky part is if it sticks together no going to be driven for the months and years to come by the hardline brics to choose within its own grows now how will how promising is that for the future that britain says it's one thing the e.u. thinks it might have with the country so that it's of like a dark cloud hanging over those who hold rexx of process it is getting darker by the moment because no good outcome is sort of you can see no good outcome at the moment you know the definitely what it feels like tonight alex and what happens if theresa may goes to brussels talks to the leaders there she told. me and they don't
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budge i mean what she going to do ask for more time and then when she was there but this is what i'm saying she can come back to parliament and she can say i have tried i have os for them to reopen that withdrawal agreement and they have said no so we've got what we've got they you know we see that i'm sure that they were off for a little bit more alongside it the so-called political declaration but it doesn't hi i'm not going to reopen the actual agreement so she would try and offer them you know say that i've done my best and and she can say it is my deal oh no dear. in the hope that the m.p.'s other politicians from other parties will come on board there was still the opportunity for m.p.'s who want to delay to bricks it to table max again in a couple of weeks' time there are conservative ministers a government ministers who are still threatening to resign if there was the thought of a no jail that could still happen of happened to her she's not out of the danger yet
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but she has certainly had a much better night tonight than anyone let's predict i'll ask you and barbara both you've got about fifteen seconds what about the chances of a second referendum now i do not think that there will be a second easy run to him over what he what do you say barbara a second referendum they seem to they seem to be receding wreford late this this would have been the chance tonight and solomon didn't take over control over the rocks it froze if they floss the day and they have lost this all right our correspondent there in london barbara vigil and right here at the big table with me our resident breaks it expert alex for whiting to both of you thanks very much. well d.w. travelled to hamburg in northern germany which has a significant british ex-pat community as you many brits living there they're increasingly worried and concerned about what breaks it will mean for them to look . no the city in germany boasts quite as much british as the northern port city
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of hamburg with four thousand brits now living in the huns assoc town you'll never be too far away from british products fish and chips a full english breakfast or just a good cuppa. there's even beatles plastic commemorate the fab four's early years in the port city. now with just two months to go until bricks it how merck has become the latest german state to announce plans for its own pricks it bill the legislation would guarantee brits eleven and hamburg the same rights as other e.u. citizens until the end of twenty twenty on one condition that the u.k. leaves the e.u. with a brics it deal. heart breaks it would mean a shorter transition period of just three months and more complications for the brits abroad among them is pub landlords give ok i'm following in the footsteps of the beatles the liverpudlian first arrived in hamburg in one thousand nine hundred
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sixty three after putting it off for months he's about to apply for german citizenship i thought it wasn't going to happen i actually really thought it's always like highly paid what you want to the show you are politicians it's all people who can't get a real job you know. that that's what i. that's what i thought get those english pub has been pulling in the punters for the past sixteen years but a disorderly breck's it could result in his supplier leaving him without the pints to paul they're going to stockpile it and then see what happens otherwise i'll have to strange my strategy i haven't got a clue really haven't got a clue they as one of the world. major brewers haven't got a clue either but isn't alone in his concerns the support group british in germany part of the british in europe organization actively campaigns for the rights of u.k. citizens in germany and they sell what is keeping brits in hamburg in the know both
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on social media and information evenings the biggest concerns right now are whether they're going to you know hit the right quite teria to get their permanent residence and the number of people that really what they're going to fall through the cracks for various reasons that number of people have severe mental how to have been relying on state help and a little bit worried more than just a bit that they're going to be left behind and not going to be given that status that they need to stay here with the u.k. government still divided on the draft breaks it deal many brits have been left with more questions than answers i just think it's making a fool of us. they're making a complete fool of themselves and those last two happened to be. that's my opinion for now until brett's it becomes clearer this time for a pint. well
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the u.s. justice department has charge of the chinese telecoms giant who away with violating sanctions against iran and with industrial espionage of the charges are linked to the arrest in canada of who always chief financial officer the move comes at a time of heightened tensions between washington and beijing due to that simmering trade conflict. the one away brand in beijing is probably as common as apple is in new york city one way is china's leading to the communications group that's why journalists were eagerly awaiting a statement from the beijing foreign ministry on tuesday from the tone it would seem that the trade conflict is just going to get worse. you know it's been some time since the us started to use its state power to smear and suppress certain chinese enterprises in an attempt to throttle their the genum it operations their
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intentions are strongly political and manipulative we suddenly urge the u.s. to stop ill founded suppression of qual way and other chinese enterprises you know we've got you know. washington brought charges against huawei at the beginning of the week the u.s. accuses while way of subverting sanctions on iran as well as money laundering and fraud china describes washington's move as unfair and immoral you know the paging the american authorities probably have been collecting evidence of. these on a problem of tiny's and the prices have brought and now this kind of evidence is being used to exert pressure on china in a sign of american trade negotiations if the world's two largest economies can't agree on a compromise during negotiations on wednesday the u.s. has announced another increase in its tariffs on chinese goods at the start of march. talk more about this i'm joined now by gordon chang he is
