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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm CET

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this is the w.'s live from buckingham palace where the self declared interim president says we won't wait for mature road to go but the white house says he's already working on a transitional government both parts of society must work together to get it going also on the program germany's parliament taste tribute to the victims of the nazi. for survival and historian sold free land us as germans must have remain vigilant
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against a resurgence of anti semitism. america's midwest in the grip of a deadly deep freeze with temperatures colder than the arctic and bring you the latest from chicago daily life just dropped. i'm still gal welcome to the program that is where the self-proclaimed interim president has been speaking in the last hour addressing crowds of supporters presenting his plan for the country's future he said he wouldn't wait for the duro to go and he was already working on a transitional government president but dora continues to face a wave of street protests with venezuelans taking to the streets calling for him to go. that. was. nicolas maduro surrounded by his troops it was
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a show of loyalty in shaky times for the embattled president. and it came after his challenger one by door who proclaimed himself interim president last week said he had been holding secret talks with venezuela's on true says it's the support of the military that both men need in their fight for power. and meanwhile protesters once again took to the streets of caracas calling from a duration step down. nearly on ten tory is one of them she's the wife of a prominent opposition leader who's been in jail for four years she told the w it was time for a new government. thurber. literacy. vertexes this lightly our protest here we wait can't let everybody get the parties i demonstrate as okaloosa calling on the military to open venezuela's doors
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to humanitarian aid that the country desperately needs doctors were protesting against the lack of medical equipment and medicines. we don't have meters we don't know how. you. get to work because the shoulders here are dying there's no food to give them to you there's no with occasion for their like. they have the u.s. on their side washington has recognized claims to lead venezuela on wednesday president trump phoned him to reaffirm his support for the three thirty in about president maduro has won the americans that intervention may backfire. yeah i want to hear i call upon your conscience akala pun your solidarity be aware of the truth we must not allow a second vietnam to happen this time in latin america if the u.s.
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intervenes it will be worse for them than vietnam. according to a russian news agency material has offered to negotiate with the opposition in an attempt to regain support domestically the tool some know but the people on the street crimes. after michael jackson. was. their demand is clear and i'm sure i must die. as your mo from d.w.i. correspondent barbara visalia joins us from bucharest where a new foreign ministers meeting a welcome barbara can we expect them to follow the united states and others and well one glad i was president. that is at least in one part of what european foreign ministers want to do the german representative high costs just arrived here in bucharest there was the wrong kind of snow in his
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local airport so he got off to a late start however he said that he hopes that now all the rest of the european union is going to get behind a clear conclusion that the big four issued last week and that said that they would give them a duro just one week that would be like up to this weekend and maybe if you days to say that he would organize new elections that they would be fair and free and internationally supervised and then they would sort of wait for the for the result of those redactions if he does not do that they are ready to immediately recognize one guy too so that is the stance they're taking and mrs here are hoping that the whole you now gets off the fence and sort of gets behind the statement of the e.u. already has sanctions against the regime and countries of want of actually no new elections are called as you say so what form might be state. there are
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some sanctions against like the inner circle some people around madura and they are not released very stringent and so was a guard to the same regime of course the european union can do more but do we had to talk a little earlier to the chairman of the foreign policy committee of the european parliament david mcallister let's hear what he has to say on that point for us mr gado is the president of venezuela and we do hope the european union will find a united position on this the developments in venezuela show but we need to support the citizens who have been suffering under this terrible regime for far too long the european union will be ready to to support the fight of the venezuelan people to restore democracy to respect human rights to respect media freedom
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to respect the democratic rights of government and opposition to respect pluralism and we know how economically the people in venezuela have suffered and are still suffering and we are ready to support i'm very sure was david mcallister chair of the european parliament's foreign affairs committee speaking with the dublin correspondent barbara. starr that meeting of e.u. foreign ministers in the caressed also seen the launch of a new payment channel to bypass u.s. sanctions against iran backed by germany france and the u.k. instax would give iran access to european markets without using international banks which would face penalties under the u.s. sanctions regime so the new payment system would allow iran to sell products like oil to european customers. instax were then receive payment and keep it european companies will then deliver food or medical supplies to iran and then get
