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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CET

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it almost defies our ability to describe it with words a cold wave is engulfing much of the heartland of the u.s. and canada bringing subzero temperatures rarely seen except at the north and south poles tonight a once in a generation hard freeze and the cold hard facts about its connection to global warming i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. the so-called anything that's exposed any exposed skin that. we can see you can see you can repeat in egypt you. yeah just out here stuck in the snow enjoying the beautiful weather so we wanted to dress in layers. hoops here where. you can feel the cold to your
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legs it really does kind of feel like it's burning i was supposed to get home to springfield missouri nine thirty tonight and now it'll be nine thirty tomorrow night. also coming up tonight at the death camps the nazis put an accordion in her hand and told her to play or else tonight a holocaust survivor who refuses to let the music die. jesus this song thief my night hot near the sleeve of it. and my dream is that all nazis who just disappear and i always say i would think until there are no more nazis left. but to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and around the world welcome we begin the day with the deep freeze over north america now we don't often start our program with
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a story about the weather but we don't often witness what mother nature is about to unleash over the midwest of the u.s. and canada and we want to talk about that tonight it is being called the coldest cold snap in a generation the deep freeze of the century that is swallowing up ten u.s. states with more than two hundred million people now that's seventy two percent of the u.s. population that's being more not to go outside exposed skin we're being told is in danger of immediate frostbite now it is already causing all kinds of travel headaches more than twenty seven hundred flights involving u.s. airports are canceled today if you're planning to fly to the u.s. or leave the us from chicago that will not happen for the next few days amtrak's fifty five daily trains in and out of chicago we understand that been canceled and even the u.s. postal service has canceled services from north dakota to nebraska to pennsylvania
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now the epicenter of the winter attack is expected to be in chicago where meteorologists are forecasting a record low on thursday morning of twenty seven degrees minus zero fahrenheit that's thirty two degrees below zero celsius you see right there now it's hard to imagine temperatures this low but to give you an idea take a look at this chicago will be colder today and tomorrow then the south pole the high temperature today. priestley glacier antarctica is seven below in celsius that's warmer than in chicago well what is happening across north america can be blamed on what's known as the winter vortex there are two rivers of air circulating above us one is known as the jet stream and its movements are what allow warm and cold fronts to migrate across the planet if you go higher up about forty eight kilometers you find what's known as the stratospheric polar vortex it's that circle
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you see right there that's a river of wind around the north pole and it only forms during the winter sometimes the jet stream flow is erratic and weak and this can allow wind from the polar vortex to make its way down towards the earth's surface when that happens timber jurors plummet as we're seeing right now what does this extreme weather have to do with climate change and how does a deep freeze make sense on a warming planet why first guest tonight hopefully has some of the answers he is the author of the award winning book the long fall how humans are changing the next one hundred thousand years of earth's climate and he is one of the world's leading climatologists specializing in climate change well i'm happy to welcome tonight professor david archer from the energy policy institute at the university of chicago fessor archer's good to have you on the day with us tonight
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here in chicago you're smack dab in the middle of this winter vortex freeze how's the weather right now. it's a beautiful day in small doses we went for a little walk he stay out of the wind it's not too bad the errors is cold the sun is out but the wind is pretty errors. what would you say this winter vortex what does it tell us what can it tell us about climate change is this the fire or is this the fire alarm. well it's hard to interpret any given mean there would be weather even if there weren't a change in climate so any single event is a little dangerous to attribute to human causes but it is expected that the ender's in the jet stream will be more pronounced as the temperature difference goes down you warm up the arctic more than you warm up the equator and
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so the temperature difference between the two is what's driving that river air that you mention and it is expected to meander more so we do expect more weird weather like this but maybe the most profound impact would be more psychological because it does so on people how. climate changes can be kind of. unstoppable yet you know you talk about the psychology of this when extreme weather occurs the public and also you know we journalists will we talk more about the climate and climate change and then of course that you know the story passes the topic goes silent until the next storm or the next deep freeze i mean do you see that as helping or hurting efforts to mitigate climate change. i did an interview the last time or tex came down for
