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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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thank god. this is the w.'s life from butler in the european parliament back from us when a self declared interim president putting extra pressure on the president the door of his right and sky cross the country return to the streets a call for him to resign also on the program a german his politics pays tribute to the victims of the nazis the. course of five i'm story is sold feel a sense judgments must remain vigilant against the resurgence of anti semitism.
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america's midwest in the grip of a deadly deep freeze the top just colder than the arctic bringing the latest from chicago daily life is ground to a halt. i'm phil gal welcome to the program the european parliament has voted to recognize venezuela's self proclaimed interim president and called on member states to do the same. who also leads the country's national assembly has revealed that they political opposition has held secret meetings with military officials is trying to convince officers to withdraw all that support for president the door of and to allow humanitarian aid into the tryst stricken country meanwhile people across the country have returned to the streets calling for the president to go.
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nicolas maduro surrounded by his troops it is a show of loyalty and shaky times for the embattled president. and it came after his challenger quantum why don't you proclaimed himself interim president last week said he had been holding secret talks with venezuela's on truth says it's the support of the military that both men need in their fight for power. and meanwhile protesters once again took to the streets of caracas calling from a juror to step down. nearly and to ensure he is one of them she's the wife of a prominent opposition leader who's been in jail for four years as she told the w.c. it was time for a new government was tough for her. to drink see her bring her back soon this is why we are protesting we wait can't work
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everybody together parties. demonstrators okaloosa calling on the military to open venezuela's doors to humanitarian aid that the country desperately needs doctors were protesting against the lack of medical equipment and medicines. we don't have it is we don't know how to. use. the material to work because he told us here are dying there's no food to give you see there's no medication for their work. they have the u.s. on their side washington has recognized why do those claims to lead venezuela on wednesday president trump phoned him to me if he has support the three thirty and about president maduro has warned the americans that intervention may backfire. they don't want to i call upon your conscience akala pun your solidarity be aware
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of the truth we must not allow a second vietnam to happen this time in latin america if the u.s. intervenes it will be worse for them than vietnam. according to a russian news agency material has offered to negotiate with the opposition in an attempt to regain support domestically but took some not but the people on the street want. michael jackson. was. their demand is clear and i'm sure i must die i. was the most from d.w.i. caused by the barber of ezola who joins us from bucharest where a new foreign ministers meeting a welcome barbara can we expect them to follow the united states and others and. why that was president. that is at least in one part what european foreign
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ministers want to do the german representative heikal mosque just arrived here in bucharest there was the wrong kind of snow in his local airport so he got off to a late start however he said that he hopes that now all the rest of the european union is going to get behind a cloak conclusion that the big four issued last week and that said that they would give them a do road just one week that would be like up to this weekend and maybe a few days to say that he would organize new elections that they would be fair and free and internationally supervised and then they would sort of wait for the for the result of those redactions if he does not do that they are ready to immediately recognize one guy too so that is the stance that taking and mrs here are hoping that the whole you know gets off the fence and sort of gets behind the statement of
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the e.u. already has sanctions against the regime and countries of want to actually know you lections are cold as you say so what form might be tight. there are some sanctions against like the inner circle some people around madura and they are not released very stringent and so was a guard to the sentients regime of course the european union can do more but do we had to talk a little earlier to the chairman off the foreign policy committee of the european parliament david mcallister let's hear what he has to say on that point for us mr gado is the president of venezuela and we do hope the european union will find a united position on this the developments in venezuela show but we need to support the citizens who have been suffering under this terrible regime for far too long the european union will be ready to to support the fight of the venezuelan
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people to restore democracy to respect human rights to respect media freedom to respect the democratic rights of government and opposition to respect pluralism and we know how economically the people in venezuela have suffered and are still suffering and we are ready to support i'm very sure. that i mean mcallister that meant mentioned i media freedom in that list the e.u. has also been voicing concerns about the detention of foreign journalists. of course the european foreign ministers and put in particular the e.u. foreign policy chief eatery come a greenie very strongly demand the release of three spanish journalists from spanish news agency who had been arrested last night while doing their job while filming opposition demonstrations in venezuela and of course the concern is now that the as the situation gets more and more tense in the country and nobody really
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knows what will happen next that all foreign journalists there they had been talking earlier about two french journalists who had been arrested also. it becomes more and more difficult for them to do the job and they are actually might be in direct danger to be sort of taken off the streets by the regime so that is another issue that of course is quite burning here but there is now really strong push to sort of get go forward in this regard and sort of so their weight behind the international recognition of korean guy too bob of a slim progress thank you. well that meeting of e.u. foreign ministers in bucharest has also seen the launch of a new payment channel to bypass u.s. sanctions against iran backed by germany france and the u.k. instax would give iran access to european markets without using international banks which would face penalties under the u.s.
