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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2019 7:00am-7:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin venezuelans up the pressure on their president waving flags and calling for free elections protesters take to the streets and tell president nicolas maduro to go we'll ask our analyst whether more duros days are numbered and what to expect from his u.s. backed rival. also coming up america's midwest in the grip of a deadly smith temperatures colder than. a reporter in chicago is in
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chicago where daily life has ground to a halt. also coming up passing on history's most difficult lessons while they still can we take you inside an israeli program that aims to promote peace by bringing holocaust survivors together with the. transfer window is about to close so who's coming and who's going the future of the biggest team could be at stake. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump has been reacting to protests across venezuela reiterating his backing for self-proclaimed interim president. on twitter overnight trump said he'd spoken with to congratulate him on assuming the presidency and to reinforce
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u.s. support for venezuela's fight to regain its democracy he called fresh protests against incumbent president nicolas maduro a fight for freedom. people across that as well have marched on wednesday to again demand that we're doorstep they called on the armed forces to abandon the president and to allow humanitarian aid into the country. they can't take away our right to protest these finance wayland's in the capital caracas chant they're referring to the government of president nicolas maduro. in tory is one of the protest is she's the wife of a prominent opposition leader who has been in jail for four years says she told you it was time for a new government. to resist. her critics this is why we are here we wait this can't work
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everybody together party. can tory and many of these protesters are supporting pongo i don't who proclaimed himself interim president last week the country's chief prosecutor has opened an investigation into his challenge for power. not underestimating the threat of jail and i don't want it to be understood like that very responsibly i say there is nothing new coming from a regime that doesn't answer to the venezuelan people's needs their only response is repression and persecution venezuelan authorities are accusing him of helping foreign countries such as the u.s. to interfere in internal matters washington recognizes quite ohs claim to read from his whaler on wednesday president donald trump phoned him to repeat a rate his support. for his past president mature a try to convince americans that intervention would backfire on them. i call upon your conscience a color palm your solidarity be aware of the truth we must not allow
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a second vietnam to happen this time in latin america if the u.s. intervenes it will be worse for them than vietnam. according to a russian news agency much europe has offered to negotiate with the opposition in an attempt to regain support domestically. but talks i'm not what these protesters want. there to mont it's kind of my chiro must go. on for more on the crisis about as well i'm joined now by dr peter bell a political scientist and latin america analyst from the american institute here in berlin thanks for being with us this morning professor now the crisis in venezuela seems to be coming to a head there's been a mass exodus from the from the country the economy is on its knees and and dozens
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of countries are now recognize our no longer recognizing the doro as president how long can nicolas maduro hold on quite a lot of time as long as he doesn't lose the support of the country's army. and if he doesn't lose the support of china and russia and most important perhaps if he doesn't lose the support of his. bases in the. country's population so this will be one of the biggest questions of the next days if the opposition really is able to organize new mosque protests and so that's my one point during the month order to step down the world's attention is now fixed on on why did the opposition figure who heads best well as national assembly and says he is now the country's legitimate president the u.s. and nearly fifty other countries have now recognized wide as the legitimate
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president is why don't capable of pushing ma doro out. no. it's a lemon because he has no real power the whole state of this is in the hands of the regime so he only can trust in the support of the people he can of course trust also in international support for what he's trying to do but he alone without the help of the army will not be able to do what he needs what he wants to talk a little bit on why don't for a moment because there is so much attention on him right now a lot is riding on him what can kind of leader is he and what could we expect from him if he were to take control of the country he's a young man he comes from a brother but dest family background his father's a taxi driver. so he's not part of the traditional legacy he is
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quite clever in using the social media or he is acting in a calm way so i think he's doing what he really can do what can be expected while he has announced that most important thing would be well first that man who has to step down then to organize a transitional government to organize a situation that allows him in terry to help for the people because they are suffering and then create the conditions for. free and fair elections that of course organize the says these are these elections now let's talk about the u.s. too because they're playing a role in all this we're hearing donald trump talking a lot about what's going on in venezuela the u.s. is bringing all the power it has to bear in this crisis short of military intervention briefly if you can what are the u.s. what are you u.s. interests in venezuela that's that's true of the united states has been stepping in