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a conservative casting network in this country and was a leader read only ever talk about climate change when it's cold as a way of kind of ridiculing it i don't have i can tell you we talk about it a lot more than just when it gets cold that's for sure she hands it peaking and speaking of conservative stations we know one person who likes to watch a conservative station in the u.s. and that is the u.s. president donald trump maybe you saw one of his tweets from earlier today he tweeted i want to show our viewers in the beautiful midwest wind chill temperatures are reaching minus sixty degrees the coldest ever recorded in coming days is expected to get even colder a people can't last outside even for minutes what the you know what is going on with global warming please come back fast we need you through how that is the climate change denier u.s. president trump implying that there cannot be any climate change because the weather in the midwest right now is bitterly cold professor what do you say to that
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. the other person. yeah i mean obviously you look at a map of the. world there is just this blue blob. the u.s. right now but the rest of it is all red so looking at the average temperature of the planet it's not cold this is just sort of the cold air being in the wrong place this is the wheel falling off the bus. you know let's not talk about politics anymore i want to ask you about what we saw last year with the intergovernmental panel on climate change and they released a report that said that this really is our last chance to do something before it's too late they gave the year of what twenty thirty i think is the deadline in your book you write about much longer periods of time you know you talk about centuries millennia are we today thinking with the correct time horizons in mind when we talk about climate change it's really
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difficult to think about it in terms of the real intrinsic time horizons of the problem because it's so hard to imagine deep time for us you know mere mortals especially deep time into the future but the longevity of the climate impact from releasing c o two is the main reason why the ice sheets are expected to respond and . you know you really transform the climate of the planet much more radically on timescales of a few hundred to a thousand years then you know what we will live to see. you know your book called our attention because you write about the possibility of human activity maybe even canceling out the next ice age and has the story been written already or should a polar vortex should it remind us that there is time to save the future what do you think professor. well you asked about the i.p.c.c.
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report and the deadline a second ago and that is something of an artificial line in the sand i mean it's a school load you know it's like if you live in your argument never take out the garbage it's gets more and more garbagey over time there's not a discrete line where you know all of a sudden everything sort of changes i guess that is your question yeah i mean i understand what you're saying and it is it's a it's a complex story and now we try as often as we can to report it with people you know like yourself professor david archer joining us tonight from the university of chicago professor arjun we appreciate your insights and please stay warm. what with just fifty nine days until the u.k. is scheduled to leave the european union the story of breaks it is perhaps better described as the saga of a break sit blockade last night the u.k.
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parliament voted for prime minister to rescind may to seek an alternative arrangement to the irish back stop now that is something may have spent the past two years trying to do the backstop you may remember is something like an insurance policy to stop the return of checks on goods and people along the northern ireland border it in effect keeps northern ireland inside the european union and that is a no go for british lawmakers were today the european union's chief breaks negotiator michel barnier yeah i said the withdrawal agreement with britain including that irish backstop will not be renegotiate. you know the point i want to eat he. can feel that the e.u. institutions remain united and we stand by the agreement we have negotiated the withdrawal agreement including the protocol in arlington northern ireland is not open for renegotiation agreement remains the best and only due process for we
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should all be able to shift renegotiate comical so you open this is you what i mean council has stated clearly that the withdrawal agreement negotiated between the u.k. and the e.u. is the best deal possible it's not open to renegotiation. yet there is no room for negotiation to go shooting the roller agreement i mean negotiate that for the british government for more than a year. it's completed with a very good deal now i got that never gave it they will not give it now so i'm just going to keep trying. but is there a way out of this blockade to talk about that i'm joined now by constantine cool he is a member of the german parliament the bonus talk of the free democrats he also sits on the committee for the affairs of the european union it's good to see you again constantine so what do you make of the situation right now this this breaks that blockade as i described well first of all let me express that it's quite good
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decision by the house of commons that they rejected an old deal brecht's that when they were voted on i think seven different a month and it's very important signal for the entire group in union that no deal bracks that is excluded by the british so that's that was an advisory amendment that you voted on right so it's the entire referendum. that's that's a good point as well that's true or is it in germany's interest to see the u.k. leave the european union with no deal absolutely not it's not in the interest of germany it's not in the interest of the european union it's even dangerous it would be disadvantages for our economy for the british economy for citizens flights but also sitting on the committee of interior we've been discussing a lot about. the issue of security lately europol i mean i cannot imagine a situation in which we just stop collaborating with the united kingdom first of april when it comes to security when it comes to exchanging data that allow us to catch terrorists we have to go on doing this and that's why we need
