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tv   Made in Germany - Second Chances  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2019 3:30am-4:00am CET

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today's tracks take the experience to another level thanks to him composing for a monsoon. featured in many games his music is bound to get. for his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. i'm sure that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. how does it feel to get a second chance when i was growing up we had a family friend who was a veterinarian one day she brought home a doberman pincher that had been hit by a car but saved with surgery now dobermans have
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a reputation for being fierce but this one was like a teddy bear she loved everyone she met we always said that she knew she got another chance a second chance it's a nice idea whether in business or in life and it's also our topic today on may thanks for joining us. lets be honest we've all failed some of us more than others failure is a part of life even people with stellar success stories about moments when they've fallen flat on their faces but what happens after we fail most of us manage to pick ourselves back up again but not everyone if you're stuck in a spiral a life crisis it's even more important that someone is there to reach out with a helping hands. it's up to you if you want to your sort yourself out if you don't you won't. patrick he ensign did sort himself out. he used to be homeless. he spent fourteen years travelling
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about germany sleeping rough water for the weather. i slept here right here. it was a quiet spot at night you could hear the motorway but you're so tired you don't notice it when i had an inflatable mattresses blow it up lie down and then slate. patrick used to have his own business but it didn't work out he has children but doesn't see them anymore these days though he does have a roof over his head again. that life isn't what i doubt i come back up like in the lark shut the door behind me and know no one's going to steal from me and it's warm long patrick pays four hundred fifty year a strength a month for his one room apartment which is just about covered by his housing benefits germany has a welfare system but some people still fall through the net patrick doesn't like to talk about his past the drugs and the patty crime he'd rather talk about little
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home and initiative that has turned his other homeless people fortunes around. who builds a little hearts and just gives them away no one can really believe it but i met savannah cologne station and we got talking. he told me about the project. and he invited me to come along when one of these tiny houses was being built and i mixed about what he wanted but what so i took part in one of the construction weekends. and i ended up being given one of stan's houses. and then one of the building contractor said i'm going to help out a homeless person by giving them a job. and. that's how he became my boss when chef. patrick how did you open a home that was eighteen months ago but then everything went wrong he lost
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his job due to working illegally on the side. he couldn't pay his rent and split up with his partner and he ended up back on the streets and back on drugs and alcohol with the very person who tried to help him from a lot of them that he's learned some things just went from bad to worse. which i've read and read and within a span and i fell out and i didn't see him for ages. but then i met him again and he gave me a second chance. stanley deca is the founder of the little home project he took patrick to the all thirty second help to get the support he needed. you need to pay your health insurance contributions and they need to be some proper job offers for full time work. ok. all right let's get cracking
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great let's make some calls patrick had to be given another chance but spend doesn't hold it against him just get mentioned the some people just need to be given one second chance and others need a thousand second chances this is but i believe that everyone deserves as many second chances as they need to turn their lives around mystic nordica plots is completely. patrick has found work again this time as an assistant cataca it's going well so far. here in this small town in bavaria patrick feels welcome despite his previous history he's determined to stay on the straight and narrow. god i don't dwell on the past what's done is done and what will be will be that's how i look at things now. now the things we consume
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also get a second chance it's called recycling and here in germany it's taken quite seriously the dirty secret is that recycling in the country has never been as far reaching as you're led to believe at one point regulators talked about recycling eighty percent of all waste but it's proving a huge challenge to manage even half of that there's another way to recycle don't throw away products that can still be used but give them away instead it's a more sustainable approach and increasingly a lucrative business model. this used to be my favorite jacket perhaps someone else wants it i'm also looking to trade in my broken smart phone for a decent secondhand one. the jacket no longer fits me but it might fit someone else buying second hand is more sustainable then buying new websites for buying and selling used clothing out
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booming in germany they are sort of digital flea markets though prices are fixed. i've visited it's warehouse i can't believe how much stock there it's. over half a million items of clothing and tens of thousands are added every day managing it is quite a challenge and mistakes do get mate i showed the boss one i've noticed on the website a pair of winter boots listed as sneakers. mistake here and there is nothing unusual given the ok they crop up a lot unfortunately yes. i need a new smartphone and scroll through a few online recall most sides this is one of germany's biggest juice electronics businesses hundreds of discarded cell phones i did live out here every day. maybe
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a minute. smartphone is inside this box. the company pays between fifty cents into around a thousand euros for a used phone painting on its condition original price and age all the data on the device is immediately deleted then it's inspected to make sure it works ninety percent of these used phones pass the test and can be put up for sale the company takes a commission the recent us will the main challenges are to do with discrepancies in descriptions of the product from the seller describes the condition of a phone but sometimes we can't corroborate it then we need to discuss what the customer and there might be some disagreement. i am interested in a specific model because i know there will be software updates for another few years. so more and more people are happy now to buy