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sanctions regime so a new payment system would allow iran to sell products like oil to european customers insects would receive the payment and keep it european companies would then deliver food or medical supplies to iran and then get paid by in stakes a mechanism would allow participants to avoid violating u.s. sanctions which forbid monetary transactions with iran but not the trade of goods just by this companies using instax might still risk retaliation by the u.s. . germany's pollard's has held the ceremonies to commemorate the victims of the nazi regime the seventy four thousand version of the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp the nazis murdered an estimated six million jews as well as hundreds of thousands of seventy roma disabled gay people with more than a million killed at auschwitz alone the keynote address was given by historian and holocaust survivor soul friedlander. sol friedlander spent his whole life
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trying to understand the inhumanity of the holocaust as a young jewish boy his parents hid him from the nazis in a french boarding school. if. i ran away from boarding school and found my parents in the hospital but how to send me back was going on inside them when they saw the little boy fighting tooth and nail to stay with them as i was removed from their room. it was the last time i ever saw them was. this village still. in his speech to the german parliament commemorating the holocaust the historian pointed out that millions of germans already knew what was happening in the death camps as early as one nine hundred forty two his parents were killed in auschwitz at this time friedlander himself survived and emigrated to
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israel in one thousand forty eight shortly after the state was founded. israel was a homeland for me and my generation of european jews. at least for those of us who survived. he says there was a sense of belonging and despite my critique of the government i still believe to this day vet it is an inherent moral imperative to defend the right of israel to exist is my. ship if. one is tired president underline this moral imperative he said it is a part of modern germany's d.n.a. . phenotypic if. you don't find the term
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holocaust on the constitution put the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the germans reverberate in it unmistakably in the basic rights that protect individuals from a despotic state and in the legal foundation of a democracy that is capable. of protecting itself and not allowing that democratic freedoms are misused to destroy a liberal democracy if i had to be democrat he misspoke we have. music composed by victor oman who was murdered in auschwitz in one thousand nine hundred four among the listeners young people from numerous countries when holocaust survivors no longer exist it will be up to the next generations to make sure the atrocities are not forgotten. that are some of the other stories making news around the world the united nations says a million land mines have not been cleared from the world's youngest nation south sudan local mine clearance experts and u.s.
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specialists worked together to destroy a one hundred kilogram and dropped bomb found in the capital juba last week. a rescue ship carrying forty seven migrants has docked in the ports of qahtani in the in the italian island of sicily rome had spent a previous suspect the last twelve days refusing to allow the sea watch vessel to enter the country the standoff was resolved but nine countries agreed to accept the passages. and its latest fall back into recession after its economy shrank in fourth quarter of a twenty eight take zero point two percent contraction will put pressure on the populace to government the euro zone's fourth largest economy the coalition took power in july on the back of big spending and actual promises such as increase in pensions and and introducing a basic income for all and for job seekers. u.n. humanitarian chief has appealed for money to buy basic supplies for millions of
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syrians living in tents or in unheated buildings in severe winter conditions while cloaks appealed to the un security council comes amid rising concern of the plights of three million people in italy province the last major stronghold of the syrian opposition. the bitterly cold air seeps through the cracks sunshine hand does his best to insulate but there is only so much he can do to protect his family from the rain in storms. his three children do their best to ward off the freezing temperatures they've been living here for over a year. the family was forced to flee their village of hamas when government troops under the assad regime began bombing they lost everything. now shit we live to sleep we cook and wash in this tent there's no harder life than here my son has a bad case of bronchitis we can't afford any medicine we can't afford any food either he or she to be honest we have nothing well and that is the only god can
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help us we have absolutely nothing at all no call nothing to eat and drink nothing . for weeks the weather has been inclement mix of rain in storms this refugee camp in northern syria has become a mud bath fifteen hundred people fled here from other parts of the country to escape violence. but there's no sign of any aid organization and there is a severe lack of blankets clothes heaters food as well. and now there is also a rising fear of a military offensive directed toward the last rebel stronghold in syria will push out that we are afraid of everything up with rain and wind when it hits a tent but also attackers coming from who knows where but i don't know what some call. more and live has become more likely since the salafist jihad is militant group. to control early january these are rare images of an otherwise closed