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paid by instax the mechanism were law participants to avoid violating u.s. sanctions which forbid monetary transactions with iran but not the trade of goods despite this company's using insects might still risk retaliation by the u.s. . federal response has held a ceremony to commemorate the victims of the nazi regime and to mark the seventy fourth anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp the nazis murdered an estimated six million jews as well as hundreds of thousands of sinti roman disabled and gay people with more than a million killed that auschwitz alone the keynote address was given by historian and holocaust survivor sol freeland. saul friedlander spent his whole life trying to understand the inhumanity of the holocaust. as a young jewish boy his parents hid him from the nazis in a french boarding school. if this stands i ran away from boarding school
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and found my parents in the hospital but how to send me back was going on inside them when they saw the little boy fighting tooth and nail to stay with them as i was removed from their room. it was the last time i ever saw them. it. is still. in his speech to the german parliament commemorating the holocaust the historian pointed out that millions of germans already knew what was happening in the death camps as early as one thousand nine hundred two his parents were killed in auschwitz at this time friedland himself survived and emigrated to israel in one nine hundred forty eight shortly after the state was founded. israel was a homeland for me and my generation of european jews. at least for those of us who
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survived. this there was a sense of belonging and despite my critique of the government i still believe to this day vet it is an inherent moral imperative to defend the right of israel to exist is my. ship if. one is tired president underline this moral imperative he said it is a part of modern germany's d.n.a. . phenotypic if. you don't find the term holocaust in the constitution put the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the germans reverberate in it unmistakably in the basic rights that protect individuals from a despotic state and in the legal foundation of a democracy that is capable. of protecting itself and not allowing that democratic
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freedoms are misused to destroy a liberal democracy. he misspoke. music composed by victor all man who was murdered in auschwitz in one thousand nine hundred four among the listeners young people from numerous countries when holocaust survivors no longer exist it will be up to the next generations to make sure the atrocities are not forgotten. now there are some of the other stories making news around the world a rescue ship carrying forty seven migrants has docked in the port of good tanya an italian island of sicily rome had previously spent the last twelve days refusing to allow the sea watch vessel to duck the standoff was resolved when nine e.u. countries agreed to accept the passengers. meanwhile italy has fallen back into recession after its economy shrank in the fourth quarter of
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a twenty eighteen zero point two percent contraction put pressure on the populace government of the euro zone's the fourth largest economy the coalition took power in july on the back of big spending and the troll promises such as increasing pensions and introducing a basic income for the poor and for job seekers. united nations says a million land mines have not been cleared from the world's youngest nation south sudan local mine clearance experts and u.n. specialists work together to destroy one hundred kilogram bomb found in the capital juba last week. thousands of children in mumbai have set a new world record the largest gathering of people wearing crash helmets is a campaign to raise awareness of road accidents specifically those than to riding motorcycles without protection for road infrastructure and reckless driving continue contributes to thousands of clashes in india every. of the u.n.
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humanitarian chief has appealed for money to buy basic supplies for millions of syrians living in tents or in unheated buildings in severe winter conditions. appealed to the un security council comes a bit dead rising concern of the plight of some three million people in italy province the last major stronghold of the syrian opposition. the bitterly cold air seeps through the cracks on china han does his best to insulate but there's only so much he can do to protect his family from the rain and storms. his three children do their best to ward off the freezing temperatures they've been living here for over a year. the family was forced to flee their village of hamas when government troops under the assad regime began bombing they lost everything. else shit we lived to sleep we cook and wash in this tent there's no harder life than here my son has a bad case of cronkite says but we can't afford any medicine we can't afford any
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food either. to be honest we have nothing well that is here only god can help us we have absolutely nothing at all no coal nothing to eat and drink nothing. for weeks the weather has been an inclement mix of rain in storms this refugee camp in northern syria has become a mud bath fifteen hundred people fled here from other parts of the country to escape violence. but there's no sign of any aid organization and there is a severe lack of blankets clothes heaters food as well. and now there is also a rising fear of a military offensive directed toward the last rebel stronghold in syria will push out that we are afraid of everything up with rain and wind when it hits attend but also attackers coming from who knows where but i don't know what something. more and it has become more likely since the salafist jihad is militant group to rural shanthi to control early january these are rare images of an otherwise closed
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society the extremists with close ties to al qaeda were meant to withdraw to a buffer zone and take their heavy arms with them those were the terms of the cease fire agreed upon by russia and turkey instead moderate groups were beaten back and forced to flee. has become a city state ruled by sharia law hundreds of opposition members are thought to have been arrested perhaps it is no wonder that people here are hesitant to criticize to reroll sham an occupation by the syrian army would probably be the greater of two evils. if government troops were tried. we would fight back or take our weapons to turkey or europe. we have no other option but to defend ourselves one thing is certain war is coming. the provincial administration is under the control of terrier al sharpton the chief administrator criticize the fact