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a deal but we need a deal based on what's been the go see it within the last two years when you see here you are you're saying that with the example of europe you're saying that we need the u.k. to remain as partnered with this as much as possible so it's in everyone's interest for some deal to be negotiated so then why not renegotiate the part about the irish bad start why does it have to be all or nothing because the backstop is plan b. i don't get why we're talking about plan b. all the time if we if both sides agreed on the deal negotiated in the last two years that there would be a two years period well twenty one month period where everything would keep the same what would be kept the same the united kingdom would leave the european union but it would have to apply european union laws and the european union would have to treat the u.k. as if it was a member of the european union so there is almost two years to negotiate a trade and only if that fails only if there is not a trade deal we will have to apply the backstop so the backstop as you just said is
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the insurance policy we signed to avoid hot water on the irish island so why are we not talking about plan and well let's stick with plan b. then why not say the backstop has to stay as it is but agree that it has a time limit. because there has to be a trade agreement within the next two years that's in the interest of the british sites and interest of the european union why are we not optimistic enough to negotiate i mean that's been one of the most important arguments of those of the exits years of those advocating breck's it was that they are able to negotiate a trade deal with the european union let's do it and let let's begin on first of april to negotiate the trade deal and even do the following let's begin now to clarify what the terms of such trade deal would be we have already been doing that in the political declaration the second document also agreed in the last two years we could clarify the terms of a trade agreement it's just. there's room for clarification there's no room for
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further negotiation but there's room for clarification ok so maybe then we're just we're you know we're we're mincing words here a little bit but what is the european union going to be able to give theresa maker she's going to come knocking on the door again this week and she she has to have something to take back to parliament the european union could politically commit to reach a trade deal within the next twenty one months. that's what they could do that's what they can do based on the on the terms i mean that's let's ask the irish government if the european union is not moving at that point and if not how the game is on the european union let's just ask the irish government because the backstop is mostly about the irish situation about the question and ireland and even if even the irish government says that the backstop cannot even go we negotiated let's ask them and that lets them determine you know the way of the european union if they see that kind of. the backstop i mean let's begin with plan a what do they want when it comes to the trade deal what is that what is their plan
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in the next twenty one months i mean there's a there are so many smart people dealing with threats at all the time for the last two years and you know let's start with all sitting there i mean we haven't even begun but we have begun it was the last two years it seems have nothing has happened i'm sick concertina standby we're going to come back to you in just a moment. these. concrete support our fight lateral mount fight we start this in two thousand and fourteen we deployed up there they now and sleep last night i said the pater and. we we work a lot in the fight that hears and we met preston from the day to day present from our press in one way to thank you for the united states thank you for documentary thank you for all the countries that know us and know our plight know what we want we want democracy now that it's
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a well known opposition activists in visits way a little bit on the news all day today just let our viewers know you are also chairman of the good from correct me if i'm wrong the parliamentary friendship group for relations with the andean states and that those states of course include venezuela it is the european union is it doing what it should right now to support the people of venezuela well the european union needed a couple of days to find a common position on that soil and then they agreed that the common position what do you what do you say about that the fact that it took several days i mean month of aber was here with us yesterday and talking about that and you know he said it was really really almost shameful that it took so long to come up with a position is right it's always been one of the problems of the european union that there is no common foreign policy that the different foreign ministers of members member countries of the european union expressed their own view and then you have the european view if used a few days later but at least there is