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society the extremists with close ties to al qaeda were meant to withdraw to a buffer zone and take their heavy arms with them those were the terms of a cease fire agreed upon by russia and turkey instead moderate groups were beaten back and forced to flee. it live has become a city state ruled by sharia law hundreds of opposition members are thought to have been arrested perhaps it is no wonder that people here are hesitant to criticize to reroll sham an occupation by the syrian army would probably be the greater of two evils. if government troops were tried. we would fight back or take our weapons to turkey or europe. we have no other option but to defend ourselves one thing is certain war is coming. the provincial administration is under the control of terrier al shaab the chief administrator criticize the fact that western countries like germany discontinued their aid for that very reason.
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the citizens have to suffer dealing with things like. the more they will flee abroad the little people always look for safe places where they will have bread to eat. and if they don't get it here they will look for it elsewhere. and why. it is a struggle for power being fought on the backs of the vulnerable according to the united nations one point six million people in dependent aid for basic food supplies it is a question of survival for many of them survival in the last really bastion in syria. the weather forecast is in america's midwest say the deep freeze gripping the region should ease later at least eight people have died in temperatures lower than the arctic infrastructure's been crippled and life for tens of millions of people has been brought to a standstill. chicago the windy city no stranger to wicked winter weather but
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this week's lows haven't been this brutal in decades breathing can be painful even dangerous and that's not only the case in america's third largest city six u.s. states have recorded temperatures colder than antarctica weather stations across large parts of canada and the u.s. have registered temperatures at minus thirty degrees celsius or more factor in the wind chill and it's more than minus fifty the culprit for the cold chaos a massive subzero air called a polar vortex so named because it normally stays put around the north pole but this week it's humble people further south. this is the cold this i've ever seen and i've got about three different layers on top and bottom right now so as prepared as they can be. and if. you're shipping this is good perpetration would vote for every need to get from here what you're trying to newton's to get to illustrate the effects of extreme cold chicago based reporter
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through a couple of boiled water in the air. the water froze almost instantly and fell back down as snow. temperatures this far below freezing can also have drastic effects on people the homeless are at particular risk cities across the midwest have opened warming centers including police stations and roving buses for anyone seeking shelter from the cold the bone chilling weather has caused more than two thousand flight cancellations school and office closures transit delays and multi-car pileups on slippery roads even the u.s. postal service whose unofficial motto takes pride in all weather work has halted mail delivery in many places the polar vortex looks to be lingering through the rest of the week only then might it release millions of people from its icy embrace . that much weight is in chicago where temperatures are described as life threatening she described how authorities that have been handling extreme
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conditions well as we've heard they've been setting up warming centers a lot of the city's major institutions governments have been shut down for the past day through possibly also tomorrow a lot of schools the major universities have also closed down there were some dramatic pictures that came out yesterday of authorities having to light the train tracks of the public transit system on fire because it was so cold that the metal was working and they needed to keep people moving so there's been a variety of response is even just reaching out to clergy in the area trying to coordinate and reach out to the most vulnerable people who might be sleeping on the streets in these extreme weather people who can't get to warm places especially because there's also been about twenty five thousand reported people affected by power outages in the region. chicago now after the rocky in its history facebook hot been hoping that twenty nineteen would mark a fresh start with
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a social media giant already has a new explosive scandal on its hands according to u.s. news outlets tech crunch facebook has been paying uses as young as thirteen for access to the most private data cold nights but has been looking into that story well to come what have they been doing well yet what they've been doing for the past two years facebook's been using something called the facebook research app to basically vacuum up data from people's phones this is a separate app specifically targeted people between the ages of thirteen and thirty five so younger users and the app paid users up to twenty dollars per month to keep this app on their phone in exchange for nearly unlimited access to even your most sensitive data on your phone and here's just some of what facebook had access to but this program nearly their entire phone and we're talking about users' private messages within social media apps their internet browsing activity including web searches even encrypted phone activity is the photos and videos you are sending to other people and location information so this app can also track your physical