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that western countries like germany discontinued their aid for that very reason. citizens have to suffer dealing with things like. the more they will flee abroad. people always look for safe places where they will have bread to eat and if they don't get it here they will look for it elsewhere. it is a struggle for power being fought on the backs of the vulnerable according to the united nations one point six million people in it labor dependent on aid for basic food supplies it is a question of survival for many of them survival in the last rebel bastion in syria . the weather forecast is in america's midwest say the deep freeze that script the region should ease in later at least eight people have died in temperatures lower than the arctic infrastructure has been crippled and life for tens of millions of people brought to a standstill. chicago the windy city no stranger to wicked winter weather but
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this week's lows haven't been this brutal in decades breathing can be painful even dangerous and that's not only the case in america's third largest city six u.s. states have recorded temperatures colder than antarctica weather stations across large parts of canada and the u.s. have register temperatures at minus thirty degrees celsius or more factor in the wind chill and it's more than minus fifty the culprit for the cold chaos a massive subzero air called a polar vortex so named because it normally stays put around the north pole but this week it's humble people further south. this is that because this of ever seen it i've got about three different layers on top and bottom right now so as compared as they can be. and. there should be this is good perpetration would. ever need to get from here what you're trying to mittens and to
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get to illustrate the effects of extreme cold a chicago based reporter through a couple of boiled water in the air. the water froze almost instantly and fell back down as snow. temperatures this far below freezing can also have drastic effects on people the homeless are at particular risk cities across the midwest have opened up warming centers including police stations and roving buses for anyone seeking shelter from the cold the bone chilling weather has caused more than two thousand flight cancellations school and office closures transit delays and multi-car pileups on slippery roads even the u.s. postal service whose unofficial motto takes pride in all weather work has halted mail delivery in many places the polar vortex looks to be lingering through the rest of the week only then might it release millions of people from its icy embrace . this show ended up in correspondent life in the in chicago in the u.s. state of illinois where temperatures have been described as
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a life threatening situation nama. hi there well it's you know it's a bit iffy outside and there's a waiver a little while for give me if i look like i'm sort of dancing in front of the camera but they've actually advised people who have to be outside for any period of time to keep moving you know to keep generating your body heat because it's really dangerous if you're standing still for too long this is temperature which even your your eyeballs can freeze over if it's too cold if you're outside for too long i can feel my tears sort of freezing in my eyes right now the situation is it's sort of a ghost town this is one of the most populous cities in the us it's the beginning of the workday here and this we're next to one of the biggest streets in town and it's pretty clear as usually traffic jams people running around and there's almost no one on the streets mostly due to the cold so how have authority these extremes. well as we've heard they've been setting up warming centers
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a lot of the city's major institutions governments have been shut down for the past day through possibly also tomorrow a lot of schools the major universities have also closed down there were some dramatic pictures that came out yesterday of authorities having to light the train tracks of the public transit system on fire because it was so cold that the metal was working and they needed to keep people moving so there's been a variety of response is even just reaching out to clergy in the area trying to coordinate and reach out to the most vulnerable people who might be sleeping on the streets in these extreme weather people who can't get to warm places especially because there's also been about twenty five thousand reported people affected by power outages in the region so briefly how little of these continued at these conditions expected to continue well that's the interesting thing because yesterday
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and today it's been as we've heard and arctic temperatures here but even starting tomorrow it's supposed to pop up to a balmy negative six celsius and then already on the weekend it's going to shoot right up to being above freezing again which is a swing about forty degrees of temperature and about three days i was much chicago keep moving so if you like to. know about their village in vogue area is expected is experiencing a sudden surge in the number of chinese to tourists that know that just for the scenery the business on something of a pilgrimage as they search for a particular strain of bacteria. see lies in the middle of the bulgarian rideau pea mountain range near the greek border. recently signs in chinese appeared more and more chinese are traveling to this bulgarian mountain and
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they're all interested in just one thing the now famous lactobacillus bulgaria because your great culture but why. the. story and she has been living in monkey love to see for ninety four years now he's famous television teams from bulgaria china and brazil have already interviewed him they all want to know why he's lived so long. we're doing so well here because we eat a lot of young good because of here without cows milk sheep's milk or goats milk i just need the milk and the yogurt made from it to exist that's why i've lived so long. and that's exactly what the chinese want that's why the states run bright terry's t.v. ads talks about the life prolonging effect of mom to love to see ya get. into action she meet cool use she sees things.