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a used model. with second hand clothes a lot of work goes into preparing the items for resale each article is photographed . then pressed packaged and store. most of the work is done manually and with so little automation how profitable can this mortal be the items are usually sold at a mark up of seventy percent. do you earn much with a t. shirt that sells for nine euros yes we do we've got lots of items that sell for less than nine euro. not true an obviously we don't earn with every quarter with every article but on average we make a profit item selling for nine euro's are part of the model. unfortunately my jacket won't sell on the side because it's not a name brand there is only real demand for these. what about buy
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a new phone the device i want comes with picketing and a thirty month guarantee that's more than a store would give it's going for five hundred seventy euro and the price could go up. with the market situation and the availability of the model we might very prices from day to day could. i decide to stick with my old phone after all it still works and not buying anything is the most sustainable approach. as the first i phones hit the market in two thousand and seven one of apple's biggest competitors microsoft had steve ballmer made the following comment there's no chance that the i phone is going to get any significant market share no chance he was well wrong but there are inventions that do in fact flop
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until someone really understands what they're good for and that's sometimes not what the inventor had in mind. a staple of packaging and childhood favorite is bubble wrap the idea came out of the one nine hundred fifty s. when a couple of american inventors stuck together to shower curtains with tiny bubbles between baking a space age wallpaper which is perfect for an age fascinated with space age futurism and well wallpaper but no one bought it at least not as wallpaper now it's a must have for anyone shipping packages or moving or take a sticky note or post it is started with a search for super glue but the recipe for the adhesive in this case was so bad that things glued with it could be pulled apart without leaving a trace and voila a product that took off across the world. and this little blue pill look familiar and the early one nine hundred ninety s. vi agora went into testing as a heart medication but before long the researchers discovered its real potential lay in a completely different direction now millions of men all over the world take it for potency issues. so maybe you have your own great idea for
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a product that could change our lives well not so fast an estimated ninety five percent of all inventions are gathering dust at the patent office all awaiting their second chance. it feels like these pages are whispering at me the rows upon rows of files the patent office ten stories of brain waves and strokes of genius of ideas that change the worlds of inventions that revolutionized research innovation that drove progress. every idea every invention inspires further invention take the transition from more strong carts to cars right now we're in the process of taking another innovative step toward alternative fuels will eventually be seeing electric cars on the streets running on batteries and fuel systems and these systems will give rise to
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further inventions. but not all patents prove profitable some are rendered obsolete by progress others registered simply to hinder rivals research then they end up languishing in obscurity like e.p. one six two five four one five which was registered seven years ago. this pattern for example belongs to. its new method of location tracking must be a good idea but the company isn't using it what does that mean this is now the end for this patent or does it maybe get a second chance. need a second chance or a third or even a forest. tim palmer has a soft spot for neglected patents in fact he makes money with them his start up by political skills uses up to date information on the patent market the data is loaded into a gigantic database then turns into graphics customers can understand if for
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example of use compared patent registrations from google microsoft and apple but couldn't the companies themselves do this kind of thing. is growing increasingly important there are nearly one hundred thousand new international patents registered a month and no one can keep up so there's a demand for software that can intelligently evaluate that they can understand what they're about and determine if they're relevant and valuable for. months customers mainly come from research heavy sectors id companies for example. helps them keep tabs on the competition and also keep track of their own and use patents for license or sale. so is there any hope for our neglect of patent. can help us find out. in front of the users of this information the content of the patent the two work arguably whether other similar patterns exist and whether
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other companies are active in this field because they are potential customers. for them when it all turns out location tracking patterns could well find and taken a different sector. game designers for example are researching similar technologies as a common factor as as they seek to design autonomous vehicles. that's a positive sign and shows me ok these are sectors where we could try to position the patent i could license it to relevant companies and give the patent a second chance and hopefully monetize. the e.p. one six two five four one five might just get a second chance and with temple months help of unused patents could also find a new lease on life and no longer to gather dust in the patent office good ideas on always appreciate it straight away sometimes you just have to hang on.
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now even when it does work out a new product is launched there's no guarantee it'll be a long term success just look at german t.v. manufacturer metz it was nearly driven from the market by competition from asia but it was rescued at the last minute its second chance also came from asia in the form of chinese electronics from g.e. guns the firm was then partition keeping the trusted name of metz alive but now one of the former company successors does something quite different. this is if the electric scooter could revive the fortunes of the mets brand its top speed is about twenty kilometers an hour and the model will sell for about two thousand euros. it's the pride and joy of mets mega tech c.e.o. or yorkie. as. he's been with the company since it was set up and twenty fifteen. the scooter is called the mover it may look spare and
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pared down but it's actually quite a feat of engineering. but i yacht and it took three or four years of internal and external development it was a major venture. to separate companies emerged out of the old mats metz mech attack which makes the mover and mets consumer electronics which continues to make television sets and other consumer electronics. both companies are based in the syrian town of sindh off on the side of the old mats which was founded in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight. both are proud of their products made in germany status. metz mech attack has invested several million euros in developing at sea scooter the c.e.o. would like to see sales of ten thousand units a year but so far only a few have been shipped. met.