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a european position right now and the european position is there has to be presidential elections in venezuela called within the next eight days calculating until the next week and so this saturday the sunday and if not far away the wall will be recognized as the legitimate. president by the european union thirteen has to do so if they don't want to lose their credibility they have to stick with this position and they have to recognize whether this weekend if nicolas model doesn't deliver and. their critics are saying that the e.u. is putting an ultimatum i absolutely are doing that ok and do you think that the e.u. will stick to that position and follow through well i hope so there will be a union tomorrow and bucharest because it's the new remaining is the new leader of the council of the european ministers and that's why the foreign ministers are meeting and eucharist and i am asking our foreign minister of germany to stick to that ultimatum and to make clear that there has to be
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a recognition this saturday because if the european union doesn't recognize in one way they will decide today or the sunday it's about the weekend we will see and we will be able to observe that different countries in the year in the european union will begin to act unilaterally but you know that that is probably something that china russia and turkey would like to see happen we heard exactly the foreign minister today for russia saying and i'm sure that this was this was for european ears as well but he was saying that the u.s. support of one is nothing more than an attempt at regime change well the regime can only be changed by the and its will and people it's not the united states it's not the european union that will decide on the future of its will it has to be decided in venezuela but we have to see that this is not merely national crisis five thousand people are leaving and it's a lot every day about three million have left the country since two thousand and fourteen so this is a situation that already has
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a certain relationship with the entire continent of southern merrick called north america right so this is something that has to be solved by the international community and the european union is also an actor is also a member of the of the international community so they have to have a responsibility it shows you how the world is divided in at the u.n. at the u.n. secure. the council too doesn't you've got china and russia on one side you've got the europeans and the us on another side and he shows us all the weaknesses of international policy and one of the weaknesses has always been that europeans are not able to speak with one voice which is why they should do so this week and. constantly as always it's good to get your insights we appreciate you stopping in tonight thank you you. are being held around the world following international holocaust remembrance day which was last sunday but there are warnings that young people know less and less about the nazi era genocide of jews and other groups one of the people he was working to
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change that is ninety four year old esther sharon and she was sent to the auschwitz nazi death camp as a teenager and she survived thanks to her music. this is this song saved my lai hot here the sleeve of that. ninety four year old estefan is singing a popular german war time song bellamy. is a happy children but it brings back memories of her time in auschwitz back then as to have to play bellamy on the accordion tradition for the concentration camp orchestra she was a talented musician but she had never held an accordion before. and i concentrated on the job at hand and told myself you can do this i knew if i didn't get accepted into the girls' orchestra and i would have to do hard manual labor that would have been the end of me and. i was
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only eighteen years old when she was deported to auschwitz she had already been separated from her parents who were later murdered by the nazis. as part of the girl's orchestra esther played songs as the prisoners marched out to do their work . later she also had to play when the trains arrived bringing thousands of people to the gas chambers. slim's of us. that's the worth thing that has ever happened to me because i felt so hopeless i couldn't help these people i knew they were going to their best now. behind us did the s.s. soldiers with their rifles and if we hadn't played them they would have shut us. up. more than a million jews were murdered in auschwitz as the bishop ran to escape death but
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most of her peers didn't she feels it's her duty to tell young people what the nazis did she goes to schools reads from her memoirs and gives concerts she's backed up by a hip hop band called microphone match here. concept was to bring members a lawyer to compose rap music using personal letters and journals from formal concentration from prison it's written. by using rap they hope to connect with today's young people here in a color and high school they're getting a warm response. they've been sharing a stage for ten years now but the recent draw is a frightening radicalism. my dream is that all nazis would just disappear and i always say i was saying until there are no more nazis left. even though she knows that may not be a realistic goal
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a step beyond i will not give up. good for her the day is nearly done but the conversation continues online your find us at the w dot com or on twitter at d w news you can follow me at brant golf t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see the never last.
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please. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful up to two years of division and deadlock britain is now racing towards its head lining the march to leave for european union in a conflict so special we'll go back because some of the key arguments live shakespeare this preface it debates who is telling the truth and who wasn't. colic sofa in sixty minutes.
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