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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2019 7:45am-8:01am CET

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when i've been in the major museum venue is one of the most hotly debated construction projects in germany my callie david leavitt's has been following the story welcome david first of all. tell us about the controversy surrounding the building it's ok robin brace yourself for a little bit of time travel here because the home board form is partially a reconstruction of the size of the baroque city palace of the german emperor is located at the heart of berlin now the allies did bomb it in world war two it could have been saved but no socialist east germany had other plans they tore it down and put up the palace of the republic and its place that's their parliament and cultural center hideous yes but also kind of great in its own way i think. you are right with hideous well you know a lot of people were still yes it is but still
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a lot of people were sad that it got torn down to put up this new version of the city palace because the point is why create a historical replica. of a building instead of maintaining an actual historic building ok but about it's all done and dusted this forum is well underway in the replica or i should say in the image of the kaiser's palace and now the controversy is of course it's going to house two museum collections many of the objects in them were obtained under the kaiser and some pretty dubious circumstances indeed they would and this whole thing . was taken from the african countries is the big debate right now here in germany and while this new museum come to know. and a lot of facts from african countries some half a million objects are housing the names ethnological collections many of them the region one thousand in full not german ponies. collections i-g. . move into the home boat foreign currently nearing completion in the center of
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berlin but a controversial issue was cast a shadow over the opening in twenty seventeen french art historian benedix of war raised some unwelcome questions she asked where did the objects in the collections come from. were they looted. is their history a bloody one these questions shine a spotlight on a known repressed historical chapter germany's colonial past. investments in is good news e m snow pretty well what they have all we at universities now but the broader public didn't know that and i thought that wasn't right but now the debate has started and everyone knows that these collections have a difficult history behind them and i think that has resulted in an important step forward and. what are the prussian cultural heritage foundation has been researching the provenance of its collections for some time but now it's
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taking an even closer look the return of individual objects attracts a lot of media attention. that's because there is growing awareness that local populations in the former colonies were exploited robbed and murdered cultural heritage was often taken by force. often times i think we have to deal with this issue openly and transparently and face up to our past it's a unique opportunity for the humble foreign we can only find a new way into the future by working together jointly with the countries and peoples of origin and by reappraising our past together. it's no longer possible to simply display looted artworks in european museums without explaining the greater context the exhibitions out there who will have to reflect that. it's interesting. david but i mean many of these objects have been in collections
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for well over a century why is it all come to the head now well certainly building a new museum for hundreds of millions of euros is a great opportunity to take a closer look here berlin actually has some of the richest collections in the world but there are a lot of unanswered questions about objects origins and until recently there just wasn't public pressure to get these questions answered that has really changed since twenty seventeen and that's when france's president in my new on my call promised to return to work from france to former french colonies in africa since and the pressure has been on across europe to consider returning objects to former colonies but when we talk about colonies you tend to think of britain france belgium maybe the netherlands but really think about germany because germany just wasn't as good and as successful at cologne colonizing other countries as some of these other colonial powers germany did have for colonies in africa between the
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late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries it was a relatively brief period but a very brutal one and create construction of this new museum has sort of by surprise and by accident finally opened a dialogue about that period of a thousand objects from africa that are set to go into this new museum space are under particular scrutiny because of germany's colonial history including this thrown from a from present day cameroon this was officially a gift from a local kings of a german kaiser but you know can you really give a gift freely to your colonial overlord now talking about another former german colony tanzania some good has come there of this debate researchers from the home form from the new home one farm are working closely with researchers there to figure out how some objects from that part of the world came to be in this part of well it's good you mention that because d.w. went to find out more about that very subject so that some of the. a plate with
