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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is. the battle for venezuela's future self declaring president saying. we will not wait for president. says he's already working on a transitional government and all parts of society should. get it going but the
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military. america's midwest in the grip of deadly some places colder than on the surface of. bring you the latest from chicago. of the big. and india's toilets the government says. why are so many still answering the call of mother nature. with mother nature. it's good to have you with us tonight venezuela's self-proclaimed interim president one upping the political pressure on the man that he wants to replace he's told supporters that he will not wait for president nicolas maduro to go and he's already working on a transitional. the government. was speaking as you presented
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a plan for rebuilding the country to supporters in caracas today around the same time the european union boosted his efforts to wrest control from the. good news for the self-proclaimed interim president quote unquote joe as pressure on turn socialist leader nicolas maduro mounts the european union now says it will help or so off the crisis in venezuela countries such as germany france bolivia and aquittal go in to form a group for ninety days with the aim of pushing for new elections. there is a full unity on the assessments first of all of the objectives that the european union and it's going to states have which is the one of having organise whelan's as soon as possible freedom of crowded presidential elections with international guarantees that comes shortly after the european parliament called on member states
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to recognize quite go and spend this way less acting head of state joining countries like the u.s. and canada well that doesn't mean that the thirty five year old has the official backing of you could have to turn the tide in his favor boosting the opposition leader internationally as he drums up support at home. this race your hands if your house has no access to water these days the leader asked his audience in the capital caracas elio on thursday. lots of pans in the crowd basic supplies are scarce and then this whale or its economy has gone into meltdown. the transition government has building a civil to itself to improving the situation. there are two key elements for every project time and money through its government does not have to be there but once the illegal seizure of power is over a new democratic government. and have not just time said faith how and the
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necessary money to try to this country for which not is important. but is to support the military that may be crucial in the power battle between. us and far different maint on the side of the embattled president but as international pressure on him ounce become ever more dependent on retaining downloading and. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world germany's parliament has held a ceremony to commemorate the victims of the nazi regime and to mark the seventy fourth anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp more than a million people were killed at that so low the keynote address was given by historian and holocaust survivor saul friedlander rival political factions in lebanon have agreed to form a new government after months of deadlock the country held its first parliamentary
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elections in nine years in may last year but talks since then have been mired in disagreement celebrations are now under way as the delays have heightened fears of a major economic collapse a rescue ship carrying forty seven migrants has docked in the port of khatami in the italian island of sicily rome had previously spent the last twelve days refusing to allow people aboard the sea watch vessel to disembark the standoff was resolved with knowing a you countries agreed to accept the passengers. in the united states weather forecasters in the midwest say that the deep freeze that has gripped the region should ease later today at least eight people have died in temperatures lower than in the arctic or some would even say on mars infrastructure has been crippled and life for tens of millions of people has been brought to a standstill. chicago the windy city no stranger to wicked winter weather
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but this week's lows haven't been this brutal in decades breathing can be painful even dangerous and that's not only the case in america's third largest city six u.s. states have recorded temperatures colder than antarctica weather stations across large parts of canada and the u.s. have register temperatures at minus thirty degrees celsius or more factor in the wind chill and it's more than minus fifty the culprit for the cold chaos a massive subzero air called a polar vortex so named because it normally stays put around the north pole but this week it's humble people further south. this is the. scene in. three different layers on top of. it as prepared as. ever the need to get here what you're trying to newton's of the to get temperatures
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this far below freezing can have drastic effects on people the homeless are at particular risk cities across the midwest have opened warming centers including police stations and roving buses for anyone seeking shelter from the cold the bone chilling weather has caused more than two thousand flight cancellations school and office closures transit delays and multi-car pileups on slippery roads even the u.s. postal service whose unofficial motto takes pride in all weather work has halted mail delivery in many places the polar vortex looks to be lingering through the rest of the week only then might it release millions of people from its icy embrace . with. temperatures are described as. she told us how authorities there are. extreme weather. well as we've heard they've been setting up warming centers a lot of the city's major institutions governments have been shut down for the past
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day through possibly also tomorrow a lot of schools the major universities have also closed down there were some dramatic pictures that came out yesterday of authorities having to light the train tracks of the public transit system on fire because it was so cold that the metal was working and they needed to keep people moving so there's been a variety of response is even just reaching out to clergy in the area trying to coordinate and reach out to the most vulnerable people who might be sleeping on the streets in these extreme weather people who can't get to warm places especially because there's also been about twenty five thousand reported people affected by power outages in the region. that was why as we do they're reporting from a very cold chicago one elemental just having to walk to the nearest field or the forest every time you need to use the toilet or bet is a reality for millions of people in india the government set out to tackle the problem back in two thousand and fourteen but the toilets he claims to have built
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more than one hundred million of them well. they can't be. on your phone the car is in northern india on the hunt for toilets. it's a must to season it with the british the lush fields here harbor a dirty secret. davey has never had a toilet. she has to walk more than a kilometer every day to relieve herself a ritual fraught with indignities andrus that many nights we have to carry a torch and the stick i come here with other women and young children we stand watch first because the children get scared there are wild animals in the fields sometimes there are men around it is scary it's safer to come in a group. the movie's experience is a chop odds with the government's much touted campaign to eliminate often difficult
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. signs warn of the health risks associated with the practice and urged people to use toilets. shocked i learned that he pushed the clean india effort has even roped in bollywood stars to spread the message or the government offers twelve thousand that's about one hundred fifty euros want to get your house so it's only in villages or jolo. as part of the clean india campaign the government claims if the building hundreds of millions of toilets it says is a completely eliminated open defecation in most indian states but in the villages be visited in the top of that with far from being the case. in one village the toilets stand half but many residency they haven't received the full subsidy the facilities here are amazing roofs and seeds and are very obviously not in use. for
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the this man says the toilets being built on too flimsy and wouldn't last long with the allegations of caution to. me that the government did give the money for a start at a price. on the head of the village told us if we don't get toilets made we will get subsidized food grain those are orders from them or the government we are poor people we really depend on the food handouts so i decided to build the toilet. it's . back at the displace another irregularity emerges. the clean india website declares hope ilitch to be free of often difficult with two hundred thirty four toilets installed but that doesn't add up and i doubt there are just about four or five people in our village who have toilets you can check yourself how can the government say all of us have toilets that's just wrong there is collusion among the officials no one has ever come here to check. these toilet
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tales on new for research and as a college he's visited about eighty villages across the state for much cited study on the campaigns and by the corruption story is every bit you saw for yourself. don't exist it's just on the paper the official release my me on for themselves. but there's something really serious. runs the camp not to put the age he says the ghost story lives in comedy these village definitely need investigation but he insists it's an isolated case it is very serious and we are very very very big we restrict actions if somebody is phone to give false information or. what i think there's no money should not be very large and the picture which i'm going to put in that this open division almost has come down to. us
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both and. as. she stood waiting for her promised toilet down a bad food area they said there and i think she's already marked a place for it in front of parole. the january football transfer window has closed in germany beating bundesliga clubs. players for the rest of this seems that most teams around europe kept the purse strings tight through the window but some big names have made over the last month including to germany's top flight. a low key arrival that summed up the january transfer window on thought oh he joined english side chelsea on loan the london club can make the move permanent for thirty five million euros a type of deal that has been common over the last month because it's a very reluctant to spend in england and italy and just about everywhere that's partly down to the financial fair play problem many clubs contre for to buy they
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can only invest in loans christian pulis sick is another player who's been loaned straight back to dortmund for the rest of the season this after the bundesliga club sold him to chelsea for sixty four million euros that price tag makes his move the most expensive of this transfer window and the biggest move into the bundesliga was amadou haidar as transfer to rb leipsic he cost the club nineteen million euros and treads a familiar path he's the fifteenth player to move from red bull salisbury to red bull owned leipzig youth has been a trend among bundesliga signings league leaders dortmund brought in twenty year old argentinian out of the to be as they look to stay ahead in the title race stuttgart new center back on cabot is even younger and another teenager to arrive in the bundesliga is byron's out fun so davies the canadian joins the reigning champions for ten million euros as their only major newcomer but overall it was
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a quiet transfer window for the bavarians who were unable to make a star signing this january. you're watching e.w. news coming up next in d w business in parts of asia it's the run up to celebrations for the start of the year of the pig so why is everyone at a popular hong kong restaurant ordered dog steaming portions of the honorable animal. to find out. you don't think the five. bursts. home is of species. a home worth saving. given those are big changes and most start with small steps because global ideas tell stories of creating these people and innovative projects.


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