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quite strongly in the last few days that's also one of the risks for dura because you must not. seem to be a puppet of the trump administration that would mean that he won't know his name yet. though of course it's because then he would lose the support of the even his own people so what of the united states' interest of course the united states is interested in a stable and non socialist venezuela and then they are the oil interests as a market for exports for imports and so basically this will be ok professor thank you so much dr pitt of bella from the american institute here in berlin thanks for talking with us this morning and leisure. now to the united states where as many as twelve people have died as
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a result of the deep freeze that's gripping the american midwest weather colder than antarctica has grounded flights crippled infrastructure and brought life to a standstill for tens of millions of people the polar bore texas is a mass of freezing air that normally spins around the north pole in winter but has slipped southwards into the united states. chicago the windy city no stranger to wicked winter weather but this week's lows haven't been this brutal in decades breathing can be painful even dangerous and that's not only the case in america's third largest city six u.s. states have recorded temperatures colder than antarctica weather stations across large parts of canada and the u.s. have register temperatures at minus thirty degrees celsius or more factor in the wind chill and it's more than minus fifty the culprit for the cold chaos a massive subzero air called a polar vortex so named because it normally stays put around the north pole but
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this week it's humble people further south. this is the cold this i've ever seen and i've got about three different layers on top and bottom right now so as prepared as. this is. everything needs to get here what you're trying to get means to get to illustrate the effects of extreme cold a chicago based reporter through a couple of boiled water in the air. the water froze almost instantly and fell back down as snow. temperatures this far below freezing can also have drastic effects on people the homeless are at particular risk cities across the midwest have opened warming centers including police stations and roving buses for anyone seeking shelter from the cold the bone chilling weather has caused more than two thousand flight cancellations so. cool and office closures transit delays and multi-car pileups on slippery roads even the u.s.
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postal service whose unofficial motto takes pride in all weather work has halted mail delivery in many places the polar vortex looks to be lingering through the rest of the week only then might release millions of people from its icy embrace. well the city of chicago has been particularly hard hit by this board we sent our reporter maya schrader out on to the streets of the windy city she sent us this update this is one of the most populous cities in the country and there's barely a soul on the street the ones that we have run into have been warmly advising us to seek shelter as soon as possible it's so cold that exposed skin could frostbite immediately and your hair and even your eyeballs could freeze the chicago river which is a massive body of water right next to me is completely frozen over the cold has also worked at the city's train tracks forcing officials to light the tracks on fire in order to keep public transit running polevoy to see it happen every year
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but even for the windy city this is extreme. there is miles where there in chicago now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today malaysia has a new king sultana has ascended the throne of the southeast asian country nearly a month after his predecessors surprise to cation sultan is also a prominent figure in sports federations including the council of fifa world soccer's governing body. zimbabwe an activist and pastor evan has been freed from prison the day after the supreme court granted him bail he was arrested earlier this month on charges of subverting the government and inciting violence he'd been voicing his support on social media for a national strike. and the u.s. federal reserve has warned that america would suffer disruptions from an disorderly brags that fed chairman jerome powell says he's watching britain's divorce from the
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very carefully says british prime minister theresa may tries to reopen regs and talks with the new we have more for you on the regs it drama coming up in business surprise move to find. you're watching news still to come the players of the future football's transfer window is about to shut so clubs around europe are wheeling and dealing to land those athletes they think will get them to the top. this week we're bringing you stories of elderly holocaust survivors passing on the difficult lessons of history to today's younger generations this morning the german parliament is holding a remembrance ceremony marking the holocaust our next report takes us to israel where there's a program that brings together young german volunteers with holocaust survivors in the name of peace. they're separated by age and historia but together they're
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bridging the gap marianne and cover man both born ninety eight years ago in berlin once a week she's visited by. the young german is doing a voluntary year in israel and it's thank you so says everything i think it's very important to deal with history and after a previous exchange in israel i said that if i take a sabbatical after school i'd like to do voluntary work. if i really need the organization action be conservation service for peace has been bringing together young germans and holocaust survivors for years the conversations are the most important part of the and counter maryellen cowman witnessed the rise of the nazis in berlin in the one nine hundred thirty s. when she was a teenager. is informed it didn't happen all at once but from month to month there were new things that jews were no longer allowed to do people would ask themselves are things were really that bad that they should leave and they decided