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location throughout the day it also asked to see your amazon purchase history so but almost everything facebook was advertising this app to young people on their favorite platforms you can see in an ad right here so this was on snap chat and instagram places where young people hang out on the internet the goal here phil was likely to gain an edge on its competitors so facebook is essentially spying on what junk people are doing and they're saying oh look at this feature is being used a lot by another social media company maybe we should take that integrate that into facebook ok you say spying but facebook says people knew what they were signing up for all right i mean of course people signed up for this app voluntarily but a lot of experts say look there's no way people could have known exactly what they were getting themselves into and here's why i mean first off it wasn't even quite clear that face. book was behind this app at all and this is an informational e-mail it only mentions facebook once otherwise it looks a lot like a scientific study secondly it wasn't clear just how much access this app would
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have to your phone data i mean here's some fine print here it says by installing a software you're giving our client permission to collect data from your phone that will help them understand how you browse the internet and how do you use the features in your apps and this app it blatantly violated the rules of the apple app store it was installed on people's phones using a backdoor method that's only meant for employees because it was so invasive it needed root access to your phone one tech reporter called this quote the most defiance behavior he's ever seen by an app store developer so what is the potential fallout for this bill i mean like you mentioned this is another scandal for facebook more bad publicity but on top of that i mean this could give us politicians more ammunition to impose some sort of regulation and this is what one u.s. senator mentioned after this news broke here you can see him saying. it's this sort of behavior is not going to stop until we pass comprehensive legislation that enshrines every american's right to privacy with
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a privacy bill of rights referring to a bill that actually mr markey introduced early last year of course on the other hand it's not hurting the company's bottom line facebook this week posting a record profit of nearly seven billion dollars coalescent thank you so much for that. just a few days away from the start of the chinese year of the pig since pigs symbolize good fortune satisfaction and wealth in china many believe it's go to be a good year but pigs especially popular that when they're on a plate roasted for example combs traditional style. here they hang ready to be roasted this restaurant in hong kong offers the only suckling paying to be roasted in underground grills the veteran chen fire something every morning. the pork gets cooked at three hundred sixty degrees celsius. that was the last roaster is to roast pigs and wood fired underground barbecue pits
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a roast pig skin comes out crispy with a deep labored the meat has a hint of smoky taste which you can't experience anywhere else. once the meat is cooked it gets cut up very carefully. to a chopping roast meat it's most important to cut it into neat and even cubes. pork is very popular in china and hong kong ten to fourteen pigs are prepared here every day but now in the run to chinese new year it can be up to one hundred and they're delivered to other restaurants and private customers. but overall meat consumption is on the wane in china too fatty too heavy. more and more chinese are adopting healthier diets but the master roaster has other worries they have young people think this job is too hard also if we go out of business one day they
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won't be able to find a job anywhere else so young people are not willing to join us. shortly. but for now grill chefs expect people to really dig into pork during the upcoming year of the pig. it's yummy the skin is very crispy delicious. and twenty twenty is the year of the rat but it's unlikely that people here will go hog wild for it. that your life for them but still to come in day w. news that millions of engines with nowhere to go in the first dallas massive campaign to build more toilets better people don't want the. soviet you can always get. just download from google play well for me apple's still give us a pledge excuse me around the world as well as push notifications for i think breaking news which also gives it to some. video.
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this is the doctor news asia coming up in the program indios toilets the government's clean india campaign claims to have built millions of trains well they we also. forced to go in the fields to bust. leaving with the dead a report on why he's cambodians have found a happy home among the tombstones at the multiple cemetary.


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