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a commentator and analyst on china he is also author of the book the coming collapse of china he joins me tonight from bedminster new jersey in the u.s. mr jenkins good to see you again welcome back to the day you tweeted today that the u.s. must recognize the militia of chinese ambitions and act accordingly what are those ambitions and tell me how does this company who way how does it fit into those ambitions. we have seen beijing steal hundreds of billions of dollars of u.s. intellectual property each year you have china trying to grab territory from its neighbors china is trying to close off the global commons international airspace and international waterway and you even have seizure paying the chinese ruler hinting that china is the world's only sovereign state so this is a conflict which i think is much greater much more serious than most americans
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think and we're going to find you know regardless of whether there's a trade agreement in a month or so i think we're going to find friction between the united states and china and china and the rest of the world for quite some time and what does this mean for those trade talks with china i mean yesterday we heard from the u.s. justice department that this indictment these charges have nothing to do with the trade talks but i mean you know you have to wonder can there be any trust or cooperation between washington and beijing. with the justice department has been investigating a long way for iran and north korea sanctions violations since about nine months now and so you know there may be a coincidence but i don't think that the justice department's investigation and the indictments are related to the trade talks they do come at the same time that is going to be unfortunate but you know trying to prove his challenge the united
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states across the board and we are going to see these where these are responses are going to bump into each other and that's just unfortunate but it's i think unavoidable is this indictment by washington is it a message that is meant for the world and is that message simply don't trust china . well i think that is the message. i think that we're going to find that the united states is going to be imposing while always ambitions across the board you know a long way is not just a private company as it claims we know that it's been acting for the communist party so just a simple example from last week where you had while we smartphones were deleting content from twitter and mazola firefox in hong kong now a commercial company isn't going to do that but a company that is acting at the behest of the communist party will do that so we don't shouldn't be treating lolling is just another competitor this is another competitor that's fine but it's not it's really the chinese party state and
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discards of walkway and you know mr ting you're sounding the alarm here and you say that most americans do not realize how severe this threat is why is that well you know the united states specially after the end of the cold war thought that we could integrate beijing into the international system that they would eventually open up their economy and democratize but that has not really been what the communist party wants as it's grown stronger as the countries of work with it beijing has become more belligerent taking much more cream positions and engaging in conduct which is clearly much more unacceptable it's trade policies for instance are becoming much more predatory much more exclusionary now you know this is just unfortunate but this is the direction china is taking and we've got to understand what the consequences and the implications of that are what do you think the
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immediate consequences are going to be for the united states following these indictments i mean what can china do if it wants a tit for tat reaction. you know china can do any number of things besides huff and puff but really it's not a very good position to do that because you have the chinese economy if you look at the numbers for december last month it is shown economy that probably is contracting and that is consistent with what beijing economists have been talking about including that professor from brendan university who created a sensation across china last month by saying the economy is probably growing no more than one point six seven percent and even be contracting so you know you've got a china which is not doesn't have very much ammunition right now all right gordon chang talking to us tonight from but minister new jersey and the us on the latest problems between washington and beijing searching as always we appreciate your insights thank you. well the
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united arab emirates has become a laughing stock on social media after announcing the winners of its annual gender balance index now to celebrate the role of women in shaping the future of the country medals were awarded in the categories best government entities supporting gender balance you had best federal authorities supporting gender balance and best gender balance initiative but you may notice something missing twitter noticed as well i'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you but you forgot to invite women commented this dutch journalist another twitter user joke wow really nailed the diversity there one of those duties was wearing gray now the emirates did post a picture including women a little later but none of them is holding an actual award or they didn't even name the woman in the credits a last year of the u.n. slammed the emirates human rights record sounding the alarm on the discrimination
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of women in the gulf state men are still allowed for example to prohibit their wives from working but you know gender inequality is not limited to the gulf states in two thousand and seventeen u.s. vice president mike pitts he felt the heat online after tweeting out this photo of republican lawmakers discussing maternity care again take a look the picture did not include a single woman and right here in german interior minister horst koehler for proudly announced his new all male leadership line up take a look not a woman to see. total testosterone. all right the governor say she continues online with the day you'll find is it w dot com or you can write to me on twitter at bryn goff t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day i remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everyone.
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at first but one day she really did become a world famous conductor. of the not. my stuff. starts feb eighteenth. how does it feel to get a second chance when i was growing up we had a family friend who was a veterinarian one day she brought home a doberman pincher that had been hit by a car but saved with surgery now dobermans have
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a reputation for being fierce but this was like a teddy bear she loved everyone she met we always said that she knew she got another chance a second chance.


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