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to stay a bit longer and my family was one of those which stayed up until one thirty nine still believing that things can get that bad today wonder how could he be so stupid that that heart was so was they were germans like everyone else under the nazis took over shortly before the outbreak of war in one nine hundred thirty nine marianna cowman fled to sweden with the help of the zionist used organization her family scattered to other countries in the one nine hundred forty nine she started a new life in israel it wasn't until the early sixty's that she traveled through germany again a trip she took with much tribulation. i was shaken and i thought this is a german house this is a german dog and everything that i saw seemed to be labeled dodge landed by. despite her concerns she decided to start a dialogue with the germans it was a. highly controversial decision in israel at that time. and when later on my
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husband and i were back here and ready to talk to germans they attacked us and said they wanted to make soap out of you and you talk to them how dare you but we did it and i still believe that it's the right thing to do. is. well in tears like benefit from her decision to this day it cuts off to them the thing that i am one of the last who are able to do this my niece for example won't be able to sit down with a woman who was born in one thousand nine hundred twenty one and talk to her about her history and her time five years this kind of work allows me to do what i need to do to act as a bridge to talk with young people about israel politics or whatever is required and that is important to me while i'm still here and can still talk about it in. both agree that this very personal exchange between the generations is the best way to understand what happened to the nazis and during the holocaust.
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germany's bundestag will commemorate the millions of lives lost today is the last chance for clubs to sign new players for the rest of the current season yeah expat from the sport is here with me to talk about the january transfer window which shots in just a couple of hours time i understand. that you covered the league germany's bonus league first of asian soccer here at g.w. let's start with that what details what deals do you see as being the most interesting in this transfer window yes think the most exciting one would be by munich's new signing off on the davies they've got him for ten million euros from major league soccer so i think the white caps and he's only eighteen years old and he's already a very exciting talent and as we can see here he's already made his debut for by munich he was signed at the start of january. he's a very fast left winger school goals and ten assists in the m.l.s.
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last season he could have a very bright future in the bundesliga and then there's going to have dora he saw him for a lot from sister club the salzburg big fave nineteen million euros but he is injured at the moment he won't be back until march but he's replacement now be kater who lot six old lupul and they slowly missing him at the moment but one other one that's extremely exciting i think the shock of fans is rather the tone that i saw on him from interest to city another young englishman coming to the ball as they go looking to make a splash he's supposed to be fast and. very exciting want to show the fans that ok well what about the rest of europe which signings do you see is making a difference yeah i think john your is a weird one because you usually always looking for a bit of a bargain but usually clubs khan of elevate their prices and so. on for chelsea and he's expected to solve this striking issues. he. did make his debut last night
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though in chelsea last fall so. he needs a needs a get he was very impressive for not plea on the riches sorry who is now chelsea and so there's hope that he can turn chelsea's season around but we'll have to wait say on that one and then. moved from chelsea he's the one that failed at chelsea didn't really find his fate there and he's now going to let it come adrift looking to revive his free so that's what we know other just a couple of hours left you expecting any major stories coming through briefly if you can't yeah i mean the big one is column hudson a door he's been touted to go to by munich from. from chelsea for a long time now young player very quick very talented but it's expected that chelsea want to keep hold of him he says that he wants to leave reportedly left once the wind can get that deal of the lawn thank you so much yet expect from d.w. sports now to egypt where
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a professional swimmer has been racking up an impressive collection of medals at competitions around the world even though the athlete in question is just a few years away from her eightieth birthday. limbering up at the age of seventy six professional swimmer. is as committed to her sport as ever she trains five times per week at a pool in cairo. and. i'm proof that age isn't an obstacle if you have the will to do it and if you have a positive outlook in life. but won her first medal as a teenager but aged eighteen she stopped competing back then there were no championships in egypt for swimmers about that age but she continued to train in the hope that one day she could represent her country internationally in twenty fourteen did just that and her hard work paid off as she won to mental illness and