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in munch a lot see we meet the dairy farmer a tanous of he still remembers the first delegation from china eight years ago they took a very close look at how he produces milk and yogurt and asked about the secret of bulgarian york it. filed as secrets very simple on the one hand the animals feed on the mountain meadows and on the other hand we have a very special breed of cowards which give less milka the much better quality their milk is fatter than. and chinese yogurt fans have been coming to the bulgarian reduce the mountain range since then following the path of a long life they know from t.v. commercials. that's the hit was in football the january transfer window closes in a few hours the last chance for european clubs to sign new players for the rest of
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the season. due to sport is here to tell us about the biggest moves well let's start with germany's bundesliga what last minute deals of course you're right well one in particular is a signing for shall cadets eighteen year old robbie tunde oh he's a winner and incredibly just eighteen he's already an international for wales and he's coming to germany from. where he has definitely impressed one man in particular that's one of the he was reportedly just the manager there on city he was reportedly not all that man city and actually sell them this is a guy who we're just seeing a married to saying hello to his new teammates he's known for being super quick in fact even quicker than another well former shot the player. who's now playing at man city young players have been a feature of the january transfer window here in germany what's going well another
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eighteen year old it's incredible these these young players is alfonso davis he actually signed for byron in the summer but he officially joins now in january in fact he already made his debut we're seeing him here and he came on in the eighty sixth minute environ munich four one win over stuttgart just last weekend and he's joining at from m.l.s. side fine cooper whitecaps this is. actually a canadian international and he was actually born in a refugee camp to liberian parents in ghana another player who has really jumped out at me is twenty one year old i'm a jew haidara for lights and he joined for a fee of nineteen million. from their sister club in austria f.c. at red bull salisbury he's a central midfielder and he's from mali so plenty of young players who are really jumping out. around europe one of the signings that will make a difference well two players used to play around one hundred one. for chelsea on loan from uva but i'm not trying to not to confuse it he's been playing for ac
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milan for a while for the past number of months and he's joining at until at least the end of the season of the option but they could actually buy him out right now the guy who really jumps out at me are just going to be going there and the images is out about more out there he goes back to spain after a pretty poor stand chelsea and he's going to let it go untreated he used to play for. public. you're watching the w. coming up next in d.w. news africa children as young as five sniffing glue hi there it's me being a street kid stuff i missed out of the us population the country's capital i think you know because koppel explodes so too does a number of boys and girls trying to escape move policy. custom made to coffins got a final sendoff for just off a grandiose effect will introduce you to the coughing cough as i come.
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pretty full something you know indeed happy news often bringing you stories cross the region story and every language but the first word allusion to the coax in germany. why not permit him. it's simple online on your mobile and free. t.w.
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ziggler ning course. german made easy. i'm not going to get out of the well because sometimes i am but i said nothing which would never have been think stevens or german culture of looking out the stereotype to quell the interesting pursuits of the country but i don't. mean it's a ridiculous drama there you go it's cold out there. i'm rachel joins me from egypt and from d.w. . post. love. use monosyllabic.
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to. my mom's. business v.w. news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes migration to big cities is outpacing urbanization in ethiopia we meet the children forced to make a living on the streets on fridays. and just days into a new presidency hundreds of rebels lay down their weapons is it a new door in the democratic republic of congo. then a fishing santa will take you to the people causing all the gluttony and funeral tradition that's one of extravagance.


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