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the old mats thrived on technical innovation but its products were expensive and volumes were relatively low. all the while cheaper products were hitting the market . in twenty fourteen the company filed for insolvency and was then split into the two new entities mets consumer electronics is owned by sky worth of china monthly i had worked at the old mets for decades he was concerned about how things would turn out their spirits are shown and inside it a lot it did feel pretty dramatic because nobody could predict what would happen. on the other hand it felt good not just to me but to the entire management.
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because at last we had the backing of a large corporation and had the resources mets needed to develop. that. makes plastic sand camera flash lights as did the old mats and now c.e.o. no yorkie hopes the mover will turn his company into a runaway success but no we scooter said yep and licensed to operate in germany although the government may allow this class a vehicle onto the streets later this year but mats will then also probably have to compete with cheaper products from abroad. they won't all be approved i can't say which makes will or won't but i hope your thora to use well established quality and safety standards for products that come to market here so you know if they approve any old rubbish we'll have to respond. in many countries east hooters are all the rage a range of manufacturers have their eye on the future german market there's no
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guarantee metz will prevail its brand identity focuses on high quality goods and they come at a price but man could go about for one is pretty optimistic. mets was always a nice player and always aim to offer something special that has always been and continues to be the source of its success. with its move in the mobility mets mecca tech maybe writing the right way young people in europe are buying fewer corps and many evidently find it cool to zip around town with style breeze through traffic jams and all without emissions. with our program today we've taken a very hopeful approach to the theme of second chances as bob dylan saying there's no success like failure but then of course he added failure is no success at all for some things in life there really is no second chance we only get to make one first impression for example and here's something i bet you didn't know it takes
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just seconds for someone to the side if they like you and what's even more scary usually that impression sticks. and needs to look perfect all the time he works as a doorman at one of the top hotels that's welcome to the odd lawn can i give you a hand every guest gets a warm welcome and an equally well for every gesture that needs to come across just right. on the first point of contact for our guests i create the first impression. and that's we all know first impressions count whether it's with hotel guests or corporate customers. every day we create and receive countless first impressions is this person a nice unpleasant friend or foe we usually draw such conclusions consciously and at incredible speed more often than not people don't get a second chance. we call this the primacy effect basically provides an anchor at
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that moment for the person making the judgment and that affects the way they process everything else south or words. to that. one classic example a man arrives for a job interview because of his attractive appearance the boss decides within no more than seven seconds that this applicant seems competent. from then on he begins consciously looking for more information that supports his hypothesis. all indications that might speak against it he simply disregards. so if the applicant provide samples of his work the boss is more likely to view them in a positive light than samples from another applicant that he doesn't consider competent that impression is then reinforced by the so-called halo effect based on the qualities he's observed the boss begins to assume the applicant also has other
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qualities without verifying his opposition so based on the applicants attractive appearance classes and suit he might conclude this applicant is disciplined in this way his first impression is reinforced and leads to a positive assessment overall which in turn has another interesting effect. does the steps of the profit turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy in other words if someone feels the boss has confidence and they actually respond accordingly they're much more likely to live up to expectations. and it's so if the boss believes a particular employee is competent that's likely to improve that employee's performance from the button down all star young. new study from the us has confirmed just how powerful first impressions can be in it test but his opponents were shown photographs and asked to assess the people picture even when they subsequently met the subjects in person death thirst impressions based on the photo
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remained largely unchanged. and it's possible to learn how to make a good impression here in berlin we've come to a workshop where participants are being taught how to prepare for job interviews. but even those first impressions do count in an interview situation they're not everything. but once it's not just your personal appearance you don't need to back that up by being well prepared for the interview and knowing your stuff you can make a good first impression but if the interviewer then realizes there's no substance there it doesn't really benefit you that much. the same applies for services dorman mathias shelling starts shaping guests experience of the hotel immediately with a simple but effective strategy. and put on a friendly face and a smile that makes them feel welcome. so what does it take to win a second chance sometimes a little luck sometimes
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a little help but just as often courage after all most of us do believe in second chances or at least want to believe so you have an ace up your sleeve if you can just keep in mind that failing once doesn't necessarily make you a failure something to hold on to that's it for this week but if you want to see any of today's reports again just head to our website and of course you can always get in touch on all the standard social media platforms i'm stephen beard see you next time on me.
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enter the complex from to the powerful. to the fishermen and. racing towards. the european union in the conflict zones. i should really go back because some of the key arguments could shake the script to suit debate who was telling the truth and who was in. college. in thirty minutes the first. h.i.b. positive in many parts of russia it's a terrible stigma but an orphanage and show ya best takes a different approach. here h.i.b.
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positive youngsters grow up with kids who don't have the fibrous. what's the daily routine like for the stand out of the children themselves fair. in ninety minutes on d w. crimes fs against humanity. civilians become witnesses for. their recorded images travel around the globe just social media. but what is propaganda fiction and what is fact digitally investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of crimes thanks to this video recording of the sergeant who shot the young man is on trial now still. for forensics between the bits parts.
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