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then i waited sixty years for the opportunity to participate in a championship it was inside me for sixty years waiting to be released i participated in the championship with great determination and after having trained very hard and that coach is delighted with the medal winning after stryfe. heart of a twenty year old she has determination in freezing cold or in hot weather she still shows up every day to training there is no championship that she doesn't wish to participate in she has to perseverance determination and heart of a young person. even hopes to add to her medal collection after next competition in germany. raising what determination and a positive outlook can do for you well it's being called the biggest toilet building spree in the world and twenty fourteen indian prime minister narendra modi
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launched his clean india campaign the aim to eliminate the widespread practice of people relieving themselves in the open in the countryside five years later is the programme working well or india correspondents on your visits a few villages in the northern state of. it's a must do it with the british the last speakers here have a duty secret. has never had a toy that. she has to walk more than a kilometer every day to relieve. the ritual with indignities and this. next night we have to carry a torch and the stick i come here with other women and young children we stand watch first because the children get scared there are wild animals in the fields sometimes there are men around it is scary it's safer to come in
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a group. he's experienced is a chop odds with the government's much touted campaign to eliminate often difficult . signs warn of the health risks associated with the practice and urged people to use toilets. and they need the clean india effort has even roped in bollywood stars to spread the message or the government offers twelve thousand that's about one hundred fifty euros want to get more house so it's mainly in villages. the doggy door as part of the clean india campaign the government claims if the building hundreds of millions of toilets it says is a completely eliminated open defecation in most indian states but in the villages be visited in the british that with far from being the case. in one village the toilets stand half baked many residency they haven't received the food subsidy the
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facilities here are missing roofs and seeds and are very obviously not news. of this is me this man says the toilets being built on too flimsy and wouldn't last long where there are allegations of caution to. me that the government did give the money for the story but at a price. the head of the village told us if we don't get toilets made we will get subsidized food grain those are orders from the motor government we are poor people we really depend on the food handouts so i decided to build the toilet. it's. back at this place another irregularity emerges. the clean india website declares hope to be free of open difficult with two hundred thirty four toilets installed but that doesn't add up and i doubt there are just about four or five people in our village who have toilets you can check yourself how can the
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government say all of us have toilets that's just wrong there is collusion among the officials no one has ever come here to check. these toilet tales on new for research and as a college he's visited about eighty villages across the city for a much sighted study on the campaigns and the corruption story is every bit you saw for yourself right don't look to don't exist is just on the table going to use money on this big for themselves. that is something really serious the runs the campaign know to put the age he says the ghost story that income the babies village definitely need investigation but he insists it's an isolated case it is very serious and we are very very very very strict actions if somebody is phone to give false information or. what i think there's no mother should be very large and the picture which i'm going to put in this open division almost has
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come down to very small of us. as. she stood waiting for her promise toilet. ratchford rageh they said and i think she's already to place for it in front of parole. just on your reporting there just a reminder the top story we're following for you venezuelans have taken to the streets or caracas to demand the president nicolas maduro step down they also called for the military to saud the people of backing self declared interim president on why don't. you watching d.w. news live from berlin don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site. called coming up next a business so that the economy is slowing down the robots are coming and what's happening in germany in the world over more on our business show stephen beardsley coming up after the break. thanks for being with us.
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too. h.i.v. positive in many parts of russia it's a terrible stigma but in orphanages judge gobbets takes a different approach. here h.i.b. positive youngsters grow up with kids who don't have the fire risk. what's the daily routine like for the staff and how do the children themselves fare. in sixty minutes on d w sixteen the for
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crimes against humanity. civilians become witnesses of god mohammed. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. what is funny and the fiction of what is fact. digital investigators combing through the flood of images and they combine sources trying to reconstruct what happened to the man to substantiate claims of crimes spanx to this video recording of a soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. for. forensics between bits and bytes. i have that. i think again. it's just evidence. of this chance a good time because justice is about the truth of.
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the truth detectives starts on february fifteenth on t w. the german economy has always been a powerhouse for europe but after a record year for employment signs point to a slowdown what does that mean for the labor market especially as more work becomes automated. and spreads it has everyone worried including fisherman who don't know where to fish in the event of a no deal exit of britain from the e.u. . also on the show or a moat bulgarian village is attracting throngs of chinese tourists.


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