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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2019 6:45pm-7:00pm CET

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a lebanese movie about a young boy born into a world of extreme poverty is hope favorite for the foreign language. and giants of the renaissance of multimedia exhibition in leipzig celebrating leonardo da vinci and his contemporaries. israeli sing and that's one of the eurovision song contest last year with an anthem of female empowerment cold toys now she's got a brand new single and she's been speaking out about this year's competition to be held in tel aviv in may speaking out because some office calling for a boycott citing israel's human rights record towards palestinians i'll be discussing this with my colleague david leavitt's in a minute but first the new song. being messy basim business savvy business of obama must have been mostly about the
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business i mean buses from a lot. of other means like i so i take the obstacles in my life i think the obstacles of this year and i faced them with some with all right let's do this like you see him leaving me and i'm like how i. met his distinctive style and music have into both founds and critics and the song . is about tackling challenges head on since she one nasty is your vision song contest in lisbon you. get. a victory with this song toy change tone i think. one hundred eighty degrees different i was a bruise artist singing and basements and i did my duper stuff at home.
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whoever. who i wouldn't have been mentioned in in twelve months. to become that. know when and israel the right to host the sea as you envision for the first time in twenty years the grand finale will be hosted in tel aviv instead of the internationally contested city of jerusalem but that hasn't stopped calls to boycott the song contest several international artists have started petitions urging others to stay away from the event accusing israel of violating palestinians human rights a lot of people demonstrated in all sorts of countries england and ireland against sending some of the singers to israel to the show and no one cancelled which was surprising having said that we have three months to go i'm pretty sure it's going to be loud very loud netter herself has become the target of anti israel criticism
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on social media and on stage but she wants to focus on her music not on politics every day and the news there is something about your vision there's something about the stuff that got to happen everybody's super excited it wasn't a thing for four years four years. i believe it's so magica all these countries are the same thing. it's in a country like israel the univision song contest is found she become political. it is indeed but before we talk about the politics david leavitt's is here with me before we talk about politics what do you think of the new solve let me just say in general i think i think it's great that she's so confident in her message that she's back for more she's ready to show the world that she's not just a one hit wonder and that is really different from most pop stars her sound is different she looks different
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a lot of people have tried to shame her for that so good for her for sticking with it and i think that's really going to resonate with so many young people who need alternative role models now let's talk about this video for a second the song is actually inspired by her childhood growing up in nigeria that's where she got this rhinoceros horn theme from. the rhino is of course also a symbol for thick skin and persevered i do love the car with. the videos a lot of the competition is meant to be a political in fact is one of the rules but it looks is going to be a bit of a challenge this year but it's not just this year we've been on sort of a thin line for several several times in the past years i mean remember ukraine won with the song that was critical of russia russia boycotted folk song contest in kiev now with israel we will be seeing protests that much is for sure for her part
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has tried to remain apolitical as she did tell d.w. that she believes in dialogue she believes in protest but she does not believe in a boycott and no doubt she will get criticism from all sides for that as well i mean she is a hell of a role model for a lot of young people do you think winning last year will actually influence what tried to do this year i. i think your vision for a long time actually has been a place where people who are different from the norm can thrive and that is the latest example of that this year nineteen year old bilawal house is competing for france he's brave a lot of homophobia certainly broken with gender norms these are just two of the youngest in a long line of people who are outside of the norm your vision is also about celebrating down david thanks very much the old interim fuel falls down i should say i think it is now changing the subject completely to try and portray extreme poverty authentically in a movie is treading a very difficult path one where the filmmaker might appear condescending or
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gratuitous however his film capernaum manages this balancing act brilliantly capernaum is the story of a boy in lebanon who takes his parents to court for bringing him into a world of extreme hardship and the film is nominated for the foreign language oscar this year. lebanese directed dina baccy found her main actor in the poorest neighborhood of beirut zeno wifi it was seven years old when his family fled the rule in syria he's never been able to go to school it was a collaborative. process to really capture his truth so it was it was an ongoing process the whole time of adapting to his personality to his way of telling things to penny him is a fictional story told against a very realistic backdrop zain plays a boy he's estimated to be around twelve years old he's desperately poor parents
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had no money to register his birth so he has no identity papers or even a birth certificate he winds up in court fighting against his fate i think they should know. but did he get i. born into a world of suffering without the slightest chance of getting out in flashbacks the film shows the miserable conditions that zayn and his siblings grow up in his parents deal drugs to eke out a living and they make their children work as well but once again realizes that his parents are forcing his eleven year old sister to get married he runs away from home in a rage evening. on the odyssey that follows he meets right here she's also an undocumented illegal immigrant but she gets shelter to zayn and shows him tenderness and caring but one
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day she doesn't return home and zane must look after not only himself but right heals baby too it's a heartbreaking film shocking in its authenticity which gives it almost documentary like quality. it. how did we get to this point had how did we get to the point where we allow. such injustice to work those kids you know that you find everywhere around you and i decided to just tell that story and and make you as a viewer maybe look when you decide not to look because this is what we usually do unfortunately being seen has changed the real zane's life thanks to the film and the united nations refugee agency he and his family have been able to resettle in a way. i'm going to go to school
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there and have a new life a better one. zines real story has ended well through his appearance in a film that gets someday you'll see again. it certainly does and that film will win the oscar or all eat my hat now the italian renaissance is considered by many to be the greatest flowering of the arts in history and leonardo da vinci perhaps the greatest artist of all time on the five hundredth anniversary of his death a multimedia show in leipzig is celebrating his work and other renaissance masters in a rather unique way. a fresh perspective on the old masters the exhibition giants of the renaissance showcases the best known works of rough ale michelangelo and leonardo da vinci in
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digital an animated form. for the project. collaborated with italy's john franco in new jersey one of the world's most sought after video artists. every measurement of the green deal. will be made the renaissance was already very modern back in its day it transformed and revived the world avant. art moved away from religious themes and toward more worldly imagery. that's also how fresco painting found its way into architecture that wouldn't have happened otherwise we in. our installation is a tribute to this great artistic movement in the he. was immersive approach has made the multimedia show accessible to
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a broad audience. twenty four video projectors cast images of to eight metres in height. even tiny brushstrokes have become visible. they fill the interplay of video and sound is still a novelty just like photography and film work back in the day. they've continued to develop and to change dr sampson in the process that. now we no longer just perceive visually through visual and auditory manes will receive. the see that. the renaissance was an era of dazzling transformation. ange the way humans understood themselves and the world. this shift was also propelled by the works of raphael michelangelo and especially leonardo da vinci a man who is regarded as a universal genius to this day. immersive art as
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a collective experience on viewing leipsic until the end of twenty nineteen. while the answer for this edition of also in culture you'll find lots more about these topics so many more on our website at d.w. dot com slash culture but for now for myself and all the fabulous crew here about an ice watcher.
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. played . the. lead the is the cold war poised for a brief play. the united states will therefore suspend its obligations under the i.m.f. treaty effective february second. and the u.s. says that it will pull out of a key nuclear disarmament pact in six months if russia does not stop violet.


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