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a mysterious inscription it ended up in berlin as wartime beauty in one thousand nine hundred six but its history wasn't revealed until one hundred twenty years later. of course and showed photos describes near kilwa near where this object had been looted at the time it was in fact her crown sora which clearly identified it as a protective talisman i doubt it at all and should and then talisman. designed to protect and insides possibly in the battle against the then colonial power germany scholars an artist from tanzania and germany cooperated to study the origins of objects that had wound up in ethnological collections as spoils of war it was a painstaking and painful process in that most of these objects will. mean that it is very little information about the biography identity of
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those objects. once the capital of german east africa today the structures built by the german colonial masters a decaying this is where anyone who resisted the occupiers was hanged as many as three hundred thousand tanzanians were killed in the munchie maggi rebellion. there is little evidence of the fight against the german colonial rule is that the national museum in dar es salaam so far the tanzanian government has not filed a claim for restitution but historians would like to see objects like the talisman plate returned to tanzania i think it took me miles down to the academia shelf an ex-parte because now they will have some of the tangible heritage tangible things to go research on and again this is the time for africa and forced. they are on history's. step in that direction has been made
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the findings of the african participants in the lab part of the tanzania collection at the home both for and. now a lot of those objects will actually be going back to tanzania to be displayed there and we've heard from museum authorities here in berlin that they hope that some of those objects will stay in tanzania in the end though it's a political decision that is up to germany's leaders and i can see that this is going to run i have no time you'll be sitting talking about it again very soon david leavitt's thank you very much it's been. successful series knight group just back for a second season big this is an experimental show when two musicians come together in an intimate relaxed atmosphere and try to mix their music. well a groove check this out.
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melanie c. and nico santos sing a duet accompanied by their host stephanie stone and be called boning. it's one of the highlights of the new season of ninety groups a production on d w that's part music programs part talk show. me edition brings together two artists in an intimate surroundings. i love it because it's like music interesting chap. in the night removes the living room pans from rooms iconix make a house my kitchen. is turned into a stage for concerts with an intimate atmosphere where stars can talk about their lives. no matter who you are as a parent parents are embarrassing and set it up which is one of the benefits of
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being a parent just thinking about your child so i'm enjoying that very much right now i'm sure. both coasts and guests such as x. genesis in your brain wilson are good for a surprise or two. maybe how to go on t.v. . the living room can only accommodate about thirty people who get to see stars like american singer marlon glen performed or not. it's time we take a break. yeah i feel like. i was invited over for. and. it was a great good feel. like i was invited over for. a house and saxony was once a private home now it's being used as a t.v.
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studio for night groups weekly private concerts cameras provide full coverage the show was developed by daughter bella in cooperation with m.t.r. after its first successful run knight groups is now back for a second season. special quality in the atmosphere of the place really make a difference here the musicians act more like they were in someone's living room so you quickly forget you're in television and this special character comes across that's why it was so well received. this week. magical musical moments on the new season of night groups every week starting in february on t w t.v. .
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the first woman in featuring mel c. before she gets back with the spice girls is this very weekend if you can catch it it will be on our website. and search for night groups and on facebook there are clips there as well but that six cents a day. more
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intrigue on international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week misplaced bracing for further protests as its in battle crescent targets a young leader who many venezuelans hope will break the grip of a corrupt elite who was in the power struggle and at what price that's our topic i just began to. quadriga and thirty minutes on d w. c stuff. the music so long it gets an update. costs an extravagant venue. and two hosts who really know their stuff.
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curves back. with a good book and step on a strong. party and chat with musicians from around the world to some. of the. group's starts february second d. doubles. i think is everything challenging first on how to make a muslim. school much different culture between here and their challenge in court if he. comes. from a show business i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. months ago my license. to work as a swimming instructor. our two children wanted us to scrub brush to just. watch your story take part. in for my greenstock.
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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin is this the end of arms control washington is expected to announce its big joint from the kenya came inside treaty just a day after talks with moscow to salvage the pact collapsed that the spot killed it fears of a new arms race also coming up millions of syrians hungry and a wintering in texas the u.n. sounds the alarm a worsening conditions in the war torn country spinal